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WITF presents C-Speak: The Language of Executives, supported by PNC. Each episode in this series features local and regional C-level executives talking about relevant and timely business topics. This knowledge-sharing platform provides insights on forward-thinking business approaches that encourage business leaders to think differently.


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WITF presents C-Speak: The Language of Executives, supported by PNC. Each episode in this series features local and regional C-level executives talking about relevant and timely business topics. This knowledge-sharing platform provides insights on forward-thinking business approaches that encourage business leaders to think differently.






Authenticity Inspires Success with Dr. John "Ski" Sygielski

Leaders who embrace their true selves are more likely to achieve their goals and inspire their team to excellence. That's just one key component of Dr. John "Ski" Sygielski's skill set as president and CEO of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. On this episode, learn more about what drives Ski's executive strategy. See for privacy information.


Built for Growth. Built for Giving. Built for Generations. with Michael Schwab

With a business and operational footprint spanning multiple U.S. states and Canada, Michael Schwab, co-owner of D&H Distributing, says Putting People First is their success strategy. His company, now more than 100 years old, stays competitive by focusing on what's ahead. Listen to Michael Schwab on the PNC C-Speak: The Language of Executives podcast. See for privacy information.


What It Means to be a Servant Leader with S. Dale High

S. Dale High, chair emeritus of High Industries Inc. and chair of the High Foundation, says being purposeful creates business success and community alignment. Building trustworthy relationships is more than a motto for his family-owned company. Dale shares lessons he learned from the shop floor to the board room on this PNC C-Speak podcast. See for privacy information.


Alignment. Communication. Accountability. with John Lawn

Those three principles are at the core of effective leadership for one of America's favorite hospitality companies. On this episode of PNC C-Speak, John Lawn, President and CEO of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, shares his approach to team-building, problem-solving and fulfilling the company's Core Purpose. See for privacy information.


Facing Challenges of Leadership Head On with Dr. Karen Kim

As Dr. Karen Kim steps into her new role as Dean of the Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, she’s open to resolving challenges by listening to diverse voices. On this episode of PNC C-Speak: The Language of Executives, Dr. Kim shares her insights on building consensus and what it takes to educate the next generation of doctors. See for privacy information.


RISK: Taking the Uncharted Path to Business Success with Abby Smith

A good leader is always evolving and seizing uncharted opportunities for personal and professional growth. Join us on PNC C-Speak: The Language of Executives as Team Pennsylvania President & CEO Abby Smith shares insights on achieving success. See for privacy information.


Unlocking Potential Greatness at Penn State University with Dr. Neeli Bendapudi

Dr. Neeli Bendapudi is the 19th President of The Pennsylvania State University. As the new president of one of the nation’s original land-grant universities, Bendapudi wants to unlock Penn State’s potential for greatness as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation while strengthening its diversity, equity and inclusion through a data driven approach. As a self-described non-normative leader, Dr. Bendapudi harnesses her rich background in marketing, banking and academia as she charts the university’s next chapter. See for privacy information.


Leading Through Crisis with Bob Scaer

As CEO, how prepared are you for a major corporate crisis? What about two crises at the same time? That’s the challenge Bob Scaer and his team at Gannett Fleming faced at the height of the pandemic. Hear his perspective on leading through a crisis on this episode of PNC C-Speak podcast. See for privacy information.


Embracing Radical Candor with Shaun Clair

Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift and Jay Z – what do these megastars have in common? They rely on CLAIR GLOBAL to provide premium sound at their LIVE events. Shaun Clair, vice president of sales, takes us behind-the-scenes of the Lititz company at the center of some of the boldest global musical performances. Clair says avoid “ruinous empathy” and embrace “radical candor” to get the best performance from your team. His insights on this episode of PNC C-Speak: The Language of Executives. See for privacy information.


Improving Public Healthcare with Dr. Roxanna Gapstur

Post-pandemic, Central PA’s medical sector comes roaring back with fierce competition, bold partnerships and data-sharing to improve public health. WellSpan Health CEO Dr. Roxanna Gapstur says it’s the new “ecosystem of health care” and it’s here to stay. See for privacy information.


New Workers, New Paths to Work with Pedro Rivera

How do you find workers to fill jobs in Central PA, even for careers that haven’t been invented yet? A smart place to start is Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster. Stevens President Pedro Rivera says embrace the “YES” when faced with a challenge. His insights on technology and education on this episode of PNC C-Speak: The Language of Executives. See for privacy information.


Be A Good Listener with Bob Ortenzio

From one hospital in Central PA to a $6 billion nationally ranked health care network. Select Medical’s Executive Chairman Bob Ortenzio says if you’re not listening, you’re not leading. He shares his keys to business success on this episode of the PNC C-Speak podcast. See for privacy information.


Disruption as Opportunity with Michele Buck

The Hershey Company’s President and CEO, Michele Buck, always needs to be thinking about the future. On this episode Michele shares her thoughts on how to keep up with the constant changes brought by the marketplace and consumers, how she views disruption as an opportunity, and what it will take for companies and leaders to be successful in a fast-moving dynamic environment. See for privacy information.


Corporate Responsibility with Hasu Shah

Should businesses work to give back to the communities they serve? What is the relationship between philanthropy and influence? Hasu Shah has been recognized for his business accomplishments and his philanthropic endeavors. On this episode, Mr. Shah shares how he came to recognize philanthropy as a very important part of his business. See for privacy information.


Workforce & Economic Development with Lisa Riggs

The past year has brought dramatic changes to businesses and the job market. We talk to Lisa Riggs, President at Economic Development Company of Lancaster County, to learn what changes are expected in the job market. We’ll also talk about steps business leaders can take to help influence the direction the job market takes in the future. See for privacy information.


Understanding the Multicultural Market with George Fernandez

How can your company develop more positive and sustainable connections in today’s multicultural marketplace? George Fernandez, CEO and founder of Latino Connection, provides insights that could help your businesses connect with the Latinx community. See for privacy information.


Strategic Recruiting with Joe Robinson

How does culture impact employee recruitment? How do you know if your recruitment process is delivering the right people? We talk to Dame Leadership’s Joe Robinson about some of the most important goals a company needs to consider during the recruiting process. See for privacy information.


Leadership Lessons with Betsy Hamm

As Duck Donuts CEO, Betsy Hamm oversees the overall direction of the organization and leads the development of the company’s long- and short-term goals and strategic initiatives. But like any good leader, she’s still learning. On this episode, we talk about the various ways that a leader learns about leadership. Our Guest: Betsy Hamm, CEO of Duck Donuts See for privacy information.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Masai Lawson

An inclusive workforce makes us stronger, smarter, and more creative, reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve. As a Talent Acquisition Manager, Masai Lawson understands that having an inclusive workforce results in better decision-making, brings a broader perspective, and fuels a company’s strength, innovation, and creativity. Our guest: Masai Lawson, Talent Acquisition Manager, Gannett Fleming See for privacy information.