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NonClinical Careers for Physicians is the expertise of third_Evolution. We'll discuss the special issues of physician career transition, offer important do's and don'ts, critical tips for success and answer that most important question: What's Out There for physicians.


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NonClinical Careers for Physicians is the expertise of third_Evolution. We'll discuss the special issues of physician career transition, offer important do's and don'ts, critical tips for success and answer that most important question: What's Out There for physicians.








Physician Burnout, with Brian Hinnebusch, MD

Over half of all physicians report some degree of burnout with up to 80% being affected in some studies. Burnout is associated with twice the number of medical errors and associated increases in malpractice litigation. It leads to staff turnover; it can cost up to a million dollars to replace one physician. In 2021 over 230,000 MDs, RNs, NPs, PAs quit their jobs. And one physician takes their own life every single day of every single year. Listen to hear Dr. Hinnebusch's personal story and about resources to address physician burnout.


Don't follow committee think for your nonclinical career transition

“Committees are, by nature, timid. They are based on the premise of safety in numbers, content to survive inconspicuously rather than take risks and move independently ahead.” Have you perhaps made similarly derisive comments about committees at your hospital or in your practice? If you have, you’re in good company. That particular quote is from Ferdinand Porsche. An early to mid-20th century automobile pioneer But, as you likely agree, Dr. Porsche’s quote is no less accurate today, and particularly as it applies to today’s job market. Why is this important to you?


Why "Not Being a Cat" is important in today's digital world

One Texas attorney made a name for himself by appearing as a cat emoji during court proceedings. While his presentation error didn't end the court proceedings, he did create a delay and an impression. Being a cat is not the impression you want to create as we find remote work becoming more of an accepted and expected norm. From learning to be better communicators, to bettering managing our time and understanding some of the organizational challenges of remote work, those who do it successfully will thrive. Those who resist or are late adopters will pay a career price. Let's get you focused and on the right track... after all, you're not a cat


Is Medical Legal Consulting Your NonClinical Career Future?

Armin Feldman, MD is a practices Forensic Medicine not only providing critical information to legal clients, but also teaching other physicians how to launch their own nonclinical career path in the interesting field of medical legal consulting. In his interview he not only recaps his range of experiences that led to his own career change, but provides important information for any physician interested in medical legal consulting as a career focus.


An Interview with the Founders of CyclingCME, Dr. Mike Reeder and Terri Reeder

Do you sometimes dream of visiting scenic and exotic places with great food, fun activities and wonderful companions? Do those dreams include being paid to be there? The Reeders, started a global Cycling CME business taking physicians around the world, having fun, chasing their dreams and helping physicians obtain necessary education... Both the Reeders and their story may inspire you, challenge you and motivate you to follow your own dreams and ambitions.


There's only one pathway to your nonclinical career - and just any road won't take you there.

Physician often express there nonclinical career objectives as any job that will use their knowledge their skills and pay reasonably well... I equate that quest with the fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland when Alice asks the Cat, "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the cat. "I don’t much care where” said Alice "Then it doesn’t matter which way you go," said the cat.


It's time to re-Brand yourself for a nonclinical career

If you see your brand as a caring, competent physician, then it's time to redefine that brand for the nonclinical world. I'll tell you how.


Think like an Entrepreneur for Your NonClinical Career Transition

Physicians think too much about end points and achieving their goals and not enough about process, and the value of not rushing decision making. Thinking like an Entrepreneur means thinking optimistically, thinking creatively, thinking globally, thinking big and thinking about process.


Your Number One Objective in Physician NonClinical Career Transition

You're not going to get the job you want unless you're actually in the same room with the people you want to work with and work for. It's that simple, and this podcast will tell you how to get to that room.


Create Positive Inertia to Fuel Your Nonclinical Career Transition

A body at rest remains at rest and a body in motion remains in motion... is your nonclinical career transition on the move or stalled to a stop. Let's talk about how to create positive career inertial to move you more effectively towards the nonclinical career you want.


So, You Want to be a Consultant

So, you want to be a consultant. If yo can answer these four questions you'll be able to chart a clear pathway to a successful venture. Listen to learn more.


You have questions, I have answers... answers to critical questions and opportunities to your career success

This podcast is focused on answer some of the questions you've, my listeners, submitted recently. The focus is your stump speech, your digital networking activity and creating face to face meetings with potential employers.


What's Next and What is Now... Your Career and COVID-19

What's next, what's normal, what's happening now. COVID-19 has and will continue to shake up the healthcare and medical worlds as we strive towards some new definitions of normal. What will be your role, perhaps your new job? Let's look at drivers and outcomes.


The Top Ten Ways to Blow Your Job Interview

So, what can you do to blow your interview? Well, really, it’s a bottomless barrel of things you could say or do, but I’m going to focus on what I see as the top ten easiest mistakes you can make... that is, easy things to say or do. There are too many examples to list here, but believe me, it’s very easy to have one of those multiple personality episodes where you’re screaming at yourself… no, I didn’t just say that….. yes, you did.


You're going to have to leave your comfort zone if you want a nonclinical career

Moving into the arena of nonclinical careers is vastly different from how you secure medical postings. No recruiters, no online postings... Just you and your ability to travers the complex web of events, people and opportunity presenting your value proposition along the way. This is not in your comfort zone, but it can be. I'll tell you how and why you want and need to expand your comfort zone to achieve your goals.


What Credentials Do You Need for a NonClinical Career?

I'm asked every day, "Do I need and MBA?" Here's the answer... also the answer about other degrees, certificates, certifications and what to do if you simple need to be able to make good decisions and provide good answers. Most importantly, I'll tell you the most important credential you can have.


When is the best time to leave medical practice?

Now... Now is the best time if you're asking yourself the question. Once you begin questioning whether or not you should leave practice, you're probably already experiencing systemic issues of no return. Let's talk about making the decision and the process to move on.


The Three "Ps" of Physician Career Transition - Do you know them?

Successful Physician Career Change follows a definite pattern and process. It's comprised of Phocus (literary license), Package and Process. This podcast speaks to the critical element and components of each of these three steps


You have questions.. Podcast devoted to answering questions you have submitted

You have questions... from selecting recruiters, to entering telemedicine, advancing your career within your organization and to making first, best choices for your nonclinical career. Your questions are answered here.


This is a true story of power, intrigue and betrayal.

Physicians have been suffering through severals decades of lost control and prestige. Various events led to the profession moving from the most respected and trusted to one derided for numerous real and false reasons. However, today's cataclysmic events are offering physicians an unexpected second chance... a second chance to enhance their power, their control and the rightful position as the experts they are. Are you ready to be in charge? Listen about how.