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The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.

The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.


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The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.








Guest: Chris Tang of UCLA on product and supply shortages; LTL executives share business concerns; California's AB5 labor law may soon go into effect

Our guest on this week's episode is Christopher Tang, the UCLA distinguished professor and Edward W. Carter Chair in Business Administration and also the faculty director of UCLA's Center for Global Management. We have all seen product shortages this summer, including a well-publicized shortage of infant meal formula. Professor Tang discusses what is causing shortages, both from supply chain issues and domestic supply problems, and what steps companies can take to mitigate future risks to...


Guest: Dimitre Kirilov of Montway Auto Transport on driver retention; Amid rising costs shippers rethink their packaging; Walmart makes new investments in its trucking fleet.

Our guest on this week's episode is Dimitre Kirilov, president of consumer services for Montway Auto Transport. A shortage of qualified drivers has been a reality for years in the trucking industry. With the low unemployment rate, it does not appear that the tight market for drivers will get any better. Our guest talks about what trucking firms need to do to attract new drivers and to retain the drivers they have. With rising costs for packaging supplies and the lack of availability for...


Guest: Glenn Richey of Auburn University on high fuel prices; Supply chain companies look to diversity; A centennial celebration

Our guest on this week's episode is Glenn Richey, the Raymond J. Harbert Eminent Scholar and chair of the Department of Supply Chain Management at Auburn University's Harbert College of Business. We have seen the huge spike in fuel prices over the past couple of months. Are these higher prices here to stay? What has caused the price surges and is there anything that can be done by government and industry to ease the pain at the pump for trucking companies and the shippers that must pay...


Guest: Jonathan Dawley of Kion and the Industrial Truck Association on forklift safety; Gartner's latest rankings of top university supply chain programs; Warehouse applications for 5G technologies

Our guest on this week's episode is Jonathan Dawley, president and CEO of Kion North America, a leading manufacturer of forklifts and other material handling equipment. Dawley is also chair of this year's National Forklift Safety Day. Sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), this is a day set aside each year to promote safe practices around forklift operations. ITA organization will be hosting a safety-focused program next Tuesday in Washington, D.C. that will also be live...


Guest: Alex Saric of Ivalua on supplier collaboration; Gartner's Global Supply Chain Top 25 list is released; Drayage rates continue to climb

Our guest in this week's episode is Alex Saric, chief marketing officer at Ivalua. He is here to share about new research that has just come out that shows how better collaboration with suppliers can help to minimize supply disruptions, improve sustainability efforts, and promote innovation. He shares details on these findings and more. Gartner's annual list of the Global Supply Chain Top 25 is out. See who is tops the rankings and what other companies have highly respected supply chain...


Guest: Jim Carlisle of Thomas H. Lee Partners on supply chain investments; New research on women in supply chain leadership roles; Walmart makes a huge investment in robotics

Our guest in this week's episode is Jim Carlisle, the head of the technology and business solutions vertical and the automation fund at Thomas H. Lee Partners. TH Lee has recently acquired or been a major investor in some of the supply chain industry's biggest names, including AutoStore, Fortna, MHS, FourKites, and RightHand Robotics. He speaks to why supply chain companies are so attractive to the investment community. He describes the types of investments made into companies and what the...


Guest: Mike Bush of Next Trucking on training future robotics designers; A major maritime company expands into other areas; Prepare now for another chaotic peak shipping season.

Our guest in this week's episode is Mike Bush, head of communications and brand for Next Trucking, a digital freight broker. As automation and robotics continues to impact supply chains, the question remains: Where we will find the technicians and robotic engineers the industry needs to keep the technology running today and advancing to new capabilities tomorrow? Bush talks about his company's involvement with high school robotics competitions and how it helps to encourage the next...


Guest: Zac Rogers of Colorado State on changes in the freight market; New plans to turn containers faster; Ocean freight continues to face rough seas

Our guest in this week's episode is Zac Rogers, assistant professor of supply chain management at Colorado State University. We are hearing conflicting reports of what is going on in freight markets. Some carriers are struggling with high fuel costs and fewer shipments while others are enjoying record profits. Are we about to enter a collapse of freight markets as some analysts are predicting? Rogers shares his insights for the road ahead. Empty containers continue to sit at docks and...


Guest: Nicole Glenn of Candor Expedite discusses current and future transportation segments; Logistics growth appears to be slowing; It isn't getting any easier to find available warehouse space

Our guest in this week's episode is Nicole Glenn, founder and CEO of Candor Expedite. She is the recent recipient of the 8th Annual Distinguished Women in Logistics Recognition by The Women In Trucking Association (WIT), Truckstop.com, and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). She joins us to talk about the current state of the transportation sector and where she believes the industry should be steering in the future. The most recent Logistics Managers Index (LMI) report is out...


Guest: Michael Mikitka of MHI and WERC on supply chain professional development; Infrastructure for the friendly skies; New research on supply chain leadership

This is the 100th episode of Logistics Matters. Our thanks to our guests, sponsors, and listeners for making this a successful podcast series. Our guest in this week's episode is Michael Mikitka, executive vice president of the MHI Knowledge Center and the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC). He discusses the roles of both organizations in education and professional development. He also highlights the WERC annual conference being held next week in Louisville, a return to an...


Guest: Susan Boylan of Gartner discusses Earth Day and supply chain sustainability; Fuel costs are being passed along to shippers; New rounds of investments in supply chain tech companies

Our guest in this week's episode is Susan Boylan, senior research director in logistics and customer fulfillment at Gartner. Today is Earth Day, a day each year when we reflect on our planet and the impacts that we make on the environment. Transportation and supply chains are among the leading sources of greenhouse gasses. Is the industry making any progress on sustainability goals? What more needs to be done to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chains? Fuels costs continue to...


Guest: Dawn Tiura of SIG discusses the supply chain impacts of China's Covid lockdowns; New truck trailer orders increase; More investment in supply chain tech

Our guest in this week's episode is Dawn Tiura, president and CEO of SIG (Sourcing Industry Group), a membership organization of companies involved in sourcing raw materials and finished goods. She discusses the impacts of China's Zero-Covid policy of locking down major cities to slow the spread of Covid. The latest example is Shanghai, China's most populous city. Unfortunately, the lockdowns are not really stopping Covid from spreading and they cause major disruptions to lives and supply...


Guest: Kathy Fulton of ALAN on Ukraine relief; With prices rising, business curtail their climate change initiatives; What will it take to get global trade back on track?

Our guest in this week's episode is Kathy Fulton, executive director of ALAN, the American Logistics Aid Network. Logistics companies are stepping up to make a difference in Ukraine. She talks about ALAN's role in trying to bring together those logistics companies that have resources available, such as transportation, to help relief efforts in Ukraine and neighboring nations where refugees have fled. As costs continue to rise, many businesses are being forced to cut programs, including...


ICYMI: Kevin Yoder of Keep US Posted on the passage of postal reform legislation; The White House moves to improve supply chains with a new FLOW initiative; Commercial real estate bounces back from pandemic lows.

Today we're repeating our March 18 episode on postal reform for those who might have missed it. We'll be back next week with a new episode. We'll talk about relief efforts for Ukraine and the many refugees that are crossing into Poland and other nations with Kathy Fulton of the American Logistics Aid Network. ------------------------------ Our guest in this week's episode is former Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder. He is the executive director of Keep US Posted, an organization that has been...


Guest: Mary Murphy of BlueGrace Logsitics on rising fuel prices; Mitigating risk in food and beverage; Congress next sets eyes on maritime reform

Our guest in this week's episode is Mary Murphy, senior director of managed logistics strategy for BlueGrace Logistics. She discusses the rise in fuel prices caused by supply chain issues, inflation, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. How will these rising prices affect supply chains and is there any end in sight? The food and beverage industry is especially susceptible to supply chain bottlenecks. Not only does it slow processes, but much food can spoil if delayed in transit. A new...


Guest: Kevin Yoder of Keep US Posted on the passage of postal reform legislation; The White House moves to improve supply chains with a new FLOW initiative; Commercial real estate bounces back from pandemic lows.

Our guest in this week's episode is former Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder. He is the executive director of Keep US Posted, an organization that has been working to keep the United States Postal Service fiscally sound and operating efficiently. Last week Congress passed postal reform legislation designed to set a path for the postal service for years to come. What are the major provisions of this legislation, and how will it change postal operations in the United States? The White House is...


Guest: Lindsey Trent of the Next Generation in Trucking Association on attracting new drivers to trucking; Postal reform moves forward; Advancements in autonomous trucking

Our guest in this week's episode is Lindsey Trent, president of the Next Generation in Trucking Association, an organization that works to attract young people to the trucking profession. Truck drivers are hard to find and many more are needed to drive our nation's trucks, as well as the maintenance people who make sure vehicles keep running well. Trent discusses what this industry association is doing to make the profession attractive to young people just about to enter the...


Guest: Koray Köse of Gartner on supply chain impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war; Efforts to loosen tight freight markets; Logistics costs continue to rise.

Our guest in this week's episode is Koray Köse, senior director analyst at Gartner Supply Chain and Research Advisory. He shares the impact that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is having on supply chains. Those impacts include raw materials sourced from the region, rerouting transportation around the war zone, and impacts on the costs associated with fuel. How long will these impacts continue to affect the world's supply networks? New efforts are underway to add additional capacity to the...


Guest: Josie Blanco of Nuvocargo on cross border freight; Retailers advance sustainability goals; Cyberattacks are on the rise

Our guest in this week's episode is Josefina (Josie) Blanco, legal and compliance lead with Nuvocargo. She discusses current cross-border trade issues, including whether the recent protests against vaccine mandates at the Canadian border could spread to our Southern border with Mexico. She also shares her views on other compliance issues affecting trade and border crossings between the United States and Mexico. Retailers are taking environmental and sustainability issues very seriously. We...


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