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The Mapable podcast promotes crowdfunding projects and puts your deal on the map! Learn all about equity crowdfunding, security token offerings, and blockchain technology on the only show of its kind!


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The Mapable podcast promotes crowdfunding projects and puts your deal on the map! Learn all about equity crowdfunding, security token offerings, and blockchain technology on the only show of its kind!








Equity and Help: Philanthropy and Real Estate Investing

3/17/2023 With banks failing left and right and the stock market crashing, what's an investor to do? Perhaps acting as your own bank may be an interesting and unique way of investing in passive real estate in a philanthropic manner? In this podcast, CEO Jaime Gomez from "Equity and Help" explains how his company is allowing you to do just that - and keeping families in their homes in the process as well.


"Water On Demand" : A Regulation A+ Crowdfunding Story

3/13/2023 In our last podcast, we highlighted the Regulation A crowdfunding process from a theoretical basis. On this podcast, Origin Clear’s CEO Riggs Eckleberry explains how his company is actually using Reg.A for real with his “water on demand” opportunity. Learn how his company is making water an investable asset!


How to do Crowdfunding From Regulation A to an OTC Listing

3/2/2023 Even though you can raise up to $75 million dollars with a Regulation A (Reg.A) offering, many issuers do not understand the flexibility of the program. For many, the goal is to raise a set amount of money, but going public and getting listed on the capital markets may make a whole lot of sense as well. In this podcast, Mike Brette from Small Cap Equity Advisors goes over all the dos and donts on how to make the whole process work for you and your company.


What "Recession" Means to Impact Investing and Opportunity Zones Investors

10/20/2022 IR used to stand for “Investor Relations”. Now it’s more like “Recession” and “Inflation”. Look around you. Recession is at hand no matter what the political “experts” say. But does that mean all is lost? Hardly! In this podcast, Ellavoz Impact Capital CEO Bob Hutchins explains how his shared values approach to social impact investing is providing Opportunity Zone investors with an alternative way to invest in companies with a social purpose.


Joint Ventures in Opportunity Zones Investing

10/11/2022 So you have capital gains tax exposure and you want to take advantage of the Opportunity Zones program. Do you have to do it alone? Of course not. Many are creating Joint Ventures with real estate developers and others to reap the full tax benefits the program offers. In this podcast, Gerry Reihsen, the CEO of the Coasis Coalition, explains how it’s all done and everything you need to watch out for.


How to Incorporate Opportunity Zones into your Investment Portfolio

10/4/2022 The Opportunity Zones program provides an incredible opportunity to create tax free upside after a 10 year hold. The program definitely encourages long term investment thinking and entrepreneurialism. But how do you incorporate it for your own investment portfolio, especially if you’re not a ultra high net worth individual? In this podcast, Gerry Reihsen from the Coasis Coalition takes you through the whole process showing how any “common person” can take advantage of this...


The Flexibility of Regulation A Crowdfunding

10/3/2022 Many seeking to raise capital for their business usually use the tried-and-true Regulation D exemption from the IRS. But did you know that going the Regulation A (Reg.A) route may provide you with more flexibility, both in the short and long term? In this podcast, Mike Brette from Small Cap Equity Advisors discusses some of the options, nuances, and advantages that Reg.A provides compared to a private placement under 506(c) Reg D.

Inflation's Effect on Opportunity Zones

9/23/2022 U.S. Senators Tim Scott and Cory Booker and U.S. Representatives Mike Kelly and Ron Kind recently introduced a bipartisan, bicameral bill reforming and expanding Opportunity Zones, the tax incentive for individuals who reinvest unrealized capital gains into high-impact projects in underserved communities. In this podcast, Shay Hawkins, the President of the Opportunity Funds Association, discusses how this bipartisan legislation would improve Opportunity Zones as well as the...

Why Create an Opportunity Zone Fund? ... and How To Do It!

9/19/2022 The tax benefits of investing in Opportunity Zones are making investors take notice. Many are considering starting their own Opportunity Zone fund, but does that make sense for everyone? In this podcast, Gerry Reihsen - the founder of Coasis Coalition and Reihsen & Associates - discusses several points as to whether or not you should start your own fund, and if you do, how to do it correctly as well as what to expect cost-wise, what tax considerations should be considered,...


Reg.CF Crowdfunding In the Gaming Industry

9/12/2022 Gaming is big business. But besides the actual gaming itself, where do you go to buy and sell gaming assets? In this podcast, GameFlip’s Co-founder, CEO & Director JT Nguyen joins his Head of Operations Matheus Arnellas in describing how they’ve created a leading blockchain-based marketplace ensuring simple, safe transactions for all things digital gaming related, as well as how they’re using Reg.CF crowdfunding to allow his customers to be their investors on the StartEngine...


Crowdfunding Really Isn't Right For You If...

9/8/2022 Crowdfunding is great! Crowdfunding is easy! Everyone should do it, right? Well... that’s not exactly the case. Many issuers seem to have rose-colored glasses on as to what truly happens in the crowdfunding process – as well as thoughts of doing it successfully on a shoestring! Listen to this podcast where Manuj Grover of Public Yield Capital may help you understand the crowdfunding industry a little bit better, and perhaps make you realize that maybe crowdfunding really...

Opportunity Zones: How Non-Profits are Revitalizing Communities

8/30/2022 The goal of Opportunity Zones is to revitalize and reinvigorate distressed areas and transform them into vibrant communities, thereby increasing the quality of life for those who live within these designated regions. But revitalizing communities isn’t a concept exclusive to Opportunity Zones – it can be done anywhere! In this podcast, Leslie Covington, the Executive Director of the Carying Place, explains how her non-profit organization teaches homeless, working families with...


Why Reg.A is the Superior Crowdfunding Choice over Reg.D or Reg.CF

8/22/2022 Despite being around for years now, there’s still major confusion from issuers regarding the benefits and drawbacks of Regulation A (Reg.A), Regulation CF (Reg.CF), and Regulation D (Reg.D) crowdfunding offerings. What option is right for you? in this podcast, Mike Brette, the CEO and Founder of Small Cap Equity Advisors goes over why he believes Reg.A is the superior choice in most instances, plus provides advice as to what issuers should be doing (and what they shouldn’t be...


Health, Water, and Crowdfunding

8/4/2022 Everyone wants to be healthy. And everyone needs water to stay healthy. So how does water and health relate to crowdfunding? In addition to his comprehensive preventative medical health project, in this podcast, Ivan Anz – the Founder of Philanthro Investors – explains everything you need to know in order to become a crowdfunding “waterpreneur” with details on how you can take advantage of the explosive philanthropic, environmental, and financial growth of the decentralized...


How Inflation and Supply Chain Issues are Impacting Farmland Investments

7/14/2022 Crowdfunding investments into farmland are becoming very popular. Many see farmland as an excellent diversification tool to add to their investment portfolio. However, this type of investment has its own unique challenges as well. In this podcast, Artem Milinchuk, the Founder and CEO of FarmTogether, goes over how soaring inflation, the skyrocketing costs of fuel and fertilizer costs, and how the many supply chain issues are impacting the industry, an industry that – despite...


The "Build to Rent" Trend is Getting Popular as a Real Estate Investment Strategy

7/5/2022 The latest real estate trend for investors is the “Build to Rent” (BTR) investment strategy. Why is the demand for BTR properties growing? In this podcast, Ryan Garland – the CEO of Paradyme Investments – explains why build to rent is not only popular, but why it makes sense on so many vantage points. Learn the pros and cons of such a strategy as well as why the build-to-rent asset class is helping create new opportunities for developers, builders, and investors to own...


Don't Be An Unlicensed Crowdfunding Finder

6/16/2022 There’s no question that there’s big money in crowdfunding. But how do you get paid LEGALLY in the industry? It’s not as simple as it sounds – there are rules that, if not followed, can land you in big trouble with the SEC! In this podcast, Small Cap Equity Advisors CEO Mike Brette goes over all the do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of if you want to make a living raising capital for businesses.


Effective Adaptive Reuse is the Key to Many Opportunity Zone Projects

6/6/2022 Identifying, reusing, and re-adapting properties to their best use is one of the most profitable real estate strategies for both investors and for the benefit of communities in general. So why don’t more Opportunity Zone fund managers target these repurposing opportunities? In this podcast, Brion Crum – the Vice President of Wealth Development at Caliber Funds – explains the benefits of equity investments into OZ projects and how his Caliber Opportunity Zone Fund is leading...


Is Crowdfunding Upside Down? Who is the Real Customer?

6/1/2022 Crowdfunding has been around for quite some time now, and while many are participating in the crowdfunding process, there’s a huge issue that often goes unaddressed: who is the real customer? Is the entire crowdfunding industry upside down? In this podcast Shane Liddell, the CEO of “Smart Crowdfunding”, explains why he thinks the model may be broken, what the impact will be for the industry in general if the topics he mentions are not corrected, and how his XSeedR portal can...


How to Become a REAL Opportunity Zone Expert

5/20/2022 Despite being around for years now, the subject of Opportunity Zones continues to be confusing for many in the industry. With a “Grand Canyon” sized gap of resources, CEO David Sillaman and his Eazy OZ team decided to create a comprehensive educational program to teach people all aspects of the program with his “Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor (COZA) Program. In this podcast, he explains how it all came to be, as well as all the other ways he is providing education and...