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Lively conversations with inspiring people who every day are making our world better. Listen in an be encouraged that no matter where you are in your life, there are ways you can make our world better. Hosted by Jay Clark, Principal of JC Charity & Events Services.


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Lively conversations with inspiring people who every day are making our world better. Listen in an be encouraged that no matter where you are in your life, there are ways you can make our world better. Hosted by Jay Clark, Principal of JC Charity & Events Services.




Catharina Hughey, MSW | Transforming Lives, Companies With Coffee

The transformation of a raw coffee bean to a magically delicious drink is a perfect metaphor for what happens at Dirt Coffee, an awesome social enterprise in the Denver Metro area. You’ll enjoy this conversation with Executive Director Caterina Hughey about how her and her team are preparing neurodivergent people to enter the workforce and at the same time how they help companies tap into this great sphere of potential employees. This podcast has been brought to you by JC Charity Services –...


Papa Dia | Helping Others Realize American Dreams

Taking on the scary and daunting task of immigrating to a new country in search of a better life is something Papa Dia, founder and President of the African Leadership Group knows first hand, and you will hear how he is using his experience and his belief that we are all capable of helping each other to help thousands to live the American Dream. This podcast was produced by JC Charity Services - we help make organizations great. To learn what we could do for yours, visit...


Tim Kachuriak | Reaching New Horizons In Fundraising

In the competitive arena of fundraising, nonprofits are always looking for ways to stand out. Anybody involved with a nonprofit is going to be blown away by and benefit from hearing how Tim Kachuriak and his team at NextAfter are using data, research and even secret shoppers to help organizations reach new fundraising horizons through a higher plane of digital expertise. This podcast was brought to you by JC Charity Services. We help build great organizations and we’d love to have a...


John Oliver | Creating Scale, Changing Lives

What would happen if sophisticated business concepts like long-term growth and scale plans, executive coaching, analytics and data evaluation and financial modeling were applied to a nonprofit? You’ll find out from John Oliver as he explains how Elevate USA is doing all of that and more to impact a rapidly growing number of young people all across the country. This podcast is brought to you by JC Charity Services - we help build great organizations and you can find out how at...


Carlos Martinez | Building More Unity, Capacity and Connections

In a world edging towards more and more division, Carlos Martinez, President and CEO of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, and his organization are serving as an inspiring ray of hope - making connections, building capacity and creating more unity to help hundreds of nonprofit organizations serving the Denver Metro area. This podcast has been brought to you by JC Charity Services - we help build great organizations and if you are in interested in how we might be able to bolster...


Michelle Curran | Setting Your Sights On Unimaginable Heights

After reaching the pinnacle of a military aviation career as an F-16 Fighter Pilot and Lead Soloist for the U.S. Thunderbirds demonstration team, Michelle “MACE” Curran chose to take lessons she learned from achieving her flying dreams, like overcoming fears and self-doubt and allowing herself to be more open, to inspire others in all walks of life that you, too, can find ways to break barriers and soar. You will be inspired by Michelle’s humility and her passion to help other through her...


Elsa Holquín | Transformation Through Early Childhood Education

When somebody’s path leads them to the perfect position where their expertise and experience collide with a mission they are passionate about, magical results create can change and impact an entire community. A textbook example is Elsa Holquín, Executive Director of the Denver Preschool Program. You’ll hear how Elsa’s path culminated in her leading this incredible organization that creates a launching point for all families in Denver for life-changing early childhood education.. This...


Dr. Halim Ali | Changing A Life Uplifts Humanity

After taking a gunshot to the chest and surviving, then later finding himself incarcerated, Dr. Halim Ali made a new decision – that he was not going to waste his life, he was going to use it to elevate others who were navigating some of the dark tunnels he’s been through in his life. This led to founding From the Heart Enterprises, a Denver nonprofit having a tremendous impact on people of all ages. Dr. Ali is a true force for good and I can’t wait to share his inspiration - on this episode...


Bill Morris | Harnessing Special Peoples’ Super Powers

Every person has a super power. Finding the super power that lies within people with autism and other cognitive special needs so they can become awesome members of the workforce is the super power Bill Morris, CEO of Blue Star Recyclers, has harnessed to create an awesome organization that is producing eye-popping results in the world of electronics recycling. This podcast has been brought to you by JC Charity and Events Services. If you’re interested in how I might be able to bolster your...


Lauren Czajka | Unleashing Youth To Change The World

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, who campaigned against child labor, said “No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of the young people.” You will hear from Executive Director Lauren Sika, how her innovative organization Youth Roots is bringing this quote to life in the philanthropic sector by growing and nurturing the leaders and change agents of both today and tomorrow. This podcast is brought to you by JC Charity & Events Services...


Bradley Cook, Ed.D. | Virtual Solution To Age Old Issues

Finding time, talent and funding to accomplish all the things nonprofit leaders and small business owners are responsible for and striving for and bolster the bottom line is a never-ending battle. Veteran and social entrepreneur Dr. Bradley Caro Cook shares how he is generating a solution to these age-old issues with virtual assistants through his organization Super Virtuals. This podcast was brought to you by JC Charity and Events Services – if you are interested in how I can bolster your...


Lloyd Lewis | Lessons Learned From Building the arc

This conversation originally aired in July of 2022, but the lessons Lloyd Lewis, CEO of arc Thrift Stores provided are so strong I wanted to share them again. To learn more about aft Thrift Stores, visit Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!


William Browning | Creating Hope For Equity Through ECE

If we really want to be serious about equity, future workforce development and generally, hope for the future of our country, it should all start with Early Childhood education. You’ll hear from CEO William Browning how Clayton Early Learning in Denver is leading a charge to serve children, their families and educators to create valuable and positive outcomes that will ripple across Colorado and the nation. William also shares some master leadership lessons I know you will appreciate. This...


Andrea Filz | Elevating Military Veteran Transitions

After a military career of tremendous leadership responsibility and service, navigating an everyday civilian career can present difficult obstacles in ways most of us take for granted. You’ll hear from Andrea Filz how she and her team of mentors, alumni and volunteers at Salute Colorado are supporting military veterans with awesome programs to help with successful life-altering transitions This podcast was brought to you by JC Charity and events services. If you’re interested in how I can...


Jonathan Tee | Striving For Human Flourishing

When a passion for creating opportunities for all people to live the American Dream collides with decades of high level experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, the result is a mission laser-focused on human flourishing as you'll hear from Jonathan Tee, partner of the impactful Oak Rose Group and Oak Rose Fund. This podcast is brought to you by JC Charity & Events Services - if you're interested in how I can bolster your efforts or help your team achieve its goals, let's...


Doug McConnell | Fighting ALS In The Open Water

The diagnosis of ALS is about as cruel as a medical diagnosis comes, but you’ll hear how in the wake of not one but two family ALS diagnosis, Doug McConnell, co-founder of A Long Swim, along with his sister Ellen, decided to fight back and are making a real difference in the epicenter of ALS research at Northwestern University in Chicago by raising millions of dollars through open water swims across the world. Doug's story of swimming the English Channel is awesome! This podcast was brought...


Richard Casper | Healing Wounds Of War With Music & Art

Turning the experience, pain and trauma of being a U.S. Marine who was blown up by IEDs four times in four months of combat in Fallujah, Iraq, into a beacon of hope and healing through arts and music programs for US Military veterans dealing with post traumatic stress is an incredibly inspiring journey Richard Casper, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Creativets shares. You're going to love Richard's story of building an amazing organization to shine a light in...


Andy Magel | Work, Production & 2nd Chances

Providing employees with dignity and hope for a better future while giving them the opportunity to do excellent work with integrity and responsibility to each other – that’s how they do business every day at Mile High Workshop, an insanely cool social enterprise that gives people second chances and also works with some of the most recognizable brands in the country. I promise you’ll be inspired to hear from CEO Andy Magel how an idea with grace as a core value blossomed into a powerhouse...


Eddy Badrina | Technology & Inspiration For Better Food

With technology, creativity and the right inspiration, it is always possible to build a better mousetrap, even when it comes to growing vegetables and shortening the supply chain. You’ll hear from CEO Eddy Badrina how his company Eden Green has innovated an amazing technology that saves water and minimizes environmental impact whle making it possible to grow farm to table local produce on a huge scale that doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles and can be on grocery shelves in hours This...


Bob Delaney | Undercover Agent, NBA Ref, Dedicated Humanitarian

Going from State trooper to undercover agent infiltrating the east coast mafia to refereeing basketball in the NBA to traveling the world helping others with post traumatic stress is a unique journey the legendary Bob Delaney shares with nobody else. You will hear how he is taking what he’s learned through his incredible experiences to initiate higher levels of support for military, law enforcement, first responders when it comes to post-traumatic stress. This podcast has been brought to...