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Welcome to Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders where we explore what it takes to be a dialed in and inclusive leader in todays changing workplace. We are on a mission to help everyday leaders live well and lead well through conversations that feel like the meeting after the meeting!

Welcome to Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders where we explore what it takes to be a dialed in and inclusive leader in todays changing workplace. We are on a mission to help everyday leaders live well and lead well through conversations that feel like the meeting after the meeting!


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Welcome to Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders where we explore what it takes to be a dialed in and inclusive leader in todays changing workplace. We are on a mission to help everyday leaders live well and lead well through conversations that feel like the meeting after the meeting!




What If It's Not Enough? The Comparison Trap feat. Taneshia Nash Laird

Hey Fab Crew!!! We are back and almost wrapping up the season with another great episode! In this episode Kishshana sits with organizational leader and community developer Taneshia Nash Laird to discuss the something that is almost human nature but can be so destructive in our growth & mental stability and that is comparing ourselves to others and their journeys. You won't want to miss this episode!!! The change agent Taneshia Nash Laird is a social change agent and community developer...


A Woman Of A Certain Age

Hey Fab Crew!!! IT'S KISHSHANA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Another trip around the sun marks not only a new year but a new outlook on how to approach the year ahead. It's different from the New Year's saying - "New Year, New Me!" Let's look at it with the lenses of "New Year, BETTER ME"... It's a great time to sit back and really reflect on what worked and what didn't work. In this episode, Kishshana sits back and really takes personal inventory on what she has noticed throughout the year. In this...


Serve or Getting Served? Customer Service Orientation feat. Briana McKenzie

Hey Fab Crew! So glad to have you back for another episode of Let's Take This Offline! In this episode, Kishshana sits down with a long time friend and customer service expert, Briana McKenzie. This conversation is eye opening and can help you get your service mind right if you want your business to thrive. Having a Customer Service Orientation mindset is more than just the customer is always right but more so finding ways to make the customer happy especially when the customer isn't...


How parenting today informs your leadership feat. Jelaine Palmer-Janvier Lewis

Hey Fab Crew! In this episode, Kishshana sits down with her cousin & parenting coach Jelaine to discuss how our parenting styles show up in our work life and how to separate the two live a well balanced life. Known as the The liberation educator Born in Miami but a true child of the islands. Jelaine is a first generation immigrant woman who has centered her life of the liberation of black communities on purpose. With extensive experience in education, she focuses on addressing the trauma...


How Doubt Can Boost Your leadership feat. Marc Pitman

Hey Fab Crew! in this episode Kishshana sits down with executive coach and published author Marc A. Pitman. We have a great conversation about what it means to understanding the stories we tell ourselves do not reflect our management styles. We also talk about taking control of how we understand our mission within organizational leadership. Marc's Bio Concord Leadership Group founder Marc A. Pitman, CSP® helps leaders lead their teams with more effectiveness and less stress. His latest...


Leadership Possible feat. Larnell Vickers, Career Possibility Coach

Hey Fab Crew!!! You guys are going to love this episode! Kishshana sits down with one of my amazing friends and experienced executive coach, Larnell Vickers. We get down to the nitty gritty on what it means to look further than whats in front of your or even whats on the your resume. Learning the possibilities starts with a pause, take a moment, pivot and move into the career of your choosing based on the skills you possess. All great information, especially during this time of COVID, it is...


Weaknesses or Strengths? Exploring Strengths based Leadership feat. Damali Smith Tolson

Hey Fab Crew! On this episode, Kishshana sits down with certified Gallup Strength Finder Coach., Damali Smith Tolson. We get to the nitty gritty on how can we make our strengths work for us in the corporate sector. Learn more about the strength finder at https://www.gallup.com Damali Smith Tolson is the Director of Student Life at Baruch College, where she is responsible for developing and enhancing a supportive and nurturing environment for undergraduate and graduate student populations....


Can I just be Basic? feat. Maria Dautruche

Hey Fab Crew, In this episode, Kishshana sits down with longtime friend and amazing spirit, Maria Smith Dautruche to discuss the idea of just "being basic" as a Black woman. Listen friends, this episode will have you laughing so hard your sides will hurt. Be sure to stick around until the end for this weeks Kish Tip (Vitamin K) for the week!!! Maria's Bio Married to Minister Lopez-Joel Dautruche, and mommy to Imena, Maria Smith Dautruche spends her time healing, cultivating, connecting,...


No Second Guessing, You Are Enough feat. Ify Walker, Ofor

This conversation takes place on a zoom call for the Rooted Collaborative Retreat for successful women in leadership and business. In this conversation, Kishshana is joined with long time friend and inspiration, Ify Walker. Get your pen and notepad and take some notes! There are some gems shared by Ify that takes authenticity to a whole new level. Ify Walker is the Founder & CEO of Offor* - the national talent brokerage (www.offor.co). Clients come to Ify for her trademark no-nonsense...


Season 2 Teaser

Hey Fab Crew!!! With only a week away, season 2 is slowly approaching. In this upcoming season, Kishshana will focus on Professional Development. Kishshana is going to talk with armchair experts on authenticity, seek out possibility and thrive. Subscribe, Comment, Share & Rate us 5 Stars!!! If you haven't already, catch up on season 1 and lets continue on this journey together.


Season 1 Wrap Up Bonus Episode feat. Bernard Palmer

In this special bonus episode, we are gifted with the words of wisdom of none other than Kishshana's Jamaican Daddy, Bernard Palmer. He breaks down his thoughts of the season and shares great gems.


Own Your Leadersh*t

In this season closer, Kishshana recaps the lessons of the season from her guests and sends us into the spring with one charge own your Leadesh*t. We are responsible for our lives. Our life is our choice and what we’ve done with these choices up until this point is done. So what’s next? Let’s talk about it. https://www.kishshana.co


Leaders Need Love, too! feat. Dr. Cassandra Henriquez (Coach Cass)

Summary: After being booed up with her business for the last 5.5 years, Kishshana has decided she’s ready for love and calls up Dr. Cassandra Henriquez b.k.a. Coach Cass to talk about Love on the Leaderboard. Leaders need love too! Why does it feel so challenging to meet amazing humans the more successful we become? Coach Cass breaks down her Real Love success formula https://www.inspiremany.com https://wwwkishshanaco.com


I was In Until I was Out feat. Ajuah Helton

This conversation with Kishshana and her guest Ajuah Helton (who happens to be one of her best friends) needed cocktails because THIS conversation explores women of color in the workplace and the winding road we take from honeymoon Helen to “have a nice life” Harriot. Get ready to unpack the “problem” women of color in the workplace and how companies and organizational leaders at every level have a responsibility to to make sure we cut this destructive mess OUT! Support the show...


Make Time To Play feat. Rochelle Sopdipo

For many leaders, finding time to be creative can be tough. But making time to play feels impossible. Kishshana gets one of her best friends and long time Creative Director for the Kishshana & Co. family of brands, Rochelle Sodipo to talk about the magic (and necessity) of making time to play as a HOV lane to joy, rest, innovation and fuel as a leader. https://www.rosereddetc.com https://www.kishshana.co


Get Your Money Mindset RIGHT!

Kishshana is back to talk about money and our relationship with money. From Solo mama adventures to not picking up the phone when the bill collectors called, we get into how our money stuff and how it’s tied to so many things that seemingly have nothing to do with money. Do all roads lead to the coin? I Got My Mind On My Money and My Money On My Mind. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/takethisoffline)


Can I Really Be Authentic At Work? feat. Joy Pittman

Kishshana gets on the phone with HR expert, Joy Pittman to talk about authenticity, exceptionalism, being an influencer from any seat and why you never know what kind of effect you will have on people when you’re out in the world. How does your generation affect how your identity at work? Is Diversity Equity and Inclusion just lip service? https://www.HRfortheculture.com


What's In a Legacy? Generational Wealth and Power of Money feat. Tani Chambers

Kishshana picks up the phone to call her resident money expert, Tani Chambers to chat about legacy and significance, leveraging your legacy now and later. And what’s up with these MLM schemes claiming to build wealth? How do we use tools to build a financial legacy? Is that the only type of legacy we can build?


Leadership + Life According to my Father feat. Bernard Palmer

Kishshana chats with her father Bernard Palmer on all things leadership and life. Kishshana is a 1st Generation American and super proud of her Jamaican heritage. How you’re raised affects how you show up as an adult. Together, this father/daughter duo explore game changing lessons about values, success metrics, what’s really important in life (family) and what’s in a hard day's work? https://kishshanaco.com


Your leadership is sick: The Pandemic Edition

Kishshana takes a minute to reflect on illness and how it plagues leaders. We are all revving our engines in Gear 6 doing 150mph and our body is like SADDOWN! What happens when you create an environment where you feel like you can’t be anything other than overdrive?