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Modern marketing tactics that anyone can use to scale and grow




Google made a HUGE mistake - EP-053

Blake Beus 0:00 So we talked a lot about split tests. Yep. And we've talked about it a lot in the past and everything. And I was listening to a Freakonomics podcast episode recently called, is Google Search getting worse? And in there, they talked with some actual representatives from Google, about some of the things and I wanted to bring up because I thought it was relevant in the fact that the interpretation of the test results is incorrect. And even Google did this. Yeah. And so I kind of...


Make your leads pay - EP052

Blake Beus 0:00 All right, leads like you were you're talking about, I don't know, a new way to do leads or leads or a new way to at least look at leads. Yeah, so Greg Marshall 0:09 I actually got the inspiration from listen to a podcast yesterday, which I respect, so shout out to perpetual traffic. But basically what they were discussing a case study that they did where I was like, that makes sense, because lead generation, sometimes can be challenging to do for companies, because of the...


Does social media still work in 2023? - EP051

Blake Beus 0:00 What was our lead off on this one? Greg Marshall 0:01 What was the true value? Blake Beus 0:03 Oh, yeah, the true value of social media. I was like, What did you wrap it up really nice. Yeah. Think of what that was? Greg Marshall 0:10 Well, we were talking about what the true value of social media is and what that means for businesses, because you were talking about how some businesses feel jaded with social media, like God doesn't work, or it's overly hyped or the use of...


Marketing plan, give ’em what they want-E050

Blake Beus 0:00 You were talking about hustlers mentality marketing plan. Yeah. All of that, like, yeah. Well tell me what you're thinking. Yeah. So Greg Marshall 0:08 I think having a marketing strategy is important and kind of knowing how to get your messaging out there. And one of the things I was saying is, even if you don't have a large budget, I think the overall idea is you have to have a huge budget, in order to make marketing work. And that's not based that's not the case, that's...


Planning in Q4 - EP-049

Blake Beus 0:00 q4 advertising like Black Friday just happened. Everybody's gearing up for q4. And you you were saying? You're getting asked a lot of questions about how to plan and prepare for the holiday season? Greg Marshall 0:15 Well, you know, in a lot of ways we all of us adults never quite fully grow up. Now, let me explain to you how I remember in school when you had a paper and you knew that paper was going to be due months in advance, but then you wait to the last minute to do it....


Book a call is SUPER profitable - EP048

Blake Beus 0:00 book a call funnels. You said you want to talk about that. But you didn't want to tell me before the phone before we turned the podcast? Yes. What? What? What about book or call funnels? We want to talk about Yeah, I Greg Marshall 0:10 didn't want to forget, because Because fresh off my mind, I was just talking with a client. And I was like we I feel like we always talk about, there's always like value before we hit the record button. We probably share that too. Yeah, so...


Is GA4 really that bad? EP047

Blake Beus 0:00 Google Analytics. So I've been getting a ton of emails about me to the changes on this. And I've actually converted a few sites already, from Universal Analytics to GA for Yep. is what they're calling it. But you had some questions about that. Greg Marshall 0:14 Yeah. So actually, I had a client asked me about it last week. And I said, I'm not really the professional and this particular aspect. So I knew I wanted to ask you. So I'm going to literally ask you, because I don't...


Google removing keyword targeting and VCs ruin everything EP046

Blake Beus 0:00 So I don't even know what we're talking about today. You wouldn't even talk with me about it before we started. Yeah, that's Greg Marshall 0:05 because that's because I wanted to make sure we didn't miss out on some of the Golden topics. So, today I had mentioned to you just last week, and in fact, it might already be active, because in a couple ad accounts yesterday, I saw, so Google has decided to remove on Youtube Keyword targeting, over asking me yeah, all really are...


Brand voice and marriage advice? They aren’t as different as you think. EP-045

Blake Beus 0:00 Okay, so we were just barely talking about. I mean, everybody talks about data driven and all of these things. But we, we were talking about some unique situations where a lot of business owners, they've been through the the brand voice message, the customer avatar thing that they they put in that work, which I don't think is a bad thing. But then it's almost like they get a bit locked in, in that area. Stubborn. And and convinced that that that because they did that work,...


Ad consultants almost always give you the wrong advice on this EP-044

Blake Beus 0:00 It's been a couple it's been a couple of weeks. Yeah. You've been traveling. I got COVID. Yeah. And then we're back. But yeah. So you you read something on Facebook's documentation. Yeah. Greg Marshall 0:14 And I surprised you and I never redacted. Blake Beus 0:17 Yeah. Because usually their their advice is bad. Yeah. Every time I've talked with a Facebook rep, the advice has been at the grid has not worked and when I've tried it, but so I wanted to pick your brain on what...


What actually happens when you scale your adspend? EP-043

Blake Beus 0:00 scaling like everybody, every client there, they always get nervous. Yeah, anxiety when they when it comes to scaling, right? So you found something that works. You're spending maybe 100 bucks a day or something. And now you're telling them alright, let's do 200. Let's do 300. Let's, yes, let's do this. And then they have a ton of questions as they do do that. So what happens? Yeah, Greg Marshall 0:22 so, and it's normal to be nervous. I don't think that's abnormal at all...


WTF is Zero Pixel Tracking - EP-042

Blake Beus 0:00 I've heard this term float floating around zero pixel tracking, Greg Marshall 0:03 or as you call it, zero pickle, Blake Beus 0:05 zero. I'm full of it today, everything zero pickup pixel tracking. And I like I like that term. And it's something we've actually talked about, we didn't have this catchy term, sure term for it. But let's, let's take a step back and talk about the problems with iOS 1415. And upcoming 16, I believe, and why that's relevant. So what what, what...


Going viral isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be EP-041

Blake Beus 0:00 So we were talking about going viral. And we we've talked about how going viral is not the solution, not the solution, right? Like, like, a lot of people want to, they want to go viral, viral and everything you want to have that content that just takes off. But I think the words you used were going viral is not what you think it is. Yeah. Or something along those lines, right. So like, why why do you say that? Well, I Greg Marshall 0:26 think, well, it's, what I do want to...


Marketing message 2.0 - How to get your message just right. EP-040

Blake Beus 0:00 messaging 2.0. So last week, we talked about messaging. And we gave a lot of different ideas concepts on on messaging. And I know a lot of people think messaging. It's boring talk, right like to talk to me about algorithms or, or targeting or stuff like that. But as we've mentioned, many times messaging is becoming more and more, it's more important, always been important. Yes. But with changes in data collection and privacy rules, which are only going to get more restrictive...


Per-channel brand voice for better ad hooks - EP 039

Blake Beus 0:00 We want to talk about hooks like you this is something you brought up about it. And you were talking with me before we turn this on it was the the importance of add hooks, and you had some new ways you've been kind of thinking about add hooks. Yeah, thinking about how hooks work when you're working with clients, all of that. Greg Marshall 0:17 Yep. So here's, here's a kind of a quick backstory. So when I first started running advertising, like Facebook, basically, and even...


Don’t write copy like Apple - EP-038

Blake Beus 0:00 Okay, common mistakes with messaging, this is what we decided to talk about. Right? Okay. So you're on the phone with clients all the time helping them run ads and everything. Let's just start talking about these mistakes, like people make mistakes with AD messaging all the time. And I feel like sometimes people are so worried to make a mistake that they maybe don't even run ads. So there's kind of like a flip side there. So how do we kind of help identify those mistakes and...


Gaslighted by Google... How to trust your gut more. EP-037

Blake Beus 0:00 Recap of last week we did some testing. Well, you did some testing about what we talked about on our last episode. Yep. About being where customers at being okay, spending a little bit more money from a CPM perspective. Yeah. Give us a rundown on on what we talked about last week. And then let's talk about your tests that you ran and what you found. Greg Marshall 0:23 Yeah, so. So basically, to recap, last week, we were talking about how this individual is talking about...


Better marketing channels for the masses - EP 036

Blake Beus 0:00 All right, so you were talking to me about all sorts of things. You tell me what you wanted to go over today? Because like you've got a better plan on today. Yeah. And what I do? Greg Marshall 0:10 Well, I listened to a podcast yesterday, I want to give credit to the guys names. I think it's onic or UNeek. I can't remember exactly how to say it. But he had a podcast with a gentleman that was on there. And he was talking about data, and how he uses this software or this thing...


Does Google Performance Max actually...perform? You’re gonna be surprised. EP-035

Blake Beus 0:01 Okay, performance Max, what is it? You said it's the new thing. Everybody loves it. I know nothing about it. Greg Marshall 0:08 Well, and I'll say, I don't know if everyone loves it. But I do know that perpetual traffic, the podcast. Yeah. And the couple of gentlemen there that run it. They sound like they absolutely love really performance racks. And here's the brief explanation of what it is essentially, instead of doing, you know how, when you build your campaigns on...


Lifetime value and why you are leaving money on the table EP-034

Blake Beus 0:00 Let's get let's get to lifetime value. That's what we talked about today. Right? Lifetime value. Yeah. So why is that important? Greg Marshall 0:06 Yeah. So I think lifetime number one lifetime value is, you know, they call it LTV, right. In marketing, you have to abbreviate everything, right. So, LTV lifetime value. And the reason why lifetime value of a customer is super important is because it allows you to understand how aggressive you can get with your marketing and...