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The MILMO Show is all about military money and entrepreneurship. It's everything you need to know about making, saving, and investing money wisely. Lacey Langford, AFC, interviews inspiring guests about personal finance, entrepreneurship, investing, life in the military, and more.


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The MILMO Show is all about military money and entrepreneurship. It's everything you need to know about making, saving, and investing money wisely. Lacey Langford, AFC, interviews inspiring guests about personal finance, entrepreneurship, investing, life in the military, and more.






Investing in Your Body's Wealth

Spending less than you make and saving money is part of building wealth. It’s wealth for your future self. Building wealth takes commitment and sacrifice to have a good quality of life in the future. But will you be around to see it or have the physical capability to enjoy it? In this episode, David Frost will discuss the importance of maintaining muscular strength as we age, explaining why he considers it the "cornerstone of a healthy physical bank account." He'll share practical tips for achieving and sustaining peak physical fitness and the concept of "down aging"—looking and feeling years younger than your chronological age. The show notes can be found here:


Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners

Being a small business often means you wear many different hats, including bookkeeper. Whether you're a numbers person or not, proper bookkeeping is crucial for making informed business decisions, filing taxes accurately, and, if you need it, securing financing down the road. In this episode, Alise Jackson breaks down the importance of good bookkeeping, best practices, and common mistakes to avoid. From organizing your receipts to choosing the right bookkeeper, we discuss everything you need to know to get your business finances in shape. The show notes can be found here:


An Early Harvest for Money

We've had a record-warm winter this year, and now that it's spring, things are really starting to bloom—including our beloved money trees. But while the lack of frigid temperatures has been nice, these dryer conditions may come at a price—an early harvest. In this episode, I’ll discuss how a warmer winter could impact money tree yields and the ramifications for the economy and our budgets, as well as what we can all do to help the situation. The show notes can be found here:


Military Financial Perks and Travel Benefits

One of the major perks of serving in the military is the opportunity to travel and experience different parts of the world. However, deployments and assignments often determine the destinations rather than personal travel bucket lists. But that doesn't mean you can't explore the places you've always dreamed of visiting, and even better, you can do so while saving money thanks to the many financial and travel benefits that come with military service. In this episode, Chelsey Thomas, a military spouse and founder of Camouflage Perks, shares valuable insights on maximizing travel benefits and perks for military families. With a wealth of firsthand experience, Chelsey has used points and other military travel programs to visit seven countries and countless states across the U.S. Chelsey walks us through the lesser-known financial perks and travel benefits available to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. From discounted lodging and airfare to free cruise opportunities, she'll reveal strategies for making the most of your hard-earned military benefits while exploring the world. The show notes can be found here:


The Skinny on MilMoneyCon24

MilMoneyCon is my true passion project - a calling to bring financial professionals together to solve problems, support each other, and uplift our community. I feel that when we unite, we create a stronger financial force, leading to a more resilient military and veteran force. In this episode, I'm excited to give you a sneak peek into MilMoneyCon this year. I'll cover Denver, our host city, the hotel, special events, and what you can expect to get out of the conference. The show notes can be found here:


Networking: Why You Need It and How to Do It

Networking can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Whether it's finding a trusted babysitter or landing your dream job, connecting with the right people can be a game-changer. As I gear up for MilMoneyCon, I've been reflecting on the power of networking and what it means to different folks. At its core, networking is about making connections that help fulfill needs and goals. It's a crucial part of careers, businesses, and life in general. In this episode, I'm pulling back the curtain on networking - why you need it, how to do it effectively, and my own personal strategies for making those invaluable connections. Whether you're a networking pro or just getting started, this one's for you. The notes from this episode can be found here:


What’s Your Money Mood?

Let's talk about financial moods, figuring out where you’re at, what you’re looking for, and aligning your mood with what you’re seeking. The show notes can be found here:


Are You Controlling What You Can With Money

In this episode, I’m going to go about how taking control of your situation is often the key to finding peace and can lead to success or at least feel like you’re in control and captaining the ship that is your life. I’m also going to go over how to focus on controlling what is controllable in your finances. The show notes can be found here:


What’s Your Trash Worth

In this episode, I’m going to go over getting control of wastefulness in your household and simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries to keep your food spending from climbing more than it already has. We’re also going to have a heart-to-heart about leftovers. The show notes can be found here:


Improving the Quality of Life for Service Members

More than ever before, quality of life for service members, veterans, and their families is a priority for military leaders. One of the top factors that can make or break the quality of life for members of our community is their financial situation. In this episode, the former Sergeant Major of the Army, Tony Grinston, is here to talk about the latest resources available through Army Emergency Relief to help improve service members' and their families' quality of life. The show notes can be found here:


The Business of Ghostwriting

Earning money as a writer is something many aspire to. When people think of becoming a writer, they often think about Steven King or J.K. Rowling, but there’s another type of writing that can be a business for you and make you money. It’s the business of ghostwriting. In this episode, Navy veteran and professional ghostwriter Steven Leapley shares how he broke into ghostwriting, how he gets clients, and how you can get started in the business. The show notes can be found here:


{Encore} How To Create Work You Love

In honor of Dan Miller, I’m bringing back an episode on a topic I think is even more powerful at this moment: creating work you love. Here is the encore airing of How to Create Work You Love with the amazing Dan Miller I hope it inspires you to get after creating a work and a life you love. Show notes can be found here:


Military Retirement Calculators, Services, and Resources

Getting ready for a military retirement can feel like a part-time job. There’s a lot to learn and get done years in advance of your final out. Waiting until the last minute to prepare can lead to mistakes, stress, and potentially getting less money than you’re owed in disability. In this episode, Mark Overberg shares news on the new military medical retirement calculator and resources to help prepare you for retirement. He also busts some divorce and retirement pay myths and breaks down the differences between Combat-Related Special Compensation and Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay. The show notes can be found here:


The Impact Our Money Thoughts and Feelings Can Have

Like it or not, money makes you feel a certain way. Do you know what your thoughts and feelings about money are and how they weave into the areas of your life, like relationships and work? In this episode, Dr. Meghaan Lurtz shares how we can bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings about money to reach our financial goals. Dr. Lurtz, is a writer and Senior Research Associate with, a financial planning blog. She’s a Professor of Practice at Kansas State University, where she teaches courses for the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate Program, and a lecturer at Columbia University, where she teaches Financial Psychology, and an undergraduate adjunct professor through the University of Maryland system in their CFP program. She is also a past president of the Financial Therapy Association, not to mention a military spouse going through an OCONUS PCS when she recorded this episode with me. The show notes can be found here:


My New Name and More

I’m breaking down what I envisioned for my new brand name and what’s coming. Plus, I’m sharing some of my insights and observations about entrepreneurship. The show notes can be found here:


{Encore} The Habits to Practice to be a Happy Retiree

What you do right now can have a positive impact for your future self. The planning and actions you take now can mean a better retirement for you and your family. But what should you be doing and when? In this episode, I talk with my friend and fellow podcaster, Wes Moss, about habits you can practice right now to become a happy retiree.


A Reminder of What’s to Come

In this episode, I'm going to talk about who creates a lasting impact on your kids and the future. Show notes can be found here:


What Happened and How It’s Changing My Business

In this episode, I’m going to tell you what happened to me, the lessons I learned from my experience, and how it’s changing my business. The show notes can be found here:


Why You Must Appoint an Executor to Your Estate

Getting a will is something talked about quite frequently in the military. They won’t let you deploy without one. But have you given thought and consideration to who you select as your executor and the dynamics of your family members after your death? In this episode, Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) David E. Edey makes the case for why everyone needs to appoint an executor and what it can cost if you don’t. Show notes can be found here:


No Cost Financial Planning for Active, Guard, Reserve and Veterans

Free financial counseling is offered to the military community but no-cost financial planning is new, thanks to a program called Advisors Give Back. In this episode, financial adviser and veteran, Garrett Dearden shares a free new resource that can help you with your finances. We talk about: Garrett volunteers as a pro bono financial adviser with Advisers Give Back. Garrett is currently a financial adviser with his family's financial planning and tax preparation firm, Laurette Dearden CPA, CFP®. Additionally, Garrett is currently a graduate student in Columbia University's Master's in Professional Studies in Wealth Management program. Garrett is also a candidate for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Show notes can be found here: