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There Is No Them with State House Candidate Matt Dubin

We don't know what will happen on Election Day -- but one thing we do know for certain is that people are tired of the toxicity in politics. Parties vs. the people. Republicans vs. Democrats. Libertarians vs... themselves. Matt refused to run as an independent to stand by the party that shared his principles -- but now he's under fire for not being libertarian enough. In this episode: >> Why there's so much infighting in the party of peace >> How we can solve homelessness...


Can Independents Unite America? with Nick Troiano

42 percent of American voters don’t identify with a political party, yet hesitate to vote for independent or third-party candidates. Why? Nick Troiano was the youngest and most successful independent candidate of the cycle in 2014 -- and now he leads Unite America, where he’s built from scratch a rapidly growing movement to disrupt the duopoly. Unite America is the only organization in the country building the grassroots community, donor network, and electoral infrastructure to help...


3 Fundraising Habits That Turn a Little Into a Lot

Nobody wants to be sold something, but everybody wants to buy something. Just like nobody likes asking for money, but everybody likes getting it. And there’s the Libertarian Catch 22. We can’t win if we don’t get it; but we can’t get it if we don’t win. In the past 11 years, Jenn has raised millions for pro-liberty causes and campaigns — and in the next 40 minutes, you’ll learn how. In this episode: >> The (very small) number of yeses it takes to raise $10,000 >> Two easy ways the...


(Almost) Arrested for Passing Out Constitutions with Navy Veteran Jeff Lyons

On the literal grounds of the American Revolution, police told Navy veteran Jeff Lyons he couldn’t pass out pocket Constitutions on his college campus — and now he’s leading a fight for free speech that’s restored the rights of hundreds of thousands of students in Massachusetts. In this episode: >> What colleges do when they’re afraid of free speech — and how Young Americans for Liberty is fighting back >> Why we should lean in to resistance from the state (spoiler alert: the obstacle...


The Contentious Race for Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee with Joshua Smith

Jenn’s pick for chairman of the Libertarian National Committee —- and why she won’t be voting for him. In this episode: >> We don’t have to choose between Nick Sarwark and Josh Smith. >> What inspires activists to want to pay to work >> The problem with the 2,000-candidate goal — and how we can start winning instead >> How Josh came out of nowhere and turned Jenn from an enemy to a friend #LetsGetToWork UP NEXT: The REAL reason Jenn left the Libertarian Party… Mentioned in this...


Jeffrey Tucker Joins the Libertarian Party

Liberty is supposed to make us happy. Why aren’t we happy? Jeffrey Tucker is. In this episode: >> How getting out of bed in the morning is “pure anarchy” >> What to do about LP drama and negativity >> Jeffrey’s take on Trump: the good, bad, and catastrophically ugly >> A few libertarian answers to school shootings >> Why “the system” can’t last — and how it’ll fall apart And lots more. Hit it. Mentioned in this episode: Jeffrey Tucker: Against Libertarian Brutalism Jeffrey...


Charitable Liberty: An Honest Word with Bo Brown, Libertarian 2.0

Cappies and commies don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. But at the end of the day, they can (operative word, CAN) both reject the use of force or fraud to achieve their political and social goals. And when it comes to growing the Libertarian Party, that’s all that matters. In today’s very candid, (very long), and intentionally unedited conversation, Bo tries to defend the statement “rent is theft” with a thought experiment.. Jenn gets initiated into the Peace Pipe Caucus.. and we all learn how...


Building a Campaign Narrative with Larry Sharpe for NY’s Phil Ricci

Who are you, what do you stand for, and why should anybody care? We get asked a lot on Leading Liberty about how to get more Facebook followers and media hits and donors, and all those things are great —- but at the end of the day, they’re a reflection of how relatable you are as an actual human being and how well you take the problems you’re passionate about and turn them into messages that matter to others. Your narrative is the foundation of your campaign, so before you spend another...


The Future of the Liberty Movement - Panel During the First-Look Screening of “I Am Gary Johnson”

Johnson Weld was the most successful Libertarian presidential campaign in history.. but where do we go from here? What will take it to get people to question their long-held political beliefs, and how can we dismantle the duopoly along the way? In this special behind-the-scenes glimpse of the first-look screening of “I Am Gary Johnson” during the Sundance Film Festival, Jenn charts a course forward with three of the Johnson Weld campaign’s most effective strategists — Field Director...


Maximizing Earned Media with Larry Sharpe for NY’s Lauren McKinnon

Traditional media isn’t exactly known for paying attention to pro-liberty causes and political campaigns.. but is that about to change? Larry Sharpe’s race for governor of New York is catching media attention from local TV to national news, thanks in large part to today’s guest, Lauren McKinnon. Lauren is Larry’s Director of Communications, and she’s managed to build one of the most successful media presences for a state-level Libertarian candidate ever — with an entirely volunteer army...


Two Must-Attend Liberty Events to Kick Off 2018

Time-sensitive PSA, fam — open up!! A new behind-the-scenes documentary about the Johnson Weld campaign just got a first-look screening during the Sundance Film Festival.. it is going to be the VIP liberty event of the year — and you’re invited! All the juicy details in today’s episode, plus the low-down on Larry Sharpe’s next stop in Arizona for a joint event with Nick Sarwark’s campaign for mayor of Phoenix. Just listened to the episode and/or already know you want to come? Got you...


Tackling Tough Questions with NY Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe

Is New York a lost cause? Why is the rent so damn high? Why won't Larry Sharpe run as an independent? (Or would he??) Are there any circumstances where gun control might actually be a good idea? How can libertarians fix healthcare? Resources: Apply to join Team Sharpe as a Director of External Affairs. Join Larry's Legion to support Larry Sharpe's 2018 run for governor of New York. Check out our show sponsor Robin Koerner’s book If You Can Keep It. ... What do you think are the...


Speak Freedom (Jenn Gray on Remso Republic)

If the principles of liberty are so good, shouldn’t it speak for itself? Do they really depend on a party? Communication and online marketing guru from the Leading Liberty podcast, Jenn Gray, joins the program to tie all this together. Resources: Join Larry’s Legion at $25/mo to be listed in the credits for forthcoming Lost Party documentary. Listen to our show with the host of Being Libertarian Daily Headline, Nick Veser, here. Check out our show sponsor Robin Koerner’s book If You...


How to Monetize Your Platform with Remso Republic's Remso Martinez

So you’ve created your podcast. The content is engaging, your audience loves it, and the show is steadily gaining popularity… But you’re still not making money. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is that making your content profitable, whether it’s a podcast, video series, or blog, has never been easier. More importantly, if you stay tuned, you’ll get expert advice in under one hour and be on your way to making money from what you’re already creating. On today’s episode,...


How to Make Money by Raising It

Let’s face it: you love volunteering for pro-Liberty projects and campaigns, but you also want to get paid. Want to learn how you can do both? Stay tuned, and in just one episode, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start advancing Liberty full-time. Jenn understands how frustrating it can be to dedicate hours to campaigns without reciprocal pay. In fact, she used to be there. Now, she’s making six figures through her work in the movement. Most importantly, she wants to help you get...


12 Questions to Ask Your Audience

What do effective marketers know that you don’t? Simply: how to get to know their audience. Sound scary? Don’t worry. In 12 questions, you’ll be on the way to marketing success. In order to sell your product well, whether it be an idea, a campaign, or a podcast, you have to know who is already buying it and why. In this episode, Jenn will teach you what she’s learned from working for Larry Sharpe’s gubernatorial campaign and Reason Magazine. She’ll walk you through a typical conversation...


Breaking Liberty Barriers With Help From Hitler With We Are Libertarians Guest Hosts Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz

What can libertarians learn from history's most hated dictators? Simply put: the power of propaganda. Hold on, you say. Isn't propaganda a thing of the past? And isn't it obvious when something or someone is trying to manipulate me? These are all good questions. Stay tuned, and we'll give you some answers. The fact is, even today, propaganda in some form is everywhere. It lurks in news, music, media, political speeches, and even history textbooks. More importantly, it still changes the way...


Part 2: Breaking Through To An Audience With Podcasting with We Are Libertarians Guest Hosts Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz

In less than one hour, you could be on your way to podcasting success. Intrigued? Excited? Scared? All of the above? Do not panic, just keep reading. You are already on the right path. Every week, Leading Liberty reaches hundreds of listeners, spreading our love of free markets and free people nationwide. But that’s not all. We know you can too! Podcasting done right is a game changer, and creating your own show has never been easier. Whether you want to grow your business, advocate for...


Part 1: Breaking Through To An Audience With Podcasting with We Are Libertarians Guest Hosts Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz

Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz from “We Are Libertarians” guest host for Jenn as she is out on special assignment. Some of you remember Chris from earlier this season in the episode titled “Does the Liberty Movement Need To Lighten Up?” As the hosts of a show which boasts an average of 9k downloads per episode and a hefty $1k monthly in pledges through Patreon, Chris and Greg walk you through the process of understanding: Resources in this episode: Listen to the top episodes of the We Are...


From NSA Prospect to Libertarian Activist on The Resistance Podcast

Alternative media is amazing because we finally have an escape from the humdrum of headline chasers and can focus on simply having good content and enjoyable conversations. I was so excited to get a chance to appear on The Resistance Podcast with Josh Carter earlier this month to discuss how I went from being a development director and vice president of pro-liberty non-profits, Reason’s youngest major donor, and why I am so committed to elevating our standards of political messaging. We...