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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at

Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at


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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at






2021 is the Year For Courageous Conversations - with Katherine Eitel Belt

Master communicator Katherine Eitel Beltshares different ways she coaches offices through difficult conversations. Whether it’s the team, doctor or the patient, you’ll have to deal with intense and surprising situations. Katherine has some great diffuser solutions. Her talk about setting your own boundaries really resonates with me. I have personal boundaries but what are my business ‘heck no’ lines in the sand? Check out Katherine for communication workshops - she’s popular for a...


Three Key Insurance Developments to Watch for 2021

The upcoming year is already looking remarkably busy on the insurance side. I wanted to give you three areas to watch that will affect your practice. Throughout the year I’ll keep you updated on this podcast and in my newsletter. I appreciate that you see me as a resource, and I will continue to monitor carrier and revenue cycle management news for the industry. Thanks for helping the podcast grow this past year – I very much appreciate you. Here’s to a fantastic 2021! Episode 68 talking...


The Bugs Behind Periodontal Disease

This episode gets clinical but administrative folks need to know the why behind the treatment your doctor prescribes. Perio disease is linked to so many systemic ailments but did you know there are different bugs behind the disease? It’s why some patients respond well to SRP while others need more specific measures. We also discuss some of the conversations to have with your patients so they “get it.” Check out the graphics of these test results. Those alone are great education! Episode...


Holiday Edition: Fruitcakes and Fraud with Susan Gunn, CFE

Certified Fraud Examiner and good friend of the show Susan Gunn is back! She details the case of the Collin Street Bakery embezzlement. It was a small business with high revenues - sound familiar? Take the lessons from this case and do an assessment of your office. Are you at risk? To be honest, your practice is always at risk. What matters is how fast you find the shadiness. This thief was pretty eccentric. Did you know they made mattresses from horsehair? Who knew! Episode 66...


Learning, Leadership and Empathy with Carrie Webber

I’m always interested in how offices are handling the end of the year, COVID and other issues. Carrie Webber is the CEO of Jameson Management (one of the largest dental consulting firms in the country) and shared how Jameson offices are handling these situations. We talked about how her coaches had to switch into emergency mode while also trying to stay ahead of emerging problems. Leadership is a recurring theme for 2020 since so much crisis management was needed. Carrie and I round out the...


Planning Your Social Media Content with Rita Zamora

Planning Your Social Media Content with Rita Zamora Rita Zamora is back to talk about social media marketing since COVID-19 entered our lives. Did you know that many patients left their offices due to lack of communication during the shutdowns? Imagine ghosting your patient base! We also talk about how creating a content calendar can simplify social media posting headaches. Episode 64 Highlights Social media during COVIDIs your message positive? Informative?A guide to...


The Symbiotic Relationship Between Providers And Carriers

More behind the scenes of dental insurance! My friend Patrick O’Rourke joins me for a geeky discussion about contracts and negotiations (the geekier the better). Patrick has worked on both the broker and provider sides and now on the provider side. He still maintains great relationships which helps him and his company - Practice Quotient - stay on top of insurance trends. Episode 63 Highlights Shifts in 2020 contracts (post-COVID)Rescue Negotiations - don’t get in that situationSharing...


How Do You Handle a Riot Near Your Office?

Today’s guest and my friend Dr. Brett Wells shares his story of not just one but two riots that affected his office. He’s learned a few lessons from the experience. I’m grateful that he agreed to share his story and those lessons. It may not be a riot but a natural disaster that threatens your physical location. The takeaway is that we should plan for the weirdest possible scenario. Did anyone have rioting and looting on their 2020 checklist? I know I sure didn’t! Episode 62...


Onederful Is Trying to Simplify Benefits - Fingers Crossed!

Episode 61 Highlights Onederful Is Trying to Keep You From Calling Dental Carriers - Fingers Crossed! My insurance nerd flag was flying for this one! Karen Taylor of Onederful joins me to talk about the technology behind dental carrier information. If you’ve ever wondered what happens behind the scenes then this one's for you. Karen and Teresa discuss the timesuck of gathering eligibility and benefits What the heck is API? You use it almost every day in the office. Why wouldn’t...


Fellow Insurance Nerd Colleen Huff is Back!

Episode 60 Highlights My benefits buddy Colleen Huff returns for another session of carrier happenings. We talked about PPE payments (who is paying and how to apply the payments) and how some plans are relaxing frequency limitations in light of COVID-19. Have you noticed that managers are burning out? We have. We’re hearing and feeling it. How you train your new employees can make your life less stressful down the road. Don’t skip the onboarding process because you don’t have time - it...


Talking Practice Sales and Acquisitions with Natasha Gillis

Ep 59 Often we don’t discover the legal side of practice sales until we’re in the thick of it. Join me for a very information-heavy episode that focuses on ownership, numbers and how patients react to practice transitions. Natasha walks us through why a business plan and certain analytical reports are needed. She has a 3-Step Process that she uses with clients on both sides: buyer and seller. The devil is in the details and contract law is full of them. After this episode you’ll at least...


Making Your Practice A Home For Your Team

Episode 58 Angela Davis Sullivan and I go way back in our consulting days. I’m excited that you’ll hear her solutions for handling employee personalities and the weird situations we find ourselves in as leaders. Her advice is just so solid and I hope it’s helpful! Highlights Covid-19 and charging for PPE - how has it affected her clientsThe concept of ‘work family’What will happen when kids don’t go back to schoolCommunication within your practiceDiscussion around new hires and their...


Lois Banta Gives Advice on Post-Dental Careers and Keeping The Magic In Your Practice

Episode 57: Popular guest Lois Banta is back! This time we talked about the many conversations we've had with colleagues about leaving their jobs but staying in dentistry. Then we switched gears so she could share what her clients are doing to keep their practices humming along. Resources mentioned in this episode: NYT articleSpeaking Consulting Network If you need more conversation surrounding SCN or consulting with your practice then send her an email. She's always helpful! Email:...


Ep 56 Developing Leadership While COVID-ing with Geri Gottlieb

This is not news to you but leadership has evolved since COVID-19 steamrolled came into our lives. Out of necessity, new leaders with new leadership styles have emerged. How are you handling upset patients, new coding and exhausted coworkers? First, take a breath and realize you're not alone. Then let Geri give you examples of how her teams (and others) are navigating the "new normal." Don't you hate that phrase? Me too but at least you know what I mean! Geri drops advice on several topics...


Ep 55 Talking Progress Notes and Coding with Andre Shirdan

Andre Shirdan is a former Patterson trainer and the founder of the Eaglesoft Field Guide Facebook group. Even if you're not an Eaglesoft office, this group discusses everything dental - you need to sign up for it! He is a 'recovering front desk person' and his therapy included training hundreds of other practices. He now speaks around the country on not only Eaglesoft topics but management and leadership. We had a great talk about progress notes (yes, I was in heaven!) and tracking costs...


Ep. 54 Hit & Run with Lois Banta: The Controversy Around Charging for PPE

I asked Lois to do a quick take about the controversial discussions surrounding PPE charges. She shares: If you need more conversation surrounding the topic then send her an email. She's always helpful! Email: Site: Keep an eye out for her new book High Impact Communication (Spring release) Check out Speaking Consulting Network if you are looking to advance your dental career.


Ep. 53: Rachel Wall Teaches Me About Periodontal Classifications and Claims

Periodontal claims can be frustrating for even the most veteran of insurance coordinators. Rachel Wall of Inspired Hygiene is here to teach us how the new classifications will impact patient care. She goes over: The new guidelines can be found here: Rachel's book Return on Hygiene is a necessary business book for any office that has a recare program (that's most of you!). Managers - this is required reading, in my opinion. Find Rachel at...


Ep. 52 "Unexpected PIVOTS in Leadership with Ginny Hegarty, SPHR"

How are your teams shaping up? Are you reconnecting as well as you thought? Ginny has worked with so many teams who were grateful to have someone help them to find their groove. Leadership is not easy and leadership during crisis is a real look at who you are as a manager/leader. We talked about a few different issues including: - Staying connected with no physical contact - Finding and trusting resources when news is so fluid - How the Society for Human Resources Management should be a...


Ep. 51 "Virtual Conversations and Management Truths"

Teams moving to a remote formation is a relatively new part of management. Kristine helps me understand how leaders have to really create and uphold the office's cultural norms. Yes, it's hard but it's an essential responsibility for a manager. What kind of dynamic comes out when you don't see your coworkers every day? You're all finding out now, aren't you? We go back to Manager Basics with these concepts: - TQM - Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing theory - Fight or flight...


Ep. 50 "Managing Your Practice through COVID-19 Times"

Beverly Wilburn, FAADOM joins us for a frank talk about how COVID affected her office. She also shares her experience as an expert witness in malpractice cases. Talk about eye-opening! We discussed: We also chatted about being a leader to a team with regards to CE and motivation. She's got great advice for new managers. With staffing changes sure to come when offices reopen, I suspect we'll have more newbies after this all shakes out. Resources: Huddle Up! Morning HuddleAADOM by April...