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33: Leaders with Heart Understand That Growth is a Journey

In this episode, Heather shares a private message with all listeners about the need to be patient while growth and development are taking place within them and their teams. Heather shares a personal story about a big step she took to improve herself, and how she stumbled along the way. Listen in on this episode of you are frustrated with not seeing results from change and development immediately. It might help you see things in a different way!


32: Leaders With Heart Know That They Must Show Up and Participate

On this podcast episode, Heather speaks with Rich Gassen, Supervisor of the University of Wisconsin’s print shop. Heather talks to Rich about his leadership style, the roots of his leadership and Rich leaves Heather with some great tips and nuggets. Key takeaways: This episode is helpful for all leaders, but particularly helpful for newer supervisors or managers. Great stuff!


31: Leaders With Heart Address Tough Issues Head On

Heather shares a message about leadership having tough conversations around the business. In this short and sweet episode, Heather addresses when and how to have tough conversations about things like performance or layoffs. Heather shares her own personal experiences that will enlighten listeners. Enjoy.


30: Leaders With Heart Strike a Balance Between Confidence and Humility

On this episode, Heather R. Younger, speaks with Nick Smarrelli, CEO of Gadellnet, an IT consulting firm about the roots of his leadership, how he merges culture with data and other unique ways that he leads his organization. Key takeaways:


29: Leaders With Heart Have Strong Personal Identities

On this podcast episode, Heather speaks directly to you. What is your personal identity? Who do others think you are? Where are the gaps? In this short episode, Heather delivers a short and potent message about our identities, how they frame out what we can offer the world and the importance of sticking to who we were born to be. This might just be the message you need to hear on the particular day!


28: Leaders With Heart Know That It Takes a Village to Lead Well

In this episode, podcast host, Heather R. Younger, speaks with Colorado Banking Commissioner, Patty Salazar about her leadership style, her heartfelt appreciation of her parents, her struggles as a strong Latina leader and the ways that she connects with her team. Key takeaways: Enjoy this very candid discussion!


27: Leaders With Heart Lead With Purpose

In this podcast episode, Heather R. Younger, podcast host, speaks with Chief Ray Aguirre of the California State University-Fullerton campus about his leadership journey, what drives him to lead and very practical, yet impactful ways, he connects with his team and builds trust. Key takeaways: Don’t miss listening to the rich conversation Heather has with the Chief and some powerful tactical tips he leave us with.


26: Leaders with heart know that they must lead the whole person

In this podcast episode, Heather R. Younger speaks with Denise Testori, President of Prestige Cleaners about her unique management style and a time when she was not the best leader she could be. Denise considers herself as a servant leader as a part of a family-owned organization. She acknowledges that the size of the company she leads allow her to learn more about and spend more time with the people who show up to work everyday. Some key takeaways from this podcast are: Golden nugget:...


25: Leaders with Heart Understand That Attitude Reflects Leadership

On this podcast, Heather R. Younger, J.D., podcast host, speaks with Keith Freier, COO at Pacific Northwest Laboratories about what drives him as a leader, his biggest area of improvement and key nuggets all leaders should know and utilize to increase their effectiveness. Keith shares a story from the movie, Remember the Titans, where Denzel Washington, the main actor in the movie, calls one of his players on the carpet for his attitude. The player then says, “With all due respect coach,...


24: Leaders With Heart Strive To Serve First

In this podcast episode, podcast host, Heather R. Younger, J.D., speaks with Heather Heebner, former SVP of HR at Instawares Holding Company about leadership from the unique lens of a human resources executive. Heather shares her perspective on “happy employees”, and, instead, focuses on creating an environment that makes people proud to work there and do the work that they do. Heather opens up about an early learning experience with differing communication styles and how she had an...


23: Leaders With Heart Understand, To Catch Fish You Must Cast Among Them

On today's HR podcast, Heather R. Younger, podcast host, speaks with Eric Jacobsen, SVP of Operations for Extraction Oil in Gas, a publicly traded oil and gas company our of Colorado. Heather speaks to Eric about why he chooses to lead, a time when he was not proud of himself as a leader and how he changed that at about the many ways he connects with his team. They also talked about maintaining the proper focus on what is important as a leader and some key ways to reach across the table and...


22: Leaders With Heart Deal With Their Imperfections And Make Them Better

In the podcast episode, Heather R. Younger, podcast host, speaks with Tammy Taylor, about her leadership journey, her style and a little about how she was not always the best leader she could be. Like many leaders, Tammy shares how, at one point, she let her ego get the best of her, but put that aside to become a better listener. Tammy outlines her communication strategy she uses while overseeing a 1300-person organization. She talks about the importance of celebrating successes and being an...


21: Leaders with Heart give themselves the grace of imperfection

On this episode, Podcast host, Heather Younger, speaks with Christinne Johnson. President of HR at First Bank. Christinne shares a lot about her leadership style, what drives her to be a leader, and when she was not the greatest leader. Parting messages? Leadership is a journey filled with detours. Try to have self-awareness and reaction to a situation happen closely together not way after the fact and show yourself grace just as you might show others grace to make mistakes and then get...


20: Leaders with heart fill their calendar with relationship-building not tasks

On this podcast episode, Heather speaks with Megan Wick, Executive Director of Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority. Megan illuminates for listeners that emotional intelligence can be learned and it is an evolving skills. Megan highlights for listeners the importance of self-management when it comes to our emotions. Megan shares stories of times when she was not the Leader with Heart she is today, and that it is a journey to better leadership. She didn’t just arrive, but is growing through...


19: Leaders with Heart Take a Holistic Approach in Building Relationships With Their Employees

In this podcast episode of Leadership with Heart, Heather speaks with Dirk Frese, Director of Sales and Marketing for Julabo and co-founder of WISDOM. Dirk shares with listeners a powerful north star for why and how he leads others. Dirk says it all starts with love. We need to love our people, our customers, our products and services and all else will follow. Having said that, Dirk makes it quite clear that leaders cannot be soft and must have tough conversation that are not driven by...


18: Leaders With Heart Show Sincere Interest In And Appreciation For The Crafts Of Their People

In this podcast episode podcast host, Heather R. Younger, speaks with Aaron Skogen, General Manager of Aquatix. Aaron admits that his leadership style has evolved over time, but his leadership signature came from a surprising place. Aaron shares with listeners a leadership failure on his part some years back that continued to shape him and teach him value lessons. He credits clear and consistent communication with much of his success. The most compelling part of Aaron’s leadership style if...


17: Leaders With Heart Discern When Total Transparency Is Warranted And Then Exhibit it

On this episode podcast host, Heather R. Younger, speaks with Jim Reuter, CEO of First Bank. Jim is deeply driven by the impact he has on others and the legacy he will leave behind Jim shares some great insights about why he rarely leans on his title when interacting with people. Not surprisingly, Jim describes his leadership style as heart-led, vulnerable, authentic and bottom-up collaborative. He focused on walking a different path every day in order to connect with the people he...


16: Leaders with Heart Know That They Have an Obligation to Grow the People They Lead

In this episode podcast host, Heather R. Younger, speaks with Tim Hinchey III, President & CEO of US Swimming about his role as a leader of this national organization. Tim recounts for Heather the roots of his leadership and that his father formed in all things leadership. He believes that work ethic, discipline and not cutting corners are key tenets of effective leadership. When asked how he connects with his team and the people who work for the organization, Tim chuckled about the fact...


15: Leaders with Heart Make Their People Feel Safe by Allowing Their Voices To Be Heard

In this podcast episode podcast host, Heather R. Younger, speaks with Mark Nagel, Senior Manager of People at Southwest Airlines about his leadership style, how he connects with his team in a deeper way and the drivers for his current leadership. Mark openly shares a time when he was not the great leader he is today in a way that reveals why he is a leader with heart. He shares his 80/20 rule for getting the most out front line team members. Mark assumes greatness is all around and works...


14: Leaders with Heart Don’t Take Their Own Leadership For Granted

On this episode, podcast host, Heather R Younger, dives into a powerful set of discussions with Kristi Turner, CMO of Compeat. They discuss the importance of diversity at the executive leadership table, the role that upbringing can play in defining a leadership style and gift of being a leader. One the key discussion circled around the idea of organizations setting standards of ethics and values while, at the same time, allowing for individuality to show through. Kristi evangelized the idea...