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Serious Talk with a Sense of Humor. Host Kerry Michael Bennett interviews leaders about topics that matter to them.

Serious Talk with a Sense of Humor. Host Kerry Michael Bennett interviews leaders about topics that matter to them.
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Serious Talk with a Sense of Humor. Host Kerry Michael Bennett interviews leaders about topics that matter to them.






This CEO Says Never Give Up.

Interview with Jeff Newgard, President and CEO at Bank of Idaho. From his humble beginnings in rural Montana to growing banks in Washington and Idaho, Jeff's story is full of surprises and his message is clear. Do not give up.


Opportunities & Opportunity Zones

What is an opportunity zone? Who created them? What is their purpose? What are the opportunities? Emerald Coast Opportunity Zone Regional Director Julie Knott joins us to discuss Opportunity Zones.


From Captive to Captain to CEO.

CEO and Chief Culture Consultant Daniella Young's story is anything but usual. She was born into a religious cult, escaped and came to America at 15 and later served in one of the first mixed-gender combat zones as a US Army Captain. Now Daniella serves as Keynote Speaker and CEO/Chief Culture Consultant at Cultural Forte, a Washington State based firm that helps organizations unlock and realize their potential by focusing upon their culture.


At The Intersection of FinTECH & InsurTECH.

Jeffrey Chesky is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Insuritas. Insuritas has reengineered insurance distribution in America by building a scalable platform that resides at the intersection of FinTECH and InsurTECH and currently has a comprehensive knowledge of and active engagement with nearly 10 million retail and 1.4 million small business insurance buyers. Insuritas has built a complex, private labeled insurance agency platform in partnership with over 35 insurance carriers that offer a...


Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts. What Can Happen Next.

Have you or someone you know contemplated suicidal thoughts? The statistics are staggering and suggest the answer is likely yes. Amidst the darkness of hopelessness, a light can shine through. This light is what can happen next. Three years ago Mark Metry was contemplating suicide. Fast forward to today and Mark is host of Top 100 Podcast Humans 2.0, a Forbes Featured speaker, Founder of VU Dream who interviews Fortune 500 leaders, New York Times Best Selling Authors and World-Class Human...


Suicide Prevention. What You Need To Know

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, PLEASE call 1-800-273-TALK. Dr. Narketta Sparkman-Key is a leading suicide prevention professional who specializes in adolescent suicide prevention. In this episode we focus on preventing suicide. What are the warning signs? How can someone with suicidal thoughts get help? What can they expect when receiving treatment? Dr. Key shares insights into these areas, and provides advice on how we can all help make this world a...


Integrity In Leadership. Being A Dude.

SaaS company Dude Solutions' CEO Ed Roshitsh is quite the Dude! This ultra-endurance athlete and Author of leadership book "A Solid Handshake: Integrity Lessons For New Leaders" delivers a refreshing servant leader attitude delivered on a platter of humility. How does Ed approach leading a team of 650 dudes? Easy, replace lead with the word serve. What advice does Ed have for new and seasoned leaders? Learn...A lot...Do not stop learning. What about the role of integrity in leadership?...


Lead From The Front. A Gold Star Mother's Story.

Army Captain Joseph Schultz embraced and demonstrated the leadership principle "Lead From The Front." On May 29, 2011 he was killed while riding in the lead HUMVEE on patrol in Afghanistan. Hear the Captain Joseph House Foundation story with their Executive Director and Gold Star Mother Betsy Reed Schultz, Captain Joe's mother. In the wake of tragedy, Betsy is leading from the front, creating a new program to serve the families of our Fallen; the Captain Joseph House Foundation. Readying...


Higher Education Has Evolved. This Dean Knows How To Stay Relevant.

Looking to attend Business School at a University? Maybe you completed your degree decades ago. What has changed? What is changing? How did the financial crisis affect Admissions discussions? In this interview with Dr. Timothy Bisping, Dean at Stephen F. Austin State University's Nelson Rusche College of Business, we get answers. Parents and students alike are asking about ROI. Hiring industries want to know who the candidate is beyond the degree. Universities are facilitating student...


Lead Versus Follow Your Heart: One Man's Take.

Interview with Michael David Chapman. Michael is here to help. Following decades of toxicity, Michael was able to realize the difference between following your heart versus leading your heart. You might not be comfortable hearing what Michael has to say, yet YOU may need to hear what Michael has to say. He is not afraid of tough conversations. His humility is unprecedented. He has looked in the mirror and took responsibility for his reflection. Tune in to hear what this business minister...


Want To Really Promote Your Business? This Motocross Team Can Help!

Interview with Jeremy Albrecht: Manager at JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team. With 11 AMA Titles working with famed supercross and motocross racers such as Jeff Emig, John Dowd, Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart; Jeremy "J-Bone" Albrecht knows what it takes to win. When Coy Gibbs began the Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross Team in 2008, he hired Jeremy to lead his start-up team. We were able to catch up with Jeremy following JGR's return from competing in Supercross at AT&T Stadium in...


Organizational Culture And Advice To Prevent Workplace Violence.

Dr. Tanjia Coleman: Chief Human Resource Officer at YWCA Metro Chicago and President of Reimagine Organizational Development. Dr. Coleman is an International Award Winning Researcher and Public Speaker, Leadership Development Strategist, Organizational Culture Expert and Diversity Champion with past experience at Kindercare, Devry University, Starbucks, Microsoft, Hometown America and Sears Roebuck. We learn what Dr. Coleman has to say about the impact of organizational culture and what...


Should Leaders Only Focus On Results? This Baseball Team Owner Says No!

From being a College Head Coach at 25 years old to being one of the youngest Baseball Team Owner in the West Coast League, Port Angeles Lefties owner Matt Acker was able to turn his passion into a career. As a leader, what does Matt believe his roles most important focus should be? How do you lead a team and a business simultaneously? What responsibilities does a team and their players have in their community? Why do employers like recruiting from Matt's staff and former players? What...


How Important Is User Experience? Let's Find Out!

KMB Talk welcomes Eugenia Gorkowa, Founder of EG Event Productions in Vancouver, British Columbia. Born in Russia and raised in Germany, Eugenia made a name for herself in Canada with over ten years engineering large scale events. Whether it was 50,000+ fans welcoming their favorite hockey team or 50,000+ fans watching AC/DC or Guns N' Roses, Eugenia was there. What caused Eugenia to leave large scale productions to begin her own event planning start-up? What was her first job that started...


Want To Grow Your Business? This CEO Says Focus on Culture!

KMB Talk host Kerry Michael Bennett sits down with CEO Kelly Fox to discuss acquisitions, the impact of culture on performance, an organization's responsibilities to communities they serve and beyond. Do Building Supply leaders actually receive the most calls about gas? How real is fear among the employee ranks? These questions and many more are answered.