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How to Write a Book - Chris Brogan

Here's how I write books. More than just how, why. More than just why, "what's the reason and value for doing it?" More than all that, a no-BS way of looking at the process.


Annie Duke Talks About the Science of Decision Making

Annie Duke might be most famous for her poker prowess, but I speak to her about her work as a passionate scientist as evidenced by her business and leadership book, Thinking in Bets. Annie's super smart and fun to learn from and has big ideas that we both need. This interview is part of my The 150 Project. Check out the other guests there!


Jay Baer on Talk Triggers and More

Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin have released Talk Triggers, a great book about how companies can build incredible connections via word of mouth. I catch up with Jay on that and on the space we both occupy in general. Part of my series, The 150.


The 150 - Charles H Green

Part of a new series. Charles H Green is co-author of the fabled business book, The Trusted Advisor. He runs Trusted Advisor Associates and has been a friend of mine for around a decade. I asked Charlie to be the first of my new series, The 150, where I catch up with amazing people who do astounding work. Learn more about Charlie at Follow the Series HERE.


Pokemon Go and the future of AR with Ross Finman - host: Chris Brogan

Ross Finman is lead AR researcher at Niantic labs (part of Google). We talk about what it takes to map a virtual world over the real one, and the future of augmented reality beyond Pokemon Go and the like. Sponsor: Editorr Music: Epidemic Sound


What Does it Take to be a Gaming YouTuber/ Twitch Streamer

I sit down with Cole Rodenberg of the Rodey Bros to talk about their Twitch and YouTube business, streaming video gaming tips. Check out their YouTube channel for a taste of the content. Music by Epidemic Sound. No sponsor this week. Want to be a sponsor? Email me:


Magazine Thinking - Customer Experience and the Magazine Approach

Solo episode this week. I'm talking about the "magazine approach," my new way of explaining a great way to map interactions throughout the customer experience and how to better reach people where they are, when they're ready for you, and what that might look like. Music: Show Sponsor: Thinkific. Want to make an online course? This is the best set of tools out there for that.


Jarrod Dicker of About Blockchain for Media

Jarrod Dicker runs, a blockchain project for media and advertising that promises to help many content businesses improve their level of success. There's so much to this interview, as we cover where media is now in the digital world and where blockchain technology might take it. Dig in. Sponsor: StudioPress Sites. Music: Epidemic Sound. Back of the Comic:


Todd Brockdorf from IBM on Watson, Chatbots, and Blockchain

I get to interview Todd Brockdorf from IBM about Watson, chatbots, blockchain and more. Todd also talks about his book, Better Than Average. Show Sponsor: Cool Mother's Day shirt. Music: Back of the Comic Book: Annalee Newitz and her book, Autonymous, which you MUST pick up and read.


Learn about IoT with IEEE - Jennifer Fong with Chris Brogan

Jennifer Fong with IEEE chats with me about their Innovation at Work site and other educational opportunities for teaching people about IoT and AI and other standards. Show sponsor: Speare Writing App - Music: Email me: (damn it!)


Let's Talk Recipes: AI, Blockchain, Chatbot, IoT - with Chris Brogan

Another solo episode. This time, let's talk about implementation ideas and possibilities. B2C, B2B. We'll cover them all. AI, blockchain, chatbots, and IoT today. Show sponsor: Speare writing platform - Music: Epidemic Sound - My site: Email me:


Why These Specific Technologies? - Ep 009 with Chris Brogan

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Chatbots, Internet of Things, and Video. Why are these the five technologies I focus on as being vital for all our business success in the coming years? I take this episode to talk just a little more in depth about this and to give you some resources. Show sponsor today: Speare writing app Get in touch with me: or visit today.


Construction IoT with Tony Nicolaidas from Stanley Black & Decker - with Chris Brogan

Tony Nicolaidas is the VP of Connected Systems at Stanley Black & Decker. We talk about construction sites, wireless mesh network systems, the future of connected tools, and how job sites are a whole new frontier at the edge. Check out for some of these products. Drop me an email: Show sponsor is Speare: , a really cool writing program!


Our Story So Far - No Guest. Just Me

WHY am I talking to you about AI, blockchain, chatbots, and IoT stuff? Why should you care? That's why this episode. I want to try and get you further acclimatized to the idea. The point. The reason for all this blather. This episode is about YOU. When you're done listening, email me: . I want to hear from you. Very much so. No sponsor this week, either. It's all good!


Voice Computing with Roger Zimmerman and Chris Brogan

Roger Zimmerman is head of research and development over at 3Play Media, and he's an engineer and scientist around the world of voice and computer translation technologies. I asked him to help me better understand the world of Alexa and Google Home and whatever Apple calls theirs, and to talk about voice in the business world and the future. Roger's a smart egg and you and I have a lot to learn. Sponsor for today's show is Ecamm Live, the BEST way to do Facebook live for Mac. As always, if...


Customer Engagment Technology - Don Schuerman at Pegasystems with Chris Brogan

Don Schuerman is CTO and VP of product marketing at Pegasystems. He's had a long run at the company with lots of roles, and now he's helping them guide their customers to big transformations around customer engagement. The system mixes artificial intelligence (AI), all kinds of cool interfaces, and some ideas you probably haven't seen in execution yet. There's a lot to absorb in this interview. Sponsor today? StudioPress Sites. It's what I am using in my new projects, what my parents and...


Artificial Intelligence AI with Chris Benson of Honeywell - with Chris Brogan

Chris Benson is Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Honeywell. We talk about artificial intelligence, deep learning, and more. We also cover voice technologies like Alexa. I try to pick on Sophie the AI but Chris is too nice. And we discuss very importantly the first steps a company must take if they're going to implement AI for their own business. Show sponsor today is the incredible course making platform, Thinkific. Music provided by Epidemic Sound. As...


Humm Kombucha - Eric Planteberg with Chris Brogan

Eric Plantenberg from Humm Kombucha joins me today to talk about what it takes to get a brand like Humm or even a "weird" beverage like kombucha in front of a lot of people. Eric's Chief Sales and Marketing office of the company founded by Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell. (I interviewed Eric because he and I have been friends for years.) I also asked Eric what it takes to get brands like Walmart and Target to care about him. The sponsor for today's show is Studiopress Sites, a great...


Wearable Marketing Platforms - Jason Kaplan with Chris Brogan

Jason Kaplan from Milestone joins me to talk about not just wearable sports technology, but what it's like to "cookie" someone in the real world and what companies can learn from this. You've seen those "add this to your shoe to get running data" devices. Cool enough. But what Jason Kaplan is doing is not just that but telling shoe retailers, "Hey, this woman just hit 300 miles with her shoe. Offer her a coupon for a replacement pair." THAT is what's interesting. Smart guy, this Jason...


Professional Employer Organization Globalization Partners - Debbie Millin with Chris Brogan

Topic/Guest: I speak with Globalization Partners COO Debbie Millin about what a Professional Employer Organization is and what it means to be able to expand your US-based company without much pain and fuss to other countries. Debbie and I also talk about how Globalization Partners is using video internally and externally to drive great success. Show sponsor: StudioPress Sites - make a great WordPress site that has strong SEO, powerful security, and a bunch of recommended partner plug-ins so...