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The Gift of Adversity with Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Life after a brush with death… Could there be a Gift from Adversity? Mike Tyson famously said: "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." You can have a perfect plan, you can have perfect execution of that plan, but what happens when the feces hits the fan? Do you crawl away find a hole and stay in it? Or do you allow it to catapult you out into something else… Something bigger, greater than your perfect plan… If so, how can you do that? Well stay tuned because you are...


Titanic Syndrome with Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva

Reinvention, is it something used as spin for companies with bad PR…Or could it be a path to innovation and sustainability? The world is changing and as leaders we must stay ahead of the curve, particularly when we are already huge…but how? Well our guest on this episode is… DR. NADYA ZHEXEMBAYEVA She is a scientist, entrepreneur, author and Chief Reinvention Officer at WE EXIST Reinvention Agency. Advisor to fortune 500 and private companies Nadya helped such companies as Coca-Cola,...


To Be Brave With Kimberly Davis

The need for today’s leaders to be Brave! Why it matters, and what bravery really is! Leadership has many forms… Nice, often spineless and often in effective. Hardline, which is often effective in meeting deadline but also fails miserably at bonding great talent to the organization. However, there is another kind of leader: The Brave Leader, and on this show we are going to find out exactly what a Brave leader is and how you can cultivate it. Our guest today is… Professional actress...


Dov Baron- How to Stop Struggling

All relationship (even the one you have with yourself) go through phases, but did you know that there is a map and even a time line for those phases? In this 6 minute mini episode Dov lays out the specifics of why we get stuck and how to get "Unstuck" In this episode Dov walks us through the 3 phases of individuation. What each phase is, when to expect it and what you can do to move through it in the most healthy manner. We welcome your insights and feedback. Dov Baron has been speaking...


Why Your Social Brand is Vital with Justin Schenck

Today's top leader understand that you have got to have a recognizable brand. This is not just as a company, but as an individual. It can seem like a lot to juggle…particularly in the face of adversity and even shame. So how can you do it? Well stay tuned because my very special guest today is not the usual fare. This is an extraordinary conversation that will open you up at a heart and soul level! Justin's pure heart felt vulnerability is truly inspiring! Justin Schenck would have...


Hollywood Media for Social Change with Peter Samuelson

Hollywood, is it a cesspool of degenerates, the voice of the underprivileged or the spearhead of a new socially responsible leadership? As a leader in any capacity you probably know that…The call to social responsibility in leadership can no longer be ignored. Even Hollywood has stepped up and is confronting many of its demons. This push from Hollywood begs the question: Do they really care or is this another PR stunt? Well stay tuned because you are about to find out: Our guest on this...


Becoming a Leadership H.I.T man/woman with Steven Kuhn

As a Leader Are You a HIT man/woman?… Maybe you need to be? As leaders we need to be Honest, Integral & Transparent…(HIT) But how can we monitor that in our teams, and most importantly in ourselves? Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Steven Kuhn Steven Eugene Kuhn is a decorated U.S. Military combat veteran who turns failing business into success across Europe and the US. Steven has been handpicked to consult some of the most influential people in the world about how to...


The Amazing Kreskin

We can gather all the fact and then look back and realize that we missed so much that was right in front of us. How can we learn to see what we’re blind to, and how can we use that to make us better leaders? With a showman’s flair, a comedian’s wit, and the capacities of a bona fide Mentalist or thought reader, The Amazing Kreskin has, for six decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind…his own. He is the author of 9 books. He has a degree in psychology and over the last six...


Why Some People Will Never Reach Their Potential With Thom Singer

Potential, how can you tap into it for yourself and those you lead? As a leader in any capacity, you know that we have to be able to not only tap into our own potential, but we have to find a way to tap into the potential of those we lead. But what happens when you encounter someone who you see massive potential in but they are not fulfilling it? Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Thom Singer… And he has mastered the Paradox of Potential After a successful career in...


How Incorporating Values Can Change the World with Dina Dwyer-Owens

Having rock solid set of Values upon which you built your company is the backbone of lasting success. But how do you truly know if those values are still there, particularly when you reach the point of being 100 employees? What about when you reach $100 million in business or for that matter a billion dollars? Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is is about to reveal exactly how to know… Dina Dwyer-Owens, she is the Brand Ambassador for Dwyer Group. But behind the fancy job...


Connection in the Age of Isolation with Dan Schawbel

How great leaders create connection in the age of isolation. We drive for excellence in the world of high achievement can lead to something that is potentially more damaging than smoking…What is it? Isolation! So how can we most effectively establish meaningful human connections in an age where we are all relying more and more on technology? Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is is about to reveal exactly how to... Dan Schawbel is a New York Times bestselling author,...


The Quest For Purpose with Ken Keis

“Purpose” is it a new age concept or can we actually lead and live on purpose? If you are a leader (in any capacity) who listens too, watches this show you know that I speak on stages around the world, I work with companies to help them find their purpose. But the question is does it matter? Is “Purpose” a cool passing phase or can we actually lead on purpose. If we can how do we begin this Quest for Purpose? Well stay tuned because you are about to find out; our guest on this episode is…...


4 Steps to YES with Jeanne M. Stafford

On this episode, our guest is Jeanne M. Stafford and we look at: what it takes to get a YES! YES, even in the most challenging situations. Jeanne Stafford is a Professional Speaker and Communications Trainer. After 15 years as a political and non-profit fundraiser with local, national and international clients, Jeanne Stafford learned “on the job and in the trenches” what works in communication and what doesn’t, having worked at The Republican National Committee, she worked on campaigns...


Can I.T Live in Harmony with Your Most Human Self? with Dr Heidi Forbes Öste

In this Digital Era, technology is pervasive in every area of our lives. It’s there in how we work, it’s now even how we date. As leaders and entrepreneurs, tech anxiety and poor habits around technology can make the difference between struggling to make ends meet with no free time, and having a business that feeds our desired lifestyle. The question is: Can we create a healthy integration of human development and achieve Digital Mastery that allows us to thrive? Well stay tuned because...


Swim With The Sharks with Kevin Harrington

Stay to the end... You are going to get a chance to pitch a Shark!!! Risk, Innovation, and the knowing how far to push if you are going to swim with the sharks. To get yourself and your organization to the top you have sometimes got to put it all on the line. But how much information is enough, for that matter how much is too much… For instance if you had to create a short 3 minute infomercial for what you do, could you get the big boys and girls to invest? Well stay tuned because you...


Learning from Award-Winning Social Entrepreneurs with Adam Force

Learning and growth are mandatory…that is if you want to stay at the top of your game. But how can you do it while trying to meet your commitments to home, family an executive position and or a entrepreneurial hustle? Well stay tuned because our guest is Adam Force. Adam Force is the founder of Change Creator, a digital media network and premier magazine app for business and social change. Change Creator connects with the most impactful entrepreneurs on the planet who are making a...


The Law of Reciprocity in Leadership with John Ruhlin

As a leader (in any capacity) you know that in an ever increasingly noisy world, creating an edge that will make you stand out can be very difficult when everyone and everything is competing for attention. So how can you not only grab the attention you need to grow your business and your leadership in a way that will tattoo you and your brand onto the hearts and minds of those you wish to influence? Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is John Ruhlin John Ruhlin is the...


Why Leaders Need to Motivate Themselves and Embrace Relationship Selling Jim Cathcart

Leadership starts with self! bottom Line: If you aren’t leading you, you’re not really leading anyone else. But where do you start? Well Stay tunes…Our guest on this episode is: Jim Cathcart Jim Cathcart is arguably the most award winning professional speaker on Earth! Past president of the National Speakers Association, Speaker Hall of Fame, Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame, Golden Gavel Award, The Cavett Award and he's the author of 18 books including 3 international best sellers!...


Making Your Disadvantage Into Your Edge with Richard Turner

Why do some people have all the advantages and still fail, while some others who seem have the odds stacked against them not succeeding but they excel? As a leader (in any capacity) you probably know that…Not only have you got to become the best, but becoming the best against all odds is vital. Right now I want you to ask yourself; What are the disadvantages you feel you’ve been dealt? Now what if you could take that crappy hand turn it into your greatest advantage? Well stay turned...


The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power with John Assaraf

As leaders most of us are overworked, overstressed and at the same time required to be better, smarter and more effective than ever before. Sometimes it can feel like we need to upgrade our own brains. There was a time when we were told the brain you were born with is the brain you die with. The latest neuroscience tells us that that is a lie…the brain has plasticity, it can change at any time. The key question is; how can you change your brain so as to unlock it’s hidden power? Well stay...