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Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.

Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.


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Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.




Byron Morrison: Breaking CEOs Free From Stress

As a business owner, stress comes with the territory. Today's guest is a best selling author, speaker, and is here to get you out of your own head so you can break free from that stress. Please welcome Byron Morrison. Contact Info https://www.linkedin.com/authorbyronmorrisonhttps://www.facebook.com/byronmorrisonauthorhttps://byronmorrison.co.uk


Daxy Perez: Podcasting is More Than Podcasts

Today's guest has launched or managed podcasts that have been listened to tens of millions of times for entrepreneurs and companies that make seven to nine figures annually. He's here today to help you learn the possibilities of podcasting to build your business or create a lasting legacy. Please welcome Daxy Perez. PS. And Daxy isn't his real name. Listen to the end to hear the story. Contact...


Gwen Cooper: What I Learned in Business After Becoming an Accidental CIA Spy

From a career teaching business in Jordan, to a colleague mentioning, "I work in the CIA," today's guest is an "accidental spy." Listen to her wild stories of espionage and how she transitioning into a career of consulting. Please welcome Gwen Cooper. Contact Info https://coopersolutionsllc.com


Stefan Taylor: Why "Change" is Required to be a Better You

Today's guest spent 10 years in the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force before starting his business in the middle of the 2008 recession. After great success for about six years, working with professional Aston Martin racers, he walked away from it again to find his next success online. Why did he walk away from two stable careers? Because he was exhausted, drinking, and unhealthy and wanted to be the best version of himself. Learn why he says, "change is required to facilitate what you...


Kimberly Hambrick: Busting Negative BS for Positive Growth

Today's guest helps find the BS in... yourself. Known as the "BS Buster," as in belief systems, and yes, the other "BS," you can break down those walls of self-doubt. But first you have to identify why they exist. Not only here to share advice but their own story of how they came out of their shell to find success, please welcome Kimberly Hambrick. Contact Info https://www.kimberlyhambrick.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-hambrick-73a14a7/


Virginie Lemay-Vriesde: How to Succeed by Unconsciously Boosting Confidence

Today's guest speaks five languages. Surprisingly, my second guest in just one week that speaks French, and she's here today to teach you the importance of developing your leadership skills. Please welcome Virginie Lemay. Contact Info https://vlv.coachhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/virginielemay1/https://www.facebook.com/virginie.lemay.92


Rebecca Zung: Finding Youtube Success by Following Opportunities

With no prior experience, today's guest followed opportunity to generate millions of YouTube views in just months. After cracking the code, this has led her to financial freedom as well as personal freedom of time. Please welcome a top 1% national attorney and master negotiation strategist, Rebecca Zung.


Nancy Juetten: How Doing the "Non-Sexy" Things Can Grow Your Business

Today's guest is famous for helping people get known and get paid for their area of expertise, even if they don't have a name for themselves. She also speaks about how doing the "non-sexy" things in business can help you get ahead. Please welcome Nancy Juetten. Contact Info https://lifegoesonroadmap.comhttps://brilliantbionow.comhttps://getknowngetpaid.comhttps://authenticvisibility.comhttps://sizzlingspeakersheet.comhttps://getlifegoesonroadmap.com


Evan Knox: 4x Your Business with Simple Changes

Today's guest has 4x'd his own business in less than three months... during the peak of coronavirus downturn. Just imagine where it will go from there, and he's here to tell you how super simple marketing basics can help you too. Please welcome Evan Knox. 2:53 Evan's discussing what he is good at 12:08 Evan's realizations about his experience 20:39 Evan's Marketing Success Contact Info https://evanknox.comhttps://caffeine.marketing I have an ox on learning from others. What's up, man....


Bobby Umar: The Power of Connection

Today's guest is a believer in authentic connections and heart-based leadership. He's spoken at TEDx five times and is an Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker. With over 500,000 social media followers, he is a recognized influencer and here to teach you how to network authentically to build brand awareness. Please welcome Bobby Umar. Contact...


Tyler Sullivan: From Fired to $15 Million in Sales

Today's guest is an impressive entrepreneur who single-handedly turned his collection of 40 golf drivers and love of the game into a multi-million dollar business in just a few years. After the perfect storm of being fired from his day job while his wife was pregnant, he's now gone on to sell $15 million in product and launched a second company helping others do the same. Please welcome Tyler "Sully" Sullivan. Contact...


Nate Bailey: Mastering Self-Doubt

Today's guest is a speaker and motivational expert who wakes up every day with one mission; to impact the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners across the world. Not only does he coach on mindset, but he lives it. Having been in the army and transitioning back to civilian life, he went through his own ups and downs. Now he can bring real-life experience to those that listen to his story. Here to help you master self-doubt and accomplish what you want out of life, please welcome Nate...


David Wachs: Handwritten Cards: The Value of Personalization in a Digital World

Today's guest successfully sold his previous marketing company and now is the leader in handwritten notes. Yes, handwritten notes through automation. "But why do I care about notes, Damon?" Because they could lift your sales 18%. He shares the unique opportunity to be personal with your customers, but at scale through physically inked, handwritten cards... automatically. Yes, a giant contradiction, automated manual personalization, but it's true. Please welcome David Wachs. Contact...


Thom King: Fooding Your Way to Productivity with Keto?

Part CEO, part personal development biohacker info-geek, he is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur. Today's guest is not your typical business owner. Following a mindset of "you aren’t doing well unless you’re also doing some good," he's here to show you how changes in food, yes, something that simple, may boost your focus and productivity. Please welcome Thom King. Contact Info


Maddy Martin: Valuing Time with Delgation and Automation

As a business owner, especially newer entrepreneurs, how do you balance your time across so many things? Customers demand your attention, but statistically your time may be better spent on operations. How do you tackle both? Today's guest helps business owners and managers prioritize their time and find ways to increase revenue through delegation and automation. Please welcome Maddy Martin. Contact...


Claudia McMullin: New York Lawyer to Skiing Coffee Roasting Business Owner in Utah

Today's guest has a hilarious story of becoming a lawyer to further her stock marketing career. Yes, the full story is as unconventional as it sounds. After building up a successful portfolio, she gave it all up and moved to Utah to ski and bike. Then a failing coffee shop that she frequented was closing, so she bought it... just because. Just a few years later she's built it into a successful attraction destination for locals and tourists in the ski resort town of Park City, Utah, as well...


Luke Peters: Dominating eCommerce Sales

Today's guest is an expert at taking a product from concept to high-volume sales at Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, Walmart and Amazon. He is the President of Retail Band, an eCommerce agency that works with brands and retailers to manage and accelerate sales online. He also hosts the Page One Podcast, which features thought leaders on topics ranging from channel strategy, tariffs, influencer marketing, product launches, and how to grow ecommerce with big box retailers. Please welcome Luke...


Charlie Whyman: Growing Your Business by Being Genuine

Today's guest started with a career in engineering when she realized that curiosity is what keeps her passionate. Then pivoting into marketing, she's been able to help others build successful businesses by growing their audiences by being personable and genuine. Please welcome Charlie Whyman. Contacts: https://www.charliewhyman.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/charliewhymanhttps://twitter.com/charlie_whyman


RYOT: The Evolution of an Underdog to Industry Leader

Today's guests met in Costa Rica and instantly became business partners. One bringing his creativity to the table, while the other brought branding and logistics. Now, they run one of the most respected brands in smoking, herb, and cannabis lifestyle. Smoker or not, set aside your opinions for some amazing insights into growing a successful company in an oppressed industry. Please welcome Mark Staiano and Dan Talbot form...


Michel Ruiz: How to Travel Internationally without Leaving Home (French)

Today's guest is the co-founder and CEO of an augmented reality-focused startup headquartered in Paris that allows you to virtually visit exotic destinations right from your smartphone. Want to virtually visit the Eiffel Tower, perhaps a beach in Miami or even Madagascar? Maybe check out the Grand Canyon or a hotspot in Italy? Interestingly, with millions of people recently being stuck at home due to the coronavirus, the idea of virtual vacations quickly went from "a cool idea" to nearly a...