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The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.

The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.


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The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.




Michelle Gadsden-Williams, Managing Director and Global Head of Dei at BlackRock, On: Taking the Stairs to the C-Suite, Why Your Dreams Should Scare You, and the Strategic Importance of Diversity

As a knowledgeable executive, Michelle Gadsden-Williams has an extensive career working with organizations and industries of all kinds. She is the Managing Director and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BlackRock, a fiduciary that offers financial and investment services. BlackRock is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory, and risk management solutions. With almost three decades of experience to back it up, Michelle specializes in diversity,...


Dawn Hudson, Former President and CEO of PepsiCo North America, CMO of the NFL, and Coauthor of “You Should Smile More”, On: The Stubborn Remnants of Gender Bias, Playing to Your Strengths, and Leading With Awareness, Not Anger

Dawn Hudson is an experienced executive, board director, and business speaker. She works as the Executive Vice President of the NFL and is a Board Director for both NVIDIA and the Interpublic Group. She previously served as the President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America and coauthored You Should Smile More along with many of her colleagues at PepsiCo. Her expertise includes consumer goods, food service, and sports management. In this episode… All of us can learn from our leaders,...


Lori Tauber Marcus, Cie Nicholson, & Angelique Bellmer Krembs of The Band of Sisters & Authors of “You Should Smile More” On: At the Table, Not in the Conversation; Accidental Sexism & Micro-Moments; Barriers to Inclusion Are Barriers to Success

Angelique Bellmer Krembs is a marketing expert and a founding member of The Band of Sisters. She spent 23 years at PepsiCo, leading turnaround and growth for many beloved brands, including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and SoBe. She was also the CMO at News America Marketing, created a CMO Advisory practice, and was the Managing Director and Global Head of Brand at BlackRock. Lori Tauber Marcus is a corporate board director, executive coach, and a founding member of The Band of Sisters....


Steve Ossad, Award Winning Military Biographer and Author Of “Omar Nelson Bradley America’s GI General 1893-1981”, On: Lessons in Leadership From the Battlefield to the Board Room, How Great Leaders Learn From Failure, and the Military’s Utilizat

Steven L. Ossad is an independent biographer, historian, and retired Wall Street technology analyst who specializes in leadership and operational level command. He is the author of books such as Omar Nelson Bradley: America's GI General, 1893-1981 and Major General Maurice Rose: WWII’s Greatest Forgotten Commander. He also spent 20 years working at various investment banks as a technology and financial analyst. In this episode… History is crucial if we are ever to learn from our past. More...


Soon Mee Kim, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at the Omnicom Group, On: Growing Up in a Korean Wakanda, the Moral Imperative of DEI, and the Work of Creating a Culture of Belonging

Soon Mee Kim is the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for the Omnicom Group and is a worldwide leader in marketing communications. She spent 14 years at Porter Novelli where she was a leader in their diversity and technology departments at different times. Her forte is found in uncovering and articulating why people should care about complex issues. Soon Mee is a proven leader and creative problem-solver, and she considers her favorite roles to be mentor, coach, and student. In...


Watchen Nyanue, Founder and CEO of I Choose the Ladder, On: Developing Black Female Talent, Finding Your Tribe, and Why Talent Only Matters When You’re in the Room

Watchen Nyanue is the Founder and CEO of I Choose the Ladder, a career development agency that works with corporations to develop and retain black female talent. She was also the Senior Vice President of Marketing partnerships at Chicago Sky WNBA and the Co-founder of the Little Doebahyou activity box. Her career has led her to work with prominent companies, including Yahoo, Comedy Central, and Time. In this episode… Historically, black women have dealt with enormous biases in the...


Natalie Egan, CEO and Founder of Translator Inc., On: The Journey of Transitioning as a Human Being and Transforming as a Leader, Moving From Toxic Masculinity to Empathy, and Recognizing Your Privilege Along the Way

Natalie Egan is an entrepreneur, sales expert, and software executive. She is CEO and Founder of Translator, a DEI learning platform that is designed to grow diversity and overall work culture. She previously worked at LinkedIn, Ecolab, Autonomy, and her own business PeopleLinx. Her career started in hospitality before moving into business. In this episode… Leadership is all about learning from mistakes and applying those lessons in the future. While most people know this, few actually...


Chris L. Fuentes, Founder and CEO of Ranger Ready Repellents, On: Disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry, Being a Courageous General, and Operating Like a Big Company but Acting Like a Start-Up

Chris L. Fuentes is a lifestyle brand CEO who has worked in leadership roles at companies such as Yankee Candle and Cycling Sports Group. After helping lead other businesses, he decided to disrupt the $1 billion insect repellent industry. Chris founded Ranger Ready Repellents in 2017 with a mission to combat vector-borne diseases. He gained much of his expertise at the VF Corporation, where he worked for nearly 15 years. In this episode… The story of the humble start-up is common in...


Nicole Yelsey, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at KindWorks.AI, On: The Scientific Research Around Kindness, Why Diversity Is Crucial To Innovative Teams, and Building Culture From the Ground Up

Nicole Yelsey is the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at KindWorks.AI, a software that promotes kindness and well-being through AI technology. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies and startups alike with 20 years of experience in marketing and brand development. She's worked on Superbowl commercials and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award shows. Nicole serves on the advisory board of Apologue Spirited Liqueurs and is the Co-president of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago. In this...


Terry Moore Executive Chairman at BRIGHT : Advancing Innovation for Brain Health, How to Expand Your Solution Space, and His Big Idea to End Pandemics

Terry Moore is the Executive Chairman at BRIGHT, a health technology company that seeks to combat cognitive decline with brain health and wellness products. Coming out of retirement to start the company, he is a recognized executive and business philosopher with a background in marketing and strategy. He is also the Founder and CEO of Sequence Ventures and the Founder and President of his philanthropic organization, Radius Foundation. Before his retirement, Terry led his own consulting firm...


Dov Pollack, Executive Coach and Founder of Next Wave Leadership, On: Building an Executive Presence, Understanding Your Story, and How the Podcast Has Changed Dov’s Coaching

Dov Pollack is an executive coach and development consultant who has helped brands such as Charles Schwab, Slack, and Amazon. Through his executive coaching consultancy, Next Wave Leadership, he works one-on-one with leaders to find their presence and better tell their story. He is a Founding Partner of Riverene and has previously worked with Future State Inc. and Hill Physicians Medical Group. Dov is the host of the Next Wave Leadership podcast, where he interviews leaders about how...


Jinny Uppal, Award-Winning Author of In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results and a Principal at CK Advisory, On: Meditation vs Mindfulness, Nonlinear Paths to Nonlinear Success, and Why Your Formula for Winning the Race Is an Illusion

Jinny Uppal is the Principal at CK Advisory LLC and has held leadership positions at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and Macy’s. She has more than 20 years of working experience with Fortune 500 companies, helping drive growth and lead corporate transformation. She is an experienced technology and business leader with a track record of driving growth in telecom, e-commerce, and retail businesses. Jinny recently wrote her first book, In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results, where she dissects...


Samantha Choi Cadley, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Manual Labor, On: Why the Story a Brand Tells Is More Important Than the Product It Sells, How To Show Up as You Are Whether Society Is Ready for You or Not, and Growing Up Branded in America

Samantha Choi Cadley is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and the CEO and Chief Creative Officer for Manual Labor. She has helped lead the company for over a decade, helping them become a leading creative and marketing studio. She started her career in design and creative direction at prominent brands such as GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren, and John Allan. Recently, she has started sharing her experience with TinkerBarn Ventures and Your29 as an advisor. In this episode… People are often drawn...


Kat Steinmetz, a Principal at Initialized Capital, Former Head of L&D at Stitch Fix, and Global Head of Talent Success at Box, On: Building HR at Burning Man, the Art of Asking Good Questions, and How To Hold People Accountable While Exercising Compassion

Kat Steinmetz is a Principal of Initialized Capital, a venture capital firm for early-stage companies. Specializing in HR and leadership development, she is a trusted executive with an interest in startups. She cut her teeth as the Head of Human Resources at Burning Man, building their HR and growing their talent pool over a decade-long tenure. Today, she continues to serve as an investor and advisor for several startups. In this episode… One of the best ways to capture an audience as a...


Dr. Yasmin Davidds, CEO of the Multicultural Women Executive Leadership Foundation, On: Overcoming Our Greatest Limitations, What It Means To Build Community, and Empowering Women To Own Their Truth

Dr. Yasmin Davidds is an organizational psychologist, executive, leadership development expert, and the CEO of the Dr. Yasmin Davidds Leadership Institute and the Multicultural Women Executive Leadership Foundation. She has trained and advised more than 2,000 leaders across over 200 companies, compiling that experience into her leadership programs. She has worked with companies like Microsoft, KARRASS, and Verizon. In this episode… Any story of success is filled with hardships and...


Annmarie Chereso, the Founder of BringIt! Home, On: How Being in a Contracted State Limits Growth, Moving Away From Fear and Towards Curiosity, and the #1 Question Every Leader Needs To Ask Themselves

Annmarie Chereso is the Founder of BringIt! Home, which gathers, inspires, and equips students, parents, and educators to empower themselves and the next generation of conscious leaders. For almost two decades, Annmarie has taught and spoken at schools and universities, facilitated workshops and trainings for teachers, and coached adults and young people. In 2015, Annmarie co-hosted Chicago’s first Conscious Parenting Summit featuring international speaker Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Conscious...


Meg Brossy, VP of Enterprise Sales at Grata, On: Leading With a “Bring It On” Attitude, Avoiding Jobs That Confine You to a Box, and How To Maintain a Culture’s Essence During Rapid Growth

Meg Brossy is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Grata, a leading engine in private company intelligence. She has led a thriving career in both the technology and the sports entertainment industries. Meg initially spent 15 years in entertainment, running the marketing departments of Philip Morris USA's Marlboro brand and even raising $115 million for the Charlotte Hornets’ NBA franchise. Now she works with technology companies by serving as a mentor through the program and advising for...


Tom Rodden, Former SR. Vice President and CIO of Varian Medical Systems, On: Building and Merging Cultures, Leading a Billion-Dollar Integration From the C-Suite, and the Argument for Breadth of Knowledge Over Expertise

Tom Rodden is the former Senior Vice President and CIO of Varian Medical Systems. He has had a diverse and vast career that’s covered technology, IT leadership, and business operations. Tom spent nearly 15 years at Varian Medical Systems in various leadership positions, where he further honed his executive skills. He recently took the position of ERP Program Cutover Consultant at Seagate Technology, a global leader in mass data storage. Currently, Tom is also a Board Advisor for Cloudrek and...


Robyn Bolton the Founder and Chief Navigator of MileZero On: Dealing With Organizational Antibodies, the Holy Grail of Corporate Innovation, and Tapping Into Your Inner George Costanza

Robyn Bolton is an executive with immense experience in product strategy and innovation. She uses her knowledge as the Founder and Chief Navigator of MileZero, a consultancy which helps companies fuel innovation in their culture and products. She developed her expertise by leading the launch of Swiffer in North America, going on to work with brands like Nike and Nestlé. Robyn has also written for Harvard Business Review Online, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Forbes and has been featured in The...


Ann Latham, Author of The Power of Clarity, On: How a Lack of Clarity in Leaders Causes Feelings of Inadequacy in Others, Why We Aren’t as Clear as We Think We Are, and the Tyranny of the Treadmill Verb

Ann Latham is a writer, consultant, and the President of Uncommon Clarity, Inc. Known as the Queen of Clarity, her consultancy works with companies and organizations to streamline and accelerate their processes. Some of the notable clients she’s worked with include Boeing, PBS, and United Way. She has synthesized many of her ideas into her books, The Power of Clarity, The Clarity Papers, and Uncommon Meetings. She is a frequent guest speaker and has been featured in publications such as...