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Equity In Transportation, Part 2

In part two of our discussion about the importance of equity in transportation Erin Murphy leads the conversation and is again joined by Kimley-Horn transportation planners John Martin and Danielle McCray, along with Amy Edwards, Board Chair of Dimitri House, a not-for-profit group in Rochester, NY. This episode picks up with a look at the responsibility that planners have when it comes to renewal projects and continues with a look at how projects can make investments in the community.


Equity In Transportation, Part 1

In this episode, Erin Murphy, AICP, leads a conversation about the importance of equity in transportation. She’s joined by Kimley-Horn transportation planners John Martin, P.E., and Danielle McCray, P.E., and Amy Edwards, Board Chair for Dimitri House, a not-for-profit group in Rochester, New York. This episode explores the history of making transportation projects more equitable, strategies to effectively engage and include diverse perspectives in the planning process, and how current...


Becoming Resilient - Episode 6: Water Utilities

On this episode, we expand on our conversation from Episode 5 by discussing how resiliency plays into the water/wastewater utilities market. We are joined by three water resources engineers who collectively have more then 60 years of experience: Chip Votava from our Virginia Beach office, Chris Igo from our Fort Worth office, and Chris Niforatos from our St. Petersburg office.


Becoming Resilient - Episode 5: Water Resiliency

On this episode, we will be diving into the question of how resiliency plays into our water engineering projects, specifically our surface water and ground water engineering projects.


Becoming Resilient - Episode 4: Resiliency in Pavement Management

Host Derek Roessler sits down with Tim Miller, P.E., a pavement management specialist at Kimley-Horn, and Benjamin Schmidt, Ph.D., the Co-Founder and President of RoadBotics, to discuss the topic of resiliency and how it relates to pavement/asset management. On this episode, Tim and Benjamin discuss how Kimley-Horn and RoadBotics have been teaming up to help public agencies manage their pavement programs in a resilient manner, what trends they’re seeing in the industry related to COVID-19,...


Becoming Resilient - Episode 3: Resiliency in Transportation

In this episode, we focus on the topic of resiliency in transportation. Joining this week are: Jonathan Guy, a transportation specialist from our Charleston office, and Allison Fluitt, a transportation engineer and planner in our Raleigh office with 16 years of experience.


Telecom: Helping Clients Go Fast

In this episode of the Kimley-Horn Perspectives podcast, Cole Edmonson, P.E., S.E., joins us to discuss our Telecom practice. Topics include a high-level look at how the Telecom group has grown, the various ways we serve clients, successes that his team has enjoyed, and of course, a little bit about 5G.


Becoming Resilient - Episode 2: Planning for Resiliency

This episode focuses on the topic of resiliency and how it relates to our planning efforts at Kimley-Horn. We're joined once again by Kate Widness, a transportation and community resilience planner from our Tallahassee office. New to the podcast is Kelley Klepper, a senior planner in our Sarasota office with 28 years of experience.


Becoming Resilient - Episode 1: Resiliency?

Welcome to Episode 1 of our Becoming Resilient podcast where we talk about Kimley-Horn’s new venture approach to the trending topic of community readiness and resiliency. In this episode, Jonathan Guy, Uday Khambammettu, and Kate Widness lend their expertise to the discussion.