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A supportive, fun and 'real-talk' companion for small business owners who want to build their business without selling your soul. Find you, be you and let them see you. Real conversations with thought-provokers and tactic sharers.

A supportive, fun and 'real-talk' companion for small business owners who want to build their business without selling your soul. Find you, be you and let them see you. Real conversations with thought-provokers and tactic sharers.


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A supportive, fun and 'real-talk' companion for small business owners who want to build their business without selling your soul. Find you, be you and let them see you. Real conversations with thought-provokers and tactic sharers.




82 Syma Brown - Life Work Balance and How to Delegate

You have considered delegating and heard the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ - but what to delegate? How to avoid control anxiety! These and other questions explored with highly experienced VA Syma Brown of CoastalVAs. No more mystery or panic - straightforward advice and step by step actions in this episode. Plus - a cracking tip on sorting that pesky inbox.


81 Lucy Mowatt - Social media - Quality not quantity

Lucy Mowatt knows her social media - she has been on her personal journey and now helps others with content and strategy. She knows how time-consuming it is and how easily you get sucked into going off in directions that abandon the essential 'you' part of the equation. Why are you posting, who for - are you chasing or engaging? As a blogger, Lucy also reminds us that we don't own the platforms - we do own our blog and website. Organic authority.


80 Gemma Stow - Self-promotion for the Quiet Ones

Gemma Stow is on a mission to get the more introverted, quieter women get visible and own their value. This could apply to many small business owners - and doesn't exclude the men! This conversation takes a deep dive into the barriers and the ways forward when it comes to self-promotion for the non-pushy. Gemma is also the host of another good podcast.


79 Shelley Wilson - The Key to Beautiful Blogging

Are you already writing a blog but not convinced? Are you thinking of doing one but getting caught up in too many 'shoulds'? Are you just interested in words and storytelling? Shelley is your woman! She is not just a blogger herself and a blogger for clients - she is also the author of countless fiction books. Shelley is a writer - but also a very real, down-to-earth business woman and human being. Her natural bubbliness and the value of her experience make this a must listen.


78 - Lucy Griffin-Stiff - New Year Baggage Clear Out

Great listen for any time of the year! We all have baggage - from limiting beliefs to perceived failures and imposed labels from childhood! But we don't need to carry them around forever - time for a clear out. Lucy Griffin-Stiff is a life and mindset coach and 'Timeline Therapist' - as well as a very real and warm individual - of course. This episode isn't fluffy - it is forensic. Action focused with the much needed insight to back that action up. Be your best - greatest even - self.


77 Liam Toms - Star Wars v Trek Emotional Pull

A fun and very thought-provoking conversation between a Star Wars nerd and Captain Kirk fan! Liam Tom is a media and communications consultant who knows about the need for emotional engagement – so we go deep on all things ‘emotion’ in the two space classics. Fun yes – but also highly relevant to us as business owners. Delving into the emotional ingredients of sets and soundtracks and the characters – human and metal - how we connect and care about them. Authenticity and vulnerability – it’s...


76 Beth Anne Campbell - Baby Steps to sort your Lost Mojo

The many hat-wearing Beth Anne Campbell is a wonderful blend of project manager, writer and positive energy promoter! Beautifully bossy and humorously warm - you will love this listen. We talk about losing and finding your mojo - and your voice. Baby step re-frames and actions. Beth is a natural storyteller as you will discover. Have you read her book 'Where the hell is my bacon'? Discover the story behind it.


How to be your Brand Ambassador

Digital Infotainer Hank Hoffmeier talking from North Carolina. Hank is here to help those of us who don't have a marketing department build our brand and place as a thought-leader. This episode is packed full of practical tips and resources - so have a notepad to hand! Hank is the podcast host of 'Hank's Marketing Tips' and a 'solutions whisperer'. He will remind you that you can have fun whilst building your visibility. Brilliant ideas for repurposing and recycling - a must listen.


#74 Sarah Townsend - Survival Skills for Freelancers

A brilliantly useful interview with best selling author and freelancer copywriter Sarah Townsend. Sarah knows what it takes to survive and thrive in your business without burning out or losing the joy. This episode busts the myths about solo working and shares tips from three chapters of her book: - Asking for help, Saying no and Fear of failure. After 20 years of freelance experience, Sarah has really thought about this!


#73 Margie Warrell - Courage, Confidence, Comfort Zones

Margie Warrell delves into her latest book 'You've Got This' - and it is fascinating. What is the difference between confidence and courage - can you fake either of them? Is there a perfect moment to go for it - probably not! How do you move from the comfort zone into the unknown adventures of learning and growth. Get to know Margie more and get to know yourself more. Perfect listening for pushing you past your procrastination or perfectionism barriers.


#72 Tina Jennings - Grow with Curiosity

Tina Jennings is a 'Change and Culture' specialist - who just loves unlocking the power of people. After a globe trotting corporate career, she set up her own business - with the luxury of knowing what made her buzz - what made her feel aligned. Not everyone is! In this episode we talk about the need to figure this out, the crucial ingredient of curiosity and the all important 'people' part of 'purpose, people, plan.' Tina is very real and relaxed and you can hear the warm smile in her...


#71 - Peter John Cooper - The Part you Play

Peter John Cooper is a wisdom-packed creative who will inspire you to think a little differently about your value in the universe - and the value of collaboration and negotiation on the journey to emergent properties! He is a poet and a playwright of many decades experience - and that experience makes for a very rich episode. There is story, humour and brain shaking up. The kind of episode that goes with a good walk or feet up in front of an open fire with a mug of hot chocolate.


Ep 70 - Gemma Bowden - Feel it to Create it

Gemma Bowden helps business owners and coaches to birth or run their business in a sustainable and conscious way - that word 'conscious' comes up a lot in this episode. What does it entail? Listen. You will also hear about how Gemma found another way in her life - a way that opened everything up rather than keeping everything 'constrained'. The insights shared will make you think - in a very positive way. Have you ever considered how you harness your 'feminine' and 'masculine' energy - we...


#69 Susan Steele - How to Read

Read to Rise Coach, Susan Steele will reignite your joy of reading non-fiction and make you rethink HOW you read - for maximum benefit. It sounds simple - but it is the little insights and tactics that create big rewards. So listen up. Read to raise self-awareness and be more self-aware as you read. Have you got a reading strategy?


#68 Mat Jeffery - Open up and Align

Mat Jeffery is a rich mix - engineer and life/business coach. He is a rich creator of analogies - our growth compared to boxing, gardening and engineering. He is a down-to-earth (gardening language!) human with a wonderful way of approaching personal growth. I guarantee you will come away from this episode with some ways of looking at things that open up your world - clarifying your purpose and your route to living your 'true colours'.


#67 Csaba Toth - Perspective and Purposeful Doubt

Csaba Toth is fascinating! He is also the founder of ICQ Global, developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC™ and author of Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times. In our conversation we unwrap aspects of human behaviour that lead to lack of perspective and stunted personal and business growth. You will be encouraged to take small steps out of your comfort zone and to take more steps to fully understand our fears that lead to attacking the differences in others rather than naming, managing and...


#66 Sarah Jane Woods - Emotional Health Check

As Sarah Jane says - beautifully - 'we have to fall apart sometimes to see the pieces'. Just like in our business growth. Business and emotions go together like our body and mind. Let's get aligned! Sarah Jane is a well-being activist who has a science based approach to emotional health and flourishing - science and tree-hugging are not enemies. Break habits and make habits with the help of these insights and actions delivered in the calming voice of S J.


#65 Gillian Whitney - Why video leapfrogs you to the top

Gillian Whitney make marketing 'Easy Peasy'. Speaking from Israel, this world-wise-energetic-generous guest will both fascinate, amuse and inform you - in bucket loads. If you find marketing overwhelming - and frankly boring - this is a must listen. Gillian will inspire you to get going with videos - in a baby step way - by sharing why and how.


#64 Kate Branagan - Energise your why and your network

Business coach Kate Branagan is all about relationship building - and business is all about that too! From the relationship you build with your self and your vision to the relationships you build with your network. Kate reminds us that our network is grown in ways beyond the obvious and the whole process is honest and collaborative. Good down to earth insights and action tips.


#63 Sarah Archer - Shape your Success Actively

Sarah Archer is a career coach who is passionate about helping people with change, growth and confidence. Her insights apply to business owners - because she talks about taking an activist approach to your journey - shaping your success in a way that works for you. We talk about the need for finding your why and how tricky that is to articulate - and why! We talk about building confidence muscles and having a very real hope and optimism as part of your confidence growth. We even talk about...