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Loan Officer Training & Advice From A $100M Producer, with Wally Elibiary, Ep #3

The mortgage lending industry is notorious for not offering much in the way of loan officer training, that's why this episode with Wally Elibiary is so powerful. On this episode, Wally backs up the dump truck and unloads a ton of loan officer training for free. He explains how he has systematized his business, built an incredible team and trained them how to use his systems, and established a referral network of not only real estate agents, but real estate agent teams. Can you imagine...


The Future of The Mortgage Industry: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? with Chad Geyer, Ep #2

The future of the mortgage industry is no different than the future of any industry, artificial intelligence and advances in technology are definitely going to factor into the way people in the industry do their work. But just like most industries, we don't clearly know what is going to happen. There are certain things that can't be avoided: technology will continue to improve, systems will be refined, regulations will be streamlined over time. Do those things necessarily mean that robots...


Marketing Strategies for Loan Officers That Bulletproof Your Business with Rick Scherer, Ep #1

On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions, Andrew introduces you to his friend Rick Scherer, a true lending professional who has perfected a number of marketing strategies for loan officers that enable them to create a business that is bulletproof. What does that mean? It means creating a business that is no longer prey to the fluctuations of the market or the whims consumers. It's based on partnerships with real estate agents and other professionals that create win-win...


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