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Find out what makes the greatest people great and how to apply those lessons to your family, business and life. Join fintech entrepreneur, attorney Mitchell Chadrow as he shares inspiring stories from startups, leaders and entrepreneurs with excellent business success, and world-class execution and influential people globally. Visit Him On:


Montgomeryville , PA


Find out what makes the greatest people great and how to apply those lessons to your family, business and life. Join fintech entrepreneur, attorney Mitchell Chadrow as he shares inspiring stories from startups, leaders and entrepreneurs with excellent business success, and world-class execution and influential people globally. Visit Him On:







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Answernet Entrepreneur Founder Gary Pudles

Gary Pudles, (@GaryPudles) is the founder, and CEO of Answernet, was named by Inc. Magazine Inc. 500, as one of the “fastest-growing businesses” in the US. In 2019, AnswerNet which handles tens of millions of calls and Internet contacts for thousands of clients, ranging from Fortune 100 firms to small private practices also has 25 call centers around the country. For several years, Gary has taught an entrepreneurial class at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also involved in a Startup Camp and the International Startup Festival. Gary has the heart of a teacher, loves speaking about business so listen up to his entrepreneurial stories. Gary has time for several hobbies and interests outside of family and work. How does Gary start most working days, what does he look for in people that he hires and what excites him most about building companies? Gary shares with us the leadership lessons he learned along the way. We explore how and why Gary started Answernet. What Gary’s parents did that influenced him in business and how this background shaped his positive outlook. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, Castbox, Google Podcasts, or on your favorite podcast platform. This episode is brought to you by BankSmarter. Do you want to Bank Smarter? Then you know what a pain the banking process is. BankSmarter was created to make your life easier – whether you are banking with a credit union, community, the regional or national bank, or any number of the new digital banks. BankSmarter lets you access all of your financial options from one simple dashboard, it works with a select group of financial institutions, locally, statewide and nationally, including: .


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Success Attitude Go All In Do Whatever It Takes With Robert Brus Show 080

Success Attitude Go All In Do Whatever It Takes With Robert Brus Show 080 What is the "Go All In" Podcast Movement? Find out just Listen Up to Show 080. I interview Robert Brus, Founder of the Go All In Podcast Movement. Robert tells us his story where he has a can-do attitude of "do whatever it takes"to live your life to its absolute maximum potential. Robert shares his own inspiring story of from guests that have "Going All In." The common theme throughout the episode is Robert's strong foundation of commitment to success no matter the cost. Some entrepreneurs face extremely difficult decisions in life and some people make bad decisions, the point is, they "go all in," and I have absolutely no doubt that you'll draw inspiration from this Listen Up Show and the Robert Brus experience. Are You All In? Check out Robert's movement at:


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SaaS Covisum Founder Joe Elsasser Show 079

Joe Elsasser Founder SaaS Covisum Covisum help advisors and their clients create a shared vision of the future. Their suite of financial planning tools, Social Security Timing, Tax Clarity, and, SmartRisk, financial advisors can take a multidimensional, holistic view of retirement for their clients. The company enhances their software services by offering expert training and awesome support. And the firms community of like-minded advisors enables members to leverage each other’s knowledge and experience to enhance their business practices, expertise, and centers of influence. Joe created and patented a software program back in 2011 called Social Security Timing. Joe has helped thousands of financial advisor clients identify optimal Social Security claiming strategies for their clients. He also co-authored the book "Maximize Your Social Security." Joe has been involved in the financial services industry since 2001 as an advisor, a marketer, and a coach. He was also the Director of Advisory Services for Senior Market Sales, Inc. The same company that owns a majority stake in Covisum and purchased Joe's financial planning business, Sequent. Joe has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, CBS MoneyWatch, Investment News, Morning Star, Reuters, New York Daily News and other respected media outlets. Why did the software catch on so quickly well pensions have been disappearing over the last decade, markets can be seen as unreliable so social security is even more critical for families to create a lifetime income stream in retirement? Joe lets us know how critical the choices available and how the consequences of those choices can actually derail our retirement. The software compares every possible election strategy available to married couples, single people, divorced people, widows, government employees and even those who have already elected and generates a full report incorporating multiple possible ages of death, cost of living adjustments, including claiming instructions, cash flow report, income gap report, and more. tags: SaaS, Fintech, software, technology, tax clarity, social security, retirement, financial planning, financial planners, covisum,


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Dan Lok Passive Income High Ticket Sales Genius Show 078

Dan Lok passive income high ticket sales genius is known as the millionaire mentor.Dan, is a best selling author, TEDx opening speaker, marketing and sales genius. Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business tycoon and worldwide educator. Dan leads a international learning system that spans across more than 120+ countries. Dan has literally taught millions of people helping them develop high-income skills, builds your financial confidence and master unlock true financial confidence and master your money destiny. Beyond his success in business, And the host of The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire tycoons and millionaire entrepreneurs. Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in hundreds of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world. Dan's website Unlock It and FU Money - Dan's Two Top Business Books - Dan’s small business resource Shoulders of Titans and High Ticket Sales Secrets- Dan's podcasts Audible - Get a FREE Audiobook & 30 day trial if you’re not currently a member! VirtualCash, Inc. - Learn how to create your financial plan one step at a time!★☆★ CONNECT WITH DAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ Podcast: http://thedanlokshow.danlok.linkInstagram: http://instagram.danlok.linkYouTube: Linkedin: Listen Up Show Notes Base your business pricing not on time but results. Dan loves Bruce Lee and the quote from Bruce Lee. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


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Financial Planner Josh Scandlen Founder Heritage Wealth Planning Show 077

Josh Scandlen is a Financial Planner and founder of Heritage Wealth Planning a comprehensive financial planning firm located in Georgia. In March of 2018, Josh left USAA after working there for 10 years then worked for a few smaller companies and early this year left being a w-2 employee to start his own financial planning firm and has a successful youtube channel helping people with tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and everything finance. He started his financial services career at Vanguard in the late 90's. Although Josh does not manage money any money he still registered as an investment advisor which is an extra cost and can to some be a regulatory hurdle that others would not want to go through. With four kids and his wife at home, how was he going to pay the bills to find the extra money while building up his business? In starting a business you must have money to start up a business and he used a distribution in his 401(k) and paid the 10% penalty. Has always engaged with the public with doing seminars and tried to demystify the financial planning, estate planning experience. He had an epiphany why do seminars in front of 15 locally when he can do youtube videos in front of potentially thousands and now gets a lot of clients directly from doing his youtube channel. Josh says the top three things the people, couples make is not understanding the tax code. He says that investment management is not financial planning. If married filing jointly just don't plan for today but think about the tax bomb in your retirement plan. He says you will not always be married filing jointly. You must think about Medicare premiums tax on social security vs did I beat the market? Not having a durable power of attorney it survives incapacity so a big qualified plan your individual plan and spouse no right to it so if your spouse needs access court order vs durability of power of attorney. Don't focus so much on active investment management use Jack Bogle Vanguard philosophy. Josh recommends a financial planning tool called Maximize My Social Security founder Laurence Kotlikoff Professor of Economics, Boston University and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc. This resource only costs individuals or families $40 bucks per year. Trump's executive order on Required Minimum Distributions for all retirement assets. Increase tables for RMD's at 70 1/2 you are forced to take out an amount divided by 27.4. Maybe what should be done is a redo of these tables so instead push them back to 75 as people are living longer and maybe increase what you divide. Deferring taxes is not eliminating taxes so at some point someone is going to pay it merely kicking the can down the road. Josh has written several books that you should check out:


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Financial Entrepreneur Anthony Thomson Bank Founder UK Metro Atom AU 86 400 Show 076

Financial Entrepreneur Anthony Thomson Bank Founder UK Metro Atom AU 86 400. Anthony Thomson, Founder of three banks two in the UK Metro Bank and Atom Bank and most recently Australia 86 400 Neobank.


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Dennis Shields YieldStreet Esquire Bank LawCash Founder Show 075

Dennis Shields is the founder of YieldStreet, Esquire Bank, and LawCash. Dennis is also an author, Broadway producer, actor and has appeared on the hit TV show Real House of New York #RHONY We also talk about Bethenny Frankel, Michael Cohen, living in Trump Tower and meeting President Trump. Dennis Shields is the Founder of Esquire Bank, LawCash, and YieldStreet where Ron Suber is an Advisory Board member. In addition to business, we talk about other topics like his appearance on the hit reality TV show the Real Housewives of New York (RHONY). We also talk about Bethenny Frankel and how much he respects her, only nice things to say about Michael Cohen, living in Trump Tower and meeting President Trump. LawCash was started in 2000. LawCash is a leading provider of pre-settlement funding and litigation financing for plaintiffs and offering assistance when you need it most. He was previously the chairman and founder of HealthShield until its sale in 1999. Esquire Bank is a commercial bank serving professional service firms, law professionals, small to mid-sized businesses, and individuals. Dennis is the founder and chairman of Yield Street one of the largest crowdfunding companies in alternative assets in the United States. YieldStreet is a platform designed to provide easy access to institutional quality investments. Investors are connected to accredited investors to asset-based alternative investments with 8-20% target returns. Whereas borrowers help businesses raise affordable capital quickly by streamlining fundraising and connecting them directly to accredited investors. YieldStreet is changing the way wealth is created, providing access to asset-based investments historically unavailable to most investors. YieldStreet allows you to participate in investment opportunities with low stock market correlation and target yields of 8-20% across litigation finance, real estate, and other alternative asset classes. YieldStreet’s technology platform creates a unique experience for investors at every level and provides valuable diversification and strength to most portfolios. Get started at Dennis is also the Chairman of Esquire Payment Systems. Today litigation business pays out approximately 700 billion per year using an antiquated checking system. However, in the 21st century using checks to pay clients is not efficient or cost effective. Dennis discusses expanding his distribution of law firms from 42000 to 50000 upon signing two additional deals here in August of 2018. He plans to help law firms use a debit card payment system so that it provides their clients a greater tool which in turn will save money and provider greater access to cheaper funds at lower prices. As he puts it the distribution network is being built one lawyer at a time. This keeps the attorney in contact more with their client. Dennis an author of several books, A Time to Plant Tears has been nominated for best short story Social Life Magazine. He has written other books: The Urgency of Now, God Went Fishing Dennis is also a Broadway producer (Indecent) and currently working on a play (Me Too which he said would come out over the next 6-12 months either on or off Broadway. Dennis was so proud to tell me that he was friends with Brian Koppelman. Dennis told the audience that Brian discovered Tracy Chapman, wrote Rounders and that everyone should watch Billions the show created by Koppelman. He also mentioned that Brian Koppleman was the writer of Rounders and The Girlfriend Experience) which Dennis has appeared. Ron Suber says, One of the most important questions we will ever ask ourselves is: What are you willing to struggle for?" I asked Dennis and he responded To Do Good that he was fortunate and in a position to help people. He further stated that he was comfortable where he was in business and that he gets satisfaction in helping others. Thinking of his children he was quick to say that he also instills this same...


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Regtech Checkbox Startup Success in Fintech Evan Wong Show 074

Regtech meets fintech with this startup success in the industry. Evan Wong is the founder of Checkbox a regtech Australian startup in the fintech industry. Checkbox is a technology company that is a disruptor in regulation compliance industry that helps professionals and firms in the legal, banking and tax industry’s but the technology can also be used in other industries. According to Smartcompany Australian Checkbox just received 1.77 M in angel investing from Hong Kong and Singapore after two years of bootstrapping. Connect with Evan on - > LinkedIn


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Australia Radio TV Host Nicole Cooper Banks Show 073

Australia Radio TV host Nicole Cooper Banks is an Australian radio-TV host on HitFM 102.3 and HitFM 105.1 Nic hosts her own breakfast radio show on HITFM (Mid-North Coast for) Southern Cross Austereo, Australian Media Co they own 84 radio stations and 21 commercial TV licenses serving over 7 million Aussie's Australia's largest and most listened to radio network She is also an actress, does commercials, print ads and is an award-winning presenter (national TV network). Connect with her on - > LinkedIn


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FreshMerge Marketing Software Fresh Finance CEO Teresa Leno Show 072

FreshMerge Marketing Software Fresh Finance CEO Teresa Leno. FreshMerge is marketing software for large sales team groups that are managed by various marketing departments to produce industry-specific content. The freshMerge software provides a dynamic newsletter, PDF print copy, and social media posting to LinkedIn and Facebook of each article automatically upon publishing for each of your sales team members branded to them and your company. Software managed by content writers, graphic designers. The company helps with message marketing automation for your sales team. The software is great for any industry that wants to help their sales teams grow their business and connect with their clients! freshMerge is a solution for social selling that benefits all company employees by giving them access to a particular industry content to help those company’s position themselves as experts in their particular industry by sharing content related to a given company.


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The Future of Digital Banking with Chris Skinner

The Future of Digital Banking with Chris Skinner: Digital banking is changing so fast from finance to bank branches to investment banking, bank accounts, trading, payments, to financial online banking and all of these are covered under fintech. So what is the future of banking? Just ask Chris Skinner, author of Digital Human and ValueWeb. Chris comments on the future of banking back at his blog thefinanser. We talk payments, FinTech, FinServ and Digital Banking as well as neobanks. We also explore Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit, artificial intelligence better know as A.I., machine learning, transformation to customer service with the latest technology. Chris also does a deep dive into Open Banking Digital banking and the digital customer experience. Check out Chris Skinner's Blog: tags: #digitalbanking, #finance, #banking, #bank, #branches, #investmentbanking, #bankaccount, #trading, #banks, #business, #financenews, #payment, #stocks, #investing, #financial, #onlinebanking, #financemarket, #fintech, #cashless #Lending,


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Sydney Australia Fintech Startup Hashching Online Proptech Home Loan Marketplace Mandeep Sodhi Show 070

Mandeep Sodhi is the founder and CEO of Sydney Australia Fintech Startup Hashching Online Proptech Home Loan Marketplace. We talk with Mandeep about how he came up with this practical idea based on a pain point he personally felt in his own personal life and how he has been able to execute on that idea over the last three years. Check out Hashchings equity crowdfunding going on until June 15, 2018, via The company has built a network of over 600 independent mortgage brokers to pre negotiating special rates with over 60 individual lenders to the back office technology that makes it all work. We speak to Mandeep about how he built his team which provides excellent support and service! Mandeep was named one of the coolest 100 people in Australian tech back in 2016 emerging star list in the annual Fintech list by Business Insider AU In August 2014, he decided to buy his first home. As a loyal bank employee, he reached out for the staff discount. At the time, he would boast to his friends about the special discounts he was entitled to as an employee of the bank. A few days later he found out from his friend that they had secured a better rate from the bank that Mandeep worked for. He asked himself the question how come his friend got a better rate? The bank simply replied, ‘Because your friend used a mortgage broker.’ Their answer made me even more frustrated, so I started to look at the mortgage broker model in greater detail. From his research, he could see how much value mortgage advisers were providing their customers. Not only were they saving customers more time by taking away the hassle of completing documentation etc. brokers were securing better rates. launch: August 2015 what: online marketplace connecting borrowers to local mortgage brokers. Describe: a pure Fintech play - like: operating an Uber style model where consumers are connected to a mortgage broker who comes direct to their home. - online mortgage marketplace that shows and compares deals posted by mortgage brokers, rather than the lending institutions themselves. The current pool represents more than What: Australia's first online marketplace allowing consumers to access home loan deals without having to shop around. Former banker Sodhi found they had home loans from the same bank but each got a different deal. Hashching provides a more consumer-friendly and more efficient mortgage broking market. Their goal is to eliminate friction faced by so many customers that deal with the home loan settlement process Haschings value proposition: bypass the big banks get a better home loan deal Distribution Network - how do you sign up 60 lenders, including the big four banks. And over 600 brokers Fairly labor intensive Model Bank lender officers vs brokers Backed by VC firms H2 Ventures (January 2015 ), Picus Capital, and Sapien Ventures, Raising money: The company scored $1 million in funding from Sapien Ventures (Victor Jiang) Pivot - You joined H2 Ventures in January 2015, initially, you were going to work with the banks. - We approached four of the banks who basically said; We are happy to work with you guys, but our advisers are only available from Monday to Friday during operating hours only. We do not call clients on Saturday and Sunday or nights. Consumers need the convenience of a broker coming to their house on the weekend. So, we quickly pivoted the model to service mortgage brokers. More than 50 percent of loans are written by mortgage brokers so we had a huge market to target. Technology Talk Hasching tools? Dashboard Chat Keeping track of deals Signing up brokers and consumers on-site proprietary v outside vendors Paperwork Team: hire software developers, product developers, a data scientist and sales and marketing staff Regulators: educating regulators on what you are doing? Partnerships: CGU Insurance - customers who settle on hashching get 25% off their home insurance premium from...


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Artificial Intelligence Face of Fintech Expert Clara Durodie 2018

Artificial Intelligence Face of Fintech Expert Clara Durodie 2018 Clara Durodie is an A.I. Artificial Intelligence Fintech Business Technology Strategist and Mentor start-ups and businesses. VirtualCash, Inc. owner of has named Clara as the #1 Face of Fintech expert in artificial intelligence (2018). Clara is a serial entrepreneur and most recently established Cognitive Finance Group in 2016 as an advisory and investment firm specialized in applied artificial intelligence in financial services. Prior to this, she served as an executive and Board Director at AvH Group financial services companies in London and Luxembourg. Prior to commencing her corporate career in financial services, Clara was a serial entrepreneur with business interests in management consulting, education and technology (personal credit rating and barcoding technologies). Clara's PhD research sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence, neuroscience and wealth management, and looks at how episodic memory informs how we save and how we invest. Clara is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) London UK, holds a Certified Diploma in Investment Management (IMA) London, UK and a Masters from the University of Oxford. Clara has served in leadership roles in European asset and wealth management. Clara serves as Fintech Resident Expert at the University of Oxford and mentors at leading Fintech accelerators in London.


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Evan Gentry Money360 Commercial Real Estate Direct Lender Show 068

Evan Gentry Money 360 Commercial Real Estate Lender Show 068 Money360 is a direct lender online marketplace for commercial real estate loans. Money360 enables borrowers to directly access affordable commercial real estate loans through an innovative online lending platform, eliminating the overhead and processing costs associated with traditional banking models. Loans are funded by banks, insurance... Money360 is transforming commercial real estate finance with its fast, transparent and reliable platform for borrowers and investors. Money360 is a nationwide, tech-enabled direct lender that offers borrowers speed, convenience and reasonable terms on commercial real estate loans from $1 million to $20 million. The company also provides investors direct access to attractive fixed income investments secured with a first-priority lien against income-producing commercial real estate. Money360's investment management company, M360 Advisors, LLC, manages diversified fund vehicles on behalf of investors. Borrowers and lenders (investors) can register at


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Bank Executive Leader Kelly A Brown

Kelly A Brown had a big dream that became a goal to start and found her own bank: First Wisconsin Bank. She sold the bank at the end of 2008 for a premium and started a treasury management firm that manages over $3.5 billion in assets with a network of over 700 financial institutions as partners as the CEO & Managing Partner of American Deposit Management Co. (ADM). Kelly is a born leader and naturally builds relationships because she genuinely is curious about people is real and has emotional intelligence. ADM was started in 2009 during the worst financial service economic downturn. American Deposit is a treasury management firm that specializes in settlement administration and public fund administration. The idea was expanded upon and created trust to now manage over $3.5 billion in money. The riches are in the niches as Kelly was able to execute on the business idea during a downturn in the market. With more than $3.5 billion of assets managed and relationships with over 700 financial institutions, under Kelly’s leadership, We also talk about raising capital for a de novo bank, how to build a network of partners, investors, and customers. Kelly has relationship expertise in the building sales and sales teams in the financial services industry. It is her ability to relate to others with emotional intelligence and a real and genuine curiosity for people and wanted to help others. Her emotional intelligence allows her to connect with her team, customers and other centers of influence. Governor Scott Walker appointed Kelly in January 2014 to the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board. How she met the Governor shows off her friendly dynamic personality as a true winner. The importance of being trustworthy to establish critical relationships, having the right team with a winning attitude. Importance of picking the right people with different experiences, hire people that I not like you. Next step is the ability to scale the business with the right people. You must raise your hand and say here I am I can do it. We go deep into several critical stories that helped shaped Kelly in life: Growing up and her parents influence. How a bank teller a personal banker changed her life. How one person can make a difference. Great work ethic paid off the debt and do that for others. Building self-confidence. Applied to a bank with no experience, banking can be taught bring to leadership born within four months promoted then emerged in ran branches, finished college nothing I can't do and mentors others about that. We talk about her dream of starting her own bank. The ADM company that she runs manages the money for national law suit recovery money for class actions and mass tort money. Spread deposits between and among various banks to stay within the FDIC limits. Learned how to get out of debt and deal with her finances. We heard the story of being a winner of life. Kelly learned about how to deal with her debt and got her finances in order.


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IP Marketplace Patentangels Pulseip Adoram Shemesh Show 066.mp3

IP Marketplace AngelPatents PulseIP Founder Adoram Shemesh. We talk to Adoram about: How he helps his clients. Buying, selling and leveraging patents. Adoram is a member of the Israeli Bar went to school in Israel (IDC Herzliya) and now lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children. Adoram about the podcast show: “Great Podcast Mitchell Just Listened for the second time" PatentAngels: IP centric Investment platform Company mission: empower companies to leverage their IP assets and let investors invest in patent backed ventures which increase their chances of success. Crowdfunding patents: Patent Rights for clients IP Marketplace to leverage your patent Defending patents Monetize patents Working so closely with fortune 500 companies Buy-side of the business PulseIP - Patent Acquisition Consultants - Guiding people through the process. Defensive and offensive moves changing for startups, entrepreneurs and business owners to execute on their IP strategy. Working so closely with the largest US corporations and provide them strategic Buy-side Intellectual Property consulting How to identify, negotiate and close Patent Acquisitions based on these defensive and offensive strategies. We also talk Sell Side IP – Reviewing, evaluating and analyzing IP portfolios in order to maximize the patent sale and licensing value on behalf of intellectual property owners. How Adoram works with clients to figure out which strategy is really right for them? General strategic IP advisory. Filing a patent application is still a smart decision for inventors Article: Tel Aviv Israel Patents business tech Technology The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking but Israel ranks #10 Book Club: Mindset, Predictable, Shoestring How is intellectual property valued when selling a business? High Court Could Open Door To Worldwide Patent Damages Three Main Take-Aways Grit How are people going to stay in touch


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Vanessa Ronan Pearce Top 100 Fintech Woman Show 065

Vanessa Ronan Pearce is named a top 100 Woman in Fintech. Vanessa is the Founder of Intersekt Fintech Australia Festival. Vanessa handles partnerships and events at Fintech Australia. We speak with Vanessa about what it takes to become a top 100 Fintech woman and the Worldwide competition to make the list. Fintech Australia started October of 2016 when Australia had just 100 startups in the Fintech ecosystem. Today in 2018 Australia has over 650 startups in the Fintech space. Fintech Australia was inspired to startup from the success of the Singapore Fintech Festival. Spotlight on the big four bank incumbents on their banking practices so they want to know more about fintech and how to incorporate it into their solutions. Also from a regulatory prospective especially seeing how Singapore has handled fintech. The Finnie Awards and how Intersekt picks the various startups for each winner category. Startup Round Sponsored by Fintech Australia does a Census with EY so check out the 2017 report. Building a Fintech Festival and how Vanessa gets sponsors, partners and speakers for the conference. A presenting partner that started in 2016 was the Victorian Government and has been extremely supportive of the Fintech Australian conference. Conference Sponsors, Partners in 2016-2017 Acorns Stripe Visa Accenture Policy Partner: International Law Firm face challenges with their big bank clients who want to finance them and smaller clients who want to disrupt the market. However, these policy partners have become supportive of the fintech ecosystem in Australia and adding value to both types of clients - > Herbert Smith Freehill An amazing increase for the conference year over year with 85 judges (5 for each of the 23 categories that is widespread across the fintech ecosystem). Over 225 startup entries up from 150 in 2017. Increase in attendees from 250 to over 1500 people including investments in startups. Lucy Yueting Liu is Founder of Airwallex and Board Member Fintech Australia Solve a unique problem, don't replicate a solution already in the market define the audience and that it can be used in other markets or territories Top fintech areas in Australia: Payments Lending Digital currencies Wealth Tech Canva the software company for designing everything from social media graphics and invitations to postcards and. now announced the acquisition of Australian startup Zeetings that help with your presentations. We interviewed Christopher Gimmer Founder of Snappa who is a competitor of Canva. Company with massive growth is Afterpay. Fast Pitch Round Sponsored by Book Club Guest Recommendation: Mindset Hero: Her husband, actuary Quote: Anais Nin: "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Wrap Up Round Sponsored by Three Main Takeaways: Be persistence and don't lose faith. Think global about where else you can take your product. Talk to everybody because that person could be your next sponsors or promoter. Ron Suber, President Prosper, Chairman of whose founder is Stephen Dash was the Keynote speaker for the Australia Fintech conference. tags: Open Data, Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Digital Robo-Advice Alternative Finance and Payments, AI Artificial intelligence, Digital Identity, Neo Banks, Regtech, Insurtech.


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David Feinman Viral Ideas Zombie Run Founder Show 064

David Feinman Viral Ideas Zombie Run Founder Show 064 David Feinman is the founder and serial entrepreneur of Virtual Ideas a video creator marketing company and sold Zombie Run Phidelphia Racing Concepts LLC the largest national themed fun 5k races. David combined his passion as a marathon runner and owner of Bucks County Marathon Ventures LLC a startup which was a half marathon in Bucks County Pennsylvania and running the program through Tyler Park. Lessons Learned: How did David come up with the largest national Zombie Run themed fun run and how did he apply what he learned to his current company Viral Ideas. How did David in only 9 months generate 1.4 million in revenue build the Zombie Run into a 16 City tour, attract over 35k participants, handle a staff of 35 people, gets featured in Wired Magazine, USA Today and the New York Times and within one year sell the company for a profit How did Viral Ideas increase their customers from just 42 to over 120 in only one year? What is David's secret sauce to gain so many executive pitches and how were they able to get in front of so many executives We will also speak to David about his experience at Temple University Business Fox school and the Be Your Own Boss Bowl competition ‘BYOBB’ show notes back at Zombie run numbers? The idea behind Zombie Run: Combine a passion for running and entrepreneurship Testing the idea Capitalized on a national trend toward fitness and then heightened public interest in social media and themed events. Growing the idea to 1.4 million in revenue Managing a team of volunteers and contractors Our Startup round is sponsored by Temple University - Tell us about being your own business bowl competition at TU (BYOBB) -> 10k Came in 2nd won a 10k cash prize. Ellen Weber Nick Delmonico Sales 42 customers to over 120 Knocking on doors Making calls How do you pitch the executives and get them to a face to face meeting sales -> time of BYOBB had 42 clients working out of their office space in Bucks County. won cash prizes forced them to take a more in-depth look at the company and see how it could be improved upon it. Zach Medina Co-founder started Viral Ideas with $250 and 1 client. In the beginning, the company worked You spend 7 days a week, from early in the morning to late at night in the back of your client's office with the goal of growing Viral Ideas while also doing our best to over-deliver for our very first client. A year later, they set up shop in office-space in Southampton, PA. and continue to grow your team, partners, and client base. Growing the business hasn't been easy grinding it out overcoming the challenges that most startups face, giving up a social life and making significant sacrifices along the way. 2.5 years later, we have over 120 largest brands in the world and are continuously growing.] Viral Ideas Story dynamic, social media marketing agency Marketing. You work with your clients to convert written concepts into promotional videos for social media and company websites. Use the latest filmmaking equipment including drones to produce professional videos and are able to provide sophisticated animation or website background video. Mission - Our long-term goal is to help companies create videos that go viral," Customer videos: Viral ideas in the real world -> What are some of these significant brands you are working with around the world and how did you specifically sign them up? Let's talk decision making a critical skill in business and life - provide us an example of success Our Fast Pitch Round sponsored by Everyone loves books I created a book club charity balances your business and life when you were a freshman at Bucks Cty Community you got involved with Autism Cares Foundation co-Founders Linda and Frank Keupper tapped Feinman as its Race Director. Today he continues to help them to raise about...


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Charles Henry King Entrepreneur Chadron Founder Banker President Gerald Ford's Grandfather Show 063

Charles Henry King was an Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur Founder of Chadron, Nebraska, a prominent Banker, Wyoming's wealthiest businessman and President Gerald R. Fords biological grandfather. Why Listen Up to today’s show -> Recall we just did an entire show on Fannie O’Linn on our last show 062 Charles Henry King was a Prominent Banker that started a Bank C. H. King Company and First National Bank of Shoshoni, Wyoming. He was a serial entrepreneur at that time of his passing he was Wyoming’s wealthiest businessman. Charles Henry King was an entrepreneurs entrepreneur -> Get today’s show notes -> Sign up at the website for not only the latest podcasts articles and awesome guides but become part of the trusted friend's community at CH King - today would be known as a serial entrepreneur At the age of 31 in 1884 he and his wife, Martha [Alicia (nee) Porter,] moved to Nebraska and settled a sparsely populated the region is known as Dawes County today we know it as the Panhandle of Nebraska. Their humble home was nicely settled along the White River in an area that we just talked about the brand new town of Chadron. Our startup round is sponsored by To learn more about the founding of the west and get the show notes go to our last show via and to learn more about the Chadrow 4 Chadron Project Head over to Now back to the show you will recall that Fannie O'Linn the subject from our last show certainly knew CH as his associates knew him as both helped found the town Chadron You see CH was a merchant pioneer who began trading with the Indians and became a bigtime merchant and wool trader he had one of the most successful entrepreneurial enterprises in Nebraska and Wyoming. He was founder and president of the Omaha Wool and Storage Company and founder of banks transportation companies and promoter of various enterprises. He had come far born in Pennsylvania on March 13, 1853, in Bradford County. When in Chadron NE he started a general store known as C.H. King's Mercantile. He was described in his day as being shrewd a true businessman, as a business person why study CH make him one of your own case studies well he was a visionary what today we might say a mover and shaker. He was a visionary -> he saw what others could not as he anticipated the arrival of the Chicago and North Western Railroad network into Chadron and the nearby Wyoming territory. He was constantly thinking of how he could expand his commercial enterprises. He executed on this opportunity by stringing together general stores, lumberyards' banks, wool trading companies, a freight hauling business, and much real estate strategically located where the railroad access insured the founding of future towns and cities in addition to Chadron. By July 25, 1886, Chadron was much in the infancy as an organized community -> it was at this time that President Gerald Ford's biological father Leslie Lynch was born to Charles Henry King and his wife Martha in the town of Chadron Our Fast Pitch sponsored by Trusts find trust co info on estate planning Book -> Robert Roy Foresman left a message that he was working on a full-length article and publication on Fannie O'Linn. He said it was nice to see the post about her and podcast he said that he has been researching her for over 10 years, and there is a lot of stories to still share. I’m going to link to robs other books and when his article and book on Fannie O’Linn published will him on in the meantime I provide a link to him here. He Works for the North Dakota State University northern plains ethics institute Even before Wyoming became a state in 1890 CH would become well known as one of the wealthiest men in Wyoming, At one time he amassed a fortune of $20 million in today’s dollars that is considerable but in 1890 it was huge. By 1900 C.H. King...


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Fannie O’Linn Chadron Nebraska Dawes County Northwestern Panhandle Founder Attorney Teacher Show 062

Fannie O’Linn Chadron Nebraska Dawes County Northwestern Panhandle Founder Attorney Teacher Show 062 Chadron The Northwestern Nebraska Panhandle town founded by Frances Maria Brainard O'Linn Show 062 I'm Mitchell Chadrow and this is the Listen Up Show Podcast Fanny was not only the founder of a town she was a noteworthy pioneer for settling the west, a school teacher, a postmaster, the fifth woman admitted to the Bar in Nebraska, a community builder and most of all a hero that should be studied by all in business and life. -> What are we going to learn today? -> What Legacy did Fanny Leave and how can her lessons apply to your everyday business and life? -> Why do an entire podcast on Fanny? ;After doing research on her story I was shocked that even people in the town of Chadron know little about her let alone Nebraskians especially how her story applies to business I started asking myself why has this most amazing woman somehow been placed on the back seat of history - maybe until now there has been no one to be her voice or maybe she has no relatives or family to tell her story. It really seemed unfair because she should at least be on a short list of notable Nebraska women. Tome, she really seemed to have been unforgotten but I’m changing all that now I mean we all have heard of William Jennings Bryan the orator and Nebraska politician read and heard stories of the Travelings of Lewis and Clark Know about The Showmanship of William F. Cody and of course the Notoriety of Charlie Starkweather. However, it’s not every day that a woman in the In the 1880’s helps start up a town. builds a community of people in the heartland of America becomes a pioneer settling the west, is the fifth woman to become an attorney in Nebraska and the 11th registered with the US Supreme Court - she was a postmaster, a mid wife, a school teacher, and so much more She was born back on April 13, 1848 in a small town called Magnolia the county seat of Harrison County Iowa, Fanny graduated at the University State University of Iowa in Iowa City as valedictorian and youngest member of the class' at the State University of Iowa in Iowa City. She became a teacher at Magnolia High School and then principal at Buena Vista High School. When her father moved to Magnolia Iowa it only had a population of 500 however by 1876 Magnolia was removed as the county seat, which left the place with but little else than a small, local trade. Hallowed be the name Magnolia to many a pioneer, who knew the place as Harrison County's best town. You can get the show notes back at signup back at my website at get the latest in my blog posts and podcasts and free resource guides just by signing up back at my website Women's history is rich in the Panhandle of Northwestern Nebraska but at the forefront of this is another true hero pioneer that must be recognized now and has been uncovered. For me researching her story has been a journey of discovery, uncovering this amazing woman's story from various sources that has led me to so many other wonderful stories that I will also tell you here on future podcasts. I am glad O’Linn’s story can be shared with my Listen Up audience and I hope her wonderful story helps motivate inspire and help you in business. It's like a Wild Buffalo Bill Cody Show on tour but with Fannie, and being able to take you across the country to share all this history that she created in the communities where she lived Ificould describe her in three words: adventurous courageous dynamic Our start up round is sponsored by startups Smarter You need help starting that business whether it’s forming establishingvyiurpresence online or help forming or testing your business idea my listeners who signup back at get a free one page website on their platform and a free guide how to Startup Smarter so head on over to...