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24: #profitseries 7 tips to Improve Your Sales Skills

Who else gets all icky and flushed in the face when it comes to actually SELLING the thing we do?! We know we both do and we confess in the episode some of our not so #ladyboss behaviours around avoiding that bit altogether. But we can't be in business if we don't sell anything SO here are our 7 tips to help you improve your sales skills - and we know they work because they are what we both used to better our skills in the area. This is episode Six and our final episode in our...


23: #profitseries All things money with Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield-Thomas

SQUEAL!!!! The penultimate episode of the #profit season is upon us and who better to talk money with us than Denise Duffield-Thomas! Author, speaker and founder of the outrageously successful Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - helping zillions of women make peace with their money mindset once and for all! We talk about: being a ladyboss tracking money increasing profit what DDT would dance to when taking a #dancebreak !


22: #profitseries Create a Passive Income Product

Today in the #profit series we are focussing in on developing passive income products to develop our positive money mindset and add more profitable products to our business model. Passive income is NOT the silver bullet in six figure business, it's not a build it and they will come strategy. BUT having a product that can be leveraged and sold without additional effort from you IS really good, for mindset, business AND Profit. A well executed passive income product will take time in the...


21: #profitseries Profit First with Laura Elkaslassy

In today's super episode of the Profit Series the #Ladyboss ladies have their first special guest on the show! Laura Elkaslassy is a #profitpioneer (and she has the LadyBoss tee to prove it!) She works with small business owners to grow their businesses and their profits. She is a Profit First Professional who offers bookkeeping and BAS services, together with one on one mentoring to help businesses owners really understand their money, make more of it and make it work harder for them. In...


20: #profitseries Build a Strong Money Mindset

In today's episode, we are putting our curious student hats on to explore money mindset - what we've learned about, what we've struggled with and the mindset tools, strategies and hacks to help us really work on our abundance mindset! Denise Duffield-Thomas on income tracking - http://luckybitch.com/track-your-income/ Katie's favourite organising podcast - www.organize365.com Money Mindset Inspiration -...


19: #profitseries What is Profit?

Hello LadyBosses and Happy New Year! 2017 is set to be an exciting year here at LadyBoss HQ and we hope that you have some wonderful plans for yourself and your business as well. We have missed you all over the break but the time off has allowed us to do some big planning and we have a few very cool things in store for you in 2017. Not least of which is Season Two of the podcast! This entire Season is dedicated to PROFIT - what is it, how to make more of it, what are the big mistakes many...


18: Get Your Biz Summer / Holiday Ready!

Today's episode is the last episode of the season! We are having six weeks away from the podcast over the Australian summer / Christmas break and so we turn our minds to what we can all be doing at this time of year in our business. Whether it's taking time off without losing money or momentum, or embracing a summer/holiday theme to your content and products, there is lots you can do to embrace the summer and holidays in your business! Things we discuss: how to embrace the theme in your...


17: How To Run an Epic Challenge Like a LadyBoss

On the podcast this week we're talking CHALLENGES! How to create one, run one, upsell from one, all the goods. Listen to find out: why you should think about creating a challenge as a lead magnet/list builder (and when not to) designing the perfect challenge - the keys! what trends are happening in challenges that you should be aware of (number of days, evergreen versus live, paid versus free, Facebook Group use etc) We shout out some of the great challenges we've done (check out the list...


16: Expanding Your Reach and Growing Your Influence

As we grow our businesses we go through stages, sometimes we need to knuckle down, focus on our current clients and nurture our exisiting networks. Other times however we want growth and expansion. We want to find new communities to connect with, new people to share our message with and ultimately new clients. How do we do that? We are both big believers in the social marketing of Facebook Groups and tribe building through our own content and connections. But what about when you want to go...


15: Spring Clean Your Biz Series – Content: Blog and Podcast

It's a bonus spring clean! We got so motivated by all the spring (sprung?) cleaning going on, we added a bonus challenge for you - to spring clean your content - blog, podcasts, whatever your content choice may be! We start by doing a bit of an audit, a looking back at all our content we've created, to see the success we've had, any repurposing opportunities, and to kill the stuff that no longer serves our brand. Then we talk about planning content for the future - and Katie talks about...


14: Spring Clean Your Biz Series – Products and Services

When was the last time you reviewed and refreshed your Products and Services? Does what you have on offer on your website still reflect the way you do business? Does it still speak to your Ideal Client? In today's episode we dive into what you need to do to give your offerings a Spring Clean! But first, how have you been going with our Spring Clean Series? Have you tidied up your website and social media? Have you reviewed your opt ins and email lists? Maybe you just cleaned up your desk...


13: Spring Clean Your Biz Series – Email List and Opt Ins

Email marketing is such a valuable tool in your business and that means it is VERY worthwhile taking the time to clean up the process and start really nurturing your list. Opt Ins are a great list building tool but you need to make sure they fit your biz and that they are working for you. Today we talk about lots of actions you can consider to Spring Clean your list and boost your open rates and Oh my WOW! We have had such a wonderful response to our last episode and it's really exciting...


12: Spring Clean Your Biz Series – Website and Social Media

Spring has sprung here in Australia and what better time to look over all the aspects of your business and do a freshen up! For the next few episodes we are going to go through a list of helpful actions you can take to give your business a Spring Clean. It feels good when you do it to your wardrobe right? So why not your biz too. Take a listen to the episode to hear all our tips and advice for sprucing up your website and social media platforms. Website How up to date are your pages,...


10: Asking for the Sale

Don't freak out, but you know if you're a ladyboss you really need to ... ask for the sale? Yes, Katie and Elle are tackling this juicy topic which is about 40% mindset (I'm not worthy! No one will ever buy from me!), 40% strategy (knowing what you're offering, communicating what you're offering, making it easy to work with you) and 20% magic alchemy ladyboss-style. Join us as we break down the elements of why you need to be asking for the sale, HOW you can improve the way you ask for the...


9: Connecting with Influencers

Today we are digging around on a topic that we think many of us bosses ponder over a lot >> how to connect with the influencers in our industry. We both believe it's important to connect with influencers - both for our own inspiration, development and to raise our own credibility and profile in our niche. But there's definitely an art and a strategy to doing it! We talk about: how we connect with influencers for our podcast and the Artful Business Conference some of the more embarrassing...


8: Scheduling Like A Boss

Today we're talking all things scheduling ... like a ladyboss! We have very different schedules - Elle works full time in her business and Katie is side hustling around a full time job and now twins! Today we are breaking down what we do, what works and what you can do to get some more productive scheduling into your boss life! Is scheduling better for business? The short answer is YES. Elle maintains a day free of client calls and consulting so she can work ON the business. Katie has to...


7: How to Assess a Launch

So you've heard all the hype about LAUNCHING and how important it is for online business. You've read the posts and seen the webinars on how to launch and how to launch with style - but what do you do when it's over, you've come down off the adrenaline high and you are trying to work out what's next in your business. But how do you assess a launch? How do you decide if it was a success, how do learn from the things that went well or not so well? Today we're chat about our two most recent...


6: Artful Biz Con 2016 – Debrief

Today we are debriefing on the business event of 2016 - Artful Business Conference! This is the brainchild of Elle Roberts and we've both been hanging there all weekend, so we're talking through our key takeaways! What we took from Elle's talk about tribes and connection and community - connect in real life peeps - and why there's no such thing as competition when you're eating pie ... or something The depressing state of creativity in adults and even pre-teens - but Felicity O'Connor...


5: Run a Facebook Group Like a Boss

Today we're talking Facebook Groups! Should you run one, and if so, how to rock it like the boss lady that you are! Katie and Elle both have multiple Facebook Groups - they share the story behind each of them! Straight up - should every entrepreneur have a Facebook Group? It's important to be ultra clear about the purpose of your group and why you're starting - is it community? Building authority? Getting clients? Knowing your why will keep you focused and committed during the days when it...


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