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007: It works for me, it will work for you

We can be super choosy. With so many people selling us tools and methods and apps that (they say) we absolutely MUST have for our business or our life, let’s use a solid criterion for selecting. If their proof of results consists of “it worked for me so it will work for you”, then hide your wallet. If the proof is based on independent empirical data and is couched in the solid research of others, then it may be a good choice. Takeaways: Subscribe to the show! Go to the Apple podcast...


003: Three billion reasons you don't want satisfied customers

We need to stop trying to satisfy our customers, members and clients, and focus on turning them into LIFERS - folks that aren't going to leave us for a lifetime. Here are the 3 billion reasons why. Takeaways: • Of the 3 billion people coming onto the internet in the upcoming years, many of those will be building products and services. Some just like yours! Your competitors have just multiplied exponentially! • It is no longer enough to just “satisfy” customers in this competitive...


006: This season’s most harmful survey practice

You’ve seen others use it and wonder if you should use it yourself: the technique where you segment or bucket prospects. This practice violates several psychological principles and most are methodologically unsound so that you drive people away, gather misinformation and make some people think poorly of you. Avoid it. Here’s why. Takeaways: Subscribe to the show! Go to the Apple podcast directory. Be sure to rate the show and give a review. Include your name and website and I...