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Marijn and Steve are two experienced Office 365 and SharePoint consultants. We spend about 40 minutes talking about Office 365 and then introduce you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.




Marijn and Steve are two experienced Office 365 and SharePoint consultants. We spend about 40 minutes talking about Office 365 and then introduce you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.






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Guys, if you are still listening to us here then you have mist 5 great episodes that are on our platform here RSS feed Enjoy catching up and apologies for missing your specific listening...


EP41: Hot and Sweaty Success Indicators

Steve and Marijn suffer by recording during the heatwave and Steve get his Billions and Trillions mixed up. Then they make assumptions about customers knowing why they move to Microsoft365 considering the enterprise vision. The key subject for EP41 is about measuring success and defining the KPI for collaboration based on Marijn’s mother bitching about being upgraded to office365 and maybe the result of a poor adoption path (sorry Mum) Should IT change… and how do you measure that change...


EP40: That big four OH here we go again!

Over 40 hours of recorded Podcast time together there is an awesome lot to bring to a special 40th edition podcast. But as usual the boys do it with panache and humor with a new idea or two on discussed subjects. Lets ignore the very special Whisky Steve and Marijn taste, although they both agree it was so very cool it is difficult to ignore but for the taste and the diverse way it was produced and finished in a barrel that will not stay straight and whisky proof. We should focus on the...


EP39: Security v Usability | The balance

Episode 39 of the office 365 Distilled podcast where they look at securing our content and how it gets in the way of collaboration and user adoption… but mainly they both forget what they are saying and Marijn says “… no I do not want to eat my potatoes” as a metaphor for telling security that the balance should be towards great adoption and not great security… Life, like Office365, is a balance between protection and availability.


EP38: Cask strength user content with tears

How many ways can you access your content in Microsoft 365, listen, and enjoy the exploration of your content in the Microsoft cloud service. Steve and Marijn work through as many of the content access apps, tools, and browser windows for a practical, touchy feely session for the End Users. Steve talks about how Office365 is like an Apple with content at the core and Marijn goes to Australia with an example of how he can keep his boss happy by getting to his content anyplace anytime. Steve...


EP37: Working with the business is the new adoption

From a holiday Bar-B Q to a podcast, Marijn and Steve join the same lockdown bubble so they can get back to the Old Normal of doing the podcast in the same room and drinking a whisky from the same bottle. Subjects are very much focused on knowledge and business after their presentations on the Global Microsoft 365 Marathon event. This podcast is about Microsoft’s biggest 365 update, is M365 being dumbed-down and Scotland’s smallest distillery all inside an hour (and a bit) of Steve and...


EP36: Cortana on the islands of Cuba and Orkney

Another episode from lockdown where Steve and Marijn are talking from afar. Main topics today are the new found governance needs after Teams is rolled out and scenarios for Microsoft Bookings. They also talk about the Duo phone specs and rolling out MS Teams in a day. A cask strength whiskey from the Orkney islands burns the mouths with spicy chilly! They talk about the ‘Fèis Ìle’ whisky festival on the Scottish ‘Isle of islay’ where they had both planned on attending this week before...


EP35: B2IT and the lost discussion on Search

Marijn and Steve prepare for the Microsoft Virtual Marathon Speakers event by discussing their upcoming sessions on Working with the Business for Search and the future Project Cortex product sets. They compare B2B and B2C concepts around partnerships and suggest that B2IT is the coming partnership of the future. For success IT will need to depend on deep Transparent relationships with the business as cloud services bed down as a solid strategy and changes the need for real time requirements.


EP34: Surfing on the application governance wave

Episode 34 is a roller coaster of a podcast that flew by as we recorded it a sign of good fun. This completely unedited version talks about application governance and how different this is to content Governance. It commiserates with the fact that we cannot travel to Madrid for Microsoft 365 Saturday… on a Wednesday!! We talk about the large number of MS team updates and changes from the road map and finish with 2 awesome whisky tastings from opposite sides of the world. Welcome to Episode 34...


EP33: Excited... New toys for the boys (& Girls) in the KM space

Steve gets excited about the release of the 3 things that impressed him most from Ignite 2019… Search upgrades, Content Type and managed Metadata Admin centers and project Cortex leading to a discussion of the implications on the business for these new technologies… all coming to a tenant near you soon


EP32: Stream baseline governance and a lockdown whisky

Baseline governance on Stream because it’s available anyway in E3! Steve and Marijn talk about Stream using baseline Governance to define the Office 365 video service and options for releasing the product. Then they taste a very usual whisky you can get from the local shop in these times of lock-down homeworking. This episode is about getting value… from stream video and the whisky


EP31: Large Files, SharePoint Hybrid fail and New Orleans

OK, we accept that this episode the word Corona Virus is mentioned a few too many times, with reverence always, because this is a global serious moment. We commend Microsoft and other vendors for taking advantage and offering free licences and designing specific applications to support business and mention Mobile applications, and warning people not to have live MS teams video conferences whilst driving. We look at options for managing large files in SharePoint Online from corporate scanners...


EP30: Spaces is the final frontier

We never believed that we would get to 30 but this is the episode in which we drink English whisky provided by @CatchMatt one of the jogging listeners and talk about racist applications or maybe users who believe the application world is flat. Yes this is another ravishing and overfilled episode that is just so much fun… enjoy. Steve & Marijn


EP29: 43 Admins and a Cooper walk into a bar

In this episode Marijn and Steve discuss the new SharePoint libraries now appearing in teams as well as trying to think what a barrel repair man is called and are amazed at the number of admins that it takes to change an Office 365 Light-bulb. An Irish whisky with a green paint splodge is tasted that has the essence of a premier Cru Bordeaux wine cask and gets the Office365Distilled seal of approval.


EP28: The Chicken and the Egg story - Outlook v ToDo

Tobermory is the distillery of choice with Office365 questions before and after the whisky. Episode 28 where one Millennial consultant and one Age-Experienced consultant disagree and go around in circles and never quite meet in the middle… The question of not rolling out the Office 365 big three keeps the boys talking and wondering if To-Do should be the first app to adopt… or maybe not!


EP 27: MS Teams, onions and Climbing Everest

Steve and Marijn take time to look at examples of MS Teams in business, bars and golf courses. They talk about great team building events like create a list of swear words for good solid business reasons!! Steve adds some words about #ScrwDUP where we celebrate failure with cakes and a party


EP 26: With friends in a bar at Christmas

All the challenges of an International podcast when an Architect, Consultant, Technical Evangelist and Marketing Manager walk into a bar… and introduce themselves over a drink….. Welcome to the office365 distilled Xmas Podcast with some very special guests David Leveille, Anna Chu, Christina Wheeler, Sandy Ussia join Marijn and Steve to chat about their 2019 and what Father Christmas left them under the tree.


EP 25: The quarter cask and the cynical MS Teams discussion

EP 25: The quarter cask and the cynical MS Teams discussion by Steve & Marijn


EP 24: Using a ponzi pyramid scheme for adoption

Where Marijn and Steve talk about how the role of Governance in Office365 will rise in 2020 and the list of decisions that need to be made will grow substantially. Suggest that a ponzi scheme would be good for adoption and drink a whisky


EP23: Taking a spray can and scalpel to Ignite 2019

Marijn and Steve when to Microsoft Ignite 2019 and on Thursday did their second podcast... fun was had chatting about Governance and MS teams, Spray cans, Scalpels and the feeling of being in a glass bowl around 25,000 people.