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Must-Have Mindset to Six Figures and Beyond - Episode 103

What would change in your life if you made 6 figures? Here are the steps that we used to get there and beyond: 1) Read - Give yourself a fresh perspective. 2) Evaluate Your Inner Circle - Who are the 5 people you hang out with the most and do you have a mentor? 3) Passion - Are you selling something you are passionate about? 4) Master Salesmanship! Behaviors & Techniques 5) Own Your Stuff - Don't be a victim and give yourself permission to be successful Call To Action: Read Malcolm...


What Metrics Are Important - Episode 102

Understanding your metrics can help you identify the issues if you aren't closing enough deals. What should you be measuring? Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss different metrics that you should be keeping track of and hear them dissect why your closing metric is the most important factor you could ever measure. But how do you get there? Tune in until the end.


Selling To The C-Suite - Episode 101

There are important steps you need to follow when selling to the C-Suite. Listen in as Rick and Nancy share the details you need to know as you call on the upper levels of any organization.


Cold Call To Close - 5 Tips To Closing A Deal When You Are Cold Calling - Episode 100

This might be the hardest skill to do the first time in sales, but once accomplished your confidence will go through the roof. Listen in as Rick and Nancy share these 5 tips: 1) Focus all of your questions and attention on them 2) Plan all of your questions in advance. 3) Don't follow any scripts 4) Keep your prospect relaxed 5) Make a second appointment if necessary


Drilling Down To The Real Objection - Episode 99

Other than that... Besides, that is there anything else... Can we agree? Listen in as Rick and Nancy give you GOLD to overcoming any and all objections.


Assumptive Closing - Episode 98

Assumptive Closing is an art form, actually takes pressure off of your client. When done correctly will do one of two things. First, it will help you identify the objections that you missed during your presentation. Second, it will make the sale official and get them started with your product or service. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the assumptive closing technique and how to add this to your arsenal of selling skills.


Why Choices Are Important - Episode 97

Choices! We all love having options and either or choices are vital to increasing your sales. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the importance of giving your client options as well as the psychology behind why more is actually less.


How To Use Tie-Downs Effectively In Selling - Episode 96

This might sound like an old school technique, but it's actually something you are probably using every day in all of your conversations and don't even realize it. This is a critical tool. A must-have in your quiver for closing a deal. A tie-down is just a periodic check in with your potential client to see if they are in agreement with you at a particular point in your presentation. Getting several small yes's during your conversation with your prospect will help you get the BIG YES at the...


Zero to Diamond - Interview with Ricky Carruth Episode 95

Listen in as Ricky shares timeless principals that will work in any industry. This episode is all about mindset, work ethic, and adapting. Business is completely unlimited and you can't do all the business that's available to you. Once you realize that it all comes down to how bad do you want it, how much can you handle and how much work are you really willing to put in. Put the relationship before the deal. Less than 1% of people will do a deal with you the first time they meet you. There's...


How To Set and HIT Your Goals for 2019 - Episode 94

Listen in as Rick and Nancy provide the exact questions they ask themselves in all areas of their business and personal lives to set the new year up for success. They even go into how to evaluate the previous year to ensure the up and coming year is the best year EVER!


Fearless - Episode 93

Today's episode is a discussion about the book Fearless: The Adam Brown story. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the life of Adam as written by Eric Blehm. Adam's life represented overcoming, courage, and faith in spite of so many obstacles including his bad decisions early on that led to an addiction that haunted him his entire life. His determination should be an example for us as we go about our days that we too should live FEARLESS!


Breaking Down Financial Myths - Episode 92

Each of us believes certain things about money that more than likely came from our childhood. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the difference between Accumulation Theory and Utilization Theory. If we are an accumulator, our security is derived by gathering things including money and just watching it. If we are a utilizer, we focus on lowering our risks but having a potential of a higher return by focusing on how fast our money can move. Nancy asks Rick some great questions so we can...


Seminar Junkie or Seminar Ninja - Episode 91

We all enjoy being entertained but is that the reason we go to seminars? Usually, our intentions are to improve ourselves and our businesses. Listen in as Rick and Nancy give you tools and tips to truly get the most out of your next event.


They Seven Levels of Why

Why?! Many times we ask ourselves why once. What if we would ask ourselves why enough times that we could get deep enough to elicit lasting change. Listen in as Rick and Nancy take us through a practical exercise to do just that.


The Importance of Over Communicating - Episode 89

If you want to stand head and shoulders above others in your industry all you have to do is be an over communicator. After meeting with a potential customer, find ways to thank them for their time by sending a handwritten note, an email or even a short text. If you've had a phone conversation with someone and you set up a meeting time, follow it up with a calendar invite or even a text to confirm. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the importance of over communicating so that you will be...


The Problem with Procrastination - Episode 88

6 Ways to Overcome Procrastination 1) Plan every day in advance 2) Do the worst or most important item first 3) Practice the Law of Three 4) Abandon Multi-Tasking 5) Turn off social media 6) Block off time on your calendar for the BIG projects


Legacy Building - Episode 87

When it's all said and done, you want the impact you have had to go on like ripples in a pond after a pebble is thrown. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss what it means to intentionally go about your day not for business's sake, but for serving others. It's all about mindset


Linear Income vs Exponential Income - Episode 86

A traditional job is a linear way to make income. But what does it mean to exponentially grow your sales or your business? Imagine the choice of either getting a thousand dollars a day or a penny doubled every day! What would you choose? Listen in for the answer, it will shock you. And don't miss as Rick and Nancy discuss how to create leverage and stay away from average.


Super Sized Selling - Episode 85

6 Point to Ponder1) No matter the size of the ticket, big or small the work is the same.2) If the profit margin is the same, you need fewer sales if you sell the bigger ticketed items.3) Increase your sales by stacking4) Consider reverse stacking5) What are your profit margins on every item that you sell?6) Have confidence in your big-ticket items, it's just a number!


Selling as a Real Estate Agent - Episode 84

Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the sales skills needed to be a successful Real Estate Agent. Being a Real Estate agent is so much more than just liking people. Learning how to sell and lead your customers is imperative. Get mentorship from a senior agent, a broker with a training program or a coach like Ricky Carruth. Read books! Read as many books on Sales and Selling that you can.