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Hosted by Leon Daniels O.B.E, Lunch with Leon features interviews with leading figures in the transport industry.

Hosted by Leon Daniels O.B.E, Lunch with Leon features interviews with leading figures in the transport industry.


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Hosted by Leon Daniels O.B.E, Lunch with Leon features interviews with leading figures in the transport industry.




27: Lunch with Leon episode 27 - Paul Seller

Ricardo has a long history of developing diesel drivelines, stemming from its key involvement in the First World War to reduce exhaust emissions (yes, really) that eventually earned founder Harry Ricardo a knighthood. Today, the British company has a global presence across a range of market sectors – including cars, commercial vehicles, rail, defence, motorsport, energy and environment – with a client list that includes transport operators, manufacturers, energy companies, financial...


26: Lunch with Leon episode 26 - Gali Bloch Liran

Challenging the ‘old way’ to get the most out of yourself and your team. Over a long lunch, Leon Daniels OBE chats with Gali Bloch Liran who is an executive coach specialising in start-ups, as well as being a lawyer, marketeer, lecturer and global speaker. She works with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs to manage the day-to-day challenges and strengthen the mental resilience required to scale such a venture, using her own super-powers: energy, positivity and inner strong-belief. We learn how...


25: Lunch with Leon episode 25 - Christmas special

All the enjoyable bits, plus some garnish… Our regular podcast about all things transport-related has a different twist this week with a Christmas and New Year special. If you’ve not listened before, then give this one a try! Over the past 24 episodes, Leon Daniels has chatted with an amazing range of people and he’s filleted just a small handful of the very best, and funniest, bits. He also reports live from the recent GITEX technology exhibition in Dubai, UAE, which proves that it’s...


24: Lunch with Leon episode 24 - Elizabeth de Jong

Leon Daniels’ lunchtime guest is Elizabeth de Jong from Logistics UK. Their starter sees them mull over working-from-home and its benefits, before they move onto the main course where they chat about the changes in logistics and deliveries this year. They debate why the government should regard freight and logistics as part of the country’s critical infrastructure and how to get more talent into the industry. Elizabeth maps out what to do and why it’s backed by a strong business case....


23: Lunch with Leon episode 23 - Graeme Cooper

Tools in the toolbox – how many do we need? Graeme Cooper is Project Director / Transport Decarbonisation at National Grid and, fresh from his appearance on Top Gear, he chats with Leon Daniels about how, in the last week, all the decarbonisation jigsaw bits are finally coming together. Graeme talks with an easy engaging energy and passion, presenting serious thought leadership in an easy-to-digest form and explains his mantra “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” He unpicks the...


22: Lunch with Leon episode 22 - James Haluch

Stripping off on the roads? The Naked Highway. If you’ve not come across the expression, then the Naked Highway is not what you might think... Chatting over lunch with Leon Daniels OBE is James Haluch Managing Director – Highways and Waste Collections, at Amey ( and they get to grips with what our roads should look like in the future – and the Naked Highway is part of this. They start by talking about what the Highways Sector Council,...


21: Lunch with Leon episode 21 - Steve Norris

With a long and illustrious career in business and transport, Steve Norris is best-known as Minister for Transport in London (1992-7) “the toughest job I ever did.” No-nonsense and straight-talking, he ran for Mayor of London in 2000 and 2004, but lost on both occasions to Ken Livingstone who, he tells Leon Daniels, was “the best Mayor by a country mile.” There are terrific anecdotes about London Buses, leading into the real reasons we don’t have conductors anymore and the incentives...


20: Lunch with Leon episode 20 - Guillaume Fleuti

As we navigate through uncharted territory, Leon Daniels catches up with Guillaume Fleuti - MD and Head, Infrastructure, Transport and Manufacturing and Europe at Lloyds Bank – to chat about everything from the move to zero emission stimulus, “good for business and good for the UK,” to the key role that banks are bringing to the economy at the moment. They mull over whether the ‘bundling together’ of finance for charging infrastructure, energy and vehicles, will be a model for the future....


19: Lunch with Leon episode 19 - Emma Hignett

She’s the busiest person on the transport network, giving information to 6.5m people every day; but it’s her voice, rather than her face that is best known. The ‘voice’ of London Buses, Emma Hignett, chats with Leon Daniels over lunch about her work as a voice-over and how the Lancastrian’s voice is upmarket but utterly approachable. She talks about how she changed career from being a ballet dancer and the ‘rigorous’ selection process that Transport for London used in its quest for...


18: Lunch with Leon episode 18 - Greg Harris

Greg Harris is right at front end of the latest developments on the road to net-zero. As Global Electrification Services Leader at HORIBA MIRA, his role includes developing strategy around electrification. Best known as the UK industry’s first vehicle test track - called the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) opened in 1949 on a former airfield in Leicestershire - Greg chats over lunch with Leon Daniels about its development into a private company, now owned by HORIBA, and how today...


17: Lunch with Leon episode 17 - Matt Ginsberg

Matt Ginsberg, author, teacher and entrepreneur once tried to sell to London intelligent traffic lights to speed up the traffic. At Transport for London, MD Leon Daniels surprised him by declining since that was the opposite of what was wanted. A specialist in AI (artificial intelligence) since 1983, Matt chats with Leon about why we travel too much, but why some things will have to remain face-to-face. Over a long lunch they cover a massive range of topics, from body language on Zoom to...


16: Lunch with Leon episode 16 - Lucy Yu

Lucy Yu is the Director of Public Policy at Voi Scooters. With eScooters increasingly popular around the world, Leon Daniels chats about the Swedish company’s trials in the UK, one of 11 European countries it serves. They chew over the apparent lack of regulation and Leon discovers that while illegal on UK roads, a trial with the DfT means that a number of UK cities - but not, so far, London - are seeing the eScooters on the streets. With on-street rental, using an app with an unlock fee and...


15: Lunch with Leon episode 15 - SPECIAL - Live at the ITT Hub Open Day in Warwick

This special episode comes from the recent ITT Hub Open Day at Warwick University where 30 partners, current and prospective exhibitors discovered how to plan, design and run a Covid secure exhibition stand. Leon talks to some of the key stakeholders at the event, the ITT Hub team, as well as Charlie Cox from Natural Green CS, the event partner.


14: Lunch with Leon episode 14 - Bhavish Aggarwal

After a bad taxi experience in 2011, Bhavish Aggarwal resolved to do something better. The result was to co-found Ola Cabs in India. In 2015, along with co-founder Ankit Bhati, they were the youngest to be included in that year's list of richest Indians. Since then, Ola Cabs has expanded to Australia, New Zealand and now London. Last year the company was valued at £6.5bn and at 35-years-old Bhavish is one of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. In conversation over Lunch with...


13: Lunch with Leon episode 13 - Jane Reakes Davies

Running buses is a people business, so the appointment of HR specialist Jane Reakes Davies as MD First Cymru, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Yet it’s still often the case that the traditional career route to becoming a bus MD, tends to be through engineering or operations. Over lunch with Leon Daniels, she chats about the different perspectives of the role of a bus MD, and what it really means, along with her career transition into the MD role First Cymru’s HQ is in the university city of...


12: Lunch with Leon episode 12 - John Clarfelt

Barrister, butcher and now busman: John Clarfelt has revolutionised on-bus payments with his start-up Ticketer which now has 25,000 on-bus electronic ticket machines (ETMs) in the UK. Having qualified as a barrister and also been a butcher, Ticketer is his third venture. Over Lunch with Leon Daniels, he chats about how cashless payments have changed society and what the possibility is for charging passengers after a journey is made, to get them the very best fare. They talk about the...


11: Lunch with Leon episode 11 - Aviv Frenkel

“Data is the new oil,” says EnRoute founder Aviv Frenkel. ‘Shop with us and ride for free’ is the new calling card for retailers thanks to an entirely new transport system developed by EnRoute. Over lunch, Leon Daniels chats with EnRoute founder Aviv Frenkel about the genuinely exciting development in transport, where public transport agencies and companies come together to provide free travel to their customers. When passengers make their on-line retail purchases across a wide range of...


10: Lunch with Leon episode 10 - Howard Collins OBE

Young people: Don’t worry about the recession, as there are career opportunities right now in transport for engineering and other high-skill roles such as operations. That’s the upbeat message from Howard Collins OBE, who says that as other sectors shrink, transport offers good opportunities for young people aspiring for a skilled career. Chatting over Lunch with Leon Daniels, he argues that the transport sector has traditionally been seen by young people as “not exciting” and struggled to...


9: Lunch with Leon episode 9 - Dave Joshua

Dave Joshua is the man who is going to ‘revolutionise the bus industry’. That’s quite a claim for this native of Gloucestershire who is now General Manager for Optibus in the UK and Europe. With a background in data and software, he’s also a ‘newbie’ in the bus industry and brings with him clarity of thought that comes from standing outside of the wood, while the rest of us are in with the trees. Chatting over lunch with Leon Daniels, he talks about the huge opportunity in front of us - but...


8: Lunch with Leon episode 8 - Anna Delvecchio

“A force to be reckoned with,” is how Leon Daniels introduces Anna Delvecchio in his ‘Lunch with Leon’ podcast. One of the most influential women in transport, she joined the industry as an apprentice and after a rising through a varied range of posts is now Development Director of Transportation at Mott MacDonald. She talks about why the industry needs to change the perception of transport among youngsters, to encourage the talent of tomorrow. “We rise by lifting others,” she says, as she...