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EB Call Center & SVC Providing Dedicated Support Agents to Outsourcing Clients for Over 10 Years

EB Call Center & SVC Providing Dedicated Support Agents to Outsourcing Clients for Over 10 Years by Outsourcing and Offshoring Philippines


SEO Hacker: Top 5 Factors Why Business Start-ups Fail | OOP Podcast

An inspiring interview with the brilliant Sean Si of SEO Hacker. Aside from educating us with the ins and out of Search Engine Optimization, Sean is also a sought after public speaker. Sean Si shares: “The other definition of hacking which I prefer is ‘someone who likes to improve, code’ or who likes improve in general so that's the definition that I believe I apply with in terms of SEO Hacker. So I SEO Hacker actually makes sense when when the definition is phrased that way, meaning someone...


Optimind Technology Solutions

Optimind Technology Solutions Founder and CEO Wendy S. Ang joins the program to share their business success story. A company she established when she was only 21 years old, Optimind has made a name for itself in the web development space for over 16 years and they plan to continue serving their satisfied and loyal clients (foreign and local) for many more years to come. Wends: “We make sure that we spend for employees, give them decent salary. We actually give them also a one month vacation...


EMAPTA | Outsourcing and Offshoring Philippines

Back in 2004, Tim outsourced a call center work to a BPO in the Philippines and he was surprised by how efficient and cost-effective the service was. Tim realised that the Philippines offers an enormous pool of talent, which can perform not just voice work, but a whole range of knowledge work - the accounting, marketing, customer service, a whole range of services. He then decided to set up his own back office operations in the Philippines for a successful national business in Australia,...


C9 Digital Agency | Outsourcing Solutions in the Philippines

Joining us from Antipolo City, Rizal in the Philippines is the CEO and Co-Founder of C9 Digital, Phillip Lew. C9 Digital works with a lot of companies around the world who are interested in how to execute an outsourcing campaign. They focus on three core areas: Management Consulting, Digital Marketing Consulting, and Customer Service. Phillip says, “Different countries are fantastic depending upon what your goals are, what you're trying to do and what the objectives are of your outsourcing...


Expand Offshore - Outsourcing Success Story

Expand Offshore's Vice President Mitchell Nakagawa joins us all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii to talk about the company’s success story and how they provide small to medium businesses the ability to scale quickly using outsourced teams in the Philippines. He also explained why Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines is one of the best choices to set up your outsourced team and why Filipinos are a great fit for outsourced businesses. Mitchell said in this interview, “I was first exposed with...


World’s Largest Website for Finding Skilled Filipino Virtual Assistants

The creator of the world’s largest website for finding Filipino virtual assistants, OnlineJobs.ph, guests on the program to share their story - how they started, who are their target audience, what are the services they provide. John Jonas, who is based in the United States, initially created the website to serve his need of hiring a virtual assistant way back 2008 but soon discovered the skilled talent pool in the Philippines and now the website has over 500,000 Filipino resumes and over...


RemoteStaff: Hire Dedicated Virtual Assistants & Outsource Services with

Lance Harvie joins us in this episode to talk about RemoteStaff and its staffing solutions in the Philippines. RemoteStaff helps businesses that are geographically based in Australia, UK, US and New Zealand to hire top quality staff from the Philippines and provide full range support services, including HR, IT, Compliance, and Payroll. Lance also talks about why Chris Jankulovski (Founder and Chairman of RemoteStaff) chose the Philippines to build his company and grow its services. Listen to...


Meet The CEO Of Clark Outsourcing, Russell Meiselman

For this interview, we visited Russell in their Clark Outsourcing office located in Philexcel Business Park. We talked about his company, how he built it from the ground up, the kind of culture he is building with his employees and the strategy he uses to create great relationships with their clients.


Hammerjack - Featured On Outsourcing And Offshoring Philippines

We are joined by Nicholas Hastings, one of the founders and the current director of Hammerjack. Nick is on conversation with us all the way from Sydney, Australia to discuss their outsourcing strategies and how they have helped their clients grow with them. The size of your business does not matter, Hammerjack will make sure you are on the right path to enhance your business! For more interesting topics about the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, visit http://offshoring.com.ph/


Gaining a Head Start with Kulturoo Consulting

Derek Ackary, the founder and CEO of Kulturoo Consulting joined the podcast and talked about the importance of Australian Culture and Communications training for Australian BPO's. Have a listen at our podcast to learn about them! For more info, visit our website at www.offshoring.com.ph


The Future of Work with Martin Conboy

This episode features Martin Conboy, the Director of FooBooOnline.com and also one of the most influential people in the outsourcing industry today! In this segment, we talk about the future of work and how we are currently going through the fourth industrial revolution. Give this episode a listen and learn about what you're supposed to know and the changes that are currently happening in today's global workforce! For more info, visit our website at www.offshoring.com.ph


Getting to Know the Outsourcing Giant: Asiatel Outsourcing

Our new episode features Jasjit Singh Anand, the Vice President & Head of Business Development over at Asiatel Outsourcing! In this podcast, we talk about a number of things like their coverage around the world, their specialty in the outsourcing industry and what you have to know when you start outsourcing. If you want great insight on how to jump start your business, then listen to this episode.


Know About Boldr: Outsourcing with Impact

David Sudolsky, the founder and CEO of Boldr Impact, joins the podcast all the way from LA to talk about how Boldr is a purpose-driven outsourcing partner to any growing business. What makes them stand out is they way they communicate with their clients and provide bespoke solutions that help both clients and employees move forward and take the next step for their businesses and career. Listen to our talk and learn how Boldr leaves a lasting impact! We cover a range of topics as to why...


Meeting the Chief Digipreneur of MediaBlast Digital and Negosentro

The Chief "Digipreneur" of MediaBlast Digital and Negosentro, Homer Nievera, joins the podcast to talk about his story and experience with the business process outsourcing industry here in the Philippines. He shares his great stories on what's made him successful in the industry and how he's helped shaped a lot of people's lives with the opportunity that he's been provided with and has provided to other people as well. We hope you listen to the whole thing and enjoy the podcast!


Discovering Pointwest, The Largest and 100% Filipino-Owned IT-BPM Company

Victoria Basinang, the Chief Technology Officer of Pointwest joins the podcast to talk about their roots, values, and long-term success as a 100% owned BPM company here. Pointwest is one of the pioneers in the IT-BPM industry here in the Philippines, with experience for over a decade, they have instilled Filipino values in their work and cultivated a culture that gave great care to their employees and clients at the same time. The culture that they cultivated has led their company to its own...


The Outsourcing Journey of CKSD Outsourcing Solutions in the Philippines

We visit the offices of the Executive Team from CKSD Outsourcing Solutions to talk about their outsourcing journey. Jonathan Oaten, along with Ryne Carpenter and Christopher Arguelles share their story on how they have developed the CKSD and how they cope up with the challenges experienced by them and the improvements they are currently working on with their business and offices. CKSD Outsourcing Solutions specialises in providing outsourced business solutions. It is their goal to help...


Marketing and Outsourcing Talk with TalentView & SimpleAds Company

It's the 24th episode of the Outsourcing and Offshoring - Philippines Podcast! Our guests for this episode are: Anj Vera of TalentView Aries Aguilar of SimpleAds Company Anj Vera is the CEO of TalentView. Her passion for improving the state of Human Resources in the ASEAN region has lead her into becoming the CEO of TalentView in which they help companies of different sectors and sizes improve their talent attraction, engagement and development. You can listen to Anj and our talk at the...


The Humble Beginnings of Ruby Sourcing & Atelier Lumikha in the Philippines

You're listening to the 23rd episode of the Outsourcing and Offshoring - Philippines Podcast! Our guests for this episode are: Stephen Atcheler of Ruby Sourcing Harry Fozzard of Atelier Lumikha Stephen is the Co-Founder of Ruby Sourcing, we talk about the things that they do not just for their clients but also for their employees and how they take the extra mile to make sure both sides are getting what they need and deserve. In the aspects of career growth and success. You can listen to...


Know about House of I.T. & KMC Solutions and their impact in the Philippines BPO industry

Thanks for tuning in to the 22nd episode of the Outsourcing and Offshoring - Philippines Podcast! Our guests for this episode are: Mae Reboton from House of I.T. Tom Cragg and Joe Curren from KMC Solutions Mae is the Corporate Sales Executive at House of I.T. and we talk about what they do in House of I.T. as they are not your usual BPO solutions provider. You can listen to our talk at the (1:48) of the podcast. Our next guests are Tom and Joe from KMC Solutions. Tom is the VP for Sales and...