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Caffeine & Octane (EP.06)

When Bruce Piefke took over a monthly Atlanta car show from Autotrader magazine it was generating more in expenses than revenue. In three years Bruce grew Caffeine & Octane from 3,000 to a record 20,000 attendees in a month. He signed on some big sponsors and spun off a hit tv show. We’re just getting started with this podcast, so your support is super important. Subscribe to Main Street Hustle on Apple Podcasts and leave a nice rating and review. Follow us on Facebook as we build a...


Larsen Motor Sports (EP.05)

Entrepreneurs naturally want things to go fast. In this episode of Main Street Hustle we meet an entrepreneur who really knows how to go fast. Elaine Larsen - a two-time Jet Dragster World Champion tells us that in racing and in business the faster you go, the safer and smarter you have to be. For Elaine and her co-owner husband Chris, this means setting strict workplace rules and putting each employee through a rigorous training program. Everyone at Larsen Motor Sports knows everything...


New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company (EP.04)

For years, Chris Coyle was brewing beer at home for friends and family. In 2013 he stepped out of the garage to open his own brewery and taproom. With no experience in business, no experience running a bar, and no experience brewing beer on a larger scale, Chris and his wife sold off what they could and got to work opening the New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company. What they didn’t know is that a Federal Government shutdown would keep them closed with no money coming in for two months. We’re...


Kristan Serafino, Celebrity Hairstylist (EP.03)

In this episode of Main Street Hustle, we sit down for coffee with Kristan Serafino, a celebrity hairstylist and men's grooming expert, whose client list reads like a who's who of entertainment A-Listers. Now Kristan won't divulge her client names, but a simple search of her Instagram feed, or a review of her online portfolio, shows her work with Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, Matthew McConaughey, Shawn Mendes, Norman Reedus, Kelsey Grammar, and Michael J. Fox, just to name a few. Her work...


Best Damn Race (EP.02)

After finishing a half marathon, avid runner Nick Zivolich wondered if he could produce an endurance race that would be just as big and professional as the corporate races without the exorbitant entry fees. His races would be accessible to all levels of athletes. At the time, this former high school track competitor wasn’t concerned with building a business so much as playing big with a hobby he’d had for years. So he followed his gut on how to best reach his audience, killing just about...


The Hot Sardines (EP.01)

Elizabeth Bougerol and Evan Palazzo met when they both answered a Craigslist advertisement in 2007 for an open jam session and bonded over their love for such jazz greats as Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, and Billie Holiday. In 2014, their self-titled debut album, The Hot Sardines, was named by iTunes as one of the best jazz albums of the year. Since then, the band has performed at renowned music festivals in Montreal and Newport. They have performed with an 80-piece orchestra at the Boston...


Introduction to Main Street Hustle (EP.00)

Most of what I see on the internet about small business is garbage. An Instagram account of inspiring quotes is not a business. Maxing out your credit card to buy Facebook ads for your webinar series on how to get rich doing webinars is only going to get you in debt. Let me tell you something, the only people making money on that get rich quick in real estate courses are the people selling you the course. And if you think you can get rich that quickly, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to...