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Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.


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Learning From Others is a podcast for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Accelerate your business by listening to podcasts from business owners. Get free advice from them as they explain what they've learned as entrepreneurs over the years.



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Dennis Yu: Don’t Be an SEO Bro Marketer

Today's guest is a former engineer at Yahoo who understands search engines second to none. We talk about all the ways to run an agency wrong, hoping to teach you how to be successful and do it right. He founded BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that provides training and mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. On a mission to create a million jobs internationally, please welcome Dennis Yu. Dennis Yu, it's a pleasure. Welcome to the Learning from Others Show. How you doing, man? Good, Damon, and it's awesome hanging out with you again. I wish it was in person like we were driving race cars in Vegas. I. That was fun. You know, we got a couple stories we could probably hit. Um, you and I have engaged on mostly Facebook over the years and kinda got a little friendship going on and, um, yeah, I, I flew out and I, every time I fly out somewhere I try and kinda keep track of who's where and, um, I. And meet up with somebody and establish a relationship a little bit better. So I appreciate the opportunity of you being willing to go hang out. And we did, we went and did a limo in race cars and um, I mean, you live in Vegas, but we, we did the tourist a little bit of the touristy thing. Yeah. Yeah. And, and thanks for taking the time. That was such an honor. And you know, you're one of the few ss e o people out there. I know this is being recorded. You're one of the few ss, e o people out there that is legit and drives results. And I am not being compensated to say this. But I've been sharing this and I'm, I know people that are watching this and have seen my Facebook posts. They're coming to you. Yeah, no, I appreciate that. It's, um, we'll probably talk 'cause you're legit about that today, you know? Yeah. Not, not about me, but about the industry. And, um, for, for me, that's been, uh, Good and bad to throw rocks at my own industry. Right? Like, it's unfortunate that that's such a valuable sales proposition to distinguish yourself as actually doing your job. But, but it is. So why don't we, why don't we start there? So, um, actually before we get into it, um, let's, let's have you talk about yourself the most, uh, enjoyable, comfortable part of a podcast. Um, I, I actually like how you put it on the intake form when, uh, so I ask the guests, you know, what's your elevator pitch that we can use? And Dennis just puts Google me. If we're talking about s e o and, and you don't have a knowledge panel show up when I Google you, you're a fat weight loss coach. Fat weight loss goes, where's, where's the analogy of a fat weight loss coach? Oh, fat, okay. Overweight weight, weight loss coach. That's overweight. Got it. Yeah. Yeah. So Dennis, um, has been in marketing for how, how long have you been in marketing? 30 years. Yeah, how'd you get into it? And I was one of the original people, one of the first people at Yahoo. So I built the internal analytics at Yahoo. So I'm a search engine engineer, so I'm not an S E o. I am the person who's trying to protect the results from the SS e o people trying to trick us. Yeah. Have you got jaded over the years knowing like how this works and being able to see the manipulation that's going on when it's not done for the right audience and the right users? Do you think that weight loss scams will ever go away? Every year there's a new scam, right? And people fall for it. 'cause they're just like, how do you not know that? It's a scam? Hey, if I take this one pill, you're gonna lose 30 pounds in 12 days. Like it's a scam, right? Mm-hmm. So the salespeople are always inventing new techniques. And I remember, this is like back in my day, we used to walk uphill both ways. I built websites by hand using Microsoft Front page. It was engineers that were building websites, people like us that actually physically knew how to do the thing. It was before the marketing people and all that came in back then. You remember it was called web mastering. Mm-hmm. Before it became digital...


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Kiana Danial's Invest Diva Course Review: Program Price? Scam?

Today's guest is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert. This former electrical engineer is on a mission to help 1 million moms take control of their financial future with her movement called Invest Diva. Please welcome Kiana Danial. https://investdiva.com/https://www.instagram.com/investdiva/https://www.facebook.com/KianaDanialhttps://www.tiktok.com/@kianadanialhttps://www.youtube.com/@InvestDivahttps://twitter.com/InvestDivahttps://www.linkedin.com/company/investdiva-com/


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Kamau Bobb: Building an Equitable Approach to Computing Education in Modern Citizenship

Today's guest is the Senior Director of the Constellations Center for Equity in Computing at Georgia Tech and the Director of STEM Education Strategy at Google. Hear his story when he witnessed someone with a broken arm screwed to a board to set it instead of a cast opened his perspective to the differences in economies and education, and that set him in motion to aim to make a difference where he could. As the first generation in his family born in America, to Guyana immigrants, his work focuses on building an equitable approach to computing education as a cornerstone of modern citizenship, to support opportunities in education for all. Please welcome Kamau Bobb. https://www.kamaubobb.comhttps://twitter.com/kamaubobbhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kbobb/


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Chris Michael Harris: Entrepreneurship Reality

Today's guest had a massive success with his very first business. But opportunity can come at a cost. Listen as he shares with you the awesome journey of entrepreneurship with a realistic view of what to expect with rapid growth. Please welcome Chris Michael Harris. Contact Info: https://chrismichaelharris.comhttps://instagram.com/heychmhttps://twitter.com/heycmh Today's guest had a massive success with his very first business, but opportunity can come at a cost. Listen, as he shares with you, the awesome journey of entrepreneurship with a realistic view of what to expect with rapid growth, please welcome Chris Michael Harris, you are ready to grow your business, and I love helping entrepreneurs find success. So let's do this. I'm Damon Burton, Forbes contributor, author of the search engine optimization book, outrank and president of SEO National. I've been featured on Forbes, entrepreneur and hundreds of websites and podcasts for helping big businesses grow bigger and make more money by showing up higher on search engines, including shark tank, featured businesses, NBA teams, and Inc 5,000 companies. I'm bringing my successful network to you here@learningfromothers.com. Whether success to you means financial freedom, freedom of time or freedom of the soul. We're in this together. Welcome to the learning from others podcast. Ready to show up higher on search engines for words that you can monetize, but without paying for ads, download your free copy of my SEO book outrank. If you visit www.freeseobook.com today. Chris, Michael Harris, welcome learning from others. Good to meet you. Hey man. Great to meet you. Hey, so before we hit record, he said, uh, you know, you recognized a couple other people we've chatted with and, uh, I think that's kind of something interesting that you find when you kind of dive into the podcast world, regardless of which side of the mic you're on. I think it's called that you can run into. there's so much opportunity and there's so many people out there, but you kind of realize it's, uh, it's its own little world too. Yeah. Especially when you like really niche down to entrepreneurship, you see a lot of the same names and faces kind of popping up. It's interesting. Cause like we have our own little world, but yet we have the people that kind of continue to pop up in that world. So yeah, it was interesting to see a lot of the folks in there that I write. Yeah, I appreciate you jumping on. So, you know, the drill two questions, question number one is who are you and why are we listening to today? All right, well, I am the founder of StartUpU, you and the host of StartUpU podcast started UTV, uh, and that all kind of came to be because I had early success with my first venture when my, uh, my brother and I decided to launch a little side hustle. And that evolved into a multi-million dollar company within the next 36 months. By the time I was in my mid twenties and realized throughout that process, wow. They didn't teach me like how to do this. And despite the fact that I was at a very notable school university of Georgia go dogs by the way, national champions and right now, um, yeah, I just feel like there was so little application, both in life and formal education, not to disparage those, but that actually applied to running a business, especially when it was growing as quickly as we can. From year one to year two 48,000 to $500,000. I mean, it's ramping growth, right? Not no funding whatsoever. And so I kind of had this vision of what I would do after that, that business. And it really revolved around education. It really evolved around, I can't build every single business, but I can help people and indirectly create a lot of businesses. Uh, and so that's what we've kind of started to work on with startup you, and as we continue to serve people in the online space, both in all animals. Uh, that's the, there's a big vision as far as what we can accomplish doing that. Well, I want to dig...


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CJ Finley: Don't Just Survive, Learn to Thrive

After the death of what would have been his future father-in-law, today's guest talks how that loss gave him a gift for life. Life hacker, podcast host and entrepreneur here to motivate you to make the most of life, please welcome CJ Finley. Contact Info https://www.instagram.com/cj.finley/https://twitter.com/cjfinley7https://www.linkedin.com/in/cjfinley/https://www.cjfinley.com


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Robert Towle: Don't Be Dumb

Today's guest is a business consultant that was inspired to write his book "Don't Be Dumb" after the successful removal of a brain tumor. Here to discuss his leadership playbook that's intended to help people be smarter, overcome obstacles and rise rapidly in these challenging times, please welcome Robert Towle. https://dontbedumb.expert


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Steve Hoffman: Venture Capital: The Ins and Outs of VC Funding

Today's guest has had more careers than cats have lives. From Hollywood TV exec and game designer to manga rewriter, voice actor, animator, electrical engineer, studio head, and video game designer. He's the CEO of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading startup accelerators that was ranked the #1 incubator for overseas startups by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines. Here to teach you the ins and outs of venture capital funds, please welcome Steve Hoffman. Contact Info https://CaptainHoff.comhttps://FoundersSpace.comhttps://SurvivingAStartup.comhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/FoundersSpacehttps://www.linkedIn.com/in/FoundersSpace/https://instagram.com/FoundersSpace/https://twitter.com/FoundersSpace/


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Christopher Dedeyan: Turning Learning Disabilities Into Superpowers

Today's guest was diagnosed with dyslexia at eight years old. After the initial overwhelm he learned how to use what others called a learning disability as a super power. Then, after building up a successful real estate agency for five years he threw it all away after a chance phone call that lead him to talking on stage about being your best you. This professional speaker and peak performance coach is here today to help you increase productivity, reduce stress and have more energy. Please welcome Christopher Dedeyan. Contact https://www.christopherdedeyan.comhttps://www.youtube.com/c/ChristopherDedeyan/https://www.instagram.com/christopherdedeyan/https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherdedeyan/https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherDedeyanhttps://twitter.com/chrisdedeyan


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Marcus Bell: Change Your Life in Just 100 Days

From $75k in debt to a millionaire that's worked with Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and more, today's guest is one of the top music producers in the industry. With his decades of experience in music he's converted those lessons-learned with the best artists to challenge others to achieve their goals in life. Please welcome Mr. Bellringer, Marcus Bell. https://www.100dayzimpactchallenge.com


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Henry Kaminski: The Quality of Your Clients Determines the Quality of Your Life

Today's guest is here to share that the quality of your brand will determine the quality of your clients and the quality of your clients will determine the quality of your life. He went from a broke designer racing to the bottom on Fiverr to building a multi-million dollar business. Please welcome Henry Kaminski. Contact Info https://uniquedesignz.nethttps://twitter.com/the_brand_drhttps://www.instagram.com/thebranddr/https://www.facebook.com/HenryKaminskiJr/https://www.linkedin.com/in/henry-kaminski-jr/


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Adriana Monique Alvarez: The Power of You: Make More by Doing Less

Today's guest is a USA Today bestselling author and has been seen in Forbes, Huffington Post, Fox, ABC, NBC, and more. She's here to talk to you today about how dropping the excessive professionalism, embracing your uniqueness and how NOT selling could be your greatest sources of sales. Please welcome Adriana Alvarez. Contact Info https://adrianamoniquealvarez.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/adriana-monique-alvarez/


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Mads Friis: How Simple Gratitude Supports a Successful Business

Playing sports at a high-level, today's guest studied personal growth and performance. They found that many resources focused 80% on the problems and only 20% on the solutions. Now he is on a mission to flip this statistic around to help more people. On his own podcast about performance and human wellbeing, his guests have included Sean Percival, former CMO of MySpace and Dan Brule, breathing master and Tony Robbins' breathing coach. Here today to help you have a health-positive impact on your business ventures, please welcome Mads Friis. Contact Info https://www.facebook.com/growthisland.madsfriishttps://www.instagram.com/madsmfriis/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYLy4k2VbDX6DefVlLfW0uQhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/madsmfriis/


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JM Ryerson: Money Isn't Everything: The Keys to Living Your Best Life

Today's guest is a successful entrepreneur in his fourth business in 20 years. He's an Amazon best selling author of the book "Let's Go Win, The Keys to Living Your Best Life" and “Champion’s Daily Playbook." With a passion to help other succeed, he coaches athletes, executives, and leaders on peak performance. We talk about the valuable insights you can discover in your first world problems that help you decide how to live you life by design. Please welcome JM Ryerson. Contact Info https://letsgowin.comhttps://www.facebook.com/letsgowin365https://twitter.com/letsgowin365https://www.instagram.com/letsgowin365/


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Michael Anthony: Stop Blaming the World & Get Over Yourself: Think Unbroken

Today's guest is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker and coach. But, most importantly, he's an advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma. Listen as we talk deeply about how things in your past effect your performance and mindset today. Learn what he learned from his own parent cutting off his finger as a child, growing up around drugs and violence, and how he went from being a self-admitted asshole... to compassion and helping others. Please welcome, Michael "Unbroken." Contact Info https://www.thinkunbroken.comhttps://twitter.com/michaelunbrokenhttps://www.instagram.com/michaelunbroken/


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JD McCabe: The Light at the End of a Narcissistic Tunnel

After nearly two decades of marriage, today's guest was thrown into a tailspin. His ex-wife accused him of cheating and drug use, and even went as far as to get him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. Here to talk about the positive that he took away from it all and what you can learn about yourself in hard times, please welcome JD McCabe. Contact Info https://thirdgift.comhttps://www.instagram.com/thethirdgift/https://www.facebook.com/thirdgift/https://twitter.com/thirdgiftbook


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John Caprani: Solopreneur First Six-Figure Year with Zero Marketing

Today's guest just finished year one as a solopreneur and is here to share his journey. He is a Direct Marketing Consultant from Dublin, Ireland, helping direct-to-consumer businesses create offers and messages that are relevant, timely, and attractive to their ideal customers. He talks about his first client, and scaling sales to his first six-figure year without doing any marketing. Please welcome John Caprani. Contact Info https://www.facebook.com/jdcapranihttps://www.linkedin.com/in/johncaprani/ [1]


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James Harper: Scaling Sales Ethically

Today's guest has built and sold two agencies that were 100% bootstrapped. He took what he learned and married it with his strong passion for scaling service-based businesses and now helps entrepreneurs and professionals scale sales without the gross sales approach. Ready to sale more in a way you can be proud of? Please welcome James Harper. Contact Info https://agencyflare.comhttps://twitter.com/jharpermediahttps://www.instagram.com/jamesdharper3/https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesdharper3/


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Philip Arthurs: Don't Start a Business... Buy One!

Today's guest is an evangelist for what he calls "acquisition entrepreneurship." Why start a business when you can skip they startup headache and buy one? He's ready to help you become the entrepreneur that everyone admires and respects. Please welcome Philip Arthurs. Contact Info https://www.thebusinessminer.com/learninghttps://twitter.com/TheBizMiner https://www.instagram.com/phil.arthurs/https://www.facebook.com/TheBusinessMiner


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Mice Ciorrocco: Don't Remove Negativity. Convert it to Rocket Fuel.

Today's guest is a performance coach, author, and speaker that has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow and is on a mission to build people. He talks about why you don't need to entirely remove negativity from your life. Yes, you don't want negativity, but what if instead of ignoring it you embraced it and converted it to rocket fuel? Please welcome Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco. Contact Info https://www.mikecroc.com/bookhttps://www.instagram.com/mikeycroc/


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Joe Sallustio: Transparency in Higher Education; How Universities are Evolving

Today's guest is a doctor in organization and is among the nation's most respected experts in online higher education. What I enjoyed most about our conversation was that he had nothing to hide about the pros and cons of considering a college or university. His diversity in direct experiences in and out of schools and entrepreneurial environments, including helping launch a new university from zero students to 300, brings a great discussion on the future of higher education. Please welcome Dr. Joe Sallustio. Contact Info: https://www.claremontlincoln.eduhttps://www.edupexperience.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/joesallustio/