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Anita Sands (ServiceNow): You Got on Your First Board. Now What?

Anita Sands has spent much of her career in the financial services industry including leadership roles at UBS, Citigroup and RBC. She currently resides on the boards of Symantec, ServiceNow and Pure Storage as well as advisory positions at Accompany, Thrive Global and DocuSign. Anita has helped many businesses reach new levels with her strategic insight. Learn how to not only get on your first board, but navigate the position as a new board member. Also listen as Anita explains the...


Steve Collins & Bill Conroy (INST): Finding the Stage of Growth You Are Best Suited for as a Board Member

Steve Collins and Bill Conroy both sit on Instructure's (NYSE: INST) board among many others including Shopify, MuleSoft, etc. Steve has had a successful career as CFO (ExactTarget) and Bill with a focus in sales earlier on and CEO (Initiate Systems, acquired by IBM) later in his operator career. With distinctive skill sets, they naturally had different paths to the board room, but their messages around finding the stage of growth that is best suited for you are quite similar. Listen as they...


Jenny Cheng (Loopio): Balancing a Board Seat with Your Day Job

Jenny Cheng led product program management at Salesforce during their explosive growth period from 2002 to 2011. Today she is an executive at PayPal focused on the intersection between the customer and the product. Learn what she did when she decided to get serious about joining boards, why she chose to be on the board of a smaller startup vs. a large public company and how to balance a board seat with your day job.


Karen Appleton Page (Deputy): Finding Chemistry With a CEO Before Committing to a Board

It's imperative to determine that you will have a good working relationship and share the same values with a CEO, well before you take a board seat. Karen Appleton Page was employee number seven at Box and her role evolved with the booming business over her nine-year tenure. When she began seriously exploring board opportunities this year, she realized that having the right chemistry with the CEO, much like she had with Aaron Levie at Box, would be key in finding the right fit. In this...


Blair Christie (MINDBODY): The Power of Mentorship in Getting a Seat at the Table

Welcome to Season 4 of BUILD! This season is all about the journey to the boardroom. We will be interviewing top leaders to highlight the steps that many successful executives have taken to get a seat at the table. This week, we have Blair Christie, former CMO of Cisco and current Board Member of MINDBODY. Learn about her transition from operator to board member, how mentorship played a role in getting on a board, how to get yourself heard at the table and much more.


SaaStock Live: How Zendesk & Segment Utilized Product Led Growth for Scale

As we conclude Season 3, it is only appropriate to do so at SaaStock. We sat down with Morten Primdahl, Co-founder of Zendesk, and Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Segment, to discuss their perspectives on what it takes to not only start a product led growth business, but grow it to massive scale.


How Slack Leverages Freemium to Add $1M in New Contracts Every 11 Days

Slack is known for their unprecedented growth in the SaaS community. They now have over 8 million daily active users! So, how did they do it? Fareed Mosavat, Lifecycle Product Manager, takes you behind the scenes into how Slack leveraged freemium and a bottoms up approach to achieve this scale.


How Typeform Leveraged Customer Success to Scale to Over 3M Users

Typeform leaders knew it was important to invest in customer success during the early stages of the business. David Apple, VP of CS, breaks down the team structure that has helped scale the business to over 3M users. Learn where to draw the line when it comes to segmenting customers who warrant a dedicated CS resource vs. purely self-service experience and the leading indicators associated with the success of the team. For more content like this, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at...


Wayfair: From Startup to $5 Billion

Balancing fast growth while building for scale is no easy task. Wayfair's story started with hundreds of individual microsites and eventually turned into one of North America’s largest online retailers. Wayfair's VP of Marketing, Bob Sherwin, has been with the business through its explosive growth and has assisted in developing a best in class efficient marketing engine. Learn what happened behind the scenes as the business scaled, including how they expanded into the B2B market.


How Dropbox Became the Fastest SaaS Company to Reach $1 Billion

Dropbox is a poster child for product led growth - they successfully became the fastest SaaS business to reach $1B. Darius Contractor, Growth Engineering Lead, explains how they went about building virality into their product, the importance of visibility into key metrics and what the future of product led growth looks like. For even more content, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter at openviewpartners.com/newsletter.


How to Create Successful User Onboarding Experiences

Lynn Tsoflias has held leadership roles across Sales and Customer Success at startups like Insightly to large tech companies including Microsoft and LinkedIn. In this episode of BUILD, she discusses her guiding principles to developing effective user onboarding to drive adoption. Learn the best way to structure your team to tackle onboarding and retention as your business expands. For even more content, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter at openviewpartners.com/newsletter.


How Atlassian Built a Growth Function from the Ground Up

User activation is an important part of any growth function, but many startups fail to focus on this area. Shaun Clowes, former Head of Growth and Model at Atlassian and current Chief Product Officer at MetroMile, was tasked with building the growth function from the ground up for Atlassian's Jira product. He discusses the primary activation metrics they used and how those metrics shifted as the business scaled. Learn how to define you own activation metrics and how to create an onboarding...


OpenView's 2018 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks

Our 2018 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks are live! This year we surveyed over 400 companies, ranging from pre-revenue to $50M+ ARR with 40% of respondents coming from outside the US. Our massive data set gives you insights into trends around how fast startups are growing, the emergence of SaaS companies all around the world and the progress on hiring diverse candidates. Follow along at www.saasbenchmarks.com.


Close.io's Steli Efti on Learning to Say No

Steli Efti, serial entrepreneur and current CEO of Close.io, is no stranger to success. But in 2017, when his company focused all departments on understanding their customers better, they quickly realized they'd approach the problem from the wrong angle. Doing so derailed their product roadmap, led to lots of unhappy customers and increased churn. When they shifted focus, Close.io got their business back on track. Learn from Close.io on when saying no to your customers might just be the...


SingleGrain’s Eric Siu on Growth Hacking in the Era of Product Led SaaS

SingleGrain's CEO, Eric Siu, is no stranger to the term "growth hacking." His performance marketing agency has helped scale high growth companies like UBER and Amazon. In this episode of BUILD find out how a product first mentality impacts growth marketing and how to increase brand awareness while staying cost efficient. For even more content, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at openviewpartners.com/newsletter.


How ZipRecruiter Grew to 7M Active Job Seekers Each Month

Building a sales team is a major point of contention in a product led organization. Where is the line drawn where the product serves the customer versus when sales is brought in? Kevin Gaither, SVP of Sales at ZipRecruiter, answers this question and explains their decision to build out a sales team of over 300 employees to accelerate their growth.


HubSpot's Journey from MQLs to PQLs

Kieran Flanagan, HubSpot's VP of Marketing, is no stranger to driving growth through product. In this episode of BUILD, hear how and why the business transitioned from filling a funnel with marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to product qualified leads (PQLs) and how that change positively impacted the billion dollar company.


What VCs Look for in Product Led Companies

What the heck is product led growth? We sit down with OpenView Founder & Managing Partner Scott Maxwell to find out. In this first episode of BUILD Season 3, we define product led growth and find out what makes a PLG company unique. Scott also discusses the metrics investors look for in product led growth companies and the future of this go-to-market approach.


Exits: Bain Capital on the Right Time to Exit

As Season 2 comes to a close, it's only natural to examine the exit landscape. OpenView's VP of Corporate Development, John McCullough, discusses the current exit landscape and the importance of creating relationships with strategic buyers well before a deal is done. Then Darren Abrahamson, Managing Director at Bain Capital, talks through the merits of private equity as an exit option and how a CEO can choose between several buyout offers.


Pricing: ProfitWell’s Patrick Campbell on Monetizing Your Customer Base

SaaS pricing, every business thinks about it, but the majority rarely act. In this episode of BUILD, hear from Patrick Campbell, Co-founder & CEO of ProfitWell, on the importance of pricing, the impact of freemium, and the metric you should use to drive value for your customers. Plus, Deputy COO, Craig Harris, weighs in on his business’ go-to-market model and how it impacted the company's big pricing initiative.