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MedCare Business Network brings the brightest and best high energy guests, sharing groundbreaking innovations in healthcare today. Brought to you by: MedCare Staffing, Inc


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MedCare Business Network brings the brightest and best high energy guests, sharing groundbreaking innovations in healthcare today. Brought to you by: MedCare Staffing, Inc






Dr. Brandy Brown - MBN S02E01

Today, Tom welcomes nurse practitioner, Dr. Brandy Brown from Atlanta, Georgia via Microsoft Teams remote session. Tom and Dr. Brandy Brown discuss what it's like to take care of patients in her office and as a locum tenens provider. Listen to two U.S. Navy veterans talk about their service and Dr. Brandy's transition to a civilian medical position and the affect it has when taking care of our many struggling veterans in the Atlanta area. About our guest: Dr. Brandy Brown (DNP – APRN – FNP – C) A professional FNP-C, with a love of nursing and a passion for helping people, Dr. Brandy Brown, DNP-C, APRN, FNP-C, is an effective APRN and Educator with 17+ years’ healthcare experience. She is also the President/CEO and founder of BLINGG, a nonprofit for nurses and other healthcare workers. Working to enhance her community around her at various levels and reminding everyone that health is in every aspect of life. Dr. Brandy is also the founder of her NP workshop and group called NP Real World Survival. Helping to train, mentor, and precept extraordinary nurse practitioners. Also known for her holistic and alternative healthcare knowledge and practices. Of course a Medical director of alternative health clinic she partnered with and a consultant. Dr. Brandy Brown, graduated at every degree level as she started out as a CNA at age 20. She has a AA from Southwestern Community College and then went on to get her ASN from Excelsior College of nursing. Dr. Brandy , would not be satisfied until she reaches ultimate lifetime goal of FNP. She pursued her BSN through Chamberlain College of Nursing, then onto Frontier Nursing University for her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In 2016, she completed her Doctoral Program for her DNP in nursing practice and leadership. ________________________________________________________________ Producer: Rob Fossali - - 470-822-3444 Host: Thomas Harbin - - 770-904-5012 x301 Exec. Prod. Assistant: Whitney Huskey - Sponsored By Medcare Staffing We place Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists and Advanced Practitioners in Locum Tenens, Contract Positions and Permanent Jobs.


MBN feat. Dr. Ela Grigorian

6/24/2022 "The Vitamin channel is a free to use blog that dedicates itself to wellness and health, achieved through plant-based nutrition. As a family physician I work tirelessly to promote health and counsel patients on how to avoid and manage all illnesses, including but not limited to heart disease/hypertension ,diabetes ,cancer prevention and weight management. I truly believe that we have so much control over our health if we know how to make the right food choices. This is where I believe I can serve best to help people avoid disease and feel their best. I am happy to say that while I love blogging, I very much enjoy my “day job” as a board certified family physician. I have always known the secret to career and skillset diversification through locum work. " - Dr. Ela Grigorian About our Guest: Dr. Ela Grigorian is a family medicine doctor who is a diplomate of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She has had a varied and rich career in the areas of family medicine and urgent care medicine . In her years of practice ,she has worked as medical director, has held adjunct faculty posts ,worked as a ring side physician, contributed to college campus tobacco cessation programs, performed noninvasive aesthetic procedures on her patients. She has extensive experience in telemedicine, and currently continues her work as a family physician, nutrition and wellness blogger and medical director. She is passionate about the role nutrition plays in preventing and treating diseases. She loves contributing to people’s health in general through informative and fun and easy to read blog posts dedicated to all things having to do with plant-based nutrition and the crucial roles vitamins and minerals play in health and vitality. She is very grateful to have found locum work and believes it to be an easy way to enrich her breadth of knowledge and experience giving her the ability to handle any type of workplace challenge. ________________________________________________________________ Producer: Rob Fossali - - 470-822-3444 Host: Thomas Harbin - - 770-904-5012 x301 Exec. Prod. Assistant: Whitney Huskey - Sponsored By Medcare Staffing We place Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists and Advanced Practitioners in Locum Tenens, Contract Positions and Permanent Jobs.


MBN feat. Jason Chandler from the Northside Hospital Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation

Website Mentioned in the Podcast: Paint Gwinnett Pink About Jason (from LinkedIn): Graduate of the University of Tennessee and a native to Knoxville, Tennessee earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Psychology. Masters degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management from Indiana University in 1999. Charles Johnson Fellowship for work with the United Way; 2002 Association of Fundraising Professionals Skystone Ryan Prize for Research on Fundraising and Philanthropy; National Advisory Council for New Directions in Philanthropic Fundraising; Association of Healthcare Philanthropy Faculty; Leadership Gwinnett, President of Rotary Club of Gwinnett Mosaic, North Georgia Council Boy Scouts Board Member Senior Associate Director of Development for the Woodruff Health Sciences Center's School of Medicine at Emory University; Director of Development for Clinical Programs Emory School of Medicine; Director of Development for the Department of Medicine at Emory. While at Emory, Jason raised over $11 million. Senior Director of Development at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Led fundraising efforts for the University's Health Sciences Center, Performing Arts Center, one of the State's first private Schools of Pharmacy and the 2008 Town Hall Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and John McCain on Belmont's campus. While at Belmont, philanthropic contributions exceeded $35 million. President of Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation. Exceeded Heart and Vascular Center fundraising campaign's original $8 million goal and raising more than $9 million to bring the first advanced cardiovascular and open heart surgical services center to Gwinnett, one of the largest counties in the state of Georgia. While at the GMC Foundation, philanthropic commitments have exceeded $50 million in gifts, pledges, and planned giving commitments. About the Foundation: Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Website The Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation was incorporated in 1989 to support Gwinnett Medical Center by funding programs, services and capital expansion projects through charitable contributions. As a private not-for-profit 501( c )( 3 ), the GMC Foundation enables people from all walks of life to come together and give of their time, money and talents to strengthen our healthcare system. For nearly three decades, we’ve been inspired, blessed and empowered by your philanthropy. We’ve experienced firsthand what our community can do when we simply ask and enable people to give. ________________________________________________________________ Producer: Rob Fossali - - 470-822-3444 Host: Thomas Harbin - - 770-904-5012 x301 Exec. Prod. Assistant: Whitney Huskey - Sponsored By Medcare Staffing We place Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists and Advanced Practitioners in Locum Tenens, Contract Positions and Permanent Jobs.


MBN feat. Dr. Brian E. Hill - Hip Nation

Dr. Hill is a partner and practicing physician with Urology Specialists of Atlanta, is on the board of the Medical Association of Atlanta and is a delegate to the Medical Association of Georgia annual House of Delegates. He has been selected to the League of Leaders with the Institute of Healthcare Consumerism and service on the IHC editorial advisory board. Dr. Hill is the author of Stop the Noise: A Physician’s Quest to Silence the Politics of Health Care Reform as well as numerous articles on healthcare reform. In 2014, Dr. Brian Hill, Dr. Hal Scherz, Dr. Jeff English, and Davis Butler, an attorney specializing in healthcare, came together to form HIPnation. HIP stands for Healthcare Impact Partners—coming from the idea that we want to directly partner with our members in order to make a positive impact on their healthcare. Nation was added because it is our hope that this new way of healthcare will have an impact on our entire nation. The problem: Healthcare has become more about the insurance industry than the patient-physician relationship. Physician interaction with this system has become exorbitantly expensive and becomes more so every year. These costs are passed along to patients through higher prices that do nothing to help make anyone healthier. The system has become a distraction, an added burden without corresponding value. Physicians and insurers hire a multitude of people to manage the current system. This is reflected in high healthcare costs that then make health insurance expensive. This same interaction also distracts physicians, making them focus on meeting the regulations of the insurers as opposed to the needs of their patients. Our assessment: Insurance should be used only for the high-cost health events—not things like physicals, the management of ongoing medical conditions, or the common cold. Our treatment: Redesign the healthcare ecosystem to place the patient back in its center and put insurance in its proper place. Our design: We developed an innovative delivery solution based upon a membership model that removes insurance and its valueless distractions from the primary care office. Patients now have 24/7 access to their Primary Care Physician who is focused exclusively on helping them maximize their overall wellness. Studies show that patients with access to a personal 24/7 primary care physician experience: We expanded the model to include significantly reduced True Cost prices for payment at the point of service for outpatient healthcare services including labs, imaging, specialty consultations, minor procedures, and ambulatory surgeries. Then we partner with a sharing or indemnity product (for individuals) or a sharing product or a level-funded plan (for employers) to help manage the high-cost healthcare events. The effect of this approach: Individuals can reduce total healthcare costs by as much as 60% and employers can reduce total healthcare costs 30-50%, while accessing concierge-level primary care. It’s time for change. We invite you to “join the nation.” Sponsored By & Part of Medcare Staffing Placing MD's, DDS, Pharmacists & Advanced Practitioners in Positions of Success Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


MBN feat. Jacquel Tucker & The J Tucker Group

Jacquel Tucker Coach Jacquel Tucker is full of passion and fire and it's easy to understand why. If someone had told her when she was a little girl growing up in rural Jamaica with her parents and 8 siblings that one day she would feed up to 2,000 families monthly in the USA and it would happen during the worst pandemic, she would have laughed, told them no way - her family could barely afford dinner or even a tube of toothpaste. Even though she was growing up in a Christian home with her dad as a Pastor and her mom as a Youth Director, it all seemed impossible! But that was all about to change and it started with her "Lazarus story" when she was almost six years old. It was enough to solidify her faith and trust at a young age that if God brought her back to life from the the dead, then surely, he must have big plans for her life. Today you can find her fiercely and faithfully walking in her calling. But this was not always the case. One of her earliest big breaks came in the form of a full academic scholarship to study at the University of Maine. God showed her that even though there were thousands in Jamaica who applied for this scholarship, it was in his perfect plan for her to be one of the 20 students awarded. This incredible opportunity launched her successful career in Hospitality where she worked in Jamaica and subsequently returned to the USA where she consistently advanced to Executive Leadership positions in Sales & Marketing. Have you ever felt like you were caught up in the hamster wheel of life? You are working very hard but not sure where it's all going or it doesn't feel very rewarding? Sadly, this was how Jacquel felt about her life. However, it was all about to change. In 2016, she could no longer deny the call of God on her life to serve others in a major way. She walked away from her successful career and launched her non-profit The Jamaica Project USA with a mission to transform rural schools and communities in Jamaica and serve families in her state of Georgia, USA. She became about her father's business and there was nothing more rewarding and fulfilling. Every sacrifice was worth it. With her 25 years of leadership experience, Jacquel also launched her consulting company in 2016, training numerous hospitality employees and managers in the areas of sales, customer service and leadership. Her purpose was set on fire and God wanted her to do the same for others. Since then, she has been helping numerous individuals discover, ignite and launch their true kingdom purpose with influence and impact. She is the ultimate Purpose on Fire Launcher, Chief Encouragement Officer and Chief Motivator and it's quite contagious! Jacquel currently lives in Georgia, USA with her best friend and fellow entrepreneur Shun Tucker and serves as a Lead Coach over the Children's Ministry at Victory Church in Norcross GA. She firmly believes "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and her greatest desire is to hear from our Heavenly Father "Well done good and faithful servant". Sponsored By & Part of Medcare Staffing Placing MD's, DDS, Pharmacists & Advanced Practitioners in Positions of Success Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


MBN feat. Dr. Glenn Cohen

DR. GLENN D. COHEN Credentials Education Society Memberships University Affiliation Hospital Affiliations My feeling has always been, if something happens to your hands, wrists, or elbows, you need the best hand surgeon in the world ... (read more)


MBN-20th Anniversary Spec. w/ Guests Tom Harbin & Rhonda Polhill

Special guest host Keith Hoffert interviews founder, Tom Harbin and business partner, Rhonda Polhill on two decades of service and the surprise celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Medcare Staffing. Tom Harbin, Founding Partner at MedCare Staffing, Inc., is celebrating 20 years in business this February. Tom is a United States Veteran who served our country in the Navy for 8 years. As a visionary, Tom believes his company can make a difference in the healthcare worker shortage for...


MBN feat. Shannon Russo - Kinetix HR

Medcare Business Network w/ Special Guest Shannon Russo/Kinetix HR Kinetix is a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm for growth companies. Your company is good at what you do – and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be growing while your competitors are looking for cheap office space in the “warehouse district” – or whatever they named it to make people forget the neighborhood crime rate. But you also know you can’t hire good people fast enough to keep up with your growth. That’s why you’re here. Kinetix is the best in the country at hiring great people, fast, and we want to play for your team. Kinetix was founded in 1990 and we’re headquartered in a little pocket of growth we like to call the ATL (Atlanta). But, like ZZ Top once said, we’re nationwide. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from coast to coast and have filled tens of thousands of positions, from security guards to CFOs. Every person on your team is critical to the success of your business. You keep bringing the jams and we’ll keep you flush with fresh talent. CALL US. Everything starts with a phone call—a simple convention in American business. You call us, we ask you a few questions and before you know it, we’re having a conversation. We can change the world one conversation at a time. Just pick up the phone. You know you want to. – 770.390.8360 Text Us. All the kids are doing it these days. – 205.383.9600


MBN feat. Mark Bush - A Step Above

To understand who Mark is and his purpose, you have to know his story. Mark was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. At the tender age of 3, Mark and his twin brother, Marlon witnessed the brutal murder of their mother , at the hands of their father. Their father then took his own life by jumping in front of a train. Mark considers himself to have been blessed to be adopted by his mother’s younger brother, Corby Bush and his wife Yvonne Bush. Mark, his twin, and their older brother, Jason, were raised as their own. In 2001, Corby would move his family to Dallas, TX, as he was appointed to pastor a church there. In November 2017, Mark created a home care consulting agency, The Group, LLC. The Group assisted smaller home care agencies with operational effectiveness, marketing expertise, and medicaid billing efficiency. The Group hosted several seminars and training for hundreds of Care Providers in the state of Georgia. In 2018, Mark created “ The Marketing Black Book ”. The Marketing Black Book was created to assist community marketers with an organized and effective way to Follow-up with leads. In December of 2019, Mark understood to be an innovative force in the Home Care industry, he needed to become a Case Management Agency. February 2020, Mark was licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health to be a Community Care Service Program case Management company. He named it A Step Above Case Management because he wanted to set the new standard in case management. His team would go “A Step Above”. A Step Above manages the care for low income seniors and individuals with disabilities who qualify for this medicaid waiver program. A Step Above can provide these member’s with the following In-Home Care to maintain their lives in their homes instead of a Nursing Home: Home Delivered Meals, In-Home Aide, Alternative Living Services, Adult Day Health, Emergency Responses Services (Life Alert), etc Video Interviews with Mark: Living and Working to be Purposeful Startup Founder & CEO Mark Bush on How to Overcome Adversity Interview about Diversity and Inclusion with the 7th Air Force Commander (KOREA) Articles Written including Mark: Estranged Wife Slain As Kids Watch Primecare Health care service names new CEO Air Force MWD handler reunites with best friend Airmen build strong bonds through memories, resiliency Team Chukky detects terrorism in Iraq Mark’s Books: I'm Possible: Transitioning from there to here - 2017 The Marketing Black Book - 2017 Live Intentionally: 52-Week Challenge - 2016 Live Intentionally For Students 3rd - 12th Grade - 2016 Social Media: Instagram: LinkedIn: