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How to Fly Your Business at Portfolio Level

"Starting work doesn't generate value, starting work only costs money. Finishing work generates value." - Klaus Leopold First, there was personal productivity. Then, everyone started talking about Agile teams. Today, it's time to take it even higher. In this episode of the Lamp, we are talking about business alignment with Klaus Leopold. Klaus is an experienced computer scientist and a well-known Kanban pioneer - he was one of the first Lean Kanban trainers and coaches worldwide. He is the...


Start managing work, stop managing people.

"Drucker said a long time ago: manage the work, not the workers." - Andy Carmichael What if there was an easier way to get started with Kanban? Yes, there are principles, systems, values, practices... But all you really want to know is how to get started now. If that's you, the Kanban Lens is for you. Today on the Lamp we are talking to Andy Carmichael about an easier way to make sense of Kanban and your work. Andy Carmichael is the UK Director of HUGE.IO, public speaker, coach, author and...


Portfolio Kanban: When It’s Time to Scale Up | LAMP ep.11

Is team Kanban really enough to achieve Business Agility? If you already practice Kanban, you are probably enjoying the visibility and efficiency it brings on the team level. However, the joys of having agility in a siloed team wear off quickly if the rest of the organization is inefficient and slow. The answer? Let me introduce you to Portfolio Kanban. Today on Lean Agile Management Podcast, we're talking about scaling Kanban to the organizational or the project portfolio level. Some like...


Clean Language: #1 Way to Fix Poor Team Communication

"You want happy staff. You become more productive as the manager because you don't have to deal with the hassles." - Judy Rees Today on Lean Agile Management Podcast, we're talking to Judy Rees about effective communication in complex environments to learn how to improve team communication at work using a method called Clean Language. From the famous feedback sandwich to the Nonviolent Communication method, managers everywhere are eager to find an effective way to overcome the...


Business Agility is not an option. It’s a matter of business survival.

“Business Agility is not an option. It’s a matter of business survival.” - Jose Casal Will your business be around in 10 years or will you be replaced by a newcomer? How long does it take for your business to deliver a new product from the idea to the market? If questions like these make you worried, it's probably time to talk about business agility. This time on Lean Agile Management Podcast, we are talking to Jose Casal, who is a Business Agility Coach with experience working in both...


Transparency, And Why Business Agility Will Not Work Without It

"You are going to see things that you don't want to see... but it's something that you need to do if you want to improve your business." - Annette Vendelbo Would you like predictability in your projects? Would you like to deliver faster and with higher quality? Business agility is no longer a dream of revolutionary organizations, it's the new requirement of the modern economy and free market. However, how do you get there? The key first step is transparency. This time on the LAMP, we are...


How To Build a Strategy

"Failure is not an option. Failure is a necessity. We actually have to fail." - Karl Scotland Strategy Execution is Hard. Creating Strategy is Even Harder. Are you struggling with too many conflicting priorities? Constantly dealing with short-term unachievable targets that only send the whole team into a total burnout without any real result? You are not alone. Developing a strategy that leads to a successful execution is one of the biggest issues managers report to struggle with today. As...


How to gain customer's trust with Service Delivery Review?

"Without having the understanding of what customer values, teams are going to turn to vanity metrics " - Matt Philip Who is your customer? Do you truly understand their pains and needs? Did you prove that with the way you build and deliver your products or design your services? The chances are, if you can give strong positive answers to these questions, your customers trust you. If that's so, you can go on to the next article. However, if you don't have clear answers to these questions,...


How to Kick-Start a Lean Agile Transformation?

"If governments can do this, then private organizations certainly can" - Mike Burrows Think going Lean is hard? Meet the person who convinced the British government to undergo an Agile revolution in its digital services teams. In the fifth episode of Lean Agile Management Podcast, we asked a change management expert and a governmental Lean-Agile professional Mike Burrows, who leads Agendashift™, to answer the itching questions about transforming teams, organizations, and even governments...


3 Ways How Money Fails Your Projects

Turns out, all this time that you've been fighting unproductive team culture, inefficiency and lack of motivation in the team, money was undermining your every effort. How is money related to the success of your projects? In this episode of Lamp (Lean Agile Management Podcast), we are talking with Steve Tendon, who is top management consultant, advisor and Managing Director of TameFlow. Steve insists that money-centered mentality and unhealthy emphasis on cost accounting is the number one...


What Is Agile Marketing? LAMP ep.3

“We want to create an organization where marketers are proud to work, where they know they can get things done” - Yuval Yeret Who is Agile Marketing for? How does it look like and what are the business benefits of an Agile marketing team? Today we discuss these questions with one of the thought leaders driving this change - Yuval Yeret, the CTO of Agile Sparks. Welcome to LAMP – Lean Agile Management Podcast, a show by Kanbanize where some of the brightest minds in Lean Agile management...


Lean Metrics 101: What is Flow? LAMP ep.2

“Any measurement system can be gamed. However, if I had you game a system, I would want you to game it in getting things done faster” - Daniel Vacanti What is Flow? Is Flow project management just a fluke, yet another mantra in management? What are the core Lean performance metrics and what do they mean? In this episode of the Lamp, we asked Daniel Vacanti, a renown Kanban thought leader and CEO of Actionable Agile ™ what Kanban Flow is and what kind of Lean metrics there are to measure...


Fixing Team Issues With Continuous Improvement

Welcome to Lean Agile Management Podcast - a place where we talk with the thought leaders and top-tier management consultants about Lean Agile transformation, answer manager’s questions and discuss the hottest topics in management & productivity. Welcome to the LAMP! Are you tired of putting out the fires of your team issues just to see them cycle back? If so, you might be extinguishing the symptoms instead of eliminating the root cause of your problems. Today we will shine the light on...