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How to Reframe the Conversation in a Declining Market with Sean Zalmanoff, Ep #17

Are you wondering how your business will hold up with all the talk of gloom and doom in a declining market? Have you ever thought of reframing the conversation instead? Sean Zalmanoff, from Next Level Loan Officer Coaching, joins Andrew on this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions for a discussion on mindset, a changing market, lead generation, and the changing demographics of home buyers. You won’t want to miss this conversation so you can discover how to reframe the conversation and...


How the Future of Mortgages Will Take You From Loan Officer to Loan Advisor with Dave Savage, Ep #16

On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions, Dave Savage shares his extensive expertise. Dave is the founder of Mortgage Coach, a mortgage presentation software. Dave got started in the mortgage business in the 80’s but was always fascinated by technology. He was an early adopter of CRM’s and founded Mortgage Coach in 1997 to help make a difference in the lending process for his own clients. On this episode, Andrew and Dave discuss the future of the mortgage industry and what that...


How to Market Using SEO Strategy Through Blogging with Michael Shane, Ep #15

Michael Shane, the CEO of Sammamish Mortgage in Bellevue, Washington, is the guest on this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions. Michael has a unique way of finding clients. Rather than building the typical agent-LO relationships, he has built his business primarily using SEO strategy and blogging. He and Andrew discuss how he has been able to get his blog articles to rank high with Google and how this strategy has proved very successful for his company. This helps Michael get clients...


Charitable Giving in Marketing with Chad Engle, Ep #14

On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions, instead of having a top producing loan officer, Andrew welcomes an agent partner of his, Chad Engle. Chad is not your typical southern California real estate agent. He and his brother have adopted a 1 for 1 business model. If you are unfamiliar with the 1 for 1 model, it is a bold way to give back through business. The Engle brothers have adopted this model for their real estate company, Casa Real Estate. For each home that they sell, they...


Relationship Building and Self-Awareness in Mortgage Recruiting with Eric Levin, Ep #13

Eric Levin from Model Match joins Loan Officer Strategy Sessions on episode 13. Eric is not the typical guest on this show, normally Andrew interviews top producing loan officers and Eric is a mortgage recruiter. Model Match is more than a recruiting company that focuses on the mortgage industry. Eric doesn’t actually like the word recruiter. He feels that what he does is match the right person with companies that align with their values. He describes his work as relationship building more...


How to Become a Top-Producing Loan Originator While Balancing Work and Life with Chris Fenoglio, Ep #12

Chris Fenoglio is both an amazing branch manager and loan originator. He is the branch manager at Finance of America Mortgage and a direct competitor a direct competitor of Andrew. On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions Chris explains how he is able to balance work and life while still originating over $100 million in new loans and managing a team of 70 people. Chris has an interesting way to scale his business. He maintains organic reach with many realtors and uses the DISC...


Upgrading the Lending Process with Ryan Grant, Ep #11

On episode 11 of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions Andrew welcomes Ryan Grant from Fairway Independent Mortgage. Although the two LO’s are technically competitors their market is big enough so that they can both be prosperous. Andrew respects Ryan as a visionary and an implementer and that is the focus of this episode. Ryan became an LO after attaining early success in lending while waiting to go to law school. This led him down this path to his future career. Listen to this episode to hear how...


How to Grow Your Business Through Tragedy and Failure with Todd Duncan, Ep #10

Todd Duncan became a loan officer at a time when there was zero consumer confidence in the mortgage industry. Coming into the business at this challenging time taught him how to be successful in any market. Todd has ridden the highs and lows of the mortgage industry and has met with incredible success and terrible failures. Todd has learned how to grow through tragedy and failure and has come back stronger, happier, and more successful than ever. Listen to Todd’s wise words of wisdom on how...


How to Have a Better Life and Business with Carl White, Ep #9

Carl White joins Andrew for a conversation on the Loan Officer Strategy Sessions podcast. Carl is the founder of the mentoring group, Mortgage Marketing Animals, and he produces the Loan Officer Freedom podcast. The good news is that he is not here to discuss any of that. Carl and Andrew immediately jump into a discussion on how to have a better life. They don’t mess around with any fluff. Carl loves to share his secret to working less and earning more. You’ll want to hear Carl’s advice on...


Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience with Regan Hagestad, Ep #8

Are you curious to find out how you can create an exceptional customer experience with every transaction and improve your reputation with local realtors? Regan Hagestad is the founder of the Regan Hagestad Mortgage Group in the Manhattan Beach area of L.A. and joins Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to discuss how he strives to give each client a positive experience from the beginning of the onboarding process. Regan has also formed a mastermind group with local realtors in his area. You’ll...


How Intentional Team Building Can Help You Grow Your Business with Mark Maimon, Ep #7

Did you know that one of the primary reasons most loan originators hit a wall with their business growth is due to a lack of team building? It’s true! While you may think that you can take on any challenge that comes your way, you’d be wrong to think that you can exponentially grow your business without a solid team around you. On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions, you’ll hear from seasoned and successful loan originator, Mark Maimon. Mark Maimon entered the mortgage industry in...


6 Practices of Highly Successful Realtors with Coach Bill Hart, Ep #6

What can loan officers and business leaders like you learn from the habits and practices of highly successful realtors? While you might be already engaged with one or more of these practices, now is a great time to consider what you can do to up your game and take your business to the next level of growth and success. On this episode, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from author and business coach Bill Hart. In his conversation with Andrew, Bill touches on the six practices of highly...


Tips on Making the Home Loan Process a Positive Experience with Marty Preston, Ep #5

Let’s face it, many of your clients come into your office already convinced that the process of securing a home loan is going to be dreadful. How are you going to change that narrative? What steps will you take to put your client at ease and make their experience a pleasant one? On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions, you’ll hear from lending pro Marty Preston. In his conversation with Andrew, Marty touches on his background and why he became a loan officer, the team he’s built...


How to Create Mortgage Success Through Hard Work and a Great Team Culture with Jason Knee, Ep #4

Mortgage success did not come to Jason Knee right away. In fact, he was working in a call center and kind of stumbled into the mortgage industry by accident. He was getting paid $10 for every lead and $50 for every file he was able to pass to a loan officer. That's a far cry from where he is now, closing 340 loans a year for over $160M in closed deals. You don't come by that kind of success accidentally. In this conversation between Andrew and his guest, Jason Knee, you'll hear how hard work...


Loan Officer Training & Advice From A $100M Producer, with Wally Elibiary, Ep #3

The mortgage lending industry is notorious for not offering much in the way of loan officer training, that's why this episode with Wally Elibiary is so powerful. On this episode, Wally backs up the dump truck and unloads a ton of loan officer training for free. He explains how he has systematized his business, built an incredible team and trained them how to use his systems, and established a referral network of not only real estate agents, but real estate agent teams. Can you imagine going...


The Future of The Mortgage Industry: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? with Chad Geyer, Ep #2

The future of the mortgage industry is no different than the future of any industry, artificial intelligence and advances in technology are definitely going to factor into the way people in the industry do their work. But just like most industries, we don't clearly know what is going to happen. There are certain things that can't be avoided: technology will continue to improve, systems will be refined, regulations will be streamlined over time. Do those things necessarily mean that robots...


Marketing Strategies for Loan Officers That Bulletproof Your Business with Rick Scherer, Ep #1

On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions, Andrew introduces you to his friend Rick Scherer, a true lending professional who has perfected a number of marketing strategies for loan officers that enable them to create a business that is bulletproof. What does that mean? It means creating a business that is no longer prey to the fluctuations of the market or the whims consumers. It's based on partnerships with real estate agents and other professionals that create win-win...