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Grow Your Wealth With Opportunity Zone Investments.




The Fort Knox Of Opportunity Zones | Josh Phair (Episode 296)

In times of uncertainty, gold is often considered a safe-haven asset. But is it possible to gain exposure to gold within an Opportunity Zone investment? Josh Phair, CEO of The Wyoming Reserve Opportunity Zone Fund Corporation, joins the show to discuss his innovative approach to combining the advantages of Opportunity Zones with actively managed investments in precious metals. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/02/josh-phair-296/


How To Offer A Qualified Opportunity Fund To Investors (Episode 295)

When raising capital for an Opportunity Zone project, there are important practical and legal considerations for OZ project sponsors and Qualified Opportunity Fund managers to understand. On today's show, OZ Insiders founder Jimmy Atkinson details the implications of offering an investment security, and the five critical things that every sponsor needs before offering a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/02/qof-offering-295/ Sponsored by OZ Insiders. Learn more: https://ozinsiders.com/


Wealth Made Simple | Michael Johnston (Episode 294)

In order to beat 90 percent of investors, meet your investment goals, and enjoy a worry-free retirement, you need to understand just a few basic concepts. Michael Johnston, president of WealthChannel, joins the show to discuss the 7 things that every investor needs to know, and the launch of WealthChannel Academy. Learn more: https://wealthchannel.com/academy/


OZNH Jan '24: Congress Has Work To Do

Coni Rathbone pens an incisive op-ed that advocates for OZ reform legislation, but she reaches a somewhat pessimistic conclusion. Plus: Andy plays a wild game of "what if," if Sen. Tim Scott were to be elected Vice President (and what that would mean for the Opportunity Zones program). Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/01/oznh-jan-2024/


QOZB Venture Capital Investing | Jack Januszewski (Episode 293)

Opportunity Zones aren't just for real estate. The OZ tax incentive can be leveraged to drive investment into early-stage companies that are structured as Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses (QOZBs). Jack Januszewski, vice president at Spring Mountain Capital, joins the show to discuss the intersection of venture capital, Opportunity Zones, and community impact. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/01/jack-januszewski-293/


Opportunity Zones In 2024 (Episode 292)

Opportunity Zones have greatly exceeded initial expectations as we enter Year 6 of the tax incentive program. To kick off the new year, OpportunityDb founder Jimmy Atkinson recaps the current state of the Opportunity Zone marketplace, and what may lie in store for the Opportunity Zone industry in 2024. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/01/2024-opportunity-zones-292/


Navigating The Opportunity Zones Industry (Episode 291)

It's Year 6 of Opportunity Zones. The marketplace has matured a lot over the years. Industry best practices are still being formed, but more or less have reached a point of stability. Ashley Tison of OZPros and Chris Cooley of OZworks Group join Jimmy Atkinson of OZ Insiders on this LIVE edition of The Opportunity Zones Podcast to discuss three membership groups that serve the Opportunity Zones industry. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/01/ashley-tison-chris-cooley-291/


OZ NewsHour 1/24: GTIS Goes Big With Industrial

GTIS Partners has announced a joint venture with Collett Industrial, and it's a big one. Plus: Rep. Mike Kelly sings the praises of the OZ program, and Jimmy brings in the new year with a tip of his party cap. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2024/01/oz-newshour-0124/


Generating Tax Alpha With Opportunity Zones & More, With Clint Edgington (Episode 290)

Investors cannot always rely on market valuations increasing. Especially with uncertain market conditions and asset values potentially pulling back in the near-term, it may behoove investors to return to basics, and find other ways to generate alpha. Clint Edgington, founder of Nest Opportunity Fund, joins the show to discuss how to keep costs low and generate tax alpha with Opportunity Zones, Roth IRA conversions, and other tax-efficient investments. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/12/clint-edgington-290/


Ground-Up Opportunity Zone Hotel Investing Strategy, With Michael Ealy (Episode 289)

Acquiring distressed hotel properties during the peak of the pandemic has proved profitable for value-add investors. The next opportunity may lie in ground-up hotel development deals. Michael Ealy, CEO of Nassau Investments, joins the show to explain how he used real estate investments to go "From Broke to Millions," and why he's now spearheading a new ground-up hotel project in an Opportunity Zone in Sarasota, FL. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/12/mike-ealy-289/


OZ NewsHour 12/23: Caliber's Pickleball Play, & The OZ Holiday Gift Guide

Jimmy and Andy go LIVE with their 2023 OZ Gift Guide… for that “special Opportunity Zone someone” in your life! Plus: Caliber promotes a premier pickleball project, and Revitate celebrates breaking ground in Albuquerque. Show notes: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/12/oz-newshour-1223/


OZ Insiders Launch Party (Episode 288)

OZ Insiders is the first mastermind group of its kind... a private, closed-door community of Opportunity Zone professionals and investors, all focused on getting to the next level with their OZ strategy. Today's episode is a recording of a live webinar on November 28, 2023 to officially launch OZ Insiders. Get Started Today: ⁠https://ozinsiders.com/


Opportunity Zone Investors Roundtable, An OZ Pitch Day Panel (Episode 287)

A roundtable discussion with Jimmy Atkinson and three other High Net Worth investors, on how they view Opportunity Zones, and the role that Qualified Opportunity Funds play in their investment portfolios. Featuring Jack Cust, Seth Rosenberg, and Remy Szykier. Recorded live at OZ Pitch Day on November 9, 2023. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/11/roundtable-287/


Novogradac 2023 OZ Summit Recap, On-Site With Ashley Tison (Episode 286)

On November 1, 2023, 150 of the top Opportunity Zone professionals and investors gathered in Washington DC for the Novogradac 2023 Fall Opportunity Zones Summit. Ashley Tison of OZPros joined Jimmy Atkinson live on-site to recap the event, and discuss some key takeaways on 2023/2024 OZ legislative timing and likelihood, as well as other OZ trends. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/11/novogradac-summit-286/


OZ NewsHour 11/23: Legislative Updates & More

OZ NewsHour covers the key stories happening right now in the world of Opportunity Zones. Hosts Andy Hagans & Jimmy Atkinson discuss the powerful trends that investors, fund managers, real estate developers, and industry professionals need to know.


The Big OZ Pitch Day Preview Episode (Episode 285)

OZ Pitch Day is OpportunityDb's biggest Opportunity Zone investing event of the year. Register at OZPitchDay.com and learn how you can grow your wealth with Opportunity Zones.


A Mission-Driven Rural OZ Project, With Brian England & Tess Young (Episode 284)

Monte Dei Globe is a rural Opportunity Zone development project that will be a luxury, sustainable retirement mountain top village where a portion of the profits are tithed to build co-located free housing for retired religious clergy. Brian England and Tess Young of Monte Dei Globe join the show to discuss the unique opportunity in Globe, AZ, and how their project will deliver much needed housing to the community, while also helping their investors leave a lasting legacy. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/10/monte-dei-284/


LIVE Episode: Emerging OZ Trends And Live Q&A, With Ashley Tison (Episode 283)

With year-end approaching and new legislation introduced last month, there's a lot of momentum in the Opportunity Zones industry. Ashley Tison at OZPros joins the first ever LIVE edition of The Opportunity Zones Podcast with Jimmy Atkinson to discuss the latest industry trends, plus answer technical questions from the live audience. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/10/ashley-tison-283/


Finding Value In Times Of Stress, With Taylor Trautloff (Episode 282)

Rising interest rates, negative investor sentiment, and persistent inflation are taking a toll on real estate investments. Taylor Trautloff at StarPoint Properties joins the show to discuss where investors can find value in these uncertain times, and previews some forthcoming StarPoint Properties Opportunity Zone deals. Show notes & transcript: ⁠https://opportunitydb.com/2023/10/taylor-trautloff-282/


New Opportunity Zone Legislation & Novogradac's Upcoming OZ Summit, With Brent Parker & Jason Watkins (Episode 281)

On September 27, new Opportunity Zone legislation was introduced into the House of Representatives. H.R. 5761 would extend and improve the tax incentive. If enacted before year-end, this legislation could have a huge impact for Opportunity Zone investors. Plus, Novogradac is hosting their annual Opportunity Zones Summit on November 1, in Washington DC. Brent Parker and Jason Watkins of Novogradac join the show to preview the upcoming OZ Summit, and discuss the potential changes that the new legislation would have on OZs. Show notes & transcript: https://opportunitydb.com/2023/10/brent-parker-jason-watkins-281/