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7: Why Leaders With Heart Provide Safe Spaces For Their People

Sarah Bierenbaum is a leader who provides a space for her people to fail. She relays that she is an evolving leader and admits that she is a work in progress. She aspires to be more actively listen to her team members. She works hard to be in alignment with this more evolved leadership style. Sarah is the perfect example of a leader with heart, because she is emotionally self-aware of how her actions affect those around her and bring a potential conflict to the forefront to improve...


6: Why Leaders with Heart Know That They Cannot Do it Alone

When you want to accelerate your growth as a leader and scale to a larger role, Jennifer Butler tells us that we must set clear expectations with our team, be transparent about how we need help and lead with the heart. She cautions us not to let go of the deep connections we have with our team members and to lead with a sense of self. In short, be a leader with emotional intelligence. Jennifer recalls a couple powerful stories when she was not the best leader she could be and how she...


5: Leaders With Heart Know That They Must Meet Their People Where They Are

Podcast host, Heather R. Younger, J.D., speaks with Andrew McDonald, principal at a Colorado school, about what it takes to connect with each person and listen actively. Description: In this episode, Heather speaks to Andrew about the unique challenges he faces as a school principal around leadership. He relays that he has multiple customers to include students and teachers. He demonstrates social intelligence in showing a deep compassion for his people and wields substantial influence,...


4: Leaders With Heart Make People Feel Important

In this episode, Heather speaks to Steve about his leadership philosophy. He shares a story that greatly impacted his style of leading himself and others. They discuss past challenges and how he was able to land in a positive place with his team members. He admitted that his guiding force resides in his faith.


3: Leaders With Heart Clear The Path So Their People Can Do Great Work

In this episode, Heather speaks to Brigitte about her leadership style, the challenges she faces as a leader in the public sector, and the ways she stays connected with her team members when things get busy. She reveals her passion for leading and clearing the path for others to do their best work on behalf of citizens.


2: Leaders With Heart Have Integrity As Their North Star

Podcast host Heather R. Younger, J.D., speaks with Andy Books of West Corporation, Leader with Heart extraordinaire, about the thing that drives his leadership decisions. In this episode, Heather speaks to Andy about his leadership style, challenges he faced as a leader and how he came out of it and ways that he connects with his people even during the tough times. He reveals the very foundation of his leadership philosophy as well. It’s obvious that he is an emotionally intelligent...


1: Why Leadership With Heart Exists

In this episode, Heather lays out the backdrop and reason for creating this podcast. You definitely don’t want to miss this one as it is the foundation for all future episodes. About Your Host Heather R. Younger, J.D., is the founder and CEO of Customer Fanatix. Her organization’s mission is to inspire and train leaders to put their culture and employees first. This includes leadership development training, coaching and facilitation, employee focus group moderation, and consulting with...


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