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Douglas Karr Interviews Business, Marketing, and Sales Leaders




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Why I Stopped Podcasting... And It Was A Mistake

I stopped podcasting in the summer of 2021. I had several excellent reasons to do it at the time, but in hindsight, it was a mistake. Most of my decision centered around the resources it took to record, edit, publish, and promote the podcast... and then attempting to attribute sales to it. I had a difficult time doing that... but it didn't mean that those sales did not exist. I believe the momentum I had and the visibility it provided me was providing opportunities... long-term. Podcasting can significantly enhance inbound sales strategies by leveraging the power of voice, capturing the attention of podcast listeners, and utilizing the necessity of repetition to get heard. Here's how: Engaging Voice: Podcasting allows businesses to convey their message using a human voice, which adds a personal touch and authenticity to the content. A well-spoken host or guest can establish a connection with the audience, making the content more relatable and trustworthy. This personal connection can positively influence listeners' perception of the brand and its products or services. Captured Attention: Podcast listeners are often highly engaged and attentive. Unlike written content, which requires visual focus, podcasts can be consumed while multitasking, such as during commutes, workouts, or household chores. This captive audience is more likely to absorb the message and remember it, increasing the likelihood of brand recall when making purchasing decisions. Necessity of Repetition: Repetition is key in marketing, and podcasting provides an excellent platform for consistent messaging. By regularly releasing podcast episodes, businesses can reinforce their brand's value proposition, key benefits, and offerings. Repetition helps ingrained the message in the minds of listeners, making them more likely to consider the brand when the need arises. Incorporating podcasting into your inbound sales strategy can capitalize on the power of voice, engage listeners' attention, and ensure consistent repetition of your messaging, ultimately boosting brand awareness, trust, and conversion rates. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for me to get my momentum back... I'll keep you posted!


Kate Bradley Chernis: How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving The Art Of Content Marketing

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Kate Bradley-Chernis, the CEO at Lately ( Kate has worked with the largest brands in the world to develop content strategies that drive engagement and results. We discuss how artificial intelligence is helping to drive organizations' content marketing results. Lately is a social media AI content management platform that helps organizations understadn the words, phrases, and sentence strucutres of what your audience wants to read, hear, or watch. They have impressive results: * Marketers are spending 84% less time generating content with Lately's algorithms highlighting what the audience will love. * Marketers can automatically atomize any longform video, audio, or textual content into dozens or hundreds of pre-tested social media posts, producing 12,000% times more engagement. * Marketers can get consistent, engaging content designed to generate 200%+ more high-quality leads without being experts at copywriting. You won't find a more engaging speaker than Kate when it comes to learning about content engagement,be sure to listen to this fantastic interview! Special Guest: Kate Bradley Chernis.


Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business and Life Against All Odds

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Mark Schaefer. Mark is a great friend, mentor, prolific author, speaker, podcaster, and consultant in the marketing industry. We discuss his newest book, Cumulative Advantage, which goes beyond marketing and speaks directly to the factors that influence success in business and life. We live in a world where being great may not be enough. We need momentum. From the best-selling author of KNOWN ( and Marketing Rebellion ( comes a practical guidebook to building unstoppable momentum for your ideas and your business -- even when the odds seem stacked against you. Filled with motivating ideas and fascinating case studies, Cumulative Advantage ( is an indispensable and practical source of inspiration for the entrepreneur, business leader, and every person with a dream that's ready to take flight. You will learn: How the initial advantage that drives momentum comes from everyday ideas. The inside secrets of creating vast awareness for your projects. How to nurture powerful connections that lead to break-through opportunities. Why momentum is driven by the speed, time, and space of a "seam." How the "certainty of business uncertainty" can be used to your advantage. Mark Schaefer weaves decades of research and revealing expert views into an entertaining guide to building momentous success in the real-world. You'll never view the world the same way again after learning how initial advantages, seams of opportunity, sonic booms, and the lift from mentors can impact your world in powerful and permanent ways. Get ready to make Cumulative Advantage work for you and your ideas right now! Special Guest: Mark Schaefer.


Lindsay Tjepkema: How Video and Podcasting Have Evolved Into Sophisticated B2B Marketing Strategies

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to co-founder and CEO of Casted, Lindsay Tjepkema. Lindsay has two decades in marketing, is a veteran podcaster, and had a vision to build a platform to amplify and measure her B2B marketing efforts... so she founded Casted! In this episode, Lindsay helps listeners understand: * Why video and audio are critical to B2B marketing strategies * How technology is providing businesses with the means to edit, publish, and amplify that content * An overview of Casted and how their ability to amplify and measure the impact of rich media B2B content marketing With Casted, marketers can unlock the power of podcasts by giving enterprise organizations access to use your most valuable content across every channel. Special Guest: Lindsay Tjepkema.


Marcus Sheridan: Digital Trends That Businesses Aren't Paying Attention To... But Should Be

For almost a decade, Marcus Sheridan has been teaching the principles his book to audiences around the globe. But before it was a book, the River Pools story (which was the foundation) was featured in multiple books, publications, and conferences for its incredibly unique approach to Inbound and Content Marketing. In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Marcus Sheridan about the growing digital trends that businesses are not paying attention to, but that are having a dramatic impact on their sales and marketing processes. 33% of buyers want a sales-free customer purchase journey. Wether a consumer or business-buyer, customers are seeking assistance online where they can self-schedule, self-price, or walk through a self-assessment to reach a recommendation. Marcus shares valuable information on the strategies companies should be adopting... including the seldom-seen strategy of disqualifying visitors who are not prospective buyers. Special Guest: Marcus Sheridan.


Pouyan Salehi: The Technologies That Are Driving Sales Performance

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Pouyan Salehi, a serial entrepreneur and has dedicated the last decade to improving and automating the sales process for B2B enterprise sales reps and revenue teams. We discuss the technology trends that have shaped B2B sales and explore the insights, skills and technologies that will drive sales performance in the coming year. Pouyan is passionate about the non-traditional, bottom up SaaS approach of selling to customers and how revenue teams are utilizing this as a key go-to-market strategy. We discuss the key benefits of bottom-up SaaS including: * How users can easily try or use the product without heavy integrations or cumbersome onboarding. * How the decision-maker is sometimes a front-line employee (not always the C-Suite). * How teams and individuals get immediate value from the product opposed to a full enterprise roll-out. * How every application should have a consumer-like quality, making it something customers enjoy using. Pouyan is the co-founder and CEO of Scratchpad ( Scratchpad is the first workspace built for sales. They designed every feature and interaction with account executives in mind, which means speed. Scratchpad combines sales notes, spreadsheets, tasks, Kanban boards, search, collaboration, and sales process adherence in one simple and intuitive workspace - connected to Salesforce to eliminate all those tabs and double work. Special Guest: Pouyan Salehi.


Michelle Elster: The Benefits and Complexities Of Market Research

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Michelle Elster, the President of Rabin Research Company. Michelle is an expert in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies with extensive experience internationally in marketing, new product development, and strategic communications. In this conversation, we discuss: * Why do companies invest in market research? * How can market research accelerate your product development and marketing strategies? * What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research? * What are the complexities of market research that are often missed when companies attempt a DIY approach? * What are some examples of how B2C and B2B companies are utilizing research to drive business decisions? Special Guest: Michelle Elster.


Guy Bauer and Hope Morley of Umault: Death To The Corporate Video

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Guy Bauer, founder and creative director, and Hope Morley, chief operating officer of Umault, a creative video marketing agency. We discuss Umault's success at developing videos for businesses that thrive in an industry rife with mediocre corporate videos. Umault have an impressive portfolio of wins with clients large and small, their short videos invoking emotion, each which its own well-crafted story. Guy and hope discuss why doing a corporate video has very little to do with the actual recording and production work... and starts with exceptional research, discovery, and understanding of the vision they want to develop for their clients' prospects and customers. It's an insightful interview that hopefully sways your perception of what corporate videos should be if you wish them to be effective. Special Guests: Guy Bauer and Hope Morley.


Jason Falls, Author of Winfluence: Reframing Influencer Marketing To Ignite Your Brand

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Jason Falls, author of Winfluence: Reframing Influencer Marketing To Ignite Your Brand ( Jason speaks to the origins of influencer marketing through to today's best practices that are providing some superior results for the brands that are deploying great influencer marketing strategies. Aside from catching up and discussing Jason's road to success, we discuss: What is influencer marketing and how has it evolved over the last decade? Is influencer marketing about follower counts? Is it only digital? Why are brands counting on influencers to effectively grow their marketing? How to determine whether an influencer is a fit for building awareness about your brand. If you're an influencer, how can you approach brands to assist with their markeitng strategies? Tune into this interview where Jason shares his exprience, use cases, and strategies for brands to adopt and deploy influencer marketing as part of your overall digital and traditional marketing mix. Special Guest: Jason Falls.


John Voung: Why The Most Effective Local SEO Starts With Being Human

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to John Vuong of Local SEO Search, a full-service organic search, content, and social media agency for local businesses. John works with clients internationally and his success is unique among Local SEO consultants: John has a degree in finance and was an early digital adopter, working in traditional marketing with small businesses where he fell in love with helping them with their marketing efforts. John started Local SEO Search, Inc. in 2013 to help local business owners in Canada with Internet marketing. John started his business using a mobile phone... he didn't even own a laptop at the time! With the huge impact of COVID-19, John's company has continued to thrive because of John's honesty and his team's dedication to their clients and always providing value. Tune into this important episode. Too many small businesses fail to see their investment in local search consultants or an agency pay off. You'll find out why in this interview... hint: It's not about algorithms. Special Guest: John Vuong.


Jake Sorofman: Reinventing CRM To Digitally Transform the B2B Customer Lifecycle

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Jake Sorofman, President of MetaCX, the pioneer in a new outcomes-based approach for managing the customer lifecycle. MetaCX helps SaaS and digital product companies transform how they sell, deliver, renew and expand with one connected digital experience that includes the customer at every stage. Buyers at SaaS and digital product companies feel a lack of confidence that sales promises will be kept. What happens after the deal is signed? Now, with MetaCX (, both buyers and suppliers can track the lifecycle and move between the various phases together. The result is better trust and transparency which positively impacts the momentum of the customer relationship. Buyers and sellers arrive at a mutual trust. In this interview, we discuss: * What is Outcome-Based Selling * What are the benefits of Collaborative Success Planning * How does MetaCX help coordinated Post-Sale Handoffs * What is Outcome Attribution and can you provide examples? By creating shared spaces that allow suppliers and buyers to define and measure target outcomes together, MetaCX helps align sales, success and delivery teams around real value that customers can see. Special Guest: Jake Sorofman.


Owen Video: The Formula to Grow Your Brand And Sales With YouTube

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Owen Video, who operates The Video Marketing School - the #1 YouTube Coaching Program for Business Leaders. Owen shares how he became a leading coach within the industry and how businesses can leverage video to grow their brand and drive sales with video. Owen shares how he's developed his own popularity on YouTube and how he assists his clients... beginning with a simple formula for great video execution with the acronym GREAT. * Grab their attention * Relate to the viewer * Explain your solution * Actual proof * Tell them what to do next Owen shares how businesses can make a minimal investment in building out a studio, a backdrop, and affordable hardware to help them create a video creation station. Then Owen walks through the content, delivery, and optimization strategy that businesses need to take a great video and make it work within online channels. He simplifies the process by teaching businesses the 4 disciplines of producing a successful YouTube channel: 1. Programming 2. Production 3. Promotion 4. Progress. Owen provides you the information you need to produce the highest quality, easiest videos that drive the greatest return on investment through growth to your channel... to drive sales to your business. Be sure to follow Owen Video on YouTube and check out all the free resources his site has to offer. If you're serious about being successful with video - sign up for The Video Marketing School ( Special Guest: Owen Video.


Wendy Covey: How Technical and Engineering Firms Are Capitalizing On Digital Marketing To Drive Business Growth

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Wendy Covey, an author, speaker, and co-founder of Trew Marketing ( Wendy's firm serves technical companies (middle-marketing, design engineering, manufacturing) assisting them in driving inbound lead growth through digital marketing strategies. While B2B buying behavior has changed over the years where companies are researching and advancing the buying journey online... technical audiences are unique in that they devour much more content and utilize search and content far over any advertising mediums. It does require a different voice than engineering-based firms are used to, though. Publishing technology specifications isn't as advantageous as developing personas and speaking to the benefits of the products or solution, though. Wendy discusses the research and associated strategies that technology firms are leveraging to drive awareness, engagement, and conversions with her clients' prospective customers. We also discuss how COVID-19 has required a change in the way technology-based organizations are interacting with prospects - moving from online conferences to virtual events and webinars. See our show notes on the latest research that Trew Marketing has released as well as Wendy's book! Special Guest: Wendy Covey.


Tyler Ludlow: The Art and Science of Moving from Decisions to Clarity

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Tyler Ludlow, Founder and Chief Decision Scientist of the Decision Skills Institute. In the digital era, marketers and business leaders are faced with decisions every day. Tyler provides a framework for businesses to find clarity in their decision-making. Tyler discusses what decision science is, the connection between innovation and decision science, how you actually "do" decision science, how values and uncertainties can be quantified to help drive clarity, and he provides some in-depth examples of decision-making both on a personal and corporate level that had profound impact. The Decision Skills Institute helps individuals and companies that might otherwise be overwhelmed by complexity, stress, or worry, to overcome those and take action. Tyler and his team have taken 50 years of cutting-edge research applied for decades at the world’s most successful companies and created a framework that empowers individuals to consistently make better decisions, leading to better results, faster. The Decision Skills Institute is the robin hoods of Decision Science! Special Guest: Tyler Ludlow.


Mary Koberstein: How To Achieve Next-Level Personalization To Perfect The Customer Experience

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Mary Koberstein, Director of Integrated Marketing and Experience Management Practices at Avionos. Mary helps partners define the go-to-market strategy, drive new business development, build delivery best practices and manage client relationships for CMS, analytics, personalization, marketing automation and digital marketing engagements. Consumers expect personalization – in fact, 73% expect personalized digital experiences – leaving little to no room for error when it comes to delivering a standout customer experience as businesses navigate the current pandemic. Mary outlines: The value of adjusting web pages in real time as visitors interact with the site by displaying related products/articles based on visitor’s purchasing/viewing habits or even different items based on what similar visitors have done – and how this approach allows companies can achieve next-level personalization The benefits of achieving this level of personalization, such as more consistent messaging, optimized conversion rates, higher converting landing pages and most importantly, improved customer loyalty The process of developing a full personalized customer journey without touching a single line of the site’s code-base and in under one week – Mary can discuss her key learnings working with JLL, the technical and overarching approach she took to improve the customer experience and the lasting effects it made on JLL's overall business Special Guest: Mary Koberstein.


Kyle Hamer: How to Build A High Performance Sales And Marketing Strategy

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Kyle Hamer, the CEO of the Hamer Marketing Group. Kyle became a marketer through a path we often don't expect... from sales. We discuss how the sales and marketing, when coordinated and strategic, perform far better than traditional siloed organizations. Kyle provides insight into what sales people need vs. what marketing often provides - and how that's a detriment to the sales cycle. Behaviors have changed and marketing is talking at people while sales is talking to people. Kyle provides a great roadmap and advice for any organization looking to align and improve their sales and marketing performance. Special Guest: Kyle Hamer.


Stephanie Cox: How Marketing, Sales, Service, and Support Alignment Transforms The Customer Experience

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Stephanie Cox, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lumavate. Corporations who hope to transform their organization must change the overall customer experience. Stephanie discusses "everything touching the customer" at Lumavate - marketing, sales, service, and support - and how alignment across all impacts business results. Stephanie isn't your traditional business leader. Stephanie discusses her journey in taking on multiple responsibilities within the organization and provides sage advice to other companies who hope to improve the experience for both prospects and customers. Stephanie discusses how the alignment has impacted every position within sales, marketing, service and support... and how it's fundamentally differentiated the organization within their industry. Stephanie is also the host of the Real Marketers Podcast (, where she has authentic conversations with marketers who ask forgiveness, not permission. Lumavate ( is a low-code mobile app platform made for businesses to dream, create, and publish an app all in the same day. Special Guest: Stephanie Cox.


Hunter Hastings: Opportunities in Crisis and How Marketers and Businesses Will Succeed

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Hunter Hastings, a marketer by profession and economist who assists in educating business leaders and entrepreneurship for the Mises Institute. We discuss the challenges and opportunities that businesses will have in overcoming the pandemic and shifts in business and consumer behavior that have come with it. In this interview with Hunter, he shares insight on how organizations and marketing departments need to "flip" their focus from internal operations to what the consumer or client is in true need of. It's an optimistic view of the future with respect to the pandemic and the challenges it brought to organizations large and small. Special Guest: Hunter Hastings.


Erin Jordan Spanski: Three Keys When Selecting a B2B Marketing Agency

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Vice President and Partner at Walker Sands. Erin is an accomplished public relations and marketing professional with a passion for helping B2B tech companies grow. We discuss the three keys to success when selecting and working with a B2B Marketing Agency. From strategy to execution, Walker Sands provides transformative B2B marketing solutions to drive the awareness, credibility and conversions needed to surpass them. They're unique in the industry since they work across the spectrum of branding, creative, demand generation, public relations, web services, and marketing strategy for their clients. Over the years and working with hundreds of B2B technology companies, they've identified three keys to success: 1. How to identify and align goals between the partner and ocmpany. 2. How to develop both short-term and long-term growth strategies. 3. How to ensure the company and associated technology can accomodate and sustain that growth. As companies look to become more efficient and effective - especially during difficult economic times - finding and working with a partner can accelerate the growth of your marketing efforts. In this episode, we discuss that and more! Special Guest: Erin Jordan Spanski.


Jack Klemeyer: Marketing Leadership With An Uncertain Future

On this episode, we interview Jack Klemeyer, a veteran business coach with 25 years of experience. Jack provides his insight into the current uncertain economic future of business and how leaders should respond, react, and succeed. On this episode, we discuss some key issues that are near and dear to leaders' hearts during these troubling times: How do leaders continue to motivate employees in a downturn? How can leaders continue to maintain optimism? How do leaders know when to pivot when their industry and cashflow are impacted so severely? How do leaders make tough decisions… without making them too late. Jack provides some fantastic advice on leading your organization through these uncertain times. Special Guest: Jack Klemeyer.