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I'm Dr. Ming Chee, and I'm the money alchemist. Each week, we'll play with a topic related to money, and we're going to have some fun around it! My passion is to guide you to create money alchemy in your life, and manifest the abundance that you deserve.


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I'm Dr. Ming Chee, and I'm the money alchemist. Each week, we'll play with a topic related to money, and we're going to have some fun around it! My passion is to guide you to create money alchemy in your life, and manifest the abundance that you deserve.






Being Present to Serve

Every so often, I like to have a "book club" episode of the podcast. This week, let's talk a little bit about a book I wrote with Amina Makhdoom, called Being Present to Serve. What does it mean to be present to serve? Here's a hint: it's not just about being physically present. Let's get into it! You can purchase Being Present to Serve on my website:


My Journey to Paris and Wealth Mindset

Welcome to September — my birthday month! I want to celebrate by talking about my trip to Paris over the summer. I've been to Paris before, but this trip really elevated my vibration, and fostered a wealth mindset. I hope this episode inspires you to elevate your vibration, and find abundance in the connections and experiences all around us.


Living in Abundance vs. Lack

Feelings of lack can be overwhelming, and leave us "stuck" in a cycle of negativity and scarcity. But what if we could shift our perspective and embrace a mindset of true abundance instead? Taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings in our lives can create that powerful shift, and bring us out of a lack mindset.


What's a Thought Billionaire?

I want to kick off the month of August by talking about something fun: how to become a thought billionaire. We'll start with the concept of vibrational energy, and go over some examples of high-vibrational words. When we incorporate those words into our thoughts and speech, we attract positive experiences!


Abundance Mindset

Let's take a few minutes to review the abundance mindset, and how you can use it to unlock the incredible potential within you. Remember: there is more than enough for everyone, and success, love, and happiness are unlimited!


How Visions Manifest Wealth

From Andrew Carnegie to Oprah (and beyond), I want to give you some examples of people throughout history who have used visualization and the power of belief, focus, and intentions to manifest wealth. Create your own vision for yourself — you never know what might happen!


How Does it Feel to be Rich?

Let's finish June with a trip down memory lane via some notes I wrote 5 years ago: an exercise on what it feels like to be rich. The feeling of being rich is different for every one of us — it can show up in what you eat, when you wake up and how you spend your day, and so much more. So as you listen to this episode, ask yourself how it would feel for you to be rich!


What is Miracle Monday?

I've got a new practice to tell you about to kick off the month of June! I set a theme — or as you might say — an intention for each day of the week, starting with "Miracle Monday." Tune in to hear about my Monday miracles, and the themes I set for the rest of the week!


Prosperity Affirmations

Let's close out the month of May with some prosperity affirmations! Feel free to ponder on them, say them yourself, write them out — whatever brings you a sense of peace in the moment. We'll start with "I am" statements.


The Emotional Guidance Scale, Pt. 2

On this episode, I want to give an update on my practice with the emotional guidance scale! If you're navigating feelings of fear or anxiety right now, and joy feels far away, remember the power of just feeling neutral. In fact, this can be a powerful way to manifest the abundance that you want.


Where Are You on the Emotional Guidance Scale?

You don't have to think about money if you want to manifest it — you just need to pay attention to your vibration. With that in mind, let's talk about the emotional guidance scale as a great way to notice where your thoughts and feelings are.


Your Relationship With Money

Today, I want to share some testimonials for my book, Money Blues to Blue Money. Consider these stories an invitation to think about your own relationship with money — because it truly has the power to heal our relationships with other people, too.


Receiving is a Thing

Have you heard those stories about people who win the lottery, only to have the money they won almost disappear? Well, it all comes down to your vibration. To kick off April, I want you to think about your vibration, and how much you could receive if you pay attention to it.


Thoughts Have to Go Somewhere

I talk a lot about the power of our thoughts on this show — after all, our thoughts become things. But let's take some time on this episode to explore where our thoughts go. Are you thoughts going to fear, anxiety, and sadness, or towards hope, joy, peace, and fun?


What's (Self) Love Got to Do With It?

On this episode, I want to dive into the role of self love when it comes to manifesting money. Hint: it's a big one, because self love is the key to manifesting anything!


Signs From the Other Side

Last time, I told you I would share some stories about creating wealth with help from the other side. So if you've been wondering how that works, and how to look for the signs, then this episode is for you!



I've been thinking a lot this month about perfection and belief. When we believe, we can create based on our beliefs. To kick off February, let's talk about the power of our beliefs!


Don't Give Up!

Last year, I had a couple of clients who decided to give up. My message to anyone who feels like they might want to give up is this: if I can change my life, anybody can. (Long time listeners of the podcast know exactly what I'm talking about!) Powerful affirmations can truly make the difference when you're in contrast. Let's talk about that.


Happy 2023

I'm so excited for 2023: the year of the water rabbit! Why is that significant? Let's talk about what the rabbit brings us, how long it's been since we had a water rabbit year, and the numerology of 2023.


Core Values for 2023

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who tuned in this year! I hope these podcasts have been a source of inspiration for you. Let's finish out the year by talking about core values, and how to bring those core values into 2023 as intentions. I'll also share a testimonial I got in the Manifest Blue Money private Facebook group!