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No one is perfect. Everyone lives in a world of filters. Everyone knows it, but no one talks about it. If you've ever made a mistake and never told someone about it - this podcast is for you. Stop letting mistakes prevent you from doing something great. #getsomewins

No one is perfect. Everyone lives in a world of filters. Everyone knows it, but no one talks about it. If you've ever made a mistake and never told someone about it - this podcast is for you. Stop letting mistakes prevent you from doing something great. #getsomewins
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No one is perfect. Everyone lives in a world of filters. Everyone knows it, but no one talks about it. If you've ever made a mistake and never told someone about it - this podcast is for you. Stop letting mistakes prevent you from doing something great. #getsomewins








E87 - There's no playing it safe, with Unconventional Leadership Host Heather Parody

When you learn about Heather, it's important to focus on how isolated she was when she took the leap of faith on herself. Having a stable career and opportunities to move forward based on ambition are some of what folks look for when deciding what they're doing with their life, and she went the unconventional route. Isn't that interesting that now, the description of her work is "we connect with unconventional leaders from all over the world who have built great things from the ground up....


E86 - Tiny Leaps Big Changes, Gregg Clunis

Gregg read Tony Robbins' book at Age 13. It became clear to him at that age that he could be in control of his life. Till his boss caught him watching YouTube videos at work. Hence, one of the first tiny leaps. He switched to audio. Or in today's terms, Podcasts. Inspired by this new form of media, he pursued information from industry leaders and subsequently purchased coursework on developing the technical skill. Fast forward a few years, he's approaching 8,000,000 downloads and has...


E85 - Global HR Extraordinaire George Randle

Situational Awareness. How would you define that? Would you agree different departments at your company define it differently? When it comes to Human Resources, learning from someone that assess "high-performers" and expertly created systems to generate more situational awareness for talent and talent retention would be a good thing for business. George Randle, Global Talent Acquisition Expert for over 20 years, details some missteps that have led to his perspective and leadership...


E84 - Adversity Reveals Character

He didn't want to start a restaurant. Josh Deaton just wanted to cook meat. Smoking brisket, chicken, and ribs. But, his buddies started to enter him in cooking competitions and before long, he started to win. Sideways BBQ wasn't part of the original plan, but Josh realized he was going to need some help to run his restaurant. Enter Jeff Cessar, former goalie for US National Soccer Team. However, when you start anything, you'll run into some challenges along the way. No better partner...


E83 - When your cause goes "viral", Hungry Heroes Founder Amanda Riggan

It's not everyday that you have to deliver 50 packages. Unless you're a FedEx driver. In which case, that's a slow day. Always pressed for time, this FedEx driver went back to help a woman who was having a rough day. Amanda Riggan didn't know that 15 Million people would soon know how she helped that woman. Running a local non-profit, Hungry Heroes, which has a mission to feed para-military departments throughout the country, all while delivering FedEx packages in South Carolina was...


E82 - Airman to Mom w/ Women of the Military Podcast Host, Amanda Huffman

How does learning about history influence the future? If the only constant throughout time is change, then why are we programmed to resist it? Leaders and innovators encourage the challenging of the status quo, but only from a perspective that will derive value in the end result. Challenging for the sake of challenges only leaves the situation unresolved and frustrates the parties involved. Since World War II, the population of veterans has declined (in relation to the overall population)...


E81 - What's In Your (Tap) Water, w/ Hydroviv CEO Eric Roy

Who remembers the Flint water crisis? How about the Newark water crisis? Certainly you've heard of ABC's Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs go pitch to a panel of sharks to gain equity or strategic partners for their business as well as educate the audience that watches the show. Eric Roy had been supporting child care centers and a few other mission critical organizations in Flint with a "customized water filter" to restrict harmful chemicals from contaminating those residents in Flint. He...


E80 - Don't call it a comeback, w/ Former MMA Featherweight Champ Damon Jackson

10 seconds. That's how long Damon's last fight was. He lost. On national TV. That setback caused him to lose his spot in a Tournament for $1M. Yet, he came back home and dusted himself off like the champion he is. Damon (@DamonTheLeech) Jackson won the LFA Welterweight Title when he beat UFC Legend Leonard Garcia with an undefeated 10-0 record and has now gone 6-3 in his last 9 fights. Each time, he's come back stronger and more experienced that the last competition. The ebbs and flows...


E79 - Sticks and Stones with Local Ad Impact, Patrick Burt

"I'll just put this piece of content on Facebook, Instagram, AND Twitter." "It's ok, it takes too much time to write effective copy." "I can just go on UpWork and find someone to write ads, for like $10-$15 per hour, TOPS." Right. Because, not having your description, the media, and the Call to Action out of sync has done wonders for your sales. We get it, hiring a consultant to help organize your content seems like a good idea, it's just too expensive. Patrick Burt can help. He just...


E78 - Shane Therault, Helping Heroes Real Estate Group

What's the impact of your mistake? Did your failure to plan lead to poor execution? Most folks would say finding an investor to help launch a business, would be a "win". Being faced with the reality that the contracting business was going to crumble, Shane decided to dig-in and uncover lessons to apply to his next venture. Learning from that failed launch, led Shane to a career where he can help folks avoid the pitfalls and own their home. Having someone willing to make mistakes, but...


E77 - Best Selling Author, Separating from Service Eric Burleson

Mental Health. If you're not careful, one may misinterpret this to mean that one needs to be "fixed" when they talk through this. Or, one may interpret correctly they should pay attention to this, especially during a stressful time or life-altering season of change. Eric Burleson does exactly that is his book, Separating from Service and sits down with us today to share laugh about starting a business, raising money, spending the money without making enough money, and the subsequent...


E76 - Thrive through failure in business with VP of Marketing Max Altschuler

You're robbing yourself by not owning failure. Hearing that simple truth reinforced how important failure is. Everyone experiences it, but some experience it at a level that helps them succeed. Max Altschuler started his career on the West Coast with a ton of velocity and ambition. Founding several technology businesses and leveraging that experience to disrupt sales, learning, and business development set a solid foundation for his career growth. Two key takeaways from this episode...


E75 - How to leverage to your advantage with Debt Does Deals CEO Chris Griffith

You ever thought someone could screw up your mortgage? How about having the courage to go into detail about how they did? You often don't find the blend of charisma, knowledge, and humility mixed into one but we did for today's episode with Debt Does Deals CEO, Christopher Griffith. After you're done laughing and learning, be sure to connect with Chris: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn -...


E74 - 3 Things that changed when I got sober, w/ Comeback Coach Richard Kaufman

How would you qualify a “Comeback”? You’d first have to be losing, right? Like, the odds stacked against you or your team. Staring at the likelihood you’ll continue to lose or your chances are drying up. Before he was 20 years old, Richard had already started to lose in life. A conversation with an influential leader changed his perspective for a moment, but eventually led him to a new life. Spanning over 30 years, Richard Kaufman served his country as a soldier, his family as a father,...


E73 - Don't Quit, but Stop and Learn w/ Trish Leto

"F*&$ it, we'll do it LIVE!" Ever seen Bill O'Reilly's (in)famous rant? That's how you don't do a live. Right? Believe it or not, there's a science and repeatable process to doing "FB Lives". Just ask the Founder of Five Minute Lives, Trish Leto - as she joins us today for an episode of Knucklehead. She fully embraces the failure that her work provided, how crushed it made her feel, but also how she used that experience to connect directly with influencers in media and created an...


E72 - 15 Ways to be a Victor, not a Victim with the EntreCOACH Les Dossey

What is the goal of your business? Is it to generate leads? Generate revenue? Affect positive change in folks's lives? As your business grows, so will your goals and the impact of those goals on other people. Les Dossey has made a career helping organizations thrive by focusing the attention on the individual and creating "Entre-HUMANS". Years of challenges, personal setbacks and exuding grit and determination, Les believes that simplifying entrepreneurs life and business will make what...


E71 - Before You Serve Founder, GySgt Tim Stanfield USMC

GySgt Tim Stanfield earned the title of Marine after having his football career ended suddenly. The series of events leading to that injury serve as a stunning reminder of how quickly things can change. Now, after having overcame the failures and setbacks that come with being a Marine, he has started a non-profit in addition to his military career. Before You Serve provides running shoes to that service members enrolled in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) and the opportunity to work...


E70 - War Horses for Veterans Co-Founder, Patrick Benson

Patrick Benson was about to leave the Army. The infantry had given him a chance to learn how to fight and learn to win. He had always loved challenges, but didn't know that a letter he wrote to potential mentor would lead to one of his life's biggest challenges. Hearing him talk about how to deal with anxiety, the size of animals he works with everyday, and how the veterans he helps learn to trust themselves and receive peace will increase your conviction. The program he runs in War...


E69 - From Special Forces to Co-Founders, Jake Ziegler and Anthony Karr of GymNav

Have a gym membership, but travel for work? What about single use, but don't want to have the check-in process? There have been a lot of time lost to gym tours only for a quick lift, or on a work trip you'd like to checkout a class but don't have a membership from the gym offering one. That's the problem that Jake Ziegler and Anthony Karr of Gym Nav set out to solve. They join us today to talk through how getting started on their fitness application helped them separate from the military,...


E68 - Moving 36 Times before Graduation, with Warriors Wallet Founder Travis Johnson

Have you ever paid off a credit card? Do you remember what it felt like? What about the joy and relief you'd experience by paying off your home? Imagine you've helped someone accomplish that goal and the feeling you'd experience as a result of helping them focus their attention on solving their problem. That's what Travis Johnson has done over 400 times with his clients at Warrior's Wallet. No stranger to overcoming adversity, he's also had to personally overcome the instability of moving...