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Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.

Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.


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Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.




John Voris: How to Sell to Human's One Need

Why do some people buy from you and others don't? The human mind has only one need and today's guest can help you figure what it is. The answer might surprise you. Please welcome John Voris. Contact Info: http://johnvoris.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/johnvoris/http://www.twitter.com/johnwvorishttps://www.facebook.com/JohnVorisPhilosopher/https://johnvoris.com/books/


Ethan Beute: Growing Your Business With "The Video"

Personal question for you. Do you do "the video?" You know, video... like you do "the phone," "the text," or "the email?" Today's guest is here to help you communicate with video faster, easier, and in a more personal, human way to grow your business. And why video shouldn't be used any less than text, email, and phone and should be just as convenient. And listen until the end to hear why decades ago he drove a 70 seater school bus around the country for Microsoft. Please welcome Ethan...


Clint Padgett: High-Stakes Projects On Time, On Target

Today's guest is an author, Forbes speaker, and President & CEO of Project Success. Clarity in business is always important, but even more-so in today's confusing times. "If you confuse, you lose," today's guest says. With over 30 years as a project manager and leader, today's guest is here to ensure that you don't let working remotely add to lack of communication. Please welcome Clint Padgett. Contact Info https://projectsuccess.com


Gessie Schechinger: Exploding Sales... the Lazy Way

Today's guest is the self proclaimed "laziest salesman in America." He is here today to show you how to grow your sales by leveraging technology and automation. Having won sales awards at two different Fortunate 500 companies and with 20 years of sales experience, please welcome a man whose name I will slaughter at least three times in this episode... Gessie Schechinger.


Matt Zinman: Maximizing Interns For Business Success

As a business owner, bringing on an intern often sounds enticing. But interns are only as good as the framework that you have built in place for them. What's that? You don't have a strategy plan for your interns? Today's guest can help. He founded Internship Institute, helping businesses maximize the value of interns. Additionally, this athlete, single parent, caretaker, consultant and nonprofit founder has a goal of positively impacting 100,000,000 people in the next five years. Will you...


Blake Binns: More Sales with Less Customers

What if you could increase your revenue but without increasing your customer count? Today's guest is here to show you how you can grow more loyal customers that not only buy more from you and more consistently, but also become brand advocates to share your company with others. Please welcome Blake Binns. Contact Info https://goodadvicecoaching.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/blakebinns/ Mr. Blake Binns. Thanks for jumping on learning from others. How are you doing? Hey man. How are you...


Todd Hartley: How to Hack Your Customer's Attention with Video

Coronavirus forced a new evolution in business, where everyone now knows the importance of video in online communication. So what if you could learn from the original expert that's been preaching the value of video since before the world changed in 2020? Today's guest has done campaigns with legends like Justin Timberlake and Tony Robbins. He's here to teach you how to explode your business with video, and how to do it with simplicity. Please welcome Todd Hartley. Contact...


Joy Abdullah: Don't Sell, Build Relationships

What if you could sell more... but without selling? What if, instead, you focused on building relationships and those free relationships became your most profitable source of sales? Today's guest talks about doing exactly that, and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Please welcome Joy Abdullah. Contact Info https://3minutemarketing.biz/https://www.linkedin.com/in/joyabdullah/


Michelle Seiler Tucker: Own a Business? Exit Rich!

As a business owner, what's your exit strategy? You likely got into business either for the money, the freedom, or because you're passionate about what you do. What if that changes? What if it's time you decide you want to do something new? There's a big difference between a 1x multiple, a 3x multiple, and a 5 or 10x multiple. And how do you get the bigger one? Todays guest has been featured in INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and USA Magazine, she is an international keynote speaker...


Jack Riggins: Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Business

20 years as a Navy SEAL Commander, today's guest is obsessed with what it takes to be the best and the cost of success. That means discussing not only the benefits of striving hard for success, but the pitfalls. Listen to him share his stories of triumph and failures so that you can learn and grow professionally, physically, and mentally. Please welcome Jack Riggins. Contact Info https://thedarksideofelite.com/https://www.twitter.com/riggins_jack Jack Riggins, welcome to learning from...


Ike Ikokwu: The High Life in Africa to Starting Over in America

As a teenager, today's guest came from an upper-middle class lifestyle in Africa and his family moved to the US. Miscalculating finances lead to his family living in a small apartment and hustling side jobs to survive. As an adult, he then lost it all in 9/11. Hear his story of how he overcame it all and built a 7-figure net worth with 6-figures in passive income. Please welcome Ike Ikokwu. Contact...


Brian Sexton: The Power of Intentional Encouragement

What if you helped others without expecting anything in return? That's it. No sexy spin on this. But today's guest is here to tell you how doing something so simple could change your life and your business. Please welcome Brian Sexton. Contact Info https://twitter.com/BrianSexton13https://www.linkedin.com/in/briansextonmba/ Right. Let's go, Brian Sexton. Thanks for jumping on learning from others. How are you doing, man? I'm doing great. Damon. What's going on today? How come I have not...


Justin Breen: Finding Success by Realizing You Suck at Most Things, Except One

Today's guest is a super-connector. What's that mean? He, self-admittedly, sucks at nearly everything... except remembering others' talents and connecting them with those that needed those skills. Having been new to entrepreneurism just 3.5 years ago, he now runs a successful global PR company. Listen to find out how he did it. Please welcome Justin Breen. Contact Info https://www.brepicllc.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinbreen1 Justin Breen, welcome to learning from others. How...


Tom Matzen: 87 Businesses and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Today's guest has started 87 businesses, most earning seven figures and beyond. And he teaches others to do the same, with his clients having generated more than $100,000,000 in sales in dozens of industries. For as much success he's earned, he's equally failed, making and losing millions several times over. Hear his real-life stories of glorious triumphs and colossal failures. And listen through to the end to learn of scholarships he's giving away to entrepreneurs and business owners just...


Tyler Callantine: Riding the Wave of Being a First Time Business Owner

Today's guest has been river rafting for over two decades. After running into the owner of a river rafting company while skiing, the opportunity presented itself to buy his way into owning a river guide company of his own. With his wife by his side, he's here to talk about riding the waves of being a first time business owner and sharing stories of enjoying the beauty of nature in some of America's national parks. Please welcome Tyler Callantine. Contact...


Céleste Reumert Refn: The Value in Trademarks

Today's guest shares the value in trademarks and how they can help you protect your assets... even help you avoid a hostile takeover. Listen as she shares the unique differences between US, UK, and European Union trademarks and the weight that they carry. Please welcome Céleste Reumert Refn from Grand IPR. Contact Info https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyn0SxR-CxKqJ_3W5CbqS9Ahttps://www.grandipr.dkhttps://twitter.com/CelesteReumert Celeste. How are you doing? Thanks for jumping on...


Sara Bayer: What Really is a Growth Hacker?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dive with sharks in Papua New Guinea, share a house with a monkey, or wrangle a wallaby on the Las Vegas Strip? And what does that have to do with marketing? Biologist and wildlife filmmaker turned Silicon Valley growth hacker, today's guest shares how taking the road-less-traveled in life will help you become a better business leader. Please welcome Sara Bayer. Contact Info https://www.linkedin.com/in/sara-bayer/ Sara Bayer. Thanks for jumping...


Mike Samuels: $170 Million in Sales Through Copywriting

Today's guest is a copywriting genius, having supported nearly a quarter billion in sales for his clients through the art of words. He's here to teach you not only the importance of compelling copywriting, but why it's equally important to disqualify audiences with words. Known as The Coffee Shop Copywriter, please welcome Mike Samuels. Contact...


Carlos Aviles: Profitable Facebook Ads

Anyone can do Facebook Ads, right? But can you do them well? Launching profitable Facebook Ads can be challenging and cost you precious time and money. Today's guest gives coaches, consultants and service providers the power to acquire premium clients at top dollar, while growing and scaling their business with ease. Please welcome Carlos Aviles Contact Info https://www.trafficwithcarlos.comhttps://www.instagram.com/the3dcam/ Carlos what's up. How you doing? Welcome to learning from...


F Scott Feil: It's Okay to Reinvent Yourself

Today's guest has two doctorates, and... doesn't want to use either of them traditionally. He's here today to tell you it's okay to reinvent yourself after a big commitment, whether college or otherwise. Please welcome Dr F Scott Feil. Other Podcast Guests Mentioned in This Episode: Josh Forti Contact Info https://pteducator.comhttps://www.youtube.com/PTEducatorhttps://twitter.comPTEducatorhttps://www.isntagram.com/PTEducator Mr. F Scott feil. Thanks for jumping on learning from others....