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Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.

Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.


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Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.






How to get Brand Registry with a Trademark in Under 7 Days & Common TM Questions

✅Order here: Order a Trademark from My Amazon Guy for $775 and get your brand registry on Amazon in under 7 days. We file your trademark within one business day of your order and give you the serial number immediately which you then take and file at It’s our pleasure to earn your business, ask any questions you have. You may also benefit from reading our FAQs at the bottom of the Trademark order service page. ✅ How to...


Ecommerce News 1-22-21

Strong start to e-commerce in January (UK data). IMRG reported 70% year-over-year growth over the last four weeks in the UK, coinciding with a strong finish to the year in late December. Electronics and Home/Garden were the fastest-growing categories. · Amazon advertising a clear winner in Q4 according to Kenshoo. Yesterday, digital marketing agency Kenshoo reported a "breakout quarter" for e-commerce ad spending, with channel spend from agency clients growing 78% year-over-year (see full...


Juicy Amazon Tips with Daniela Bolzmann, Mindful Goods #147

Living in Peru, eating juicy mangos, Daniela Bolzmann shares some basic tips to improve Amazon sales. How we create listings for Amazon in 3 simple steps. Protips for standing out & getting more clicks My favorite not-so-secret tool that not enough brands are using: Pickfu. Create canva render of your product and test. Bio: The mini-audit: How it Works: See sample hereSupport the show (


Scaling vs Growth: Delegation & Talent with Yoni Kozminski #146

Yoni Kozminski scaled an Amazon business from 2 to 5-million and built a Phillpines team and sold it to Thrassio. Sellers get stuck deep into their Amazon business, but how do you focus your day and get out of your business. Yoni has a decade spent in building digital strategy. We speak a lot about using talen to grow your business. Multipliers recommended book:...


Selling Jewelry on Amazon with Kristin Cherry Jackson #145

With 10-100-million jewelry skus on Amazon, it's hard to enter this market. Kristin Cherry Jackson was the first category manager of and did everything from necklaces to men's underwear. She joined Amazon and ran their jewelry category between in 2015 and 2018. So she's one of the most qualified to talk about selling jewelry on Amazon! What's the Jewelry retail landscape like, on Amazon? What's different about being a JEWELRY seller on Amazon, as compared to other...


Amazon Journey: Mina Elias Dynamite 7 Figure Supplements Hustler #145

Mina Elias is a multiple seven figure seller in the supplement industry, investor, Amazon PPC expert and founder of the PPC university. Mina excels at developing cutting edge supplements for different target audiences and combines his passion for supplements, his background in chemical engineering and chemistry, and his expertise in PPC to crush the competition on Amazon. His goal is to disrupt the supplement industry and make a significant positive impact by cleaning up the market and...


Advertising Basics with Destaney Wishon Better AMS #144

What's on your mind today? How far as we come along with Amazon ads. Support the show (


Advertising Payments: Ads Offline for 5-7 Days, Delayed Credit Card Payments, CAREFUL!

Just a short public service announcement that if your advertising payments get delayed, new credit card, delayed payments, or maxed out, your ads can offline for up to 7 days! Be careful. One solution is move off of paying for ads by credit card into paying by account balance out of Seller Central. Support the show (


Amazon is JUST BEGINNING: Chris Fryburger nReach #143

"If you're selling something, you can follow Jeff Bezos around the globe." Can't hire for the Amazon skillset right now. What is the magntidue of the boom that is going on? "With over 20 years of experience working with ad agencies, Chris has worked across most industries and brand categories. As founder of, Chris matches Amazon sellers with trusted resources. nReach has vetted agencies, firms, consultants, trainers and recruiters - from advertising to accounting, logistics to...


Complexities with Chris Shipferling of Global Wired Advisors #142

Global Wired Advisors is a leading Digital Investment Bank focused on optimizing the business sale process. Sale side engagement: Growth is strong, EIBTA is at a mark 1.5-mil, growth on a vertical. New capital flooding into the space that needs operating experience. Getting more complex, more capital pouring in. Put on a financial lense. Brands win on price and are commodities, or you win on innovation. Innovation drives better brand. The days of first generation guys who built Amazon...


Marketing and Financial Advise with Accrue Me #141

Rob Stanley and Donald Henig join me from Accrue Me to talk about better ways to raise capital to grow on Amazon. They also teach some great bestBefore we talk AccrueMe, let's talk your background. Don I understand you have some Hollywood history and a Broadway play? Don helped finance Rock of Ages and worked with Tom Cruise, one of his funnest investment. Rob what business did you have in the past you sold and did I hear that you had 60+ million views on your YouTube channel? Rob - did...


FBA vs FBM: Which is Better When FBA Delays Checkin and has FC Transfers

Question from Amazon Seller: I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and wish you all the best in 2021. So as much as we tried, due to UPS's taking ONE week to deliver the goods from SLC to Phoenix by parking the goods in Cedar City Utah warehouse and Amazon not wanting to receive the goods until now. I got 7000 units delivered yet not received for over a week now. Which leads to 0 units in FBA. So I got FBM running which is obviously not converting as well and has shot my acos through the...


UPS Partner Carrier vs LTL Shipments into Amazon FBA, Which is Better? #140

How to make an LTL Shipment, full guide: How to Create an LTL shipment on Amazon Seller Central. LTL Shipment to Amazon LTL (Less than truckload) shipments are useful when you need to send large or multiple units into Amazon’s warehouses. Below I’ll cover how to create an LTL shipment. First, you will need to select the product(s) you want to ship in. Do this by going into your inventory and checking the checkbox next to the product(s) you will be creating a pallet shipment for. Then...


Amazon Reviews Impact. Profitero Report: The power of consumer reviews #139

"Consumers are 2.4x more likely to trust content createdby other people like them than content created by brandsthemselves (Stackla). This need for authenticity is whyRatings & Reviews are so critically important to youreCommerce strategy and why 97% of shoppers consultthem before making a purchase online. In fact, onlineproduct reviews are 3.5x more important to shoppers ininfluencing purchasing decisions than are the opinions oftheir own family and friends (CheckoutSmart)." Link to the...


Manufacturing Impact: Chinese New Year Shut Down Starting Early January 8 #138

Due to a supposed new COVID-19 strain, Chinese New Year shut down will come early this year, at around January 8th. Normally this happens around January 20. The biggest celebrations occur shortly before Friday, February 12, 2021. Sources tell us they're seeing manufacturers shut down early, leaving early, to get their travel in early to avoid missing out on Chinese New Year celebrations this year. This means if you don't have an order ready to leave your manufacturer this week, it's...


Post Christmas Rush Mortem, Check Inventory Replenishments, Reconfigure Advertising #137

Today is a good day to check your Inventory replenishments report. Then go adjust advertising, unpausing ads, lowering bids, and set your January strategy up. Your competitors may be out of stock right now, so good time to beef up inventory more than you did last year. ✅Get 50% off First Month with Helium 10 Or Promo Code MyAmazonGuy50 ✅Get Amazon Consulting at Support the show...


Profit vs Growth with Tyler Jefcoat Seller Accountant #136

"For me, it all comes down to trying to measure annual return on working capital. Measuring profit (either via Post Advertising Gross Profit OR via Return on Inventory Investment) and then measuring velocity are the two key variables: I'm equally happy with either of the following two scenarios depending on my strategy: ✅ Get Amazon Accounting and CFO services I would prefer option A if my greatest strength was improving advertising performance because I...


Amazon Cracking Down on Product Inserts for Review Manipulation #135

Lesley Demond LinkedIn Post: Warning! If you're an #Amazon #PrivateLabel seller, this is URGENT news for you! It just got a lot riskier to put inserts into packaging asking for positive reviews, offering free products, etc. If Amazon detects language that asks for a #ProductReview in an unapproved manner, they are demanding that all units be removed from the #FBA warehouse. Removal orders must be placed in 3 days, or the seller's account will be suspended. Here's the language from...


External Traffic with Michael Jackness of Ecom Crew #134

Michael of Ecom Crew has built content sites that rank for organic keywords and pushes traffic into Amazon. Writing great content, because content is king, and push sustainable traffic into Amazon. I like that "I control the dial. At any point I can switch it to another store or platform." Book reference: Who Moved My Cheese Hardest part is writing content. The 2nd hardest part is to keep going. Use SEO tools like AHREF0 or MOZ or SEM Rush. Go for long tail keywords first. Build a long...


Advertising Journey: Ad Advance CEO Joe Shelerud #133

Joe started his journey on Amaozn with retail arbritrage. He's a musician at heart, who got an engineering degree. After doing private label, and working on his advertising journey, he struggled to find a good tool to manage ads. Ad Advance started with Macros. Built a protoype then hired 3 full time developers. What are some overall strategies that you implement for your clients using the different ad types? Piece meal advertising when you're first getting...