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Weekly show featuring interviews with Opportunity Zone professionals and experts. If it impacts Opportunity Zones or the Qualified Opportunity Funds industry, we cover it here.

Weekly show featuring interviews with Opportunity Zone professionals and experts. If it impacts Opportunity Zones or the Qualified Opportunity Funds industry, we cover it here.


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Weekly show featuring interviews with Opportunity Zone professionals and experts. If it impacts Opportunity Zones or the Qualified Opportunity Funds industry, we cover it here.




Opportunity Zones For Wealth And Tax Strategy, With Brian Duren (Episode 232)

Opportunity Zones can be a powerful tool in wealth creation and wealth preservation. The tax benefit has the ability to compound, which not only preserves but creates wealth. Brian Duren, signing director at CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), joins the show to discuss the Opportunity Zone lifecycle, and the role that the unique tax benefits of OZ investing can play in wealth planning. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/11/brian-duren-232/


How To Due Diligence OZ Funds, An OZ Pitch Day Panel (Episode 231)

In this panel from OZ Pitch Day Fall 2022, Kirk Walton and Gordon Goldie review strategies for performing due diligence on OZ funds. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/11/due-diligence-231/


Opportunity Zone Investing Trends For 2023, An OZ Pitch Day Panel (Episode 230)

In this panel from OZ Pitch Day Fall 2022, Paul Saint-Pierre and John Sciarretti discuss current trends in the OZ marketplace and what this means for OZ investors. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/11/investing-trends-230/


OZ Pitch Day Keynote Address By Shay Hawkins (Episode 229)

In this keynote address from OZ Pitch Day Fall 2022, Shay Hawkins takes a look back at the first few years of the Opportunity Zone program and predicts what may lie ahead. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/11/shay-hawkins-229/


Midterm Election Outcome & Opportunity Zones, An OZ Pitch Day Panel (Episode 228)

In the wake of the midterm elections, how might the balance of power in the next session of Congress affect Opportunity Zones in 2023 and beyond? Also, potential legislative changes that could form a new "Version 2.0" of Opportunity Zones, and what the OZ industry can do to help its own cause. Alex Bhathal, managing partner at Revitate, and Brett Siglin, partner at Jennings Strouss Law Firm, join the show to discuss the impact of the 2022 midterm elections and the future of OZ tax policy.....


OZ Investing For Community Impact, With Allivate Impact Capital (Episode 227)

How can the Opportunity Zone incentive catalyze community impact-oriented investing? Allivate Impact Capital's co-founders, Noelle St.Clair Lentz and Doug Schaeffer, join the show to discuss how investing for impact can catalyze positive community outcomes, and lead to lucrative financial returns for investors. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/11/allivate-impact-capital-227/


How To Attend OZ Pitch Day On Nov. 9th - OZPitchDay.com

Register now at OZPitchDay.com. (Plus, get your free bonus guides!) OZ Pitch Day is the biggest online Opportunity Zones event of the year. It's a free, one-day, live event that takes place via Zoom -- Wednesday, November 9th.


Opportunity Zone Success After Four Years, With Stephanie Copeland (Episode 226)

Four years into the launch of the first Qualified Opportunity Funds, how have expectations of the tax policy changed? And what types of success have some early adopters had so far? Stephanie Copeland, managing partner at Four Points Funding, joins the show to provide an update on her team's efforts to develop in Opportunity Zone communities in Colorado over the past four years. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/11/stephanie-copeland-226/


Leveraging OZs For Urban Revitalization, With Sherri Franklin & Delores Brown (Episode 225)

The Opportunity Zones tax policy can be utilized as a tool to help revitalize urban neighborhoods. But getting the local communities involved can often be a challenge. Sherri Franklin, founder and CEO of Urban Design Center, and Delores Brown, CEO of Community Economic Development Corporation, join the show to discuss how they are working with investors and local residents to catalyze revitalization of urban communities in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Show notes:...


What The Opportunity Zones Industry Needs Now, With Blake Christian (Episode 224)

Opportunity Zones have raised over $100 billion of capital. But what good is it doing? Blake Christian, CPA and tax partner at HCVT, joins the show to discuss the importance of advocacy on behalf of the Opportunity Zones policy. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/10/blake-christian-224/


OZ Job Creation Success Story: MIT Modular, With Roi Maufas (Episode 223)

Four years into the Opportunity Zone program, success stories are abundant. Today's podcast episode is the first in a series of episodes that will highlight stories of true impact that the OZ program has helped to create. Roi Maufas, co-founder and lead designer at MIT Modular, joins the show to share the job creation success story of MIT Modular, a builder of affordable, sustainable housing. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/10/roi-maufas-223/


OZ Expo Phoenix 2022 Recap, With Ashley Tison (Episode 222)

Ashley Tison and I have been to nearly every Opportunity Zone Expo since the group began organizing conferences in early 2019. While the early Expos were focused on navigating the new legislation and regulations, this most recent Expo in Phoenix earlier this month served to highlight the need for the more mature industry -- now four years into the program -- to tell more Opportunity Zone success stories, in the hopes that the policy eventually gets reformed and extended. On today's episode,...


Revitalizing Mobile Home Communities In Opportunity Zones, With Sam Hales (Episode 221)

Opportunity Zones are helping drive capital into the revitalization of mobile home park communities in some of the country's poorest areas. Sam Hales, founder and CEO of Saratoga Group, joins the show to discuss how he has used Opportunity Zones over the past few years to revitalize poorly run mobile home communities, and why MHCs can be a good inflation-resistant asset class for investors. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/10/sam-hales-221/


The Impact Of Rising Interest Rates On Opportunity Zones, With James Brunger (Episode 220)

The stock market is down, inflation is at 40-year highs, and interest rates are on the rise. How are rising debt costs impacting the operations of Qualified Opportunity Fund operators? James Brunger, chief sales officer at Capital Square, joins the show to discuss Capital Square’s DST and Opportunity Zone programs, and how recent moves by the Fed are impacting where investors can still find value. Show notes and transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/09/james-brunger-220/


7 Opportunity Zone Investing Insights (Episode 219)

The true potential of the Opportunity Zone program has largely been left unlocked. On today's episode, seven OZ insights that every investor should know. Today's episode is a re-post of an earlier episode of The Alternative Investment Podcast. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/09/7-insights-219/


Top 25 Cities With The Most Opportunity Zones (Episode 218)

Which cities have the largest number of Opportunity Zones? The top three cities -- New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago -- are to be expected. But numbers 4 through 10 may be somewhat surprising. On today's episode, we review the top 25 cities with the highest amount of Opportunity Zones, and take a deep dive into the top 10 cities, walking through geographic maps and income data. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/09/cities-218/


The IRS Opportunity Zone Ticking Time Bomb, With Kirk Walton (Episode 217)

Is there a ticking time bomb that may disqualify more than $1.3 billion of funds raised by Qualified Opportunity Funds? Kirk Walton, co-founder and managing partner of GPWM Funds, joins the show to discuss potential solutions to QOF filing errors and his approach to Opportunity Zone investing. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/09/kirk-walton-217/


Cost Segregation For Qualified Opportunity Funds, With Valerie Grunduski & Jeremy Sompels (Episode 216)

Cost segregation to achieve accelerated depreciation and can greatly improve after-tax returns for real estate investors. But it can be a an even more powerful tool for Opportunity Zone deals. Valerie Grunduski, partner and real estate tax specialist at Plante Moran, and Jeremy Sompels, principal and cost segregation senior manager at Plante Moran, join the show to discuss how the effect of cost segregation is particularly powerful for investors in Qualified Opportunity Funds. Show notes:...


Passive Real Estate Investments In OZ Funds, With John Rubino (Episode 215)

Passive real estate investing can bring cash flow and appreciation to investors who don't necessarily want to be actively hands-on. John Rubino, founder and COO of JID Investments, joins the show to discuss how High Net Worth investors should think about passive real estate investing with Qualified Opportunity Funds. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2022/08/john-rubino-215/


Finding Value in Puerto Rico's Opportunity Zones, With Ari Kresch (Episode 214)

The inefficient real estate marketplace in Puerto Rico can create compelling opportunities for investors seeking value. Local tax incentives layered in with Opportunity Zone benefits can drive highly attractive return projections. But investing on the island does not come without risk. Ari Kresch, strategic advisor for Island Paradise QOF, joins the show to discuss how he finds value in Puerto Rican real estate, the vast majority of which is located within an Opportunity Zone. Show notes:...