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LeadsCon Podcast: Lead Generation Insights for Today and Tomorrow

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Covering all aspects of lead generation, this podcast connects with key thought leaders inside and outside the lead gen industry on topics key to growing your efforts. From technologies to trends, consumer behavior and privacy to data, marketing and sales, we'll share bite-size conversations to drive your success.


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Covering all aspects of lead generation, this podcast connects with key thought leaders inside and outside the lead gen industry on topics key to growing your efforts. From technologies to trends, consumer behavior and privacy to data, marketing and sales, we'll share bite-size conversations to drive your success.






LeadsCon's Rising Stars Honorees

This podcast features the recipients of the first-ever LeadsCon Rising Stars program! Ian McRae, Director of Content for LeadsCon, was lucky enough to sit down with two of the honorees, Joseph and Kristen, where they discuss everything from mentorship within their respective organizations to what the future of the lead generation industry looks like to them. Here's the full list of honorees:


LeadsCon Podcast Episode #12 - Hector Pantazopoulos

Hector Pantazopoulos is the co-founder and CRO of SourceKnowledge. With more than 10 years of experience in the online advertising and marketing industries, Hector co-founded SourceKnowledge to help eCommerce and retail brands gain incremental lifts in sales with advertising outside of the walled gardens. He is an advocate of the open web and the benefits it brings to the digital marketplace. Hector specializes in strategic partnerships, ad distribution, sales and HR management.


LeadsCon Podcast Episode #10 - Phillip Stutts



LeadsCon Podcast Episode #8 - Daniel Suski

Dan Suski joins us for episode #8. Dan is the Chief Marketing Technology Officer at TurboDebt, which is a debt relief, consolidation, and consulting services firm.


LeadsCon Podcast Episode #9 - Colin MacMillan & Jason Hunt

Colin and Jason join us for episode #9. The lead gen community has expressed frustration with the cost of leads increasing and the quality of those leads decreasing. Colin and Jason talk a little as to how they've managed to overcome those realities to achieve growth for Colin’s business. Plus, Jason talks a little bit about his early days of social promotion.


LeadsCon Podcast Episode #7 - Jason Lally

On this episode, Ian is joined by Jason Lally, EVP of Revenue at SinglePoint. Ian and Jason discuss the importance of TCPA-compliant leads, working with partners/vendors for lead gen today, and Jason gives a little advice on the LeadsCon experience for first-time attendees.


LeadsCon Podcast Episode #6 - Karl Renelt

We’re thrilled to be joined by one of the many industry experts who you will get to hear from at LeadsCon in March. With 25 years of experience in digital marketing, data solutions, and lead generation, Karl Renelt is the Director of Marketing for VisitorsCoverage, an award winning, leading edge Insurtech company in the Travel Insurance industry. Karl has worked for companies such as Infogroup, Penton Publishing, and Plymouth Rock Assurance, leading the lead generation, paid media, and email marketing strategies. He has provided BtoB and BtoC leads as a publisher for CPA networks, as well as the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry. Karl will be joining a panel discussion at LeadsCon that is going to address how to gain a true assessment of your lead gen capabilities. Ian and Karl dive into that topic on episode 6 of the LeadsCon Podcast.


LeadsCon Podcast Episode #5 - Christopher Anderson & Alex Melen

Ian is joined by Christopher Anderson, Director of Marketing Strategy for Manhattan Motorcars, and Alex Melen, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Co-founder of SmartSites. Chris is a progressive Automotive Marketing Services Consultant with 35 years’ experience in innovating and managing marketing services for individual dealerships and dealer groups. The scope of his expertise and services range from owning and operating a $50M full service ad agency to complimenting internal marketing teams with program vetting, development, execution and reporting. Alex is the co-founder of advertising agency SmartSites. SmartSites now manages over $100MM/year in advertising spend and has 6 offices & over 300 employees worldwide. SmartSites has been featured in the INC5000 for 6 consecutive years as one of the fastest growing digital agencies.


Consent Summit Podcast | Episode 4 - Raja Rajamannar



Empowering Your B2B Lead Gen Marketing Strategy

Join us as we connect with Michael Brenner of the Marketing Insider Group to discuss insights into building your B2B lead gen strategy into the best it can be. From understanding the latest on marketing trends, technology and data to maximizing your time and resources, we’ll look at ways to succeed with your web, search, and email marketing, content marketing, social media, demand gen and more!


Why Content is Still King for Today’s Performance Marketers

Creating a solid content marketing strategy gets you one step closer to gaining a new customer. So how does your content factor into your efforts to find qualified leads? Join us as we talk with Samantha Kermode about creating awesome stuff that engages and attracts the right audience for your business.


Beyond the Beauty Stats: Generating Leads through Social Media

No how many likes, clicks and shares you get, building a following on social media that raises brand awareness, activates your audience and gets them to convert is more important than ever. Join us as we talk with Kevin Lord Barry about making the most of social for lead generation and how to build a sustained presence that maximizes your efforts.


Connecting to Customers through Messaging Lead Gen

Today’s marketers have a lot of choice when it comes to connecting with their customers. Given the shift to mobile web, apps and calls, it’s no wonder that messaging is also at the forefront of today’s lead-generation efforts. Join us as we connect with AC Evans at Drips to explore ways you can use messaging to drive engagement and optimize your communications.


Successful Lead Conversion from a Buyer’s Perspective

Lead buyers are tasked with finding the right prospects, responding quickly to those leads, providing information that’s helpful and relevant through a variety of channels. What are the issues that stop a lead from converting? And with purchased leads, what are the types of scenarios that cause a lead provider to get dropped, even when it’s not their 'fault'? Join us as Jason Cutter of Cutter Consulting Group shares his insights from a buyer’s perspective on how to successfully navigate these steps and see a lead through to conversion.


Let People Do People, Let Computers Do Division

With so many advances, and so much reliance on technology in these changing times, what role should humans play, and when should you rely on machine learning? Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and knowing when to use a personal, human touch and when to automate your process can vastly improve your marketing and customer engagement. Join us as Seth van der Swaagh and Don Batsford of Google share their insights on striking a balance to optimize your efforts.


Lead Gen for Cord Cutters: Getting Granular with Today’s Audience

During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising spend increased across all subscription channels and platforms as more viewers tuned in at home. But what do things look like moving forward and how can you take advantage of this opportunity to generate leads? Join us as we connect with Mark Kaminski of Over the Top Marketing to talk about micro-targeting today’s television audience.


Looking for Leads in Education: Finding Opportunity for Today’s Schools

Traditional colleges and universities are facing their most daunting challenge ever with budget shortfalls and in many cases, spring semester refunds. Even worse, the fall semester is already casting a shadow on any recovery that might happen. But how is online education fairing? Online-only institutions and those merging a hybrid of online learning with in-person education have an opportunity to redefine the experience. Join us as Bruce Douglas of EducationDynamics shares his insights into where the EDU market is now and where it’s headed.


How to Generate Leads through Podcasts: Tapping into a Growing Channel

Podcasts are everywhere and more accessible than ever. For a B2C or B2B audience, they make perfect sense for generating leads, letting you target your audience with relevant content, build thought leadership and a personal connection, and increase brand awareness. Join us on this episode as Dave Smith of Incremental Media shares why podcasts present such a great opportunity for lead gen and how to tap in.


Understanding Today’s Consumer Behavior and What It Means for Your Business

When it comes to consumer behavior, so much has changed in just a few short months that it’s hard to know what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. With economic, health and business-related changes all around, can you be certain that your customers are in the right frame of mind to engage with your business? Join us as Dave Frankland, author of “Marketing to the Entitled Consumer,“ shares his thoughts on what consumers expect, how their behavior is being influenced and where things go from here.


Mortgage Lending Leads: How to Manage Expectations in Today’s Market

Residential property owners are scrambling to refinance in record numbers as rates fall to new lows, but lenders are tightening restrictions as they introduce new terms and conditions. What about new home sales? Challenges abound, but so does the opportunity to grow your business. Join us as we connect with Dale Vermillion of Vermillion Consulting on what’s happening on the lending front, what it means for generating leads and how you can protect and expand your market share in these evolving times.