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We interview young entrepreneurs about their biggest challenges and dig deep into how they beat them, so that you can use their mindsets, tactics and tools on your own path to success.

We interview young entrepreneurs about their biggest challenges and dig deep into how they beat them, so that you can use their mindsets, tactics and tools on your own path to success.
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We interview young entrepreneurs about their biggest challenges and dig deep into how they beat them, so that you can use their mindsets, tactics and tools on your own path to success.




BONUS EPISODE: Everything you need to know about podcasting w/ Nerd Entrepreneurs cofounder Daniel Kunz

Hi and welcome back to Startup Stories, a podcast brought to you by the Nerd Entrepreneurs. I’m your host Daniel, and today I wanted to share a particularly special episode with you. Particularly special to me because for once I was on the other side of the microphone, being interviewed by my good friend Oliver about how we are producing this very podcast. Oliver is a founder himself, and him and his team were wondering whether it would make sense to launch a podcast to share their...


#17: From IT saleswoman to fashion entrepreneur w/ Animazul founder Karin Gutzwiller-Schreier

“When people love what they do, it’s not work. It’s just what they do.” - Karin Gutzwiller-Schreier Animazul started out as a side project while working full-time in IT sales for HP, the computer company. The platform brings latin american brands with a story and an impact to European consumers, and the products can be found on the startups web-shop or in one of the many pop-up stores around Switzerland. If you want to make this podcast better, give us a quick feedback: click here In this...


#16: How ‘unicorns’ can thrive in a male-dominated startup world w/ myProfashional co-founders Antonia Maiwald and Lena Koschek

When Antonia Maiwald saw overwhelmed and frustrated shoppers in fashion stores not get the assistance they were looking for, the idea for myProfashional emerged. Half a year later she was joined by her cofounder Lena Koschek. The team has built a platform that connects stylists, fashion bloggers and influencers aka. ‘Profashionals’ with frustrated shoppers to offer them expert advice while they are purchasing their clothes. In this episode you’ll learn: How to identify your target...


Special Christmas Edition w/ Nerd Entrepreneurs founders Daniel Kunz & Michel Bürki

In this episode we - the two hosts and entrepreneurs behind Startup Stories, Daniel Kunz and Michel Bürki - sat together, opened up a bottle of ginger beer and asked each other a set of questions we had prepared beforehand. We went into highly personal stuff, and can’t wait to show you what a half hour conversation between us sounds like (it’s fun!). In this episode you’ll learn: How we think our lives will look like in 10 yearsWhy we think we work well as co-foundersWhy being two...


#14: Living on half a salary and almost losing two jobs at once w/ GOWAGO co-founders Rutger Verhoef and Léo Chevailler

“I got to choose the people that I’m working with, and I would not get rid of this for anything in the world.” - Léo Chevailler CEO Rutger Verhoef and COO Léo Chevailler share the startup story of GOWAGO, a Swiss mobility comparison platform, that makes it easy for people to get a car for a monthly price. Before GOWAGO both founders used to work for Infinity, a premium brand of Nissan. When it came time to look at new business plans for Infinity they saw there was a real problem: people...


#13: Building a company around great people w/ RightNow cofounder Torben Antretter

“Finding good people is not easy. Even if you don’t have a position and you’re talking to somebody great, try to build the organization around that person, and don’t be function-oriented.” - Torben Antretter In this episode Torben Antretter shares the story of his legaltech startup RightNow, a company that - among other things - helps airline passengers get their money back for unused tickets. The company recently finished another round of financing, adding EUR 25 Mio. to their bank, but...


#12: From rejection to winning startup competitions, w/ Kaffe Bueno cofounder Alejandro Franco

“Fuck investors for a while, let’s work and do this.” - Alexandro Franco Kaffe Bueno ( extracts valuable oil from used coffee grounds and sells it to cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical companies for half the market price. The startup has patented two technologies, has deals to collect used coffee grounds from major companies around Copenhagen, and will be expanding to France and Germany in the next years. Next year the startup will establish the first coffee ground...


Trailer Nerd Entrepreneurs Podcast

Have you ever wondered how you could turn that business idea you have into reality? Or have you already started, but would love some inspiration along the way? Well these are just two of the topics you’ll find us discussing on the Nerd Entrepreneurs podcast. We interview young entrepreneurs in Europe and talk about what it really takes to build a company. Every week, we interview founders that are in the beginnings of their business. We cover the founders’ toughest challenges and biggest...


#11: SEASON FINALE: How not to validate your idea, with Nerd Entrepreneur hosts Daniel and Michel

This final episode of season 1 we discuss our own projects, a mindset trainer “Leadmind” and the Airbnb for desk space “FreeDesk”, and the mistakes that we went through along the way. Both projects didn’t survive the idea validation phase and have taught us a lot about what it means to be an entrepreneur. In this episode we discuss: We appreciate the support of all our listeners, and the time and openness of our guests. Thank you so much for keeping this show going and sharing your...


#10: Leadership in startups, with cofounders Séverine Chardonnens and Simon Bachmann

“It’s a challenge to give enough input, but not too much, and not feel like you’re doing the other person’s job” - Séverine Simon Bachmann and Séverine Chardonnens met at ETH Zurich studying health sciences and technologies. They founded IDUN Technologies in November 2017 with the vision to produce the best electrodes for improved health and performance monitoring. To provide accurate data and be accepted by the user, a wearable device needs to have two main attributes: excellent signal...


#9: From perfect team to deadly pivot, with entrepreneur Fabian Bollhalder

“Get ready to fail. In reality it’s business, and it’s going to hurt.” - Fabian Bollhalder After graduating from University, Fabian gave himself one year to work on his business ideas. He started with a startup in the legal sector and had to experience his team falling apart because of equity issues between the founders. Next, he joined the renowned Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, built a new team up from the ground based on his learnings, and acquired his first clients. The new product,...


#8: From 5 - 100 meals a day, working 12 hour days and spending $15k on a website w/ Tim Schmid, entrepreneur and cofounder at Earlybird

“We look like pro cooks these days, [but] the first time we were in the production kitchen we thought we could never make it.” - Tim Schmid Right after graduating from business school in 2017, Tim called up his two cofounders to join him, and they went live with - a food delivery startup - in December of that year. Starting with 5 bowls of healthy food every evening, they would deliver the bowls to their customers in Zurich in the mornings. Today, Earlybird delivers 100...


#7: Quitting his job, glueing chips into shoes and revolutionizing the sneaker resale market - The story of Founder and CEO of Collect-ID David Geisser

“If you don’t follow your own idea, you will definitely regret it.“ - David Geisser In 2014 David bought a Nike shoe in San Diego (US) that he really loved. Fast forward to 2017, David is researching the same shoe on the internet to buy it again. It was a special edition, and after trying to buy it on many different platforms he ended up getting it on a platform from Hong Kong. The shoe arrived, but it didn’t look the way David expected it to look. He realized had spent $100 on a fake...


#6: Letting people go, throwing spaghetti at the wall and pivoting to a business-to-business model - The PapayaPods rollercoaster with cofounder & CEO Alex Just

“It was brutal. Having to let those people go was absolutely brutal.” - Alex Just When Alex Just cofounded in 2016, the vision was to digitize the entire rental housing journey and replace property management agents. From getting a lot of initial exposure, to presenting their startup at the WebSummit finals in front of 10’000 people, the beginning seemed glorious. From that moment on, everything seemed to go downhill. In this episode Alex shares more about this...


#5: Raphael Tobler - From hotel management to the 'Tripadvisor for Education'

"When you are 80 years old, you don't want to regret not having pursued your idea." - Raphael Tobler Raphael Tobler is cofounder of Eduwo, the 'TripAdvisor for Education'. In this episode he shares his experience going from an education of hotel manager to launching his own startup in the education sector. KEY TAKE AWAYS 1) See how Raphael decided on the idea of Eduwo 2) Learn the story of Eduwo, the main platform in Switzerland that helps aspiring students choose their university 3)...


#4: Marco Righetti - Successes and failures of social businesses

"With 20 cents or one sold product, we could provide 47 days of fresh drinking water to one person in Mali." - Marco Righetti Marco Righetti is cofounder of PROJECT AQUA and RE-COFFEE. In this episode he shares his experience working on two social startups that have both had an impressive impact on people in developing countries, e.g. by providing 47 days of fresh drinking water for a person in Mali, with just 20 cents. KEY TAKE AWAYS 1) See how Marco and his business partner decided on...


#3: CARPASUS - How Cofounder René Grünenfelder built a new clothing brand around sustainability

CARPASUS cofounder René Grünenfelder shares why he started the sustainable clothing brand Carpasus with his friend, how he tackled the challenges of becoming independent and why he prefers to the option of failing (or 'tripping' as we call it) as an entrepreneur. If you like our show, please leave us a comment or review on iTunes, it really helps us improve the podcast and help more aspiring entrepreneurs like you.


#2: LEGI - The beginnings of Switzerland's biggest student discounts platform, with cofounder Marco Bruderer (SWISS GERMAN)

LEGI cofounder Marco Bruderer (@marco_bruderer) shares how his team tested their first assumptions and went to become the biggest student discounts platform in Switzerland, and how he deals with the challenges of leading a startup.


#1: Building a software startup, with entrepreneur Johannes Weiss

Conode cofounder Johannes Weiss (@jo_weiss) shares how he went from having an idea to launching a software product. This interview touches on subjects such as how he keeps his motivation up during tough times, how he finances his startup, how he deals with risk, uncertainty and failure and who he thinks should become an entrepreneur. This episode is brought to you by Nerd Entrepreneurs (@nerdpreneurs). We interview young entrepreneurs and share insights into their mindsets, tactics and...