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The latest news, technical information, health and safety advice and a touch of gossip for the UK roofing industry. Brought to you by NFRC, the UK's largest professional roofing trade association. Hosted by Philip Campbell and Pip Applegate.

The latest news, technical information, health and safety advice and a touch of gossip for the UK roofing industry. Brought to you by NFRC, the UK's largest professional roofing trade association. Hosted by Philip Campbell and Pip Applegate.


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The latest news, technical information, health and safety advice and a touch of gossip for the UK roofing industry. Brought to you by NFRC, the UK's largest professional roofing trade association. Hosted by Philip Campbell and Pip Applegate.






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Episode 18 RoofTop Review

RoofTop was originally started in 2020 to help communicate with the UK roofing sector in the midst of Covid. In this podcast, we review some of the key themes which have been presented over the past 17 episodes of RoofTop. There are some fantastic discussions and points covered by our special guests, and so we are encouraging listeners to recap on any episodes you've enjoyed and listen to those which you've not had a chance to hear yet. Whilst we pause production of RoofTop for the time...


Episode 17 **Tax Changes Special**

As we approach the end of the tax year we talk through some of the up-coming tax changes on the horizon with Wendy Bradley, author of the JTC Newsline. In this podcast we discuss the upcoming rise to National Insurance Contributions, COVID Sick Pay and Making Tax Digital amongst other topics.


Episode 16 ft Prof. Patrick James from Uni of Southampton

In this episode we interview Professor Patrick James, Professor of Energy and Buildings at the University of Southampton. Professor James is the author a new report commissioned by the NFRC Charitable Trust, Future (P)roof—Building resilience of roofing technologies in a changing climate. We discuss the importance of this research with Professor James, what is means for our industry as well as government policy. Download the Future (P)roof report


Episode 15 Careers Special ft Ruth Scarrott

The NFRC/Glenigan State of the Industry Survey for Q3 2021 found that over three quarters of roofing contractors are now facing recruitment difficulties, and skill shortages had become as much as a concern as material availability. NFRC’s Head of Careers, Ruth Scarrott, joins us for this episode of the podcast to discuss what can be done about this. She also discusses some of the exciting initiatives she has been working on to promote careers in the industry.


Episode 14 ft Allan Wilen of Glenigan

What is expected to happen to the roofing and construction industry in Q4 2021 and into 2022? Will workloads continue to rise? What will happen with material shortages and prices? What sectors are likely to grow the most? Which regions? We discuss all these questions and more with the Economics Director at Glenigan, Alan Wilen


Episode 13 ft Lee Jones from NBS

In this episode, we are joined by Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS. Lee helps businesses in their adoption of digital technologies within the construction sector. Lee talks to us about how the pandemic has fast-tracked the construction industry’s move to digital and what this means for the future of the industry. We discuss how digital technology interacts with building safety through the so-called golden thread as well as in other areas such as net-zero. We discuss what both...


Episode 12 Net Zero Special

Net Zero Special The UK has a legally binding target to reach ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions by 2050. What is meant by net-zero, and what does it mean for the roofing industry? The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has tried to make this more tangible for construction by setting out a framework of nine principles based around the three themes of transport, buildings, and construction activity—this initiative is known as CO2nstructZero. In this episode, we talk to Stuart Young, from the...


Episode 11 ft Dr Bill Chan

In this episode of RoofTop NFRC Chief Executive, James Talman interviews the highly esteemed civil and structural engineer Dr Bill Chan. Bill has played a critical role in the development of various UK, European and US standards, particularly in the roofing industry since 1971. In 2019 he was awarded the NFRC Pin of Honour for services to the roofing industry. Now in his 90s Bill still plays an active role in the sector. We also discuss how to stay safe in the Sun with NFRC Safety, Health...


Episode 10 ft Dusty Gedge

Ahead of World Green Roof Day on 6 June 2021, we interviewed green roof expert and former UK Roofing Award judge, Dusty Gedge. Dusty is the president of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB) and founder of, and is a recognised authority, designer and consultant on green roofs and green infrastructure. In the podcast we discuss with Dusty the importance of green roofs, what World Green Roof Day is all about, and even some tips on entering a project for the...


Episode 9 ft Emma Lindsay from CMA

This episode features Emma Lindsay, Director of Criminal Enforcement at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Emma discusses the work the CMA undertakes to raise awareness of competition law in the construction industry, and in particular, what lessons can be learnt from the recent CMA case in the lead industry. Links to useful information from CMA are available at


Episode 8 ft Katie O'Neill from RSPB

Did you know that the UK saw a 53 per cent decline in the swift population between 1995 and 2016? Swifts tend to nest in gaps high-up on homes and in other buildings, and when these buildings are refurbished, these swifts have nowhere to nest. The good news is we are working with the RSPB to help do our bit to reverse the decline, by helping to raising awareness amongst the roofing industry, and encourage the installation of swift nest boxes. In this episode of NFRC’s podcast, RoofTop, we...


Episode 7 Reverse Charge VAT Special

The way VAT is collected in the construction industry is going to radically change on 1st March 2021. On this ‘tax special’ episode we interview NFRC’s tax partner Liz Bridge from the Joint Taxation Committee all about the changes. Liz talks us through everything you need to know about Reverse Charge VAT, what you need to do prepare and where you can find more information.


Episode 6 ft Fergus Harradence

In this episode, we interview the Deputy Director for Construction at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Fergus Harradence about the UK government’s new ‘Construction Playbook’. The is the government’s blueprint of how it intends to procure public sector construction projects going forward – from schools, to hospitals to prisons – this playbook will cover it. Find out in this podcast what this will mean for specialists and suppliers, and what to do to prepare. Also...


Episode 5 ft Ulrich Marx

In this bumper Christmas special, NFRC CEO James Talman interviews the CEO of the German Roofing Contractors Association (ZDVH). James discusses with Ulrich the professional reputation roofing has in Germany and what the UK can learn from Germany in this regard. They also review 2020 from both a UK and German perspective and look ahead to 2021.


Episode 4 ft Maria Coulter

In the latest episode of RoofTop—the only dedicated roofing podcast in the UK—we interview ‘construction coach’ and mentor, Maria Coulter. Maria is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor who works with SMEs and micro-businesses to help them to maximise their profits and stand out from their competition.


Episode 3 ft Richard Miller

In this episode, we discuss safe winter working during the pandemic, which regions of the UK are construction 'hotspots' upcoming changes to the way the self-employed are taxed, as well as a the fire risk of ‘CLASP’ school building and the NFRC’s recent guidance on this. We also interview the NFRC's Head of Qualifications and Standards, Richard Miller, who started out his career 'on the tools' as a felt roofer. He talks to us about how he got involved in the sector and his progression into...


Episode 2 ft Prof Noble Francis

We interview the esteemed Professor Noble Francis, Economic Director at the Construction Products Association (CPA). Noble talks us through the most recent Construction Scenarios published by the CPA, and what this could mean for the roofing industry. Do listen and share with your colleagues.


Episode 1 ft James Talman

News and information about the UK roofing industry from NFRC plus interview with NFRC CEO James Talman on the industry including how it has coped with the Covid-19 outbreak and his ambitions for the future.