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Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith every other week as they dive into management, leadership, business, sales, company culture, talent retention, revenues, performance metrics, hiring and more. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change throughout your workplace.


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Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith every other week as they dive into management, leadership, business, sales, company culture, talent retention, revenues, performance metrics, hiring and more. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change throughout your workplace.








222: Jon Morris: Why Isn't My Agency Growing?!

Jon Morris is the founder & CEO of Ramsay Innovations and a serial entrepreneur. Prior to Ramsay, he established Rise Interactive in 2004,with prize money from his second-place finish in the University of Chicago’s prestigious New venture Challenge. Over the next 16 years he grew Rise from a one-person shop to one of the largest independent marketing agencies in the world, selling in 2018. While pondering his next move, he realized that he was most energized when connecting and helping...


221 Ron Ross: Pay Talent Daily and Retain It!

Joining us today is Ron Ross, President and COO of Everee, a payroll platform that eases the payroll process for both employers and employees. Ron is a seasoned finance executive with 15 years of experience leading accounting, finance and operations teams at fast-growing companies. Ron came up with Everee after seeing firsthand the negative impact of waiting two weeks for a paycheck. His daughter had a job making enough to cover her expenses, but she kept running out of money because the...


220: Bryan Adams: Employer Brands: Stop Sugarcoating When Hiring

Bryan Adams is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, a global employer branding agency. He is a prominent employer brand thought leader, podcaster, speaker, and author of “Give & Get Employer Branding.” Ph.Creative has built world-class employer brands and talent engagement strategies that have worked with the world’s top brands. In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Bryan discuss: -Definition of an employer brand -Examples of how to let prospective employees have a realistic view of...


219: Maria Victoria Albina: Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

Maria Victoria Albina (she/they) is a Master Certified Somatic Life Coach, UCSF-trained Family Nurse Practitioner and Breathwork Meditation Guide with a passion for helping humans socialized as women realize that they are their own best healers by reconnecting with their bodies and minds, so they can break free from codependency, perfectionism and people-pleasing and reclaim their joy. She is the host of the Feminist Wellness Podcast, holds a Masters degree in Public Health from Boston...


218:: Anthony Iannarino: Leading Growth: The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue

Anthony Iannarino is a writer, speaker, salesperson, sales leader and entrepreneur. He publishes a daily blog at His new book is called Leading Growth: The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue . The book is an expert guide to enabling revenue growth in your sales team. Anthony Iannarino was frustrated with how sales were going at his staffing company when he discovered that there was a bigger problem at hand - the sales conversion process. Anthony...


217:Darrin Jahnel: Special Teams Cultures

Darrin Jahnel is the founder and CEO of Jahnel Group, a 150-person software consulting company headquartered in upstate New York. Darrin leads with energy and is maniacally focused on creating an amazing work environment for his team. Jahnel Group has made the Inc 5,000 list 6 years in a row and has won multiple best workplace awards for their amazing culture. One of the keys to success is tying your love and experience playing basketball by applying those concepts to special teams. Prior to...


216: David Saltzman: StoryBrand Selling

David Saltzman is the Principal at The Saltzman Group and a 20-year nationally-published monthly columnist, an accomplished stage and keynote speaker, and a seasoned marketer. For the past 15 years, David has focused on helping others create story-based marketing that cuts through the noise in their marketplaces and creates the first step toward enduring relationships. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, David and his team employ the StoryBrand framework to structure and focus the story their...


215: Jeb Blount: Selling in a Crisis

Jeb Blount is the author of thirteen books including Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, Virtual Selling, and his latest book, Selling in a Crisis: 55 Ways to Stay Motivated and Increase Sales in Volatile Times - which is the topic of today's discussion. Jeb advises a who’s who of the world’s leading organizations and their executives on the impact of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills on customer-facing activities. He is among the world’s most respected thought leaders on...


214: Lakeya Cherry: Managing Inclusively

Dr. Lakeya Cherry, DSW, MSSW, ACC is an executive leadership coach who has dedicated her career to the growth and development of individuals and the organizations they are a part of. As an ICF Certified Coach, a StartingBloc Fellow, a Google #IamRemarkable Facilitator, and a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, she believes that when leaders are empowered to reach their fullest potential, they will be able to support those around them more effectively. Dr. Cherry holds the title of Chief...


213: Matt Tenney: Retaining Your Best Employees

Matt Tenney works to develop highly effective leaders and sales professionals who achieve extraordinary, long-term business outcomes – and live more fulfilling lives – as a result of realizing high levels of self-mastery and more effectively serving and inspiring greatness in the people around them. Matt is a social entrepreneur and the author of the highly acclaimed books Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom and The Mindfulness Edge: How to...


212 Sandra Halling: People Before Process boosts productivity

Give Sandra Halling the business equivalent of a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and she can make it look like the picture on the box. As founder of The Data Mavens, she’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and executives design their workflow and systems to feel organized, have peace of mind, and prioritize what matters to them. Sandra is an expert on platforms like Deltek Vision, Notion, and ClickUp but her real priority is helping you develop better work habits by achieving Aligned...


211: Skot Waldron: Fixing Agency Culture

For the past 20 years, Skot Waldron’s work for clients such as J.P. Morgan Chase, CDC, Georgia Tech, Royal Caribbean, Sesame Workshop, The Home Depot, and The Coca-Cola Company has included national and international communication programs. Skot Waldron is an internal communication strategist who uses his extensive knowledge of brand development to build loyalty amongst individuals, teams, and organizations. Unlike most communication programs out there, Skot coaches leaders and employees to...


210: John Robertson: Why EAPs Don't Work

John Robertson is the Founder and President of FORTLOG Services. John built his services with a focus on an encouragement-based approach, resolving root causes as opposed to treating crisis and transition in the workplace symptomatically, as is often the practice. A trusted thinking partner with 30+ years of assisting individuals and organizations manage all forms of crisis/ change, John leverages a values-anchored ethos as a leadership development specialist, helping organizations and...


209: Michelle Tillis Lederman: The 11 Laws of Likability

Michelle Tillis Lederman, one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, and MG100 Coach, is the author of four books including the internationally known, The 11 Laws of Likability, and also the book, The Connectors Advantage. Michelle is a connection creator and CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides customized communications and leadership programs for fortune 500, non-profit, university and government clients. A former finance executive and NYU Professor, Michelle is a regular in the media...


208: Darrell Amy: Aligning Sales and Marketing

Darrell Amy is on a mission to help great companies grow revenue. With 27 years of B2B marketing and sales experience ranging from mid-sized local companies to enterprise organizations, Darrell has diverse experience across the sales and marketing landscape. He has trained thousands of salespeople in solution selling, created digital marketing strategies for hundreds of companies, and consulted with Fortune 500 technology companies. He knows what works—and what doesn’t. He’s the author of...


207: Teresa Mitrovic: Psychological safety and high trust work cultures

Teresa Mitrovic is the founder of ORO Collective, as well as a consultant, coach, course creator and author specializing in performance, psychological safety and trust. In her past life as a corporate leader, when the increasing demands of senior leadership clashed with single parenthood, coaching as a leader was the solution. With workloads reset, team cohesion and alignment gained, performance improved and profit tripled. She has lived and worked internationally, delivering keynotes and...


206: Neil Day: Startups and How To Avoid Leadership Burnout

In the cutthroat world of tech, Neil Day is a battle-tested veteran. With 40+ years of experience in the industry, he’s led technology teams at, Shutterfly, Blue Bottle Coffee, and more. Now he’s fighting a new battle as CTO of R-Zero, the first company built from the ground up to tackle the transmission of pathogens in the COVID-19 era. In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Neil discuss: · Differences managing at a startup vs. a large tech company · Balancing learning...


205: Chandler Bolt: Self-publish a book and grow your business

Chandler Bolt is an investor, the CEO of Self-Publishing School &, Forbes 30 Under 30, and the author of 7 bestselling books including his most recent book titled “Published.”. Self Publishing School is an INC 5000 company the last 3 years in a row as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Chandler discuss: · How to find the “why” of writing a book and how to pick your topic · How to leverage your book to...


204: Jeff Risley: Marketing with Emotional Intelligence

Joining us today is Jeff Risley, the Chief Growth Officer at Saxum. With 30 years of experience in marketing, business development, strategy, consulting, sales, organizational growth, and relationship building, combined with the drive to create a better world, Jeff is here to help you make some meaningful change in your business when it comes to sales credibility and marketing. In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Jeff discuss: · How marketing can help boost sales · Why sales...


203: Michael Buzinski: Boosting Revenues with Digital Marketing

Michael “Buzz” Buzinski is a life-long entrepreneur, a digital marketing thought leader, an author, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing.. He has worked with over 1200 service-centric businesses and helped their digital marketing deliver more predictable and profitable clients through their website. Using the Rule of 26, Michael can double any business’s website revenue. Michael’s sole mission is to help entrepreneurs avoid the time drain and frustration of...