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PipelinePlus delivers industry-leading business development solutions and expert training to service professionals and their firms.


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PipelinePlus delivers industry-leading business development solutions and expert training to service professionals and their firms.




MLP Episode 86: “Exploring Business Development Synergies Across Industries” with Diane Paoletta

In this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast, David Ackert welcomes special guest Diane Paoletta, Director of Marketing at Phillips Nizer. Diane has had a dynamic career, spearheading marketing and business development efforts at multiple professional services firms – from accounting to consulting to legal. David and Diane explore the similarities and differences in applying business development principles and tactics at professional services firms across different industries, particularly examining the dynamic between law and accounting. David and Diane engage in an insightful discussion, including: - Diane’s personal account of the transition from accounting to legal - Strategic similarities between the two industries and common tactics that Diane has successfully implemented at each - Industry/firm perspectives on the practice of business development, as well as the tracking and reporting on progress - Tips to successfully leveraging personal networks and the shared networks of those around you - Advice for marketers looking at transitioning from one industry to another - And more


MLP Episode 85: “SMYKM: How to Win Business through Human Connections” with Sam McKenna

In this episode of the Market Leader’s Podcast, David Ackert welcomes Samantha McKenna, founder of #samsales, for an insightful conversation centered around creating, leveraging, and maintaining relationships in a hyper-personalized way – by showing them that you truly know them. Samantha and David discuss a wide range of topics around this centralized issue, including: The hyper personalized approach AKA “Show Me You Know Me” (#SMYKM) Email frameworks around how to approach the buyer as a human Specific knowledge and awareness of the buyer as a member of an industry, executive decision maker, and most importantly- as a real person How to stay top of mind in an ever-accelerating age of information Intelligently leveraging LinkedIn to remain connected and relevant to your buyers And so many more insights and methods to assist in optimizing business development efforts


MLP Episode 84: “Change Agent: Establishing Innovation Goals Within a Law Firm,” with Roberto Pont

In this episode of the Market Leader’s Podcast, join David Ackert and special guest Roberto Pont, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at McInnes Cooper, as they engage in an enlightening conversation regarding innovation within law firms, specifically the use of technology and financial forecasting models, the rise of AI, and how to overcome the challenges inherent to law firms – and in working with lawyers – that can emerge throughout the implementation of such initiatives. David and Roberto cover a vast array of topics, including: Making meaningful change Perfect is the enemy of the good Shifting the lawyer mindset Client partnerships How to use and not use AI and much more.


MLP Episode 83: Data-Driven Marketing and BD in the Legal Industry" with Koree Khongphand-Buckman

This edition of the Market Leaders Podcast features Koree Khongphand-Buckman, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Foley & Lardner. She joins host, David Ackert, for a conversation on data-driven marketing and business development strategies in the legal industry.


MLP Episode 82: "Satisfying DEI Requirements Across Diverse Markets" with Vivian Coco

In this episode of the Market Leader’s Podcast, David Ackert, with guest Vivian Coco, Head of Marketing, Communications, and Client Relations at Licks Attorneys of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, discuss a variety of factors associated with satisfying DEI requirements across cultures, countries, and regions. Tune in to hear more about: • DEI as a concept and its evolution across varied regions • Particular challenges of DEI initiatives associated with the Brazilian market • How international firms address DEI • Vivian’s exposure to DEI, the ensuing impact on her perspective and career • Criticisms commonly faced by law firms for DEI/social justice initiatives and prioritization (or lack thereof), and the fairness of those criticisms • The future of DEI in Legal and more


MLP Episode 81: “Unleashing Excellence: Revolutionizing the Client Experience” with Mark Hunter

In this podcast episode, David Ackert interviews Mark Hunter, Principal at Glen Maple Group, about the importance of client experience in professional services firms, particularly in the legal industry. Mark shares his background in CRM solutions and his current work with Glen Maple Group, which provides marketing and communication services to professional services firms on a fractional basis. They discuss how client expectations have changed and why firms need to pay more attention to client experience. Mark emphasizes the need for firms to align with clients’ values, preferences, and work styles to create a positive and lasting client experience. They also talk about the practical aspects of implementing client experience initiatives, such as consistent communication, transparency, and acknowledging and acting on client feedback. Mark highlights the significance of understanding the audience and tailoring the client experience accordingly. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of honesty, transparency, and accountability in maintaining strong client relationships.


MLP Episode 80: “Mastering Client Experience: Strategies for Success” with Mitchell Reno

In this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast, David Ackert, with guest Mitchell Reno, Principal Director of Client Experience at Rehmann, shedding light on the ever-evolving landscape of Client Experience in professional services firms. With over two decades of Sales, Marketing, and CX expertise at Rehmann, one of the top professional advisory firms in the US, Mitch shares invaluable insights into this critical domain. The episode kicks off by unraveling the true essence of Client Experience, exploring its definition and distinguishing it from client service. Mitch delves deep into the intricacies of the client journey, dissecting it into a 5 segment cycle and emphasizing the role of engineering a signature experience that can be consistently replicated to drive firm differentiation. Discover the transformative power of active listening and feedback gathering as David and Mitch discuss their significance in optimizing the client experience over time. Learn how leveraging these insights can lead to continuous re-engineering, resulting in remarkable outcomes for professional service firms. Tune in to this episode to gain exclusive access to Mitch’s wealth of knowledge, where he shares: - Insider perspectives on Client Experience (CX) in professional services firms - A comparative analysis of client experience vs. client service In-depth exploration of the complete client journey through a 5 segment cycle - The paramount importance of active listening and feedback utilization to continually enhance and re-engineer the client experience, yielding optimal outcomes


MLP Episode 79: “Recruiting, Developing and Retaining an Effective Team” with Lisa Vicine

In this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast, David Ackert, with guest Lisa Vicine, Chief Marketing Officer at Arnall, Golden, Gregory LLP, unpack the keys to recruiting, developing and retaining an effective marketing and business development team. Tune in to hear about: - How Lisa rebuilt the foundation of her marketing and business development department at AGG - The ways she protects, engages, and empowers her department to enable their growth. - How she worked to align the services and the talent at her firm with where their attorneys need the most support, and how this realignment has impacted the lawyers’ books of business at AGG.


Market Leaders Podcast Ep. 78: “Setting New Partners Up for Success” with Amanda Bruno & Debra Hare

A rising tide raises all boats. In this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast, David Ackert, with guests Morgan Lewis' Chief Business Development Officer Amanda Bruno and Director of Business Development Coaching and Training Debra Hare, unpack how this sentiment is at the core of the firm’s BD ethos. They explore how the firm's collaborative culture is a key contributor to its success in preparing rising partners, retaining laterals, providing business development coaching and training, delivering premium client service, and more. Tune in to hear about: - How Morgan Lewis sets new partners up for success - How contribution is a core pillar of the culture at Morgan Lewis - Morgan Lewis’ Rising Partner Program - The importance of accountability and assistance to move the business plan along - Finding synergies and mining collaboration opportunities from business plans


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 77: “A Fresh Approach to Lateral Partner Recruiting” with Scott Love

In this episode, David Ackert chats with Scott Love, President of The Attorney Search Group and a leading authority in legal recruiting, about three critical firm growth strategies: encouraging lawyers to expand their books of business through their referral network, through prospecting, and through lateral recruiting. Scott shares his expertise on how firms can overcome impediments to progress by building trust with clients, making people feel safe, prioritizing sincerity and authenticity, ensuring their efforts are regular and consistent, and always keeping the best interests of their clients top of mind. David and Scott also discuss the inherently challenging social experience of integrating new team members, and the importance of overcoming our natural tendencies towards distrust. Tune in to hear Scott share his perspective on: - The three key ways firms can grow - The importance of referrals in establishing safety and trust - Direct vs. inbound prospecting - Striking a balance between being business minded and relationship minded - How firms can leverage lateral recruiting effectively - The necessity of a strong integration process, and how it can become a key selling point for a law firm


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 76: “A Go-to-Market Strategy by Industry” with Mike Mellor

Join David Ackert in this episode of the Market Leaders podcast as he speaks with Mike Mellor, the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Pryor Cashman LLP. Mike's extensive experience in professional services marketing informs his insights on the importance of industry-focused go-to-market strategies, client-centric language, and tactical execution involving market analysis and creative alliances. Discover how Mike's firm leverages data to plan engaging events and webinars, earns partners' trust through data-driven decision-making, and how Mike's obsession with data trends fuels real-time marketing improvements. Tune in to hear Mike share his thoughts on: - The historical “practice group” structure and why it’s problematic - How a go-to-market (GTM) strategy can benefit both the attorneys and the clients - How to tactically execute a GTM - Analyzing for ROI and monitoring KPIs - Tips for avoiding analysis paralysis


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 75: “Sage Insights for Uncertain Times,” a Retrospective

In times of uncertainty, the value of wisdom can't be overstated. In this special retrospective episode of the Market Leaders podcast, we reflect on the valuable insights shared by our recent guests that are particularly relevant for navigating the current market and economic challenges that may lie ahead. Join us as we explore Steve Martini and Larry Braun's perspectives on building relationships, Colin Keefe's essential guidance on rate structuring, and Eva Wisnik's recruitment ideology.


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 74: “An Entrepreneurial Approach to Firm Growth” with Marianne Talbot

Marianne Talbot’s career and personal life have been characterized by versatility and excellence. Marianne, now serving as Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Bailey & Glasser LLP, has donned numerous hats, including that of a trial attorney, business development expert, executive coach, diversity and inclusion strategist, author, and mother. In today's turbulent talent pool, it is a rare occurrence to find someone who excels in multiple areas, but Marianne is a jack of all trades and a master of all. In today’s episode, tune in to hear David and Marianne discuss: * Her unique mantra of growth through diversity, firm culture, and passion * The importance of a pivot and hustle-oriented mindset * The GALA approach to business development Marianne was also kind enough to create a unique planning resource for our listeners, that can be accessed at the link below:


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 73: “Cultivating a BD Mindset with Associates” with Katie Munroe

Market leaders are skilled at finding opportunity in the places most people overlook. In this week's episode of the Market Leaders Podcast, Katie Munroe, Chief Marketing Officer at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, describes how she championed an expansion of the firm's business development efforts to include partners and associates. Katie astutely recognized how bringing associates into the fold earlier on would better prepare them for future partnership responsibilities. And that in today's highly competitive legal market, it is everybody's responsibility, not just the partners, to stretch the reach of the firm. Tune in to hear Katie elaborate on: - Her philosophy on how to mold BD behaviors to prepare associates for partnership - How her team has systematized the BD process - The unique way she's brought levity to BD for associates - Zuckerman Spaeder's training commitment - How she helps associates inventory their networks and use LinkedIn more effectively


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 72: “Making an Impact in the Short-Term” with Maggie Garden

We place a lot of stock in strong beginnings: the first 100 days of a presidency, the first 10 minutes of a film, the first impression we form when meeting a new person. A strong beginning sets expectations, and solidifies our faith in someone's competence and capabilities. In this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast, Maggie Garden, Director of Business Development at Shipman & Goodwin LLP, discusses how she's positively impacted Shipman's BD culture just 3 months after stepping into her new role. Tune in to hear Maggie discuss: - Some of the needs she identified when first landing at Shipman - Shipman’s structured approach and use of technology to operationalize BD - How the BD team proactively breaks down silos between practice groups - The learning services initiative and LinkedIn training she spearheaded to help close the BD skills gap among lawyers - How the firm integrates education into thought leadership with its client podcast series - Maggie's philosophy of bringing humanity back to business


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 71: “Differentiating the Firm in a Crowded Market” with Sadie Baron

The traditional approach to law firm marketing lacks malleability and imagination. In other words, it leaves no room for teams to react to a fast paced and ever changing market. Being slow to market and slow to pivot are not an option in today's competitive economy. Sadie Baron, CMO at Reed Smith has recognized this, and true to her innovative spirit, helped her firm adapt. Reed Smith implements “diagonals,” creating dynamic, multi-skilled teams who are free of day jobs, operate independently of hierarchy, and can respond to client needs on an aggressive timeline. Tune in to hear Sadie disclose some of her top differentiators, including: Building a purpose-led brand Fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, with respect to race, gender, ethnicity, and ideation Embracing the philosophy of Agile Marketing, inspired by tech startups


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 70: “How to Interview for Future Rainmakers” with Eva Wisnik

Over the past 26 years, Eva Wisnik, Founder of Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc., has trained Partners at 88 law firms on how to interview legal talent. The art of assessing talent and selling top candidates on the firm are crucial skills in today’s competitive job market. Tune in to hear Eva share her thoughts on: - Outlining and executing goals for the partner interview process. - The biggest mistakes interviewers make in ALL types of interviews. - Why lateral partners fail, and common warning signs to be on the lookout for. - Eva’s recommended best practices to land the talent pool’s preeminent lateral partners. - The red and green flags Eva looks for in an interview, having interviewed over 2500 marketing/BD professionals since 2002. For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, visit Eva's website at


Market Leaders Podcast Episode 69: "Rate Strategies that Maximize Client Value” with Colin Keefe

In this episode, David Ackert, Founder & CEO at Ackert Inc. speaks with Colin Keefe, a Partner and Chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Group at mid sized law firm Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba, P.C. (FLB). Tune in to this episode to discover: - How FLB positions its services to be appropriate for mom and pop businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. - How the firm has grown to become more than a local, regional firm, while still remaining true to its roots in the Lehigh valley. - How FLB created a unique system to determine and justify billing rate adjustments that draws inspiration from a traditional manufacturing company's business model. - How the firm has been able to effectively attract and retain talent, given its smaller size and the ongoing legal talent war. - What Colin anticipates for the firm in 2023.


Market Leaders Podcast: "How to Effectively Establish and Nurture Referral Partnerships"

Imagine being friends with someone for years, and referring millions of dollars back and forth between each other’s businesses. In this episode Steve Martini (MST, CPA | Partner at Withum) and Larry Braun (Partner at Sheppard Mullin) talk with David Ackert about their referral partner relationship and share how they’ve done just that. Tune in to learn the importance of building connections, how to build a professional network and nurture it well, and how to leverage referral partnerships to build your book of business.


Market Leader's Podcast: "A Process for Optimizing Profitability" with Kip Guthrie

In this episode, Kip Guthrie (Senior Advisor, Ackert) talks with David Ackert (Founder & CEO, Ackert) about how the current talent war, and how to optimize firm profitability. Tune in to this episode to discover: - How firms often compete against themselves in their day-to-day processes - The importance of market intelligence in making business decisions - The role client feedback plays in setting profitable rates and fees - How to be a more forward-thinking (and forward-looking) firm