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053- The What, Why & How of The Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Movement

For most people in the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) community, retiring early is less about never working again and more about having the options and freedom to live the life of your dreams without being dependent on a paycheck. The FIRE movement paints a different picture of retirement and it is one of the reasons that I made reaching FIRE one of my biggest life goals. In this solo episode, I’m explaining the What, Why & How of the FIRE movement. What it actually is, Why...


052: Finding Adventure and Happiness on Your Journey to Financial Independence w/ Tanja from Our Next Life

One of the best things about the journey to Financial Independence is that while planning for early retirement, it is not always a requirement to forsake your other life goals. Tanja Hester, the blogger behind the Plutus Award-winning early retirement blog, Our Next Life, set out on the journey with her husband Mark to retire at the end of 2017. Our Next Life, places a huge focus on putting life goals first and then building money goals around them–not the other way around. In fact, Tanja...


051- Listener Q&A: Getting Over Analysis Paralysis, Can You Still Retire Early If You've Started Saving Late, Should You Hire A Financial Advisor Plus More

The road to Financial Independence is one that is full of different variables and it can sometimes bring uncertainty. Let’s be honest–finding the right balance between budgeting, saving, and investing can be a little overwhelming. With so much information floating around, I am super excited to be able to answer several of your questions about retirement, investments, and all things personal finance. In this Q&A Episode, I give insight into: If you want to submit questions for the next...


050- Demystifying Your Finances and Creating a Financial Plan w/ Shannah Game

It was such a pleasure to be able to sit down and discuss financial planning with my new money friend, Shannah Compton Game. Shannah is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with an MBA and an award-winning financial strategist on a mission to revolutionize how millennials think, act, and feel about their finances. Her interest in business and budgeting sparked when she started her first business in college, a national student film festival, at only 19. After selling her business 5...


049- Bravely Tackle Debt & Take Control of Your Finances w/ Kara Perez

Bringing in as much income as possible in order to reach your financial goals is key but that doesn't mean you can't get ahead if you don't make a lot of money. Kara Perez, the creator of Bravely Go, is living proof that is living proof that as long as you're willing to put the work in, achieving your financial goals with a low income is completely possible. After taking on more than $25,000 in student loan debt, Kara, extremely unhappy with her situation, started to research ways to...


048- From Unemployed and Broke to a Millionaire in 5 years w/ Grant Sabatier

There is an art to making money and developing your side hustle muscle and Grant Sabatier from Millennial Money is definitely an expert. As a 24-year-old unemployed college grad living at home with his parents with less than $3 to his name, Grant became determined to find success and reach major financial goals. He set out on a self-taught journey to learn Google AdWords as a result of a simple Google Search. While working at a Digital Ad Agency, Grant acquired the knowledge and...


047- Sylvia's Journey To Paying Off 6 Figures of Law School Debt & Becoming Financially Independent

Sylvia accrued six-figures of debt from law school and her life was greatly impacted by Hurricane Katrina while living in Louisiana. With discipline, determination, and the help of financial books such as Your Money or Your Life, Sylvia made the decision to take control of her personal finances. She took on a side-gig as a pizza delivery driver to bring in an extra $2,000 a month and adopted a frugal lifestyle to aggressively tackle her debt. Today, Sylvia has paid down a majority of her...


046- How to Start and Run a Successful Side Hustle w/ Dr. Maria James

Science and the experimental process have several parallels to the management of our personal finances. Dr. Maria James, also known as the Money Scientist™, spent more than 10 years as a Solo-Molecular Scientist before applying some of the skills that she had learned in the science world to teaching business owners about finance. During her time in college, she maximized her resources and developed side hustles that brought in an extra $10,000. Since moving away from science, she has...


045: Becoming a Financial Grownup w/ Bobbi Rebell: How To Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom

Success, whether in achieving your financial goals or advancing in your career, comes with tons of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Bobbi Rebell, an award-winning TV anchor, personal finance columnist, Certified Financial Planner, Best-selling Author, and now the host of The Financial Grown-Up podcast, is no stranger to all of the above and more. As a communications major in college, Bobbi made her big break as a financial news TV anchor by making tough decisions and dedicating lots...


044-Rewrite Your Money Story & Propel Your Way To Financial Success w/ Jen Hemphill

For every philosophy, belief, and attitude about money management, there is an underlying money story. Everything from the way that our parents dealt with money to our past financial struggles can have a huge effect on how comfortable we are when it comes to our finances. Jen Hemphill, a Money Confidence Coach, AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) and host of the Her Money Matters Podcast, inspires women from all different walks of life to move beyond their money story and become...


043- Being Rich & Regular: A Couple's Journey To Reaching Financial Independence

There a few things more inspirational than hearing about another family’s real-life experience. Kiersten and Julien Sanders, the couple behind the finance blog, Rich and Regular, provide real-life inspiration to other couples and families on the journey to Financial Independence. As marketing professionals, the Sanders used their income to aggressively eliminate their debt. Over the course of 5 years, they have been able to pay off more than $200,000 of consumer debt. More recently, they...


042- Balancing Pregnancy, Motherhood, a Growing Business & Everything In Between

Is it possible to "have it all" and still be happy, better yet sane? Join me in today's solo episode where I am discussing how I balancing my pregnancy, motherhood, growing my business and everything in between. Specifically, I discuss: I also talk about the waitlist to the soft launch of my monthly membership program. Get monthly tips, tools, and classes to help you launch to Financial Freedom. Click here to sign up and be the first to be notified when the doors open in Summer/Fall...


041- How To Change Your Mindset, Habits & Beliefs To Reach Your Financial Goals

There are many factors to consider on the journey to becoming wealthy but shifting your mindset is by far one of the most important. Several studies show that psychological factors have a tremendous effect on our behaviors, habits, and our ability to adapt to new circumstances. Jim Fortin, the Subconscious Selling & High-Performance Expert, knows and understands what it means to shift your internal dominant thoughts to manifest the wealthy lifestyle that you desire. As a former foreign...


040- All About The Health Savings Account (HSA) The Ultimate Retirement and Investment Account W/Jackie Koski

The Health Savings Account, introduced in the early 2000's, has proved to be the ultimate retirement and investment account–particularly for those on the road to early retirement. Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®) and Health Saving Account (HSA) expert, Jackie Cummings Koski, joins us on the show to discuss everything from how to obtain an HSA account to how to invest the money that you contribute. As one of 6 children raised by a single father, Jackie knows firsthand what it...


039- Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence with Vicki Robin

Vicki Robins, the co-author of the very popular book, “Your Money or Your Life” has been one of the most influential visionaries of the Financial Independence movement. In the late 1960’s, with the advice of the late Joe Dominguez, Vicki reached Financial Independence and together they began to teach their revolutionary methods all over the nation. Their workshops featured the famous 9 steps to reach Financial Independence and eventually, Vicki and Joe were approached to turn their...


038- How To Optimize Your Taxes and Make The System Work For You w/ Shane Mason

Shane Mason, CPA/PFS, CPF, is a New York-based accountant, financial planner, and all-around tax wizard that joins the show this week to discuss the one topic that has many Americans baffled: taxes. He specializes in accounting, tax preparation and financial planning services for small and medium business owners, creatives, tech professionals, expatriates and foreign nationals living in the US. Shane and I crossed paths during my search for the assistance of a new tax professional and we...


037- Understanding Credit and How to Use Credit to Build Wealth W/ Shante Harris

When it comes to building wealth, credit can be a key component in helping you to achieve your financial goals. Credit expert, Shante Harris, joins us on the show to talk about everything from credit scores, credit reporting, and even credit card utilization. A Maryland native, Shante shares an incredible story of triumph in which she survived cancer, becoming a mother of a child with autism, divorce and even homelessness. Throughout her times of adversity, Shante gained the experience of...


036: Everything You Need To Know About Your Student Loans And How To Get Rid of Them W/ Robert Farrington

Student loan debt is one of the biggest concerns of college graduates in America. Robert Farrington, the Student Loan Debt Expert, is helping readers from all over the nation to better understand the process of student loan repayment with his blog, The College Investor. Robert was always passionate about investing and making money but when he identified a need amongst his peers to share more about student loans, he changed the course of his finance blog to educate borrowers. Robert was...


035- The Power of Frugality and Simple Living To Reach Financial Independence w/ Mrs. Frugalwoods

When it comes to saving, frugality is so more than just a habit, it’s a lifestyle choice. Liz Thames, affectionately known as Mrs. Frugalwoods, allowed a frugal lifestyle to help fuel her family toward Financial Independence and a simpler lifestyle in the woods of Vermont. Retired at 32, Liz and her husband made it a priority to make tough decisions on spending in order to save 70-80% of their income. She shares much of her wisdom on her blog, Frugalwoods, and we are delighted to have her...


034- Trade in Your 9-5 and Reach Financial Independence Through Stock Investing w/ Tela Holcomb

Investing in stock can seem very intimidating but Tela Holcomb, the renowned stock investor has used swing trading as a vessel to help her create financial independence. More than 9 years ago, as a servicemember and single mom, a conversation about trading and early retirement inspired Tela to teach herself the skills necessary to replace her 9-5. In this episode, we talk about: Other related blog posts/links mentioned in this episode: Tela's Website With Free Stock Market CourseTela's...