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Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show


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Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show




#113 The Best of Employee Advocacy: Key Moments Season 9

When considering employee advocacy or brand ambassador programs, organisations often assume: ⛔ It’s just employees sharing marketing on social media ⛔ It’s not relevant for managers and executives ⛔ It’s about continuously praising the company ⛔Tightly controlling the messaging of employee advocates is the key to success. ⛔ It’s only for sales and marketing staff However, my guests in season 9 of my podcast Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life shared insights dispelling these myths and revealing the true potential of employee advocacy: ✅ Success requires share-worthy content and a culture where people enjoy working. (episode #104 Bradley Keenan) ✅ Allow people to proudly share what they're passionate about in your organisation (episode #105 Jessica Pharm) ✅ Executives should lead by example in sharing first online (episode #106 Michael Sørensen) ✅Invest in managers' abilities to form authentic relationships with their collaborators. (episode #109 Kristin Bell) ✅ Hire smart people who align with your values and support their wellbeing. People need to feel at home when working with you. (episode #108 Yao Azumah) ✅ Encourage self-belief and compassionate leadership. Stop, look and listen (episode #107 @Harpal Dhatt) ✅ Balance profits and human rights through human-centered technology. (episode #111 Fatima Roumate) ✅Coach managers to help employees navigate their careers and feel they belong. (episode #110 Antonia Bartels) Done right, an employee advocacy program simply empowers people for a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust and care. The old command-and-control mindsets misunderstand this potential. But now you see the power of an authentic approach. 🎁Are you ready to learn how to start or strengthen your own employee advocacy journey? Reach out More info about the podcast • Website: • Watch on Youtube Connect with Francine Beleyi, the host. • LinkedIn: • Website: Related resources. • Take the free Personal Branding for Impact (PBI) test • Download Whitepaper - Redesigning a Thriving Post-Pandemic Organization: How to Retain Your Talent & Turn Them into Your Biggest Advocates I appreciate all who joined me on this journey of exploring meaningful work and meaningful life. See you in season 10!


#112 What Would You Do with a Billion UK Pounds?

Before closing out season 9 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I revisit a key question I love asking my guests: If I gave you 1 billion pounds today, what would you do? I ask this because it reveals our true motivations. How often do we ask ourselves what we'd really want if money were no object? This is how my guests this season answered. Their responses may surprise and motivate you! Let’s Tune in More info about the podcast Connect with Francine Beleyi, the host. Related resources.


#111 Preserving Human Creativity in the AI Age with Fatima Roumate

As AI takes over more repetitive tasks, what unique human abilities remain irreplaceable at work? In this episode, #111 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, we explore how leaders can nurture human skills, creativity, and meaning in an increasingly tech-driven workplace. My guest, Fatima Roumate, is a professor at the University Mohammed V in Morocco. Her research focuses on the international relations and legal implications of AI. Inspired by her father's stories of fighting colonialism as a child, Fatima decided to study international relations to understand global issues. She then realized how technology is a crucial connecting point between different fields and focused her research on international relations and technology. Key Highlights: This thoughtful conversation provides guidance on empowering human values and principles in an increasingly tech-driven workplace. More info about the podcast Connect with Fatima Roumate Connect with Francine Beleyi, the host.


#110 Becoming a Talent Destination with Antonia Bartels

“When people thrive, the organisation thrive.” In this episode #110, I’m joined by Antonia Bartels, director at Randstad RiseSmart. With a focus on coaching and career transition, Antonia advocates for creating a work environment where employees not only excel but feel at home. She believes that this leads to greater talent mobility, innovation, and retention within organisations. Antonia brings her expertise in career navigation and coaching to global businesses, emphasising the importance of engaged and happy employees. Key Highlights ✅ Even in challenging economic conditions, organisations need to recognise the need to remain a talent destination. Antonia outlines the essential conditions for achieving this status. ✅ Understanding and meeting individual needs leads to heightened engagement and productivity among team members. ✅ Antonia stresses the critical role of respect and alignment with organisational values during times of redundancies, as this influences the organisation's reputation. ✅ She explains why treating employees well throughout their journey with the company is essential for cultivating them into effective brand ambassadors. ✅ We explore the importance of equipping managers to engage in coaching conversations and ultimately become effective coaches themselves. Join us in this insightful conversation as we delve into the strategies for organisations to not only attract top talent but also retain and nurture it. More info about the podcast Connect with Antonia Bartels Connect with Francine Beleyi, the host.


#109 Empowerment Through Employee Advocacy with Kristin Bell

Have you ever felt stuck during a performance review, wondering how to react to something you disagree with? The work landscape has significantly shifted from the days when we had little say in how our performance was assessed. In today's world, employees are actively participating in the performance management process. They're no longer merely recipients of feedback but are shaping their own evaluations. In episode #109 of the *Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life* podcast, Kristin Bell, a courageous advocate, shares her mission to create avenues of opportunity for those who have been systemically excluded, underserved, and underestimated. Kristin is a global diversity, equity, and inclusion executive, a tech entrepreneur, and a respected thought leader. I often emphasize the power of Personal Branding for Impact, and Kristin embodies this concept perfectly. She leverages her voice, position, and advantages to champion the cause and open doors for those who might not have had the chance otherwise. Key Takeaways: Our discussion touches on how many organizations are setting diversity hiring goals without addressing the internal work needed. Kristen emphasizes the need for creating brave spaces in the workplace and what that entails. She introduces her platforms: CultureCite, designed to help employees navigate unfair workplace experiences, and ReviewTailor, a performance management software utilizing AI to generate equitable reviews. She believes that Employee Advocacy can be a critical element in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering a positive work environment, and advocating for underrepresented groups. Kristin shares a poignant moment where she was a conduit, providing someone with the opportunity to get a foot in the door. Join us in this enlightening conversation as we explore the double power of Employee Advocacy - advocating for oneself and becoming a brand ambassador for your company. More info about the podcast Connect with Kristin Bell CultureCite ReviewTailor Connect with Francine Beleyi, the host


#108 Why Companies and Employees Have to Grow Together

How can fostering personal branding and employee advocacy not only empower a team but also authentically communicate a company's mission and impact? Join us as we explore this dynamic with Professor Yao Azumah, Managing Director of Kya Energy Group, on their quest to make sustainable energy accessible to underserved communities in Africa. In episode #108 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, Prof. Azumah shares his inspiring journey in energy engineering, his frustration with restrictive systems and his dream of bringing affordable energy. Highlights Join us in this enlightening conversation as we explore how Kya Energy Group is lighting the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. More info about the podcast Connect with Kya Energy Group Connect with Francine Beleyi


#107 Cultivating Kindness: A Recipe for Growth with Harpal Dhatt

What’s the role of kindness and its importance in personal and professional growth? In this episode, I am joined by Harpal Dhatt, also known as the Kindness Chef. She is a podcast host, a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, and the founder of Kindness Cafes. She helps leaders create a culture of kindness with nourishing recipes & menus to increase wellbeing. Harpal explains how her journey began with compassion but evolved into focusing on kindness. She emphasizes the need for self-compassion and discusses the challenges of practicing kindness, especially when people are suffering. Highlights More info about the podcast Connect with Harpal Dhatt Connect with Francine Beleyi


#106 Breaking Down Silos via Employee Advocacy with Michael Soerensen

Building a community for employees on social media is often overlooked but can greatly benefit a company's branding and marketing efforts. In this episode #106 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am joined by Michael Soerensen, co-founder of Sociuu, a pioneering employee advocacy platform spanning over 30 countries. Michael brings to light the often-underestimated practice of building a community for employees on social media and its profound impact on a company's branding and marketing efforts. With a wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur spanning over 35 years, Michael sheds light on the advantages of employee advocacy to amplify the brand's message. Key Takeaways: Tune in to gain invaluable insights into the transformative potential of employee advocacy in shaping a stronger brand presence. More info about the podcast Connect with Michael Soerensen Connect with Francine Beleyi


#105 Be Prepared to Be Uncomfortable with Jessica Pharm

Learn why it's important not to be afraid of embracing your true self, even within your workplace, in this enlightening conversation with HR professional Jessica Pharm. Jessica, the founder and CEO of "Blackness in the Workplace" and a dedicated podcast host advocating for equality among black professionals, shares her journey with Francine Beleyi. They discuss the challenges and discrimination Jessica encountered, which ultimately drove her to establish "Blackness in the Workplace." Highlights For show notes, contact information, and additional resources related to this episode, visit . You can also watch the episodes on YouTube:


#104 How to Stop Being Stuffy & Become People Centric: The Power of Employee Advocacy with Bradley Keenan

In this episode, Bradley Keenan, the founder and CEO of DSMN8, an employee influencer platform, discusses the importance of enabling employees to be more active on social media. Bradley shares his background as a salesperson turned entrepreneur and how he came up with the idea for DSMN8. He also explains the concept of employee advocacy 1.0 and 2.0, highlighting the shift towards empowering employees to advocate for themselves on social media. Highlights Find out more about this episode and the resources mentioned at


#103 What’s Needed to Transform Employees into Advocates

Welcome to Season 9 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast! I'm thrilled to be back, diving into the heart of what makes work truly meaningful. In this season, we're putting the spotlight on something I'm incredibly passionate about: employee advocacy, or as I like to call them, employee ambassadors. Why? Well, because when people love where they work, it's a game-changer and they want to share it with the world. I've lined up an amazing array of guests who bring diverse perspectives to the table. From platform owners in the Employee Advocacy space to CEOs who've successfully implemented advocacy programs, along with HR professionals and experts who know what it takes to build a culture that fosters employee loyalty, we're covering it all. If you're an employee, get ready to be inspired to take control of your career. If you're a business leader, this series will equip you with the tools to be a true inclusive leader and foster a culture that brings out the best in people. So, gear up for a season of learning and empowerment, just as I have. Join us every Tuesday for a new episode of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast! Find out more about this episode and the resources mentioned at


94 Can Money Buy You Freedom with Caitriona_Ellis

When the pain of staying in a job you hate becomes greater than the paycheck that you’ll lose, the decision can be quick to get out of there. That’s where many people find themselves when to quit their job to join the great resignation. Beyond the obvious financial consequences, how can you best prepare when faced with this choice? My guest Caitriona Ellis, a Financial Wellness expert and qualified financial advisor, has many practical insights and personal stories to share. She works with women who want to empower themselves and increase their financial literacy to create the lives they desire and never make decisions based on money. She went from financial desperation to financial wellness and is passionate about empowering women to increase their financial literacy. In this conversation, we talked about Caitriona is creating a movement to spread financial wellness love far and wide. Find out more about this episode and the resources mentioned at


#102Takeaway 8 S8: The Great Resignation – Creating a Great Employee Experience

Today is the takeaway 8, the final one of season 8 on the Great Re-evaluation which is: we need to create a good employee experience to retain talents in organisations. in episode 92, Jennifer Webb de Comarmond, entrepreneur & HR professional shares how organisations need to become human-centric before being profit-centric and how a good employee experience should be at least equal to customer experience.


#101 Takeaway 7 S8 – The Great Resignation - Break the Cycle and Start Over

The takeaway 7 of season 8, the Great Re-evaluation, is to Break this cycle, step away and start over. in episode 91, Meredith Keith-Chirch, founder of Decolonizing Your Health, shares how she couldn’t keep up working in the corporate world and quit. She thinks that the energy we show up with affects everyone at work including clients – So we've got to break this cycle.


#100 Takeaway 6 S8 – The Great Resignation - The End of an Era

The takeaway 6 of the season 8 Great Re-evaluation is that an era is coming to the end. in episode 89, Manish Bundhun, Corporate monk and Chief HR Executive at Rogers Group, sees the Great Resignation as a cycle where an era is coming to an end and a new one is starting.


#99 Takeaway 5 S8 – The Great Resignation - Prioritising our Health and Wellbeing

The takeaway 5 of the season 8 Great Re-evaluation is that we need to prioritise our health and wellbeing. In episode 90, Carlotta Tate-Olason, an Expat therapist and Anti-Ageing Mentor, talks about the psychological, mental and emotional tolls of the pandemic. It’s now time to take our health and well-being seriously both in our life and at work to live a youthful life. • Listen to episode 90 • For all the other episodes and show notes go to


#98 Takeaway 4 S8 – The Great Resignation - Knowing What You Want For Your Life

The takeaway 4 of the season 8 Great Re-evaluation is to Know what you want for your life in episode 88, Susan Popoola, a qualified Human Resources professional shares the key questions that people who are quitting their jobs need to answer for themselves to ensure their fit with their next organisation.


#97Takeaway 3 S8 – The Great Resignation - Having Emergency Savings to Take Bold Decisions

The takeaway 3 of the season 8 great- re-evaluation is that: Having emergency savings helps you to take bold decisions in episode 94, Caitriona Ellis, a Financial Wellness expert and qualified financial advisor, talked about the financial impact of the great resignation on those who have quit and joined the great resignation and those who may want to leave a job they hate but are still hesitant.


#96 Takeaway 2 S8 - The Great Resignation - People Are No Longer Willing to Put Up

The takeaway 2 of the great re-evaluation season 8 is that: People are no longer willing to put up. In episode 87, Akhtar Badshah, Founder and Chief Catalyst at the Catalytic Innovators Group and author of the book Purpose-mindset explain that the management chain is broken, and people are no longer willing to put up with bad management and are voting with their feet.


#95 Takeaway 1 S8 – The great resignation: A build-up of many years of bad practices

I had great conversations with my guests in this season 8, focussed on the great re-evaluation where we discussed their perspective on the great resignation that saw a massive exodus of employees out of their jobs during the covid 19 pandemic. I thought I’d select the takeaways from our conversations in these short extracts. Of course, you can listen or listen again to the full episodes to get the full interviews. We’ve explored many angles and the implications of the great resignation: from purpose to finding clarity, to financial well-being and health wellbeing, the end of a system and the need to reinvent a more empowering one where people can go to work and expect to have a great experience. The takeaway 1 is that this phenomenon of great resignation is a build-up of many years of bad practices. in episode 93, Nicole Townsend, founder of experience counts shares why she thinks that the pandemic was the perfect catalyst for employees who already felt burned out to quit and start their own venture.