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The Quick-Hitting Podcast for Today's Professional Managers

The Quick-Hitting Podcast for Today's Professional Managers
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The Quick-Hitting Podcast for Today's Professional Managers








39. How to Be A Career Superstar!

Michelle Villalobos is a personal Brand Strategist, Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Founder of The Women's Success Summit and Mivista Consulting. She’s the host of “Awaken Your Inner Superstar” podcast on the C-Suite Radio Network and helps professionals develop theirbusiness and communications skills to increase opportunities, leads and promotions. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Michelle discuss: · How to cultivate influence and generate more income· Definition of an “Aha!”...


38. Human-Centric Leadership for the Future

Deb Westphal is CEO of Toffler Associates, a dynamic and future-focused strategic consulting and advisory firm that helps organizations build resilience and sustain growth in a complex global landscape. She’s a Futurist and Executive Advisor. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Deb discuss: · The difference between a traditional organization and a “Human-centric” organization· How a culture that puts people first can counter the future wave of artificial intelligence· The five shifts managers...


37. Shifting Your High-Stress Mindset

Kathy Gruver, PhD is the twelve-time award-winning author of seven books including, Conquer Your Stress, Workplace Wellness, Conquer your Stress at Work, andJourney of Healing. She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard and is a TEDx speaker as well. She’s also created stress reduction programs for the U.S. military. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Kathy discuss: · How to change your mindset regarding stress and reframe...


36. Managing with Ethics and Integrity

Donald Lee Sheppard is a highly sought-after speaker and the author of “THE DIVIDENDS OF DECENCY: How Values-Based Leadership Will Help Business Flourish in Trump’s America” and Principal at SHEPPARD. He coaches corporate leaders and students on the importance of values-based leadership, employing “Win-Win-Win” models of business and is an expert in ethics and integrity. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Don discuss: The definition of “Leadership Malpractice.”How to breathe life into your...


35. How to Lead by Asking Great Questions

“Asking Great Questions: An Essential Companion for Every Leader. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Aileen discuss: Connect with Aileen Gibb:@InspiredFuture on her leadership retreat: Connect with the hosts of Manage Smarter: @ManageSmartPod...


34. Tips for Moving Your Agenda

Samuel B. Bacharach is a Professor at Cornell University where he is on the faculty in, and previous chair of, the Department of Organizational Behavior. He is author of more than 25 books including “Transforming The Clunky Organization” and “The Agenda Mover.” He is also co-founder of the Bacharach Leadership Group, which focuses on training and coaching leaders in the core skills of pragmatic leadership. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Samuel discuss: - The definition of a “clunky”...


33. Cybersecurity Basics for Managers

Sharon Smith is the founder of C-Suite Results, author of “The Corporate Detox” and the host of the “C-Suite Success Radio” Podcast on the C-Suite Network. With an extensive background in cyber security, Sharon is passionate about helping organizations improve their security posture through hiring and retaining top security talent along with helping security executives lead strong teams and create a culture of security in their organizations. She also focuses her talents on taking complex...


32. Ditching Drama and Entitlement

Cy Wakeman is a drama researcher, global thought-leader, and New York Times best-selling author who is recognized for cultivating a counter-intuitive, reality-based approach to leadership. Backed by 20 years of unparalleled experience, Wakeman’s philosophy offers a new lens through which employees and executives alike, can shift their attention inward, sharpen their focus on personal accountability, and uncover their natural state of innovation simply by ditching the drama. In this episode,...


31. Working Well with the Opposite Sex

Jennifer Crittenden is the author of The Discreet Guide for Executive Women as well as What's A Guy To Do? How To Work with Women and several other titles. Through her company, The Discreet Guide, she offers professional development training programs and workshops in "Exceptional Presence" and interpersonal/communication skills. Crittenden is considered a thought leader in gender, language, and work-related issues. Her expertise comes from 20 years in big pharma rising to the level of...


30. Avoiding Career Failures, Plus How to Compete with Amazon

Carter Cast is a business professor at Northwestern University and the author of the award-winning book, The Right (and Wrong) Stuff: How Brilliant Careers are Made - and Unmade. Business Insider called it "one of 17 must-read books for 2018." Also a venture partner at Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Cast has played pivotal roles are some of the most iconic consumer brands including, PepsiCo and Frito-Lay. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Carter discuss: Key Takeaways: Join...


29. Recruiting Top Young Talent

Jessica Ogilvie, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Marquette University and a researcher on topics including strategic issues related to front line management, sales, and service. She was recently awarded the 2018 Excellence in Research Award by the American Marketing Assn's Sales Special Interest Group. In episode 29, we discuss tips for recruiting on college campuses, the differences between what Gen Z and Millennials are looking for, and how to keep young talent from job...


28. Mastering Civility in Your Workplace

Dr. Christine Porath is an Associate Professor and Researcher at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and an expert in workplace incivility, its costs and remedies. She is author of Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace and co-author of The Cost of Bad Behavior. In episode 28, we discuss her research on the decline of civility, how it affects productivity and what managers can do about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


27. Showing Appreciation at Work

Dr. White has developed a unique way for organizations to motivate employees that leads to increased job satisfaction, higher employee performance, and enhanced levels of trust. Dr. Paul White is a psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant who makes work relationships work. His latest book is The Vibrant Workplace: Overcoming the Obstacles to Building a Culture of Appreciation. His online assessment tool, Motivating by Appreciation Inventory, has been taken by over 120,000 employees and...


26. Big Life and Career Turnarounds

Mark Minard is the founder/CEO of Dreamshine, an agency in Ohio serving individuals with special needs. From jail at age 17, to CEO at age 26, Minard, has grown his company to a multi-million enterprise over the past 11 years. He is also the host of the podcast Elevating Business. In episode 26, we discuss the importance of knowing that everyone goes through fear and doubt, and it can be overcome; the importance of belief and culture; and that people can be leaders from any position in the...


25. Coaching Big Egos

Mary Gardner is The Charisma Coach. She has been a corporate trainer for Goldman Sachs, a CBS Sports Radio personality, columnist for the Orlando Business Journal, and has created PR campaigns for TJ Maxx, Johnson & Johnson, Fuji Film among others. She's also the founder of the Inspirational Speakers Academy and turns idiosyncrasies into assets for her speaking clients. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Mary discuss: Key Takeaways: People justify on logic but they buy off of emotion. " -...


24. Building Self-Confidence

Heather Monahan, one of our most popular guests from our first 20 episodes, is back to share more tips on building confidence from her new book Confidence Creator. Heather is the CEO of her own company Boss In Heels. She was recognized as a Glass Ceiling Award winner as one of the Most Influential Women in radio in 2017. Heather was recently named the Brand Ambassador for Perry Ellis International’s female brand Rafaella. Previously, she was the Chief Revenue Officer for Beasley...


23. Opportunities in the New Economy

Episode 23 features our first-ever repeat guest! As a world-renowned expert and consultant on professional development, Jeffrey Gitomer's client list includes: Coca-Cola, Caterpillar, BMW, Verizon, MacGregor Golf, Hilton, IBM, Time Warner, BlueCross BlueShield, and hundreds of others. In this episode, we discuss the current U.S. economy and how to make the most of it, how to prepare now for when the economy is not strong and Jeffrey's recommendations for protecting and increasing your...


22. Managing in Large Organizations

Jon Zellner is Executive Vice President of Programming Operations for iHeartMedia, overseeing national programming, sales integration, operations, and communication to 860 radio stations in 158 markets serving 271 million monthly listeners. Before joining iHeartMedia, Jon was SVP of Programming for Sirius XM overseeing 100+ channels. In episode 22, we discuss managing in large corporate environments, managing remote employees and the constant need for reinvention. Learn more about your ad...


21. Tips for Managing Volunteers

Doug Ulman is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Pelotonia, which began in 2008 as a bike ride in Columbus, Ohio to raise funds for innovative cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. In just 9 years, the nonprofit has raised $157 million with 100% of donations going to cancer research. In this episode, we discuss the unique challenges/opportunities in managing volunteers, the obligation of empowerment and addressing failure with volunteers and...


20. Tips for the Conflict Averse Manager

As a behavioral mastermind and personality expert in both behavior and values analysis, Steve Sisler is the lead Behavioral Analyst at The Behavioral Resource Group. He is the also the author of seven popular books, including his latest “There’s More to Management Than a Big Desk.” In episode 20, we discuss overcoming fear to tackle conflict head on, how certain personalities are better suited for certain positions, and putting yourself in positions where your personality works in your...