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Weekly show featuring interviews with opportunity zones professionals and experts. If it impacts opportunity zones or the opportunity funds industry, we cover it here.

Weekly show featuring interviews with opportunity zones professionals and experts. If it impacts opportunity zones or the opportunity funds industry, we cover it here.


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Weekly show featuring interviews with opportunity zones professionals and experts. If it impacts opportunity zones or the opportunity funds industry, we cover it here.




Finding Uncommon Value in Untapped OZ Markets, with Four Points Funding (Episode #103)

What are some of the economic advantages of rural multi-asset multifamily and outdoor-focused hospitality Opportunity Zone fund investing? Chris Montgomery and Stephanie Copeland are partners at Four Points Funding, who earlier this year was awarded the Forbes OZ 20 Grand Prize for Top Rural Opportunity Zone Fund Catalyst. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


9 Early Conclusions of Opportunity Zones for Equitable Development, with Brett Theodos (Episode #102)

In its early days, how effective has the Opportunity Zone incentive been for equitable development projects? Brett Theodos is senior fellow at the Urban Institute, where he recently co-authored a research report titled, "An Early Assessment of Opportunity Zones for Equitable Development Projects." Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Takeaways from Novogradac's OZ Conference, with Mike Novogradac & John Sciarretti (Episode #101)

What were the biggest highlights from last week's Novogradac Opportunity Zones Virtual Conference? Mike Novogradac is the managing partner of Novogradac, a top 50 accounting firm founded in 1989. John Sciarretti is chair of the Novogradac Opportunity Zones conferences and leader of the Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Conscious Capitalism in Opportunity Zones, with Travis Steffens (Episode #100)

What is conscious capitalism and how can choosing to adhere to this concept create positive social impact in Opportunity Zones? Travis Steffens is founder and CEO of Denver-based R Investments, a real estate firm focused on full cycle wealth generation through planning, development, construction, rehabilitation, leasing, property management, and brokerage. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Single-Family Rental Investment Strategies in Opportunity Zones, with Jeff Pintar (Episode #99)

How can built-to-own single family rentals be incorporated into an Opportunity Zone investment portfolio? Jeff Pintar is founder and CEO of Pintar Investment Company, a real estate development firm headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, California. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Why Mobile Home Parks May Be the Perfect OZ Investment, with Sam Hales (Episode #98)

Could mobile home parks be the perfect (recession-resistant) Opportunity Zone investment? Sam Hales is CEO of Saratoga Group, a real estate investment firm focused on investing in affordable housing, specifically through mobile home communities located in Opportunity Zones. On May 27, he presented his MHP investment thesis to the OpportunityDb network. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Opportunity Zone Expansion Ideas to Aid in COVID-19 Recovery, with Blake Christian (Episode #97)

Opportunity Zones may just be the perfect vehicle to deliver economic relief to the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. How can the incentive be expanded to further catalyze the recovery effort? Blake Christian is a tax CPA for Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt (HCVT), a regional accounting firm with offices across the western United States. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Updates from the White House Council on Opportunity Zones, with Scott Turner (Episode #96)

What is the state of Opportunity Zones from the perspective of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, now one year into its mission? Scott Turner is executive director of the Council -- a collaboration of 17 Federal agencies and Federal-State partnerships with a mandate to identify and disseminate best practices for utilizing the Opportunity Zones tax incentive and existing Federal resources to stimulate economic growth and revitalization. Transcript and show notes at...


Why Attend the Opportunity Zone Expo, with Rich Zhang (Episode #95)

Last year, the Opportunity Zone Expo hosted six live, in-person events. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, their 2020 conference will be entirely online. Learn how you can still benefit from attending, who you will meet, and how you can save 20 percent on last-minute tickets. Rich Zhang is brand manager for the Opportunity Zone Expo. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Pros and Cons of the 180-Day Opportunity Zone Deadline Extension (Episode #94)

On June 4, the IRS issued a new notice that provides a lot of additional coronavirus relief for Opportunity Zone investors and Opportunity Zone funds. Will this relief pose short-term challenges for Opportunity Zone capital raising? And might it cause a tsunami wave of investment toward the end of this year? Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Opportunity Zone Funds as 1031 Exchange Alternatives, with Erik Hayden (Episode #93)

During this current economic crisis that has resulted from our response to COVID-19, how can Opportunity Zone funds serve as alternatives for 1031 exchange investors? Erik Hayden is founder of Urban Catalyst, a San Jose-based real estate Opportunity Zone fund focused on ground-up development. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Opportunity Zone Fundraising Trends, with Nick Parrish (Episode #92)

What Opportunity Zone fundraising trends can be gleaned after raising $465 million? And what's next for Opportunity Zones in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Nick Parrish is managing director and head of business development at Cresset Partners, a multifamily office that specializes in alternative investments in real estate, private capital, and Opportunity Zones. Their first QOZ fund closed earlier this year after raising $465 million. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


IRS Correcting Amendments to OZ Final Regs, with Ashley Tison and Jessica Millett (Episode #91)

In April, the IRS published correcting amendments to the final regulations on Qualified Opportunity Funds. What are the key changes that Opportunity Zone participants need to be aware of? Jessica Millett is partner and chair of Duval & Stachenfeld's tax practice group. Ashley Tison is co-founder at OZ Pros. Transcript and show notes at OpportunityDb.com


Urban Core Development in Opportunity Zones, with Alex Bhathal (Episode #90)

The Sacramento Kings ownership group successfully spearheaded downtown Sacramento's revitalization, which by the end of 2018 had resulted in a hugely positive community impact and a downtown job increase of 38 percent. Now can they leverage the Opportunity Zone incentive to replicate this success in similar markets across the country? Alex Bhathal and his family are principal co-owners of the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise and managing partner of RevOZ Capital, an Opportunity Zone fund that...


How to Raise Capital for Opportunity Zone Deals, an OZ Pros Webinar (Episode #89)

Are you ready to attract investors for your Opportunity Zone deals? Learn how to form an Opportunity Zone fund and raise capital for your OZ deals. Receive valuable information on legal structuring, compiling a pitchbook, and crafting the perfect pitch email. This episode is a condensed version of the audio portion of the webinar, which includes the presentations by Jimmy Atkinson & Ashley Tison (OZ Pros) and Jeffrey Maganis (Crowdcreate), as well as a selection of the Q&A portion. Visit...


Social Impact in L.A.'s Opportunity Zones, with Martin Muoto and Reid Thomas (Episode #88)

Why is social impact crucial to the long-term success of the Opportunity Zone initiative? Hear from the top urban Opportunity Zone fund, as awarded by the Forbes OZ 20, and the positive story of the impact that they are delivering in South Central Los Angeles. Martin Muoto is founder and managing partner of SoLa Impact, a $115 million Opportunity Zone real estate impact investment fund located in South Los Angeles, and recent winner of the Forbes OZ 20 Grand Prize for best urban Opportunity...


Opportunity Zone Success Strategies During COVID-19, with Jill Homan (Episode #87)

How has the Opportunity Zone marketplace matured over the past 12 months? What has the investor response been? And is the current pandemic-instigated economic downturn threatening to change everything? Jill Homan is founder and president of Javelin 19 Investments, a Washington DC-based commercial real estate investor, developer, and Opportunity Zones advisor. Transcript and show notes on OpportunityDb.com


The Book on Opportunity Zone Investing, with Jim White (Episode #86)

What insights can be gleaned from the newest book on Opportunity Zone investing? Jim White, PhD is chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies and founder of the PHT Opportunity Fund. He is also a best-selling author; his latest book is Opportunity Investing: How To Revitalize Urban And Rural Communities With Opportunity Funds. Transcript and show notes on OpportunityDb.com


COVID-19: How OZ Funds and Investors Are Responding, with Chris Loeffler (Episode #85)

How are Opportunity Zone funds responding to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Find out why one Opportunity Zone fund walked away from $500 million worth of real estate deals last month. And could the current economic climate present some unique opportunities for investors? Chris Loeffler is co-founder and CEO of Caliber, a private equity real estate investment firm whose Opportunity Zone fund has thus far raised $70 million. Transcript and show notes on OpportunityDb.com


Opportunity Zone Strategies for Community Development, with Jeanne Bonds (Episode #84)

How can investors, financial institutions, and other local stakeholders leverage the Opportunity Zone incentive to improve community development results? Jeanne Bonds is a professor of the Practice of Impact Investment and Sustainable Finance at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill. She was formerly director of community economic development for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Show notes and transcript on OpportunityDb.com