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Pull back the curtain on financial trends. Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Katie Nixon tackles big market questions to help you distinguish between fact, fiction and theory.


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Pull back the curtain on financial trends. Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Katie Nixon tackles big market questions to help you distinguish between fact, fiction and theory.




Central Banks Versus Inflation: Your Questions Answered

This year has offered little shelter to investors trying to avoid downdrafts across all asset classes. Inflation has been stickier and more unpredictable than expected. The Federal Reserve and global central banks have been more hawkish as they struggle to manage inflation without creating economic harm. Global interest rates have been extremely volatile with consequences for stock valuations as equity prices and corporate earnings are cast into doubt. Everyone from investors to...


As Rates Rise, do Bonds Belong in Real-World Portfolios?

The first quarter of 2022 saw negative returns across the U.S. bond market as persistently rising inflation surprised central bankers and bond investors alike. Dramatically rising interest rates have focused bondholders’ attention on fixed-income investments – even provoking some to abandon the asset class entirely. In this episode of Market Currents, Northern Trust’s Katie Nixon welcomes Peter Mladina, director of portfolio research for Wealth Management, to explore the purpose of...


Does Conflict in Ukraine Shift Global Energy Forever?

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a direct conflict between two of the world’s biggest commodity exporters, causing disruptions that will be felt for years. As European leaders seek to reduce or eliminate their countries’ exposure to Russian energy supplies and western companies voluntarily exit the country, maybe never to return, the conflict is reshaping global energy markets. In this episode of Market Currents, Jackson Hockley, Northern Trust’s analyst covering energy joins Chief...


Another Head Fake, or Brighter Future Ahead? Weighing the Case for European Equities in 2022

While the U.S. stock market has outperformed European indices for years, it is important to remain aware of the benefits of global diversification. And recently, we have begun to see changes in Europe giving us greater confidence in this view: European economic growth is expected to slightly outpace the U.S. this year, and equity market valuations have come down, potentially offering a more attractive entry point for geopolitical, monetary policy, earnings and sector diversification...


Vax Requirements, Boosters, Variants and Waves: Navigating the COVID-19 Information Deluge

Several months ago, it appeared as if a return to normalcy from the COVID-19 pandemic could be in sight. Primarily due to the spread of the Delta variant, however, the picture has become considerably more clouded. With individuals, companies, medical authorities and governments all continuing to react to the changing dynamics, and corresponding information and opinions broadcast 24/7, the landscape can be confusing and muddled. In this environment, expert insight is essential for all,...


Interest Rates: Grounded or Ready for Take Off?

As economic reopening continues and supply-demand imbalances lead to price increases, investors are understandably fixated on the future path of interest rates — a key driver of future growth and returns. But in this particularly unusual period of economic history, what will the Fed do? Many believe higher inflation is transitory and that the Fed should wait it out. Others argue that it should take action now to get ahead of a potential problem in the future. In this episode, Colin...


How Long Will the Chips Be Down? The Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage with Deborah Koch

As the U.S. economy continues to reopen amid relaxed COVID-19 mitigation measures, pent-up demand is outstripping supply in many cases. One acute example is in the semiconductor chip industry, which provides “the brain” inside a wide range of products that power our modern lives, including smartphones, cars and even washing machines. In this episode, Northern Trust’s Katie Nixon is joined by Senior Technology Analyst Deborah Koch to sort through this important topic and answer some key...


Inflation: Is It Different This Time? With Carl Tannenbaum

Summary: Concerns about inflation have filled financial headlines recently as U.S. consumers reemerge from their homes and take note of higher prices and supply shortages in certain areas of the economy. But will higher inflation last? Or will it quickly revert back to more modest levels seen in recent decades? In this episode, Northern Trust’s Katie Nixon is joined by Chief Economist Carl Tannenbaum to sort through this important topic, which has significant implications for the economy,...


Value’s Uprising: Fête or Renaissance? – with Michael Hunstad and Chris Shipley

Does value investing still work? After many years of underperformance, value stocks have shown signs of life in 2021 as investors’ conviction in strong economic recovery has gained momentum. Is this a turning point for value, or simply a short-term pop? Will value redeem itself, or will investors find their way back to growth stocks over the long term? Is something different this time? To help investors answer these important questions — which have important portfolio implications —...