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Podcast by Momenta Partners






#59 Creating a New GPS with Blockchain – an interview with XYO Co-founder Markus Levin

XYO is creating a distributed network for location services leveraging the power of blockchain and IoT devices. In our conversation, Markus shares the reasons why the availability of high-accuracy, verifiable and immutable location records can provide huge potential benefits for industry, particularly supply chain and logistics. In this conversation, he outlines the company’s technology, strategy and vision for using blockchain to deliver the next generation of intelligent, location based...


#58 Exploring Secure Cloud Transformation with author Richard Steinnon

Rich Stiennon is a long-time Industry Analyst and Author of Secure Industry Analyst: The Cio's Journey. One of the key points of the book is that businesses are currently in the midst of transitioning to Office 365 for email and Office tools. In the book, Stiennon explores journey of 16 leading enterprises around the world including Schneider, GE, Fannie Mae, Siemens, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Our discussion explores how the adoption of SaaS applications becomes a starting point for...


#57 Left to Their Own Devices – A Conversation with Dr. Julie Albright

Julie Albright, Ph.D Digital Sociologist at the University of Southern California and a Board Member of Infrastructure Masons. We discuss her new book, Left to Their Own Devices – How Digital Natives are Reshaping the American Dream. The central thesis of the book is that the rise of the Internet and digital technologies is causing people to become untethered – from relationships, work, institutions, even society itself. This phenomenon is manifesting among Millennials most prominently,...


#56 A Digital Twin for Business Process – A Conversation with Babur Ozden

Babur Ozden is founder and CEO of Maana, a software based Knowledge Platform. Our conversation explored the origins of the company, which focuses on capturing best practices and tacit knowledge of business processes to provide employees with domain-specific software assistance created through extensive analysis of historical data. He discusses the challenges of deriving actionable knowledge from silo-ed data, and the principles behind the creation of the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph...


#55 Accounting as a Model for AI Ethics – A Conversation with Professor Sander Klous

Sander Klous is Professor of Big Data Ecosystems at the University of Amsterdam and Partner in charge of Big Data and Analytics for KPMG in the Netherlands. Our conversation explored the key issues of trust, governance and ethics in analytics and AI, following on his books We are Big Data and Building Trust in a Smart Society. He is currently working on creating an ethical framework that would enable auditing of analytics and algorithms in a way similar to how audited financial statements...


#54 Start Small to Ensure Digital Success – A Conversation with “JT” Jean Turgeon

“JT” Jean Turgeon is VP and CTO for Digital Transformation at Avaya, with a career in technology and communications that spans decades Our conversation explored different dimensions of digital transformation, including the evolution of IoT and the impact across multiple industries. JT shared where Avaya is focusing its digital transformation efforts, in particular in the Health Care, Public Safety and the Hospitality industries. One of the key points he makes is that companies should start...


#53 How Helps Drive Digital Transformation a conversation with Christian Lutz

#53 How Helps Drive Digital Transformation a conversation with Christian Lutz by Momenta Partners


#52 Assessing Digital Strategy Risk – A Conversation with David Bauer

David Bauer has a long career managing risk- as a CTO, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and COO for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and other institutions. In our conversation he discusses assessing and managing risk to digital transformation strategies, going beyond the topic of cybersecurity covered in our earlier podcast. He shares the complexities involved with ensuring that digital processes are mapped appropriately, how to evaluate the user experience on apps,...


#51 Averting Bias in Future AI – A Conversation with Mike Flannagan

Mike Flannagan’s extensive experience in technology and Connected Industry has placed him at the nexus of the evolution of industrial IoT and digital transformation. Our conversation explored best practices around digital transformation, the role that technology companies can play in helping to drive changes to business processes and the value add of analytics in broad context. He shared perspectives on how best to bridge the culture gaps between technology and core business along with...


#50 Platform For a New Energy Economy – A Conversation with David Martin

With the growing adoption of solar power generation across homes and businesses there’s growing need for solutions that simplify the evolution of the grid, and improve ROI. PowerLedger is at the forefront of a new generation of Distributed Energy Management Systems (DERMS), with a platform that enables energy to be sourced from multiple modes of generation and monetized in different ways. Our conversation explored the key macro drivers behind the company’s origins. David Martin explains the...


#49 Control Systems Cybersecurity: A Grim Gap - A Conversation with Joe Weiss

Joe Weiss works as the Managing Partner of Applied Control Solutions and Managing Director of the ISA99 standards organization. He has a deep background in control systems security, and has been active in the cyber security community around control systems for decades. Control systems are everywhere in every type of power generation, substation, pipeline, manufacturing, transportation, medical, pharmaceuticals – and security is often not understood. Our conversation covered a range of topics...


#48 Digital Transformation From Cisco to GE and Beyond – A Conversation with Bill Ruh

Bill Ruh is CEO of Digital Business at LendLease Group, a global developer and construction company for high rise and other real estate developments. Previously, he was the Chief Digital Officer for all of GE and CEO of GE Digital. Our conversation explored the nature of digital transformation, the considerations for creating goals and aligning the organization for success. One of the key insights is that transformation for industrial firms draws from best practices of technology companies,...


#47 The Power of Micro Co-Generation – A Conversation with Dan Nadav

Dan Nadav is the CEO of EnviroPower, a company that is innovating traditional technology to create a cheap, alternative approach to generating primary and secondary power from a unique modification to a boiler that is typically employed in homes and apartment buildings. We discuss how EnviroPower has developed a micro-generator solution that turns energy that ordinarily would be wasted into electricity, and how this approach avoids the challenges faced by other alternative forms of...


#46 Organic AI: A Conversation with SK Reddy

SK Reddy is a the Chief Product Office of AI at Hexagon. Our conversation went deep into AI some of the critical developments in the market, notable research in the area, key industry applications and use cases of the technology. The conversation covers some of the key enabling factors, in particular the rise of collaboration and open sourcing playing a key role accelerating the development and adoption of technologies. He details several dramatic innovations including Convolutional Neural...


#45 From Genesis to IoT Big Bang: - Rick Bulotta

Rick Bullotta founded two companies that have been pivotal in the development of connected industry: Lighthammer (acquired by SAP in 2005) and Thingworx (acquired by PTC in 2014) and he is now an adviser to Microsoft Azure IoT. He’s a passionate advocate of new technologies and innovation, and enjoys the disclaimer that “80% is fact and 20% is BS - and I don’t know which is which”. Our conversation explores his personal background in industrial technology, and how the insights gained from...


#44 LoRa Powers the Next Wave of IoT - Donna Moore

Donna Moore leads The LoRa Alliance™, a 500-strong consortium dedicated to advancing innovation, interoperability and adoption of the LoRaWAN™ Standard. Our conversation explores the background of the Alliance, the key characteristics of LoRaWAN™ chips and the open standard, and some of the work that the Alliance is facilitating across the ecosystem. LoRa benefits from being a second mover in the low-power wide area market, with much of the evangelizing benefiting awareness of the advantages...


Podcas #43 DLC Managing Expectations: Even More Important Than Execution

This is the first episode of our Digital Leadership Series, which highlights the insights of digital transformation leaders in industry. Our first guest is Guido Jouret, the Chief Digital Officer of ABB, who was also a previous guest on our Edge podcast. Our conversation explored Guido Jouret’s core principles around digital transformation, best practices for implementation as well as key lessons as they have applied in his career. Notably, we explore the implications of how the coming...


#42 Building a Better Mousetrap With LoRa – With Wienke Giezeman

Wienke Giezeman is Initiator of The Things Network and CEO of The Things Industries. His work is deeply focused on the LoRa standard for low-power wide-area connectivity. Our discussion explored some of the factors that drove the creation of the LoRa standard, some of the critical use cases that provide proof points for adoption, the critical role of collaboration and alliances in building the ecosystem and some of the early use success stories in the LoRa ecosystem. In particular, Wienke...


#41 Investing in Convergence: AI, Blockchain and IoT - A Conversation with Rumi Morales

Rumi Morales is a Partner at Outlier Ventures, an investment firm focused on early stage companies with an investment horizon of 10-20 years driven by an investment thesis focused on convergence of AI, Blockchain and IoT. Our conversation covers her experience surviving the Asian Financial crises, the burst of the dot.coms and the global financial crisis - and how lessons from those experiences helped shape her views. She shares her experience managing venture investments at CME Group,...


#40 From BI to Big Data to IoT Analytics and Beyond - A Conversation with Bill Schmarzo

Bill Schmarzo is CTO of IoT and Analytics at Hitachi Vantara and Executive Fellow at the San Francisco School of Management. Our discussion covered Bill’s origins in data warehousing and business intelligence, how and why he had to “unlearn” traditional approaches to embrace Big Data techniques. The conversation explores some of the differences in approach between business intelligence, big data and IoT analytics, along with how Hadoop fundamentally changed the economics of data. He shares...