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An in-depth look into Canada’s landscape and snow removal industry. Hosted by Grant Harrison, a 30-year veteran who has taken his vast knowledge and experience and built a successful coaching business in Nextra Consulting. Featuring one-on-one interviews with business owners, industry giants, national suppliers, innovators and support organizations. Learn business management lessons and strategies from some of the most professional companies in Canada.




An in-depth look into Canada’s landscape and snow removal industry. Hosted by Grant Harrison, a 30-year veteran who has taken his vast knowledge and experience and built a successful coaching business in Nextra Consulting. Featuring one-on-one interviews with business owners, industry giants, national suppliers, innovators and support organizations. Learn business management lessons and strategies from some of the most professional companies in Canada.






Episode 54 - Liana Desmarais (Plantscape Windsor)

Nextra Presents…! welcomes Lianna Desmarais from Plantscape Windsor. Liana talks about her introduction to the landscape industry, the resources she found so valuable in navigating her first few years, and how she’s grown the company. She also talks about gender bias and what it’s like to be a female landscape business owner in an industry that is male dominated. Episode Links: Plantscape Windsor (519) 972-5440 Website Facebook Instagram Connect with Liana Email Liana’s...


Episode 53 - Chris Penny (Lucrative Landscapes)

On this episode, Grant speaks with Chris Penny of Lucrative Landscape about his humble beginnings in the landscape world and how he realized his talent for marketing and growth focused on small businesses. Chris talks about the Lucrative Landscape model, how it can benefit small business owners and the ideal contractor that he can really help. Episode Links: Lucrative Landscaping Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Connect with Chris Email Chris’s Bookshelf Lucrative Landscaping by...


Episode 52 - Rob Murray (Intrigue Media)

On this episode Jordan talks with Rob Murray of Intrigue Media about being more competitive by using your website and social media more effectively to position yourself for success. Rob is full of great information, and he delivers it in a way that is understandable for those of us who aren’t part of that world. Episode Links: Intrigue Media 226-210-4276 Website Facebook Instagram Connect with Rob Email Linked In Twitter YouTube Rob’s Bookshelf Scaling Up by Verne...


Episode 51 - Scott Sim (Moon Glow Lightscapes)

On our first episode of the year we wanted to talk about a part of the industry we have not touched on before... enter landscape lighting. Today Jordan talks with Scott Sim from Moon Glow Lightscapes about how he became involved in the lighting industry, the challenges he faces and the logistics and rhythm of the industry. He says, “irrigation is science, landscape lighting is art”. In the episode, you’ll hear how much he loves his art! Episode Links: Moonglow...


Episode 50 - Lindsey Drake Nightingale (Yorkshire Garden Services)

In this episode, Grant speaks with Lindsay Drake Nightingale. Lindsay owns Yorkshire Garden Services, who specializes in high end residential landscape maintenance and installations in Toronto and York Region. Today, Lindsay shares her experience and knowledge about business ownership, business growth, staffing, culture and networking. Episode links: Yorkshire Garden Services Website Facebook Instagram Connect with Lindsay Email Phone: 416-804-2212 Lindsay’s Bookshelf The E-Myth by...


Episode 49 - Trevor Lively (Blue Jay Irrigation)

Trevor Lively is the second-generation business owner of Blue Jay Irrigation, whose head office is in London. In this episode, he talks to Grant about the transition in leadership from his father to him, the things he’s learned, as well as the way he’s expanded the business. Episode Links: Episode Sponsor: Jim Pattison Lease Wendy Ladd 416.417.5233 Blue Jay Irrigation Website LinkedIn Instagram Connect with Trevor Email LinkedIn Trevor’s...


Episode 48 - Jordan Smith (VSI)

On this episode, Grant talks with Jordan Smith from VSI about his history in the industry, the origin and development of VSI liquid brine sprayers, its recent purchase by Boss Snowplows, and the future of liquid de-icing in the snow industry. Episode Links: Smith Lawn and Landscape Website Instagram VSI Website Instagram Connect with Jordan LinkedIn Email Jordan’s Bookshelf Traction by Gino Wickman Boss Snowplow Website Connect with...


Episode 47 - Ed Hansen (Hansen Lawn & Garden)

In this episode, Grant talks to Ed Hansen from Hansen Lawn and Garden about a wide range of topics, from how Ed got into landscaping, to growing his business, to his chairing the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging committee at Landscape Ontario. This episode just feels like a couple of friends chatting about life and work. And I know you’ll want to pull up a chair. Episode Links: Connect with Ed Email Hansen Lawn & Garden Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Links Landscape Ontario...


Episode 46 - Grant Harrison (Acquisitions and being an attractive company)

It’s a great time to own a landscape business! Purchasing of landscape companies is on the rise as many larger companies and private equity firms recognize the value in well-run landscape operations. In this episode, Grant provides some information about how to make your company more appealing to potential buyers. Episode Links: Connect with Grant 519.868.6398 LinkedIn Twitter Email Nextra Consulting Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Episode Sponsor: Jim Pattison Lease Wendy...


Episode 45 - Sam Bauman (Employee Stock Option Plan)

Grant talks to Sam Bauman from Earthscape about the ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) program they’ve implemented and how it works. They also talk about the Traction program, which is also in place at Earthscape . It’s clear that Sam, like Grant, is a big fan of Traction! Earthscape (519) 669-2972 Website Instagram Facebook Connect with Sam LinkedIn Sam’s Bookshelf Traction by Gino Wickman A Stake in the Outcome by Jack Stack Good to Great by Jim Collins Other...


Episode 44 - Alex Cadieux (Techo-Bloc)

Alex Cadieux from Techo-Bloc talks about the current state of the hardscape industry as well as the opportunities he sees in the next couple of years. He shares some excellent (and free!) resources that Techo-Bloc has recently developed. Episode Links: Techo-Bloc Links Techo-Bloc website Hardscape Growth podcast Contractor Showcase Connect with Alex Email LinkedIn Twitter Nextra Consulting Website Facebook Instagram Connect with...


Episode 43 - Jesse Savage (Landscape Design)

Today Grant talks with Jesse Savage, owner of Savage Gardens and freelance landscape designer. They discuss landscape design and how Jesse’s services can assist landscapers who do not have a designer on staff. They also discuss Nextra’s new peer group for landscape designers that will be led by Jesse. If landscape design is part of your business – or you wish it were – you’ll appreciate this episode. Episode links: Savage Gardens Website Instagram Facebook Houzz Connect with...


Episode 42 - Sally Harvey (Landscape Ontario)

Today our own HR director, Charolette Casioli, is taking over the role of host as she interviews Sally Harvey, Landscape Ontario’s Director of Education and Labour Development. They discuss the biggest challenge facing contractors this year – the labour shortage. They talk about attracting, recruiting and retaining great staff. Sally shares resources available to contractors both through the government and through Landscape Ontario. NOTE: this podcast was recorded in March of 2022. The...


Episode 41 - George Urvari (Oriole Landscaping)

Today’s guest is George Urvari from Oriole Landscaping. George has a unique way of looking at equipment purchasing and the investment that equipment can be. And considering the current labor shortage, equipment might be a great alternative to staffing – if you get the right equipment. Episode Links: Connect with George 416.696.5110 x 231 Connect with...


Episode 40 - Grant Harrison (Looking Forward)

Season 3 is here! This year, we’ll again be bringing you interviews with industry experts, innovators, suppliers, and business leaders. The singular goal of this podcast is to provide you with information and resources that will help you improve your business and encourage you along the way. We’re starting the year off by interviewing Grant to have him provide you with an update on the industry in general and Nextra in particular. Episode Links: Connect with...


Episode 39 - Nick Bohner (Nix Snow)

Joining us on the Podcast today is Nick Bohner. Nick is the president of NixSnow, a snow-removal company based in Stratford, Ontario focused solely on residential snow removal. Nick talks about his business model, developing his brand, expansion plans, and the future of the snow industry. *Disclaimer* While we have done our best to edit out and soften some of the audio errors, the audio on the guests side for this episode was not ideal. Audio misgivings that could not be fixed aside, we...


Episode 38 - Frank Bourque

Frank Bourque is back! Frank is a fountain of knowledge regarding all things related to design/build business. In this episode, he gives us an update from the GIE show in Louisville, including introducing us to some new products and equipment and talks about the stages of business and how to scale your business effectively and profitably. Frank Bourque – Episode Links: Connect with Frank Website Email LinkedIn Design/Build Event in January Connect with...


Episode 37 - Brad Caton (Encore Presentation)

With winter coming, what a perfect time to revisit one of our favorite episodes with an encore presentation of Brad Caton: On this episode, Grant speaks with Brad Caton, the Founder of Invictus Professional Snowfighters, a leading snow and ice management company in the Pacific Northwest that is solely dedicated to snow and ice management. Brad shares his extensive industry knowledge, insight and experience. If snow removal is any part of your business, you’ll want to hear today’s...


Episode 36 - Grant Harrison (State of the industry)

Today on Nextra Presents..! Grant gives a “state of the industry” update including owner health, staffing, materials, equipment, and a temporary foreign workers pilot project, along with some encouragement and tips for getting through the rest of the season. Episode Links: Connect with Grant Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Email


Episode 35 - Jordan Robertson (Technology)

Nextra’s Chief Technology Officer, Jordan Robertson, joins Grant on the podcast today to talk about technology in our industry, why owners are hesitant to accept new technology, and the biggest hurdles they face when trying to implement new technology. Jordan will introduce you to three technology suppliers: Easy Locates, Ready Chek and Viaesys. These suppliers provide exceptional products that will save you time and money and ensure accuracy and efficiency in your business. Episode...