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How ahrefs grew 60% YOY to $40million ARR - With Tim Soulo from ahrefs

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Soulo from ahrefs. Tim has been instrumental in ahrefs growth starting as the sole marketeer for the business in 2015 and growing the business to over $40million in ARR today. He has done this by doing every marketing activity himself before hiring experts to take over and improve his processes. Today they are flying in the world of SEO and create some of the best content on the topic. This episode is filled with takeaways so enjoy and let me know what...


How Typeform Disrupted An Industry & The Marketing Tactics They Use To Grow - With Sancar Sahin from Typeform

Typeform exploded into popularity with their unique conversational form builder in 2012. Their product disrupted a market that was used to filling out static forms files by field. Typeform was able to boast form completions of 60%+ whereas a standard form completion rate is typically 15%. This helped Typeform grow phenomenally, they have 200 employees, have received $50 million in funding and are growing well. In this episode I speak with Sancar Sahin who is VP Marketing at Typeform about...


How Seedrs Market Their Business (700+ deals and €175 million in invested)

I speak with Ben Aronsten who is Chief Marketing Officer at Seedrs. We discuss how Seedrs has grown in a competitive and regulated financial industry. Seedrs is the most active equity crowdfunding platform in Europe with 700+ deals and €175 million in investment. We discuss big advertising deals with London Underground all the way through to targeted remarking campaigns based on highly targeted geo location. Seedrs a fascinating business and this episode provides a lot of takeaways.


How To Create And Promote A Successful Online Course - With Amy Porterfield

I speak with Amy Porterfield about marketing and promoting courses. Amy has extensive experience with creating and promoting successful online courses. We discuss her full funnel from growing an email list all the way through to generating course subscriptions and supporting students. We discuss paid marketing, webinars, marketing automation, social media and a ton more. If you’re interested in creating your own course you can’t miss this episode.


How Uber Acquire New Users Through Digital Marketing - With Kevin Heung From Uber

I speak with Kevin Heung who is Head of Digital Marketing at Uber. This is a fascinating look into how Uber conducts their digital marketing and how they acquire new users. We discuss paid search, paid social, display, content marketing, organic social and search. Our conversation switches between Uber Rides and Uber Eats. Both are different marketplaces with their own stakeholders.


How AppSumo, 500 Startups & Reforge Use Email Marketing For Growth With Susan Su From Reforge

I speak with Susan Su who is Head of Marketing at Reforge. Before this Susan worked as a growth partner at 500 Startups and Head of Content Partnerships and Email Marketing at AppSumo. We discuss email marketing in detail and I understand Susans passion for making sure her email list is performing to it’s best ability. We discuss email list growth, SEO, and content marketing. This is a fascinating episode with tons of takeaways from Susans time at AppSumo, 500 Startups and Reforge.


How Grammarly Grew To 10 Million Users - With Yuriy Timen from Grammarly

I speak with Yuriy Timen who is Head of Growth & Marketing at Grammarly. We discuss how Grammarly has grown from a small paid for product used by students to a widely available web app used by 10 million people. It’s Grammarly’s ambition to be everywhere people write. And this ambition certainly comes through in this discussion. We talk about SEO, product marketing, display advertising, user retention and more. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Grammarly’s rise to...


How Skyscanner Grew To 70 Million Users With 50%+ YOY Growth - With Douglas Cook From Skyscanner

I speak with Douglas Cook who is Director of Growth at Skyscanner. Skyscanner operates in the extremely competitive travel search space. They have seen phenomenal growth in their website visits and user numbers and they’re still growing aggressively in EMEA. In this episode Douglas and I speak about the marketing strategies they’ve used to get there. We spend a lot of time talking about product, SEO, direct response, digital marketing, personalisation and display. We also discuss how...


How Spotify Has Grown To 70 Million Paid Users - With Patrick Moran From Spotify

I speak with Patrick Moran who is Global Head of Growth Marketing at Spotify. We discuss the marketing strategies Patrick and his team have used to grow Spotify. Even with strong competition in this space Spotify has grown from 57m paid users in June 2017 to 70m in Jan 2018. Patrick also used to be Head of Digital Marketing for Netflix so we dive into the strategies Netflix have used to grow past 125 million paid users today. This is a bumper episode that you won't want to miss!!


How TrackMaven Grow Their User Base & Prove ROI For Their Customers - With Allen Gannett From TrackMaven

I speak with Allen Gannet founder and CEO of TrackMaven about their marketing strategy. Allen tells me about how they mange their content, we discuss the gated/ungated debate, how they have run up to 10 events per month in the past, how long their marketing cycle is (longer than you might think) and the strategies that are really killing it for them. They also undertake a lot of paid social media and search marketing. We also discuss Allen’s new book (The Creative Curve) and how MarTech is...


How Instapage Created Their Own Business Category For Growth - With Saranya From Instapage

I chat with Saranya Babu Vice President of Marketing at Instapage. We discuss how they have created a new business category called post-click optimisation. This is the part of the funnel after someone clicks on an advert and before they convert on your website. We also discuss the strategies they have implemented to attract new users and grow their business.


How Distilled Grow Their SEO Agency Through Building Their Network & Conferences - With Will Critchlow From Distilled

I speak with Will Critchlow, founder and CEO of Distilled. Will and his team have grown Distilled into a hugely reputable SEO firm. In this episode we discuss how they have done that through building their network over time, having a low entry point to their brand through DistilledU (their training site) and their global conference Search Love. There is also a lot of discussion around content marketing as well. This is a fascinating episode that touches on most parts of marketing.


How Revolut Raised $250 Million And Plans To Reach 100 Million Customers In 5 Years - With Val Scholz From Revolut

I speak with Val Scholz, Head of Growth at Revolut. They have just raised their series c for $250 million valuing the business at $1.7 billion. We discuss the strategies they have used to get there. This episode is very product focussed as Revolut believe strongly in making the product so good that they have a viral word of mouth engine. Revolut has seen extreme growth and this episode gives a fascinating look into Europes most recent tech unicorn.


How Perkbox & Deliveroo Achieve Phenomenal Growth With Paid Social & Experiments - With Yoann Pavy from Perkbox

I speak with Yoann Pavy, Head of Performance Marketing at Perkbox. We discuss his past experience at Deliveroo as their Head of Paid Social. We discuss how Deliveroo use paid social media to drive traffic and sales across multiple countries. We also discuss how Perkbox conduct their marketing. This includes experimenting with multiple different channels to see which areas help them grow most effectively. This focuses a lot around paid media.


How To Grow (And Sell For $165M) Using Partnerships - With Mike Morris From Get Response

I speak with Mike Morris who is Head of U.S. at Get Response. Mike has had an interesting past as he was at Grasshopper for 7 years. He helped grow the company to a $165 million acquisition by Citrix. We discuss partnerships, events, content marketing paid promotion. In fact, there isn't much we don't talk about in this episode. It's super interesting to hear how Mike directed the marketing team at Grasshopper to a big buy out and now how he directs the U.S team at Get Response. There are a...


How Venngage Use Content Marketing To Generate 5,000 User Sign Ups Per Day - With Nadya Khoja from Venngage

In this episode I speak with Nadya Khoja from Venngage. We discuss content marketing in detail. Specifically we discuss how Venngage find content opportunities that they feel they can rank for and their audience wants to see. We also discuss the importance of link building, how Venngage go about link building and how they target their marketing team on new links built. This is a great example of a bootstrapped company who have used content marketing to generate 5,000 new user sign ups per...


How To Generate Traffic And Customers With Organic Search - With Lukasz Zelezny from uSwitch

In this episode I speak with Lukasz Zelezny, Director of Organic Performance for ZPG Plc. Lukasz specifically works on the companies uSwitch brand. He has a vast experience with SEO and organic acquisition. We discuss the things he does to consistently improve the rankings for uSwitch. This touches on the customer experience and conversion rate optimisation as well. There are a ton of takeaways in this episode. Lukasz often refers to how the things we discuss relate to small and medium...


How To Use Webinars To Generate New Customers - With Hana Abaza From Shopify Plus

In this episode I talk with Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing for Shopify Plus. We discuss the range of channels and strategies she used at Uberflip, a fast growing marketing startup, and Shopify Plus, a 3,000 person ecommerce powerhouse. We discuss the differences in marketing at both companies, what's worked, what strategies generated the best ROI and what they are focused on in 2018. This is a super interesting episode.


How To Create Content Your Audience Craves! - With Jay Acunzo from Unthinkable

In this episode I speak with Jay Acunzo founder of Unthinkable. Before founding Unthinkable Jay was Digital Media Strategist for Google and Head of Content for HubSpot. He’s now host of his podcast Unthinkable. Which was called "one of the hottest new podcasts out there" by Entrepreneur. In this episode we discuss content marketing, how to create exceptional content and the step by step process Jay goes through to test, experiment and understand how content is performing as he scales up.


How Insight Squared Create Consistently Exceptional Marketing Content - With Joe Chernov from Insight Squared

In this episode I speak with Joe Chernov from Insight Squared. We discuss how Insight Squared create content to support their customer journey. They use data and detailed mapping to understand how people move through their lifecycle before during and after using the product. It's interesting that Joe says the word "Lead" is a curse in their office!! Instead they are looking to create content to support people with their questions and pain points at each stage of their journey. They then...