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All 21st Century healthcare practices (dental, veterinary, chiropractic, and medical) use two software for a complete accounting system. Based on over 24 years of guiding these practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and flow, and the book of the same name, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom. Stay tuned for a wide range of topics and guests.

All 21st Century healthcare practices (dental, veterinary, chiropractic, and medical) use two software for a complete accounting system. Based on over 24 years of guiding these practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and flow, and the book of the same name, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom. Stay tuned for a wide range of topics and guests.


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All 21st Century healthcare practices (dental, veterinary, chiropractic, and medical) use two software for a complete accounting system. Based on over 24 years of guiding these practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and flow, and the book of the same name, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom. Stay tuned for a wide range of topics and guests.






How Do The Wealthy Become Affluent?

Kate Willeford, CPA joins Susan to discuss the classic financial psychology book, The Millionaire Next Door by William D. Danko, PhD and Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, who studied, wrote and spoke on affluence in America. Highlighting 3 of the 7 surprising common factors between the wealthy mentioned in the book, the discussion centers around millionaire’s best practices, and it is not what you may think! Episode Highlights Who becomes wealthyThe one word that describes all the millionaires...


Leading The Way Into The 2021 Unknown with Katherine Eitel Belt

Opening the new year, Susan is joined with podcast guest Katherine Eitel Belt to talk about being a leader in the midst of all the unknowns of 2021! How do we best apply the leadership lessons learned in 2020 to lead into 2021? Episode Highlights The Lioness PrincipleVision Alignment ConversationTransparency with Your TeamPurpose of Vision and Values Quotes "Some dentists have been blindsided into leadership roles they were not prepared for, but needed to fill." "Words are SO important...


Closing Out The Year with Kate Willeford

In this episode, Susan is closing out 2020 the way she started it, with her friend and colleague, Kate Willeford, CPA. Susan and Kate talk about the current information regarding PPP forgiveness, reviewing your finances and steps you need to take to wrap up 2020! Episode Highlights 2020 RecapPPP and EIDL FundingPayroll Tax Implications for PPP RecipientsOrganizing QuickBooksKeeping Your Finances CleanChanges in Payment Forms and Taxes 2021 Planning Quotes "Little did we know the sky...


Lies Breed Lies

In this episode Susan talks with us about the rationale of those who embezzle. Inspired by two articles Susan read lately, Susan takes a hard look at just a small fraction of the CARES Act fraud cases. We see how lies breed lies, but Susan lets us in on some insider knowledge, and that is honesty can ultimately breed honesty. The choice is in how we lead our lives. Episode Highlights Lies breed liesCARES Act fraud casesDentistry Today’s Leader in Consulting Quotes “Lying and dishonest...


How To Plan for 2021 Success During A Pandemic with Debbie Castagna.

In this episode, Susan is joined by internationally recognized speaker and consultant, and dear friend, Debbie Castagna, to talk about "How To Plan for 2021 Success During A Pandemic." Debbie and Susan highlight lessons learned from 2020, how practices need to move forward and how to build a viable Annual Plan for the practice in the midst of a pandemic! Episode Highlights Lessons from 2020Budgeting and overspendingUnderspending where you should spendKnow your numbersDon’t count your...


Payment For Service - What A Concept!

In this episode Susan is joined by Linda Valencia and Jody Catalanello from Mosaic Management Group to discuss patient collections! Now is the time to implement sound financial organizational systems and procedures into your practice. Episode Highlights Communication skillsFinancial health within the practiceReports to runTracking EFT paymentsDaily billingPatient overpaymentPaperwork is crucial Quotes “Money is sensitive.” “You have to be willing to work with a team member and gain...


Get A Grasp Of The Obvious

In this episode, Susan is joined by long time friend and well known colleague, Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources, to talk about hot topics! A consultant for over 25 years, Sandy shares her knowledge and tips with listeners in 5 obvious choices needed to ensure practice stability going forward, through the fall and OUT of 2020! Episode Highlights Covid-19 resurgence 5 obvious choices Quotes “It is really important that the team has confidence and stays positive.” “We are...


Following Your Passion To Build A Viable Business

In this episode, Susan shares with us heartwarming stories of her colleague and dear friend, Sally McKenzie, who passed suddenly September 1. Sally was an incredible business woman who provided an abundance of wisdom, guidance and grace for over 50 years to the dental industry and beyond. Following her passion was the key to her success. "Stress divided can be handled together." Episode Highlights 2020 has been a year like no other“Gushy” stories Sally would hateBasic 3 step business...


Not All Banks Are Created Equally!

In recent months, Susan has discovered many banks not offering standard digital services: accessibility to account statements, check/deposit detail, download capability, etc.. There is much to be learned about commercial banking, which in spite of digital access, still needs to be relationship bound. Katie Carlson, Relationship Manager from Frost Bank, joins Susan to discuss what is important in your banking relationship, as well as the importance of maintaining financial accounts for...


Assuming Payroll Tax Deferral Liability?

Are you thinking of implementing the payroll tax deferrals in your business? You will want to listen to this quick up-to-date podcast with insights into the Payroll Tax Deferral basics. Read about The Executive Order here. Read about the IRS Guidelines here.


Thinking Outside The Box

Susan believes businesses grow by evaluating what has made other businesses successful. This episode gives insight to Jazzy Jems, a successful boutique business owned by Entrepreneur Teenya Blanchard. Listeners will grab true "jems" in learning how this business has evolved through some major business hurdles, even losing power while recording a podcast! For more about Jazzy Jems Online Store or follow on Facebook. You will not be disappointed!


Do You Have A Little Stress In Your Life Right Now???

If you have not had a little stress in your life this year, you have lived under a rock! Life Change Units (LCUs) have never been higher in our lives but what does this mean? Then add conflicts with each other. Listen to Susan's guest, Denise Ciardello of Global Team Solutions, as they explore solutions. Conflict cannot be ignored. Most often, it worsens. If you are feeling a little stress in addition to conflict, this is an episode you will not want to miss. For the Conflict Resolutions...


Choosing To Embezzle: What Were They Thinking?

This is a difficult conversation to have but you need to hear it. If you own a practice for 30 years, SOMEONE that you trust will embezzle from you. To think otherwise is negligent. Not implementing valuable systems will be the compost an embezzler needs to cultivate fertile embezzlement grounds. Embezzlers can grow in those conditions and what they produce will be high yield. Three relevant observations from the American Dental Association Council of Dental Practices Survey on Employee...


Organize & Vitalize Your Workflow Space

Many workers have found themselves suddenly working from home, in a very incongruous work environment. And many more have found themselves cleaning and rearranging their homes and work spaces. Suddenly, the walls we lived between mostly at night, have become our daytime companions as well. Andrea Greer from On Point Space provides us all with some valuable tips on how to purge, how to see your space and how to freshen up your workspace to enhance creativity. Andrea Greer:


Overseeing Practice Revenue - What's Changed?

Learning to be nimble is what Virginia Moore of Moore Practice Consulting wisely recommends when she joins Susan for this candid discussion regarding how to review a practice's revenue. Driven by a strong desire to teach practice owners how to oversee their business, Virginia and Susan discuss: For more information for Virginia: For more information for Susan:


Your Best Year Yet?

Most everyone I have spoken with in the past few months have declared this was going to be their best year yet in their business, whatever business they owned. Then the robust economy was shut down and income slowed to a crawl. Susan takes a look back into World War 1, the Spanish Flu, the Roaring 20s and what built up to the Great Depression. After a little historical perspective, Susan brings up-to-date information on Mortgage Forbearance, as well as PPP & EIDL tracking. Information...


Seeing Patients Again - Not as Easy as it Sounds

As practices are reopening, please be aware not all your patient's insurance may be intact as it was their last visit. Guest Teresa Duncan of Odyssey Management, is the dental community's insurance expert, author of Moving Your Patients to YES!, national speaker and a good friend! This is a must listen BEFORE you start seeing patients! Teresa and Susan explore what is going on in the dental insurance industry. And be sure to listen to the end for book coupon codes! If you need...


What Now: What can you control?

The average business owner's brain these past few weeks has been working overtime trying to figure out what they need to do. In healthcare (dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and medical practices), that list has multiplied. Unlike others in that list, most dental practices have been mandated to close during this COVID-19 crisis. Hear some up-to-date information regarding unemployment, PPP and EIDL in regard to a few observations. And, do you need something to focus on? This week's...


It's No April Fools: COVID-19 Relief Money

With a bipolar stock market, there are so many questions with very limited answers. And we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Susan's regular guest, Kate Willeford, CPA, brings us the up to date information on the CARES Act and what you need to do now as a small business owner. There are multiple facets to these loans. Listen to hear: For the expense spreadsheet, email If you have questions, contact your CPA or forward them to me and I will try to...


More From The Twilight Zone

Join Susan & Kate for more helpful information during these truly twilight zone moments. Learn the up to date information on Be sure to download the checklist Kate has graciously provided for our listeners. If Kate can help: If Susan can help: