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Jamila Souffrant is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), blogger, podcast host and money coach. She is the founder of As a money expert who “walks her talk” she helps brave Journeyers; gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others reach Financial Freedom. The Journey To Launch podcast explores all aspects of reaching Financial Freedom; from increasing income, becoming tax efficient, paying off debt, investing, saving & learning how to retire early and wealthy.


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Jamila Souffrant is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), blogger, podcast host and money coach. She is the founder of As a money expert who “walks her talk” she helps brave Journeyers; gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others reach Financial Freedom. The Journey To Launch podcast explores all aspects of reaching Financial Freedom; from increasing income, becoming tax efficient, paying off debt, investing, saving & learning how to retire early and wealthy.




Episode 307- Building Legacy Wealth & The Road To Economic Empowerment With Dr. Pamela Jolly REWIND

This week’s Journey to Launch REWIND Podcast episode features Dr. Pamela Jolly. As a wealth strategist with over 20+ years of professional experience in the finance sector, she has impactful insights in wealth building strategies, how to economically empower people of color, ways to build legacy wealth and more. Dr. Jolly is committed to guiding men, women, business owners, pastors and young professionals to achieving legacy wealth. She is also the CEO and Founder of Torch Enterprises, a...


Episode 306- From Undocumented Immigrant To National Reporter: How To Own Your Power + Get What You Want w/ Daniela Pierre

Daniela Pierre-Bravo, author, speaker and nationally-recognized reporter, joins the Journey to Launch podcast to discuss her path from undocumented immigrant to career success. After hustling her way through college by paying cash and working 3+ jobs, Daniela found herself using that same mindset to work her way up through 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Now, well-established in her career, she is giving us advice as a WOC through her new book, “The Other: How to Own Your Power at Work as a Woman of...


Episode 305- How To Balance a Happy Life & Financial Achievement + Pros & Cons of Quiet Quitting w/ Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug, award-winning, best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur joins the Journey to Launch podcast to discuss why money is a path to happiness, but it doesn’t embody it. Jason, once a corporate ladder climber, found himself stressed out, burnt-out and living a life he was no longer aligned with. Through trial and error… and rest, Jason discovered the intrinsic connection between mental health and money and how people can move forward to a healthier, happier path on their...


Episode 304- From Making $30K per year to Millionaire; Tips for Boosting Your Income and Building Wealth Through Negotiation, Real Estate & Side Hustles w/ Andrew Giancola

In this episode of the Journey to Launch podcast, we chat with Andrew Giancola as he shares his journey to financial independence and full-time entrepreneurship, including his foray into ethical real estate investing and the realization that helped him build wealth quickly and efficiently. He also talks about why he started his personal finance podcast, which now has millions of downloads, and how he became a millionaire in his 30s. In this episode, we also discuss: How Andrew went from...


Episode 303- 4 Money Truths To Help You Succeed + Book & Business Updates

In the first Journey to Launch podcast episode of 2023, I guide you through four financial truths to help you succeed in the new year and beyond. From mindset to following your own path despite what is “correct,” I outline how you can take these fresh perspectives and actionable steps to improve your money and your life. I also give you a sneak peek into my book-writing journey (so far) and 2023 business goals! In this episode, I discuss: 4 financial truths on mindset, financial gurus...


Episode 302- From Saving $100k to Running A Multimillion Dollar Company Focused On Giving Financial Power Back To You With Tori Dunlap

Founder and creator of Her First $100K, Tori Dunlap, joins the podcast to discuss her upcoming book, Financial Feminist: Overcome the Patriarchy's Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love. After saving $100K At the age of 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded her now multimillion dollar company. Her First $100K’s mission is to fight financial inequality by giving women actual resources to better their money. Giving women choices and options makes the...


Episode 301- From Celebrity Dog Walker To Celebrated Author: Following Your Dreams & Making Money As A Writer With Linda Sivertsen

Award-winning, best-selling author, writing coach, former ghostwriter, magazine editor + podcast host, Linda Sivertsen, joins the Journey to Launch podcast to discuss her exciting journey from being a celebrity dog walker in Hollywood to becoming a celebrated author. Linda’s podcast, Beautiful Writers, explores the “magic & mayhem of authoring & publishing books”. Interviewing the world’s most beloved best-selling authors to chat about writing, publishing, deal-making, spirituality,...


Episode 300- Finishing What Matters Most: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Time And Attention With Productivity Expert Charlie Gilkey

Author, podcaster and entrepreneur, Charlie Gilkey, joins the podcast to shed light on what it really means to make the most out of your time and hone in on what you should focus your attention on. Charlie is founder of Productive Flourishing, a website that helps creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs start finishing the stuff that matters. He's written several books, including an award-winning book, “Start Finishing: How to Go From Idea to Done,” and has been featured in Time, the...


Episode 299- How Service Workers Can Achieve Financial Freedom & Increase Their Financial Health with Barbara Sloan

From homeless to bartending at Coyote Ugly, today's guest has gone through it all when it comes to working the service industry. Barbara Sloan is author of “Tipped: The Life Changing Guide to Financial Freedom For Waitresses, Bartenders, Strippers and All Other Service Industry Professionals,” and a personal finance expert. She’s spent two decades working in every imaginable position in the service industry, in addition to owning and running a woman-owned construction company in Manhattan....


Episode 298- Taking Ownership Of Yourself & Your Future, Listening To Your Gut + Black Wealth With Chad Sanders

Chad Sanders, author of Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned From Trauma And Triumph, and writer on HBO Max's new show, Rap Sh!t, joins the Journey To Launch podcast to discuss his experience leaving Google and the tech industry, how to deliberately develop your creative skills in the real world and Black money and wealth. We chat about his new project, Direct Deposit, a podcast through Audible Originals, where he talks about being on the brink of wealth and what Black wealth looks like...


Episode 297- Uncovering Your Buried Life: Accomplishing Your Dreams & Being The Architect Of Your Own Inspiration With Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin, number one New York Times bestselling author and the star and co-creator of MTV’s, The Buried Life, joins the podcast to discuss his new book which includes his philosophy of radical possibility and waking people up from sleepwalking their lives away. We chat about using accountability to fuel your goals, surrounding yourself with people that energize you instead of drain you, facing the fear and doing it anyway and being true to yourself no matter what. Ben has been featured...


Episode 296- How Tracy Paid Off $170K Of Debt, Why We Need More Queer Voices In The FIRE Movement & Being Open About Privilege

Once blogger Tracy Levesque released her article titled, “What I learned from binge-listening to the entire Journey to Launch podcast,” I knew that I had to have her on as a guest. She joins us after paying off $170k worth of debt and jumping on the financial independence, retire early movement. We chat about the growth mindset her mom passed down to her, her entrepreneurship journey, how true wealth is providing education, curiosity, and the understanding of the value of experiences over...


Episode 295- Life After Debt, Achieving Financial Freedom & Quitting Law For Full-Time Entrepreneurship With Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez

Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez, Esq., founder of Zero-Based Budget and new author of “Overcoming Debt, Achieving Financial Freedom Book: 8 Pillars to Build Wealth,” joins the Journey To Launch podcast to discuss her upcoming book and quitting law to pursue entrepreneurship. We talk about how she was able to achieve Coast FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), leave her law firm to run her business full-time, and the importance of being transparent about your money and your vision with those you...


Episode 294- How Ariana Paid Off $68K of Credit Card Debt, Quit Her Job & Found A Budgeting System That Worked

Ariana Rodriguez joins the Journey To Launch podcast to talk about her experience on the new Netflix documentary, “Get Smart With Money” and how she was able to turn her finances around. We chat about how she used her skills to begin a side hustle, that eventually allowed her to quit her job, the power of forgiving yourself of past money mistakes, automating your money and more. In this episode, we discuss: The internal struggle and mindset that plays a role in the cycle of debt and debt...


Episode 293- How To Be a Future Millionaire: Teaching Gen Z About Financial Freedom, & Letting Go Of The American Dream With Dan Sheeks

Dan Sheeks, owner and founder of Sheeks Freaks, an online community helping young people live their best lives by making smart money decisions, joins the Journey To Launch podcast to talk about his passion for helping teenagers get on the path to become millionaires. Achieving early financial independence is an option most people don’t know even exist, which is why Dan spends his career making financial freedom education available to Gen Z and High Schoolers. We chat about his new book,...


Episode 292- Building a Community, Using Entrepreneurship to Build Personal Wealth & Scaling a Business w/ Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland

Pat Flynn, entrepreneur, author and podcaster founder of Smart Passive Income (SPI) , and Matt Gartland, COO of SPI join the Journey To Launch podcast to discuss all things entrepreneurship, building a community, and how to be a successful business owner. In 2008 Pat Flynn was laid off from his dream job. Turns out, that was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Now, he hosts a podcast with over 80M downloads, has published multiple books, is an angel investor, and has teamed...


Episode 291- Spend Your Way To Wealth & Freedom w/ Sam Dogen

Sam Dogen, creator behind the popular blog, The Financial Samurai joins the Journey To Launch podcast to talk about his new book, “Buy This Not That: How To Spend Your Way To Wealth And Freedom”. Sam and I chat about using money in a way that maximizes your ability to build wealth and live life on your own terms to achieve Financial Freedom & Independence. In this episode, we discuss: The 70/30 decision making framework philosophy The difference between good debt & bad debtHow to build...


Episode 290- Listener Q&A: Passing Down Generational Wealth, Should You Buy A Home & How To Live A Richer Life w/ Ramit Sethi

New York Times best-selling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and personal finance advisor and entrepreneur, Ramit Sethi, returns to the Journey To Launch podcast to deepen the answers to all of your burning questions. In this community Q&A format, you’ll learn even more about how to live a rich life, as defined by you, and take control of your money. In this episode, we discuss: How to begin teaching your children about personal finance and the value of moneyTaking control of your...


Episode 289- Retiring at 30yrs Old & Living A Full Life On $20k A Year W/ Purple

If you didn’t have to work again for money, what would you really do with your time? We often hear about retiring early in the context of someone quitting their corporate job to work on their own business. But what if you truly didn’t have to work and could really live your life on your own terms? On this episode of the Journey To Launch Podcast, we have a returning guest, Purple who shares her life after early retirement. Purple retired from corporate America with a portfolio of $500k+ at...


Episode 288- How To Protect Your Wealth On Your Financial Freedom Journey

Building wealth is something talked about often. What isn’t normally discussed? Protecting that wealth you’re working so hard to build! In this solo episode, I talk about how to protect yourself, your assets, and the people you love as soon as you’re able. You don’t have to wait until you’re “older” or wealthy to check off these boxes. Start risk management and wealth protection today and become a wealthy person by acting like one now. In this episode, I discuss: Why we hired a financial...