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The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.

The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.


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The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.




Graham Barkus the Managing Director of the The Human Factor on: The relationship between stress and innovation, Clearing the Path and Taking a Different Approach to Healthcare

Graham Barkus is the Founder and the Managing Director of The Human Factor, a management consulting firm designed to help people and businesses through major changes. The Human Factor helps clients address transformation, improve their relationships, and enhance their performance. Graham founded the company in 2002 and has been a major leader in the community ever since. In addition to his business, Graham is a Non-Executive Director of Peak Pacific Group and a Partner at Transformation...


Coco Brown, CEO of The Athena Alliance: On Outgrowing the Pink Ghetto, Creating Digital Critical Mass, and the Importance of Including Women in the Boardroom

Coco Brown is an entrepreneur, CEO, board member, and the Founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance. The Athena Alliance is a digital ecosystem and platform designed around community, education, and opportunity for the top women in business. Coco has been actively leading Silicon Valley-based professional services and tech companies since 1997. Before founding Athena in 2016, Coco was the President, COO, and Board Director of Taos, a global leader in IT professional and managed services that...


Robert Bagheri, the Founder and CEO at Sakuu Corporation: On The Art of Growing and Scaling Startups, Removing Obstacles, and Creating Space for Others To Shine

Robert Bagheri is a renowned executive leader and the Founder and CEO of Sakuu Corporation. Founded in 2016, Sakuu is a one-of-a-kind 3D printing platform that can create multi-material products. At Sakuu, Robert focuses on networking with high-technology partners for unique innovations as well as training his team to perform at their highest potential. Robert has extensive experience running large companies, having served as the CEO of Telewave, Inc. before founding his own business. He...


Lucy Basta, the Co-Founder of WorkWell: On Why Soft Skills Are Essential, How Communities Build Great Leaders, and the Importance of Speaking in Your Own Voice

Lucy Basta is an expert in technology, a leadership coach, and the Co-founder of WorkWell, a career-empowering community for women. Lucy and her co-founder, Whitney Cole, started the business to ensure that people of all kinds can equip themselves with successful careers in the tech industry. Lucy has had a diverse career, ranging from emergency room worker to Learning and Development Leader at Apple. From there, she found her niche in leadership coaching and professional preparation. Lucy...


Ramit Singh Chimni, the Founder of the RASICH Group and One of India’s Leading Management Consultants: On Breaking Out of the Transactional Life, The Fairness Paradigm, and the Oversimplification of Success and Failure

Ramit Singh Chimni is the Founder of The RASICH Group, where he works closely with organizations across various sectors on responsible and sustainable business practices. Ramit has regularly advised the government on various instances, including drafting the bill on opening up FDI in the Indian legal sector which was circulated by India's Ministry of Law and Justice. He is also the Co-founder of Eight Goals One Foundation and is the author of Managing Your Legal Organisation | Global...


Corey Rosen, Host of the Moth StorySLAM Series and Author of Your Story, Well Told: On How Narrower Stories Adeptly Communicate Bigger Ideas, the Art of Connecting to an Audience, and the Importance of the Circus Bow

Corey Rosen is a writer, producer, creative director, and much more. He’s led a diverse career of over 20 years in the entertainment industry, with experience in movies, television, and even theme parks. He has spent the past decade at Tippett Studio, where he currently works as their Creative Director and Vice President of Creative Marketing & Development. He is also the StorySLAM Host for the Moth, a nonprofit storytelling organization. In addition to these roles, Corey is still a part of...


Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor of Business and Society at NYU Stern School of Business: On How Teaching Future Business Leaders to See the World Through the Lens of Sustainability Will Help Them View the World Differently

Tensie Whelan is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Business and a Clinical Professor of Business and Society at NYU Stern School of Business. At NYU, she advocates for sustainable practices and equips students to address environmental challenges in their future positions. In her own career, Tensie has 25 years of experience working with national and international organizations on issues of sustainability. Before starting at NYU, Tensie worked as the President of the Rainforest...


Sowmya Murthy, CMO & Chief Customer Officer at Seven Lakes Technologies: On Navigating the Liminal Space Toward Transformation, Thriving in Chaos, and Why You Can’t Use a Stick on a Free Person

Sowmya Murthy is a business innovator, advocate for women in leadership, and the CMO and CCO at Seven Lakes Technologies. Along with their CEO, Sowmya has helped the company transition from a service-based business to a SaaS product enterprise. Sowmya and her team have received recognition for their work from notable firms like Frost & Sullivan. Sowmya has developed her expertise in marketing and strategy across a laudable career, including her last position as the Head of Marketing at...


Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau, the Former Senior Expert, Leadership Development and Coaching at the European Investment Bank On: The Presence and Stillness of Leadership, Managing Your Own Stress, and Why Organizations Don’t Change

Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau is the former Managerial Advisor of Leadership Development and Coaching at the European Investment Bank, where she advanced leaders for almost 18 years. Currently, she is both the Founder and Executive Coach at Connect4impact. She started coaching to help people and organizations emerge and excel as impactful leaders. She is an EMCC-accredited coach and works primarily with international and financial organizations. Throughout her career, she also served as a Senior...


Melissa Berg, Director of Inclusion, Culture, and Engagement at Dome Construction: On Conscious Inclusion, How To Cast a Wider Net, and Changing the Culture in Construction

Melissa Berg is the Director of Inclusion, Culture, and Engagement at Dome Construction, a construction company that creates meaningful environments in the Bay Area. Dome Construction has been one of the top construction businesses in the Bay Area for more than 50 years and has been the contractor of choice for leading companies in healthcare, education, technology, and more. Melissa has more than 17 years of experience in the construction industry and more than 15 years of expertise in...


Dr. Eva Selhub, Internationally Recognized Resilience Expert, Physician, and Author: On The 6 Pillars of Resiliency, Striving for Balance Between Science & Spirit, and Why It's Necessary We Change Our Culture, Not Our Institutions

Dr. Eva Selhub is a globally recognized expert, physician, speaker, scientist, executive leadership and performance coach, and corporate wellness and resilience consultant. She is the Founder of Resilience Experts, LLC, a resiliency coaching consultancy, and is board certified in internal medicine. In previous years, Dr. Selhub worked as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and served as a Clinical Associate and the Medical Director of the Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body...


Eva Helén, Founder of Women In Tech - An Event For Guys: On Owning Your Ambition, Taking Up Space, & Making Sure Your Story Is Visible

Eva Helén is the Founder and CEO of EQ Inspiration, an organization that inspires men in tech to promote women’s advancement and equality in the industry. She is also a Board Director at Vasion, a software company that helps organizations digitize content and automate workflows. In addition to this, Eva is the author of the soon-to-be-published book Women in Tech — A Book for Guys. In the past 20 years, Eva has co-founded, built, and sold two software companies, including Sanbolic, which...


Umran Beba, the Former Chief Diversity Officer at PepsiCo & Current Partner at August Leadership: On How Large Organizations Can Win Hearts and Minds, Making Senior Leadership More Visible, & Advice for Those Just Starting Out

Umran Beba is a Partner at August Leadership, a staffing and recruiting agency that solves talent leadership challenges in organizations all over the world. Umran is also the Co-founder of Beba Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation and an Independent Non-Executive Board Director at Bakkavor. As a global leader with more than 35 years of experience under her belt, Umran boasts an impressive resume that includes a 25-year chapter at PepsiCo, where she ultimately became the Senior Vice...


D Sangeeta: Founder of Gotara, A Global Career Growthplatform For Women in STEM On: Pushing Innovation Forward While Growing Leaders & Leading at Scale

D. Sangeeta is the Founder and CEO of Gotara, the coaching, personal training, and global career advice network for women in STEM. Gotara’s vision is to close the gender gap and provide a community for women around the globe who are working in STEM fields as individuals or leaders. Before her work at Gotara, Sangeeta served in high-level positions in esteemed companies, including as the VP of Connections at Amazon, the Head of Global Client Operations at Nielsen, the General Manager of Lean...


Indra Adnan: Founder and Co-initiator of The Alternative UK political platform & Author of The Politics of Waking Up: Power & Possibility In the Fractal Age: On Building Citizens Action Networks & How To Solve The World's Problems Through Soft Power

Indra Adnan has been writing, consulting, and directing in the future political space for 20 years. She is the Founder and Co-initiator of The Alternative UK platform, which answers the question “If politics is broken, what’s the alternative?” She also works as a Human Givens Psychotherapist to help people resolve the issues that stop them from moving forward. Indra has written for major UK and US publications, in addition to her own book The Politics of Waking Up. She specializes in...


Shiva Dustdar, Head of Innovation at the European Investment Bank: On Financing Innovation by Innovating Finance, Saving the Planet Through Nature-Based Solutions, and Asking For the Impossible

Shiva Dustdar is the Head of the Innovation Finance Advisory Division at European Investment Bank, the European Union’s investment bank and one of the largest international lenders in the world. Shiva has worked at European Investment Bank for almost 20 years and has held positions in the risk management, lending directorate, and advisory services departments. Before her work at European Investment Bank, Shiva served as the Director of High Yield at Fitch Ratings, one of the “big three”...


Michael Gelb, Best-Selling Author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: On Rethinking the Fundamental Purpose of Business, the Evolution of Consciousness, and the First Goal of Executive Coaching

Michael Gelb is the world's leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. He is a pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, innovative leadership, and executive coaching with clients that include DuPont, Emerson, Genentech, Merck, Microsoft, Nike, and YPO. Among his many accomplishments, Michael was honored as Brain of the Year in 1999 by The Brain Trust Charity, joining the ranks of Stephen Hawking, Garry Kasparov, and Edward de...


Andrea Heuston: On the Power of Resiliency, Choosing Your Reaction, and Creating a Fail-Forward Atmosphere

Andrea Heuston is the CEO and Creative Principal of Presentation Design and Strategic Communications at Artitudes Design, a full-service graphic design firm that delivers award-winning design solutions. Andrea also serves as a Board Member for Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Andrea is also the author of the best-selling book Stronger on the Other Side: The Power to Choose, and the host of the Lead Like A Woman podcast, a show that focuses on empowering women to empower others. In this...


Violeta Bulc: On the Value of Innovation, the Responsibility of Entrepreneurship, and the Founding of Ecocivilisation

Violeta Bulc is the Founder and Curator of Ecocivilisation, an initiative that seeks to create an eco-friendly earth and spread technology, curiosity, and greatness across the universe. The Ecocivilisation movement was named one of the Top 100 Projects for the Future of the World by the Women World Economic Forum. Violeta is the former European Commissioner for Transport, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, and a current #G100 Global Chair for the Women World...


Eva Nahari: On Maintaining Your Own Personal Shape While Understanding the Shape of Your Organization

Eva Nahari is the Principal at DNX Ventures, a Silicon Valley and Tokyo-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in B2B startups. In this position, Eva invests in innovative SaaS, Cloud, ML-Enabled Enterprise Software, and DevOps companies that have the potential to transform the current approach to IT in enterprises. Outside of her work at DNX Ventures, Eva is an active angel investor and previously served as a Startup Mentor to the Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley. In...