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Do you want to make smarter decisions about your money and your life? Do you want to make sure you have enough money to retire comfortably? Join Founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, Bill Keen, as we discuss money, life, and everything in between. Whether you’re on your way to retirement or already there, these shows will educate and entertain you on your journey.

Do you want to make smarter decisions about your money and your life? Do you want to make sure you have enough money to retire comfortably? Join Founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, Bill Keen, as we discuss money, life, and everything in between. Whether you’re on your way to retirement or already there, these shows will educate and entertain you on your journey.


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Do you want to make smarter decisions about your money and your life? Do you want to make sure you have enough money to retire comfortably? Join Founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, Bill Keen, as we discuss money, life, and everything in between. Whether you’re on your way to retirement or already there, these shows will educate and entertain you on your journey.




Creating a Legacy Plan That’s More Than Just Your Money

Usually, the last part of a financial plan that folks want to talk about is their estate planning. People expect the conversation will be morbid, depressing, and depending on the family situation, maybe even a bit contentious. And while it's true that this can be an emotionally challenging process, I believe that there are ways to reframe how we think about estate planning so that we can feel more positive about what we're going to leave behind. On today's show, we discuss the differences...


Answering Listener Questions During a Volatile Summer

"It depends!" You'll hear us say that a lot on today's episode, in which we answer some very thoughtful and wide-ranging retirement questions from our listeners. I hope our longer answers on these important topics are a reminder that while there are some universal principles upon which you can build a financial plan, the long-term success of that plan will depend on how you and your advisor work together to find the best solutions for your specific needs and goals.


Embracing Optimism and Looking for Investment Opportunities

Headline writers love superlatives: the "biggest" drop, the "highest" inflation rate, the "most" pessimism, and so on. Those words might generate clicks and keep you glued to cable news. But they don't tell the full story of where our economy has been, where it is right now, and where it's probably headed. On today's show, we look to history for perspective on our current challenges and discuss some important opportunities that many investors should be thinking about during this market...


Separating the Good News from the Bad Headlines in the Latest Social Security Report

Last year, when the Social Security Board of Trustees released its annual report, there was quite a bit of handwringing. The economic hardships of 2020 had depleted reserves quicker than anticipated and projections were showing that Social Security could run out in 2034, one year ahead of previous estimates. By then, Social Security would only be able to pay approximately 78% of expected benefits to retirees. As we discuss on today's episode, this year's report, released on June 2nd, is a...


Developing a Healthy Relationship With Money

What's your earliest memory about money? For me, it's the anxiety I felt as a boy, sitting in my father's apartment, waiting for his unemployment check to hit our mailbox. He suffered at times from anxiety and depression, which wasn't understood very well back then, so steady work was always a challenge for him. I remember buying him lunch at a malt shop once I started working -- not because I was trying to show how grown up, I was, but because we really needed the five dollars. Those...


Recession Worries, I Bonds, and More Listener Questions

Market volatility. Inflation. Supply chain issues. Midterm primaries. War. Record gas prices. Rising COVID cases. There's a little something to make everyone nervous about our global economic picture right now. That's why I thought it was important to devote another episode of our podcast to answering some of the questions that we've been fielding at Keen Wealth. I hope that our perspective on these important issues will provide counterbalance to some of the headlines you might be seeing...


Answering Listener Questions About Transitioning Into Retirement

Whether you're an early retiree or a senior in the more traditional 65+ age range, my team at Keen Wealth understands that you have questions about navigating this major life transition. But, as we discuss on today's episode, very few retirement questions have simple answers. Arriving at the best decisions for you, your family, and your money is rarely as easy as following a rule of thumb or crunching your numbers one more time. A financial plan should be designed to provide for every...


How the SECURE Act 2.0 Could Affect Retirement Planning

Last month, our leaders in Washington did something that felt almost unprecedented nowadays: they agreed on something! The Sunshine Protection Act passed the Senate unanimously. If it gets passed by the House and signed by President Biden, turning our clocks back and forth will be a thing of the past and daylight savings time will be permanent starting in 2023. All kidding aside, there is a slightly more pressing issue that's drawn broad bipartisan support in recent years: revamping...


Why Do Some Financial Plans Fail?

A common talking point when we're having our internal team meetings at Keen Wealth is that we want our clients to be confidently living their best lives. I believe that if you don't have that confidence at every stage of your life, particularly in retirement, then there's something off about your financial plan. Often, folks who go it alone overlook some key technical factors that a professional advisor would have been able to help them address. But there's also an emotional side to...


Barron’s 2022: Analyzing the Present to Prepare for the Future

Effective financial planning is all about looking ahead. That's true for both people who are working towards retirement, and for my team at Keen Wealth. I believe that our ongoing commitment to educational events, learning, and professional development is essential to the work we do for our clients. And as the founder and CEO, I'm also committed to growing Keen Wealth into a firm folks can trust and count on today, tomorrow, and into the next generation. On today's show, I discuss some...


Control the Controllable and Prevent 4 Common Tax Mistakes

None of us can control a war, inflationary concerns, natural disasters, or market volatility. If you're worrying about how global events are going to affect your financial plan, try to focus on things you can control. As we discuss on today's show, right now that means efficient tax preparation so that you avoid some common filing mistakes before Tax Day on April 18th.


How Geopolitical Events Affect the Markets

Talking about a personal investment plan against the backdrop of a major crisis may not seem appropriate. Obviously, the situation in Ukraine right now and the suffering of its people transcend the issues we usually discuss on our podcast. But the reality is that understanding how the markets react to geopolitical issues is part of being a responsible investor, especially as the battlefield expands into the economic arena in unprecedented ways. I hope that today's episode will give folks...


How to Avoid Penalties When Accessing Your Retirement Money Early

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, more than half of U.S. adults aged 55 and above are now retired. Obviously that figure includes seniors in the more traditional age range of 65-70 years old. But what about folks at the lower end of that statistic? Some of these retirements might be temporary responses to pandemic safety concerns, burnout, or a transition to a new career. Others will be full early retirements for folks who want to get a jump start on their not-quite Golden...


Sorting Through the Health Care Options for Pre-65 Retirees

Health care is one of the most important aspects of planning for an early retirement. Medicare eligibility doesn't kick in until you reach age 65. Pre-65 retirees who don't have access to employer-subsidized health insurance could be facing some substantial costs for a number of years until they are eligible for Medicare. On today's show, we discuss the various health care options for pre-65 retirees and how those options can affect the rest of your long-term retirement planning.


What’s the Best Way to Achieve Your Giving Goals for 2022?

As divided as Americans may be about a whole bunch of issues, it's heartening to see that we do still agree on the importance of giving back. According to recent reports, as America faced some of its toughest challenges ever in 2020, charitable giving rose 5.1% to a record $471.44 billion. That number is really remarkable when you think about how hard the pandemic hit so many individuals and businesses in their wallets. Add in the stress and uncertainty we were all dealing with and it's...


The Best New Year’s Resolution: Set More Meaningful Goals in 2022

We're barely a week into the New Year, but I'll bet plenty of folks are already struggling with the resolutions they felt so excited about back in December. In fact, many people have given up already! According to some studies, 25% of resolutions fail after just a week. After 6 months, less than half of resolutions are still active. A common theme in my reading on this topic is that most resolutions fail because they aren't specific or meaningful enough. On today's show, we discuss why 2022...


Lessons Learned From 2021 and a Primer on 2022

For the second year in a row, we decided that it would be prudent to hold our Holiday Market Outlook virtually. And while we're disappointed that we can't share the fellowship of our breakfast event with you, please know how grateful the Keen Wealth team is for the privilege of serving as your financial advisor. It's a very big deal to us when a client entrusts us with their life savings, and we take that responsibility very seriously. While we can't serve breakfast this year, we can...


Change is Constant with Financial Planning, But We’ve Got You Covered

As my team at Keen Wealth Advisors starts looking ahead to 2022, there are things we know, and things we don't know. On the one hand, year-end announcements from the Social Security Administration, the IRS, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have allowed us to start making some more detailed projections as we prepare for the year ahead. But with a new COVID-19 variant circulating, inflation on the rise, and legislation still under debate in Washington that could affect...


These 5 Estate Planning Mistakes Made Bad Headlines for Big Celebrities

When "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini died in 2013, he left behind an estate worth $70 million. The musician Prince died in 2016, and earlier this year, the IRS valued his estate at over $160 million. Michael Jackson was worth $500 million when he died in 2009. Aretha Franklin's estate was worth as much as $80 million when she died in 2018. And despite the ample resources available to each of these superstars, errors in estate planning basics prevented a smooth and orderly transfer of...


Analyzing October’s Bumpy Market History and Other Listener Questions

Pop quiz: What do Black Tuesday 1929 and Black Monday 1987 have in common? They both happened in October. That's probably a big reason why October has a reputation for being the worst month for investing. But as we discuss on today's show, digging into the numbers and taking in the broader historical perspective reveals some more important lessons for investors who get spooked by volatility. We also bring that same long-term perspective to a couple questions our Keen Wealth clients have...