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Never Be Afraid to Sell: Interview with Jenn Paul - Episode 78

Listen in as Jenn Paul of gives us 6 tips to increase your sales. Most importantly she says, it's about selling throughout the appointment and closing the appointment by selling the next appointment. Notice that Jenn is always edifying the decisions and courage her clients have by taking control of their health. Alternative Natural Health Care can be a tough sell, but Jenn tells us that when we are on the path of our purpose there's nothing tough about it! Don't miss the end...


5 Marketing Musts: Interview with Rob Sloan- Episode 77

On today's show, listen in as Rick interviews Rob Sloan from The Contemporary Agency who is an expert in Marketing. Rob gives us the top 5 things you must do to have a brand presence, and the tasks associated with each. 1) Understand Your Sales Process 2) Have an Actual Online Strategy3) Your Digital Presence4) Analytics of Your Digital Presence5) Search Engine OptimizationDon't miss the three nuggets at the end when Rick asks Rob what are the extras you should do if you can!


Special interview with David Lee - Episode 76

Listen in as Rick interviews the co-host of “The Waves of Tech,” David Lee, who with his father have been three-time finalists of The Podcast Awards, produced over 400 shows, and created International Podcast Day. In its fifth year, the latter is a day-long celebration of the power of podcasts and will launch on September 29th at 4pm then travel around the world and hear from 50 to 60 podcasters from places like Australia, Germany, India, Mexico, and Hong Kong, just to name a few. This will...


Special Interview with Terri Levine - Episode 75

Are you spending all of your time creating content for blogs, classes, webinars, etc? Listen in as Terri Levine from teaches us to focus on ONE thing and automate your marketing and scheduling so we aren't spending all of our time on business but instead, spending time on what matters most. Get lifelong clients using authenticity and transparency instead of the upsell or the down sell Terri insists. "Imagine your clients are a parade, and the ones in the front are...


Special Interview with Chris Krimitsos - Episode 74

Don't miss this episode as Rick interviews Chris Krimitsos, a serial entrepreneur since he was a child who has had more than 20 businesses and has run over 2000 successful events. Listen in as Chris explains his ability to "see around the corner" of the next up and coming BIG shift in how a business will be created, promoted and managed. "Sometimes people are looking for too much advice. At the end of the day, you have to put your time in and listen to your audience and watch what they want"...


Interview with Char McPherson - Episode 73

Imagine getting started in Real Estate in 2008 as the market was crashing! But that's exactly what Char McPherson did and her discipline, tenacity as well as her willingness to look at her failures as a chance to change and succeed helped her win during that tough economic time. Char's recommendations, get over yourself, it's not about you. Someone needs you TODAY. To go from average to amazing it takes structure and discipline. Plan your activities and hold yourself accountable. "If you...


Special Interview with Dr. Shinitzky - Episode 72

On this episode, Rick interviews Dr. Harold Shinitzky, who works with Olympians, Pros & Junior athletes, parents, coaches, and professionals from every kind of industry imaginable. Listen in as "Doc" tells us about mental conditioning steps that will help you reach your optimal performance during the most important moments. "If you're not doing everything you could or should then you're actually sabotaging yourself from being your best" Doc mentions. Don't miss when Doc explains the 3 ways...


Special Interview with Now Hear This - Episode 71

Do you need guidance on what communications you need for your brand? Listen in as Rick and Bruce Wawrzyniak from Now Hear This, Inc. discuss Communications and Branding and how it impacts your business. "There is so much to communications from Media Relations, Public Relations, Social Media, your email signature, even the clothes you have on" Bruce shares. How does your brand come through on all these different Media? Every touch point is important. Are you consistent with your logo and the...


Special Interview with Mel Myer - Episode 70

This podcast is chucked full of wisdom from a man who has been succeeding since 1959 and shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, he is constantly pushing himself to find ways to succeed exponentially instead of linearly. Mel's recommendation knowing what he knows now: "Take some time off to rejuvenate but on the focus days, read more, listen more and mentor more. Get around bigger thinkers, EMPIRE THINKERS, and write yourself a permission note to succeed Spiritually, Economically, and...


Special Interview with J Lenora Bresler - Episode 69

J Lenora Bresler, J.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, ASC wrote the book "15 Questions To Great Relationships". Listen in as Nancy and J Lenora discuss the 3 chapters that popped out to Nancy the most. #1: What three words do you want people to use to describe you when you're not around. This question gets to our deepest needs and how we want to be perceived with others but don't miss the little nugget that J Lenora provides. #2: Know your PRIME TIME. Your productivity is inherently better at certain...


Special Interview with Chris Trout - Episode 68

Listen in as Rick and Chris discuss what it takes to go from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur and the decision that has to be made before you take the leap. Don't miss when Chris shares the importance of narrowing your focus and why changing your mindset can be the breakthrough you need to take you and your company to the next level. The biggest nugget comes at the end when Chris shares how to turn the money spigots on full blast by showing your "movie of the...


What Personality Do You Have? - Episode 67

If you want to better understand others it's first important to understand ourselves, Nancy says. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the 4 personalities and help you identify yours. Why understand them you might ask? Rick impresses on you, "If you can figure out the personality of who you're with you can focus on their needs and not yours". This, in the end, will help you close more business, make more money, and help a ton more people!


What is Value Add? - Episode 66

What does it mean to go above and beyond in your industry or for your customers? What can you do to separate yourself from a sea of others that do what you do? Listen in as Rick & Nancy give you tips to separate yourself from the masses as well as help you create a 5 step action plan to wow every customer.


Special Interview with Burke Hedges - Episode 65

Listen in as Burke shares his desire to help others shorten the learning curve to be successful as an entrepreneur. "If you're not equipped to be an entrepreneur the road is going to feel all uphill," Burke says. "Seek out mentors. It's important because it will help you avoid the long, hard, expensive lessons" he adds. Burke met a millionaire in his early 20's who told him to have 6 things going at any one time. That way if one takes off you're set for life. And if 2 takes off... well then....


Cultivate Educate and Captivate - Episode 64

Today Rick and Nancy discuss the need to be selective in who you choose to take on as a client. How do you cultivate the clients you want? Identify who your perfect client is. How big are they? What do they do? If you find yourself not closing enough business, have you gotten away from your niche and ended up working with customers who you really shouldn't be working with? Don't panic, just get back to your niche! "Think of the deep dive as a vetting process", Rick says. When it comes to...


Trade Show Excellence - Episode 63

Most people think that when you sign up for a trade show, that you just show up and say to HI folks. But if you've paid a great deal of money for your booth, you want to be able to get a return on your investment. Listen in as Nancy and Rick discuss tips on how to get organized, how your brand should come across, what to give away and how to follow up post-show to make it all worth your while, and much much more.


Building A New Revenue Stream (Gotta have a side hustle) - Episode 62

You need to ask yourself 7 questions "of WHY" if you're considering starting a side hustle. Another revenue stream will take time and money; be sure to map out a business plan over the next month, quarter, six months and year to ensure what you are getting ready to do makes good financial sense. "Passion has to be there," Rick says, and ask yourself is it about money or is it about fulfillment. Listen in as Rick and Nancy give you tips on how to analyze your GREAT idea.


Interview with Karen Herdina - Episode 61

Karen became an entrepreneur after a very successful career in various positions in Corporate America, from software implementations to six sigma black belt to President of a company. Yet her main reason for becoming an entrepreneur, like so many of us, was to be able to set her own schedule and devote time to trying to change legislation at the state level for people with developmental disabilities. "Pick and choose when you want to work" Karen shares. Listen in as Karen tell us what it...


How to Deliver Bad News - Episode 60

Bad news happens and has to be delivered to your customers and clients in a certain way. Listen in as Nancy & Rick make recommendations of just HOW to do it. Nancy recommends "be direct and straight to the point", don't be crazy and abrupt "but throw them a bone will allow you to save face" Rick adds. Stick to the facts. When you embellish you lose credibility and trust. "Let them vent' Nancy says and don't interrupt. The big nugget of the show is that you have to own it and Rick and Nancy...


On Boarding a New Sales Person - Episode 59

Do you have plans in place to on board your new sales team? Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss stories of good on boarding experiences and bad ones. In the first 40 hours a new member of your team is figuring out if they made a good decision to join your company and those 40 hours will show them the culture you have, and the culture you expect. What is the culture you're conveying? Rick shares how as a corporate sales trainer he scripted out every minute of every day that first week for his...