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#53 - How to Protect Your Business From Lower Prices ep. 1

On this episode, we discuss a personal example where a competitor is coming in to try and take our business by offering a significantly lower price. This is not a surprise to me or anyone else in this industry, but it does provide me an opportunity to walk you through how I'm handling it in real time. This is likely the first of a couple episodes on this topic and about this situation. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#52 - How To Be More Confident Selling Your Product

On this episode, we discuss how you can grow in confidence with your product(s). It's not simply enough to "be sold" on your product, you also have to be able to deliver your product in a sales pitch confidently and also handle the objections to follow. To be the best you have to beat the best. In sales, you have to train your responses for the most difficult objections you could get from a customer. You never want to practice only layups. The harder you work in your down-time, the more...


#51 - Do Nice Guys Finish Last in Sales?

On this episode, we discuss the all-too-common situation where sales people end up too far on the side of "nice". While this is a key trait of many successful sales reps, it can also be the downfall. Like I'm sure you have heard, "Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing." We hope you enjoy this episode!


#50 - Who Should You Learn from in Sales?

On this episode, we discuss who you should be looking to for sales advice. And we also spend time discussing "Cognitive Dissonance". Cognitive dissonance is a common bias people struggle with, myself included, but something we all should try to overcome. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#49 - Likeability in Sales, How Important is it?

On this episode, we discuss a comment a friend of mine made saying, "Sales is only about getting people to like you." Is this true? How easy is it to get somebody to like and support you in sales? It's easy to get people to like you when you aren't trying to sell them something. The relationship changes immediately though once the person knows you're trying to sell them something. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#48 - Addressing Customer Risks and Concerns to Close Deals

On this episode, we discuss the questions reps need to be asking to close the deals they aren't closing. And these questions typically have nothing to do with the product itself. You need to walk the customer through the process of conversion and address any potential pitfalls along the way. If and when you outline the worst case scenario for the physician, the fear and uncertainty about switching vendors will be reduced. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#47 - Are You Trading Productivity for Perfection?

On this episode, we discuss a comment made by the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, about taking too long to launch your product. I think this is analogous to the situation many young reps find themselves in where they are pursuing perfection at the cost of productivity. First, perfection is an illusion and shouldn't be pursued directly. Second, the way to truly improve your skills in sales is to test them in the real world. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#46 - How to Pitch the Same Customers a Second Time

On this episode, we discuss the very common situation where you are going back to the same customers, with the same product, a second time. This happens frequently and the key is to start the meeting off the right way to reengage the customer. Many times, they had the intention to move forward with you the first time, but they lost focus or interest or changing habits proved to be more difficult than they first realized. Your job is to take what should be a warm call and treat it as a cold...


#45 - The Classic One-and-Done Sales Rep

On this episode, we discuss the one-and-done sales reps. These are reps that ask one question, and one question only to the customer, then move into their pitch. The strong sales reps will ask much more than one question to the customer before they start pitching their product. You need to know as much as you can about the customer and why they use what they use prior to bringing up your product. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#44 - How to Transition from Selling to Closing

On this episode, we discuss the key point when you transition from selling to closing and what that sounds like. It's not enough to give the advice of, "You have to ask for the business." The real question is, "What are the actual words that come out of my mouth when I ask for the business?" We hope you enjoy this episode!


#43 - Minimizing the Up's and Down's in Sales

On this episode, we go deep on the topic of 'Outcomes-Driven Thinking' and 'Process-Driven Thinking'. There is a substantial difference approaching results from these two perspectives and it's important to keep both in balance. What you're trying to avoid are 'False-Positives' and 'False-Negatives', and you do this by making sure you're taking into account Process-Driven Thinking, not just Outcomes-Driven. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#42 - When to Pressure Customers and When to be Patient

On this episode, we discuss how to determine when to turn up the pressure on a deal or a customer and when to be patient. The fundamental question you should be asking yourself is, "Why isn't the customer moving in that direction automatically?" This will give you insight for how to handle each individual sales situation. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#41 - Understanding Customer Persuasion and Psychology in Sales

On this episode, we discuss the essence of sales - get the customer to see your perspective on a given topic. And to do this, you have to make sure they are looking at the same problem you are with the same perspective you have. Most reps struggle to align perspective prior to pitching their product or service. What you actually need to do is make sure the customer can visualize the problem like you are visualizing it, then you can discuss why you believe your product or service is the best...


#40 - Blending The Science And Art Of Medical Sales

On this episode, we discuss the equation of sales which includes science and art. Where many sales reps go wrong and many coaches go wrong is they think you only need one of the two variables to be successful. But my experience has taught me that you absolutely need both science and art to be successful in medical sales. I do believe both can be developed but the art certainly comes more natural to some people. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#39 - Getting Hired In Medical Sales, Don't Tell Me, Show Me

On this episode, we discuss the thinking behind, "Once I get hired, then I'll commit to learning the things I need to learn." In my opinion, this is the exact opposite approach of what should be taking place. Employers want to see people who have invested time up front to learn about the company, industry and product line. If you have shown up-front investment, there is a good chance you will continue to invest in yourself and in your career. This looks good to potential employers. We hope...


#38 - When Should You Be Using Sales Scripts?

On this episode, we discuss the correct application of sales scripts and when you shouldn't be using them. Sales scripts are important to have but should be used appropriately. Relying too heavily on a sales script inevitably takes you out of the present moment and reading what your customer is telling you both verbally and non-verbally. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#37 - Why You Shouldn't Pursue Win/Win In Sales

On this episode, we discuss how simplicity usually wins in sales. Big words end up with disengaged customers. Your customers want the facts without any fluff. Also, we discuss why win/win in sales isn't the right approach with customers. Yes, you need to be successful as a company, but your customers don't want to feel like you also think it's a good deal for you. They want to feel like they got a deal. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#36 - What You Think Is Important, What You Do Is Importanter

On this episode, we share an old story about playing catcher in baseball and the inability to block balls. It was only through intentional training that I was able to train my body to block the way it needed to. In the same way with medical sales, we all must intentionally practice our craft so that it becomes second nature. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#35 - How To Get Customer Engagement, Talking vs Communicating

On this episode, we discuss the fundamental difference between talking and communicating. When you're talking to most people, they aren't actually listening to you, they have a conversation going inside their own head. So instead of assuming they are listening and rambling on with your pitch, you need to use questions early and often to confirm the other person is listening and communicating with you. We hope you enjoy this episode!


#34 - Having Self-Awareness With The Customers When Discussing Products

On this episode, I revisit a couple of topics from earlier in the podcast about self-awareness with your customer. You need to maximize your time in front of your customers and that starts by making you're what you're discussing with them is relevant to their practice. If you have a product or service that doesn't match up with their practice or patient population, just cut your losses and focus on products and services that do match up. You can't be idealistic with making sure you show...