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David Skarica: Explosion in Gold Price on the Horizon

David feels the general markets and the way quantitative easing was structured are the reason gold has underperformed. This money instead went into financial markets, real estate, and art. Gold is a fear trade, and over the last few years, we have had mass complacency. If the Fed instead signals that tightening is ending along with rate hikes that could send gold higher. People are currently in a hope phase, hoping that prices will go higher in stocks. If there is another down leg in the...


Anthony Milewski: 2018 Was The Tipping Point For Electric Vehicles

Anthony discusses the increasing adoption rate for electric vehicles and how they are higher than expected for 2018. There is real demand by consumers for electric vehicles, and people are prepared to buy them. The real story will be in China where the need to clean up the air has created a government mandate to build an electric vehicle industry. Anthony gives his thoughts on the supply and demand picture for cobalt and how that will change in 2019. He says, “The next push will come as...


Gianni Kovacevic: The Copper Bull Market is Only Just Starting

Gianni drove an electric car across America and Europe in order to demonstrate the practicality of such vehicles. He makes a compelling case that the worlds energy needs in the coming years will move rapidly towards electrification. This demand requires enormous amounts of copper and aluminum. Many things that aren’t electric today like buses, trucks, and utility vehicles are all going to become electric. Wind farms and solar applications will continue to drive copper and aluminum demand....


Lior Gantz: Explosive Upside Potential for Gold and Silver

Note: The date shown in video is incorrect should read 2019. Lior agrees that the outlook for Gold and Silver is improving dramatically. Recent market action has resulted in a rebound. In September mining stocks hit 52-week lows, and the regular markets are now entering bear market territory. Inflation is on the rise and many states are hiking their minimum wage. Recent US Dollar strength is actually a bearish sign. Mining shares need several things to catch a bid. They need interest rates...


Jaime Carrasco: Golden Opportunities Ahead For 2019

Jaime tends to be more contrarian than the average investor. He assumes that markets are manipulated through excess money printing and suppression of some like gold and silver. Investors would likely be less interested in markets if the price of gold were much higher. Precious metals reveal the underlying market risks and the year ahead will probably bring additional risks but also opportunities. An inversion of the yield curve may not be required to have a recession. There exists a lot of...


John Borshoff: The Epic Story of Paladin and Where Uranium Will Go Next

John describes his early career and how he became involved with uranium after the 1970’s oil shock. He received a very broad-based education into the field which led to a consulting company and in 1993 he founded Paladin. The history of uranium mining is quite short having started in the 1950s for the weapons industry, and then electrical uses began to drive demand in the 1960s. There were few juniors back then, with one of the few companies being Denison Mines. Paladin was the second...


Joshua Hall: Uranium Series Part Ten: Uranium and Vanadium Demand Will Only Keep Growing

Joshua discusses why like many resource investors he is bullish on uranium. He is beginning to see a lot of money preparing to go into the sector. The price is likely to return to the $40 to $50 level as large producers have reduced their production to get a higher price. Mr. Hall explains his macro view of the resource market. China bottomed out in 2014 and investors need to observe them carefully as they are one of the most important factors in the markets today. He is also bullish on...


John Hathaway: Deficit Risks Will Fuel Gold Move Higher

John feels that gold should be getting more of a bid, but investors remain lukewarm. In the near term, he is unsure of where gold is headed. John cautions that investors are going to become increasingly aware of the dangers of deficit spending and inflation which should cause gold to get more of a bid. A small pullback could still happen, but he doubts that there will be a retest of 2015 lows. Long-term he remains very bullish. It’s straightforward to find mining stocks that trade at 4-5x...


Robert Baylis: The Supertrend for Lithium is Still Intact

Robert brings us his understanding of the lithium space. Only recently have automakers and governments focused on particulate matter what China describes as “cleaning the skies.” These policies have pushed the electric vehicle industry forward and thus the increased need for batteries. Meanwhile, prices for batteries have been falling while their capacity and capabilities have increased and we are now at the point of electric vehicles competing directly with fossil fueled cars. The...


Rob Crayfourd & Keith Watson: Uranium Series Part 9: Kazatomprom is a Game Changer for the Uranium Market

Robert is a geologist while Keith started with a background in Applied Physics. They are both co-Fund managers for New City Natural Resources Geiger Funds and have backgrounds as analysts in the financial space. They discuss how the uranium market appears to be consistently tightening as reactors are continuing to be built. There are 58 reactors under construction and far more being planned. Much of this is driven by China who seeks to reduce pollution. It’s the second cheapest power...


Ross Beaty: We Are Starting Another Leg Up In Gold

Ross discusses how he started his first public company called Equinox Resources in 1985 and then started Pan American Silver in 1994 which became one of the worlds pre-eminent silver companies. He feels that we have been in a gold bull market since 2015. Gold had a good breakout in 2016, and that seems to be in the first leg of a bull market. Anyone who has invested in gold equities should do very well in the next few years. He discusses the previous gold rally in the early 2000’s and how it...


Rick Rule: Uranium Series Part 8: Upside in Uranium Price is Absolutely Inevitable

Rick feels that it’s too early to draw any conclusions from the recent market action. Technically these price fluctuations are not that aggressive. He is encouraged by golds recent performance but two weeks of data is not worth anything but amusement. He cautions that if there is a liquidity crisis, all of the stocks including gold stocks will get hit. If gold holds up some of the mining stocks will bounce back. He says, “In a liquidity crisis the markets take no prisoners.” He is optimistic...


Warren Irwin: Uranium Series Part 7: Cameco’s McArthur River Mine will Never Re-open

Warren discusses the lack of a “knock your socks off uranium rally” but he still feels the trend is our friend. Some of the developments in Kazakhstan have resulted in production cuts. KazAtomProm may be incentivized in the short term to keep a lid on the price of uranium until after their IPO. Then they may start acting more like a private company than a government-backed entity. The big news from Canada is with Cameco and their shutdown of the McArthur River Mine. It shows how serious they...


Jaime Carrasco: We Are Feeling Tremors of the Impending Earthquake in the Bond Market

Jaime feels that recent market activity is a good signal of what is coming. He says, “There aren’t many safe havens left, and one of the few is precious metals.” He mentions the Comex chairman commented that gold should be above $5000. The paper market has been suppressing the price of gold through derivatives. People need to understand they are living in a complete facade and when this game is over, there will be a re-balancing. Some country is going to peg their currency to something that...


Brien Lundin: Expect Gold & Gold Stocks to Go Up While S&P Moves Down

Brien is the host of the New Orleans Investment Conference which this year takes place from November 1st-4th. The focus of the show is to figure out what is going on globally and geopolitically. They have a strong focus on mining. Each year they try and get the best experts in each sector to provide the big picture. This year’s speakers include Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Stein, Jonah Goldberg, Peter Schiff, Dennis Gartman, James Grant, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Ben Hunt, and dozens of others. He...


Lobo Tiggre: Uranium Series Part 6: Uranium is the Territory of Ten Baggers

Lobo Tiggre is the founder of the Independent Speculator, but you may know him by his pen name Louis James. He says, “People need to pay attention to the uranium market as this is the territory of ten-baggers.” Uranium is a sector where there are few players, and the quality assets can go up by multiples when the uranium price moves. When it does, it moves mountains both literally and figuratively. Large parts of the world including China and India must use nuclear to keep the lights on, and...


George Glasier: Uranium Series Part 5: Changes Coming within the US Uranium Market

George discusses the section 232 petition and why its important for U.S. uranium resource holders. Last year the U.S. produced a mere 2 million pounds while consuming over 50 million. The petition asks that 25% of U.S. commercial utility demand be filled by U.S. sourced uranium. That means 12+ million pounds may be required. The Department of Commerce is reviewing the petition and will make a recommendation next year to the President. They discuss Trump's executive order from earlier this...


Marin Katusa: Uranium Series Part 4: Making a Short Case Against Uranium

Marin discusses his travels to many regions where he has looked at lots of projects. Most of which he says, “Will never, ever get into production.” When markets get euphoric many of these old projects will be promoted, and while they may have pounds in the ground, they will never be mines. Don’t put any money in European or non-producing areas of Africa in the next cycle. You want to expose yourself to cash-flow and royalties. He discusses his “short report” on uranium and how he only looked...


Daniel Major: Uranium Series Part 3: Uranium Clearly on an Upward Trend

Daniel discusses the latest market conditions and why he sees it on an upward trend. Steady growth continues in nuclear energy production and reactor builds. Uranium producers have been holding back production, and there is a reduction in supply in the secondary market. Many utilities still have inventory, but they are declining as contracts unwind. He says, “There is a lot of factors that will squeeze the price higher.” From a fundamental perspective, the most significant risk with the...


Michael Alkin: Uranium Series Part 2: The Bull Case for Uranium in 2019 is Very Strong

Michael continues his discussion on the intricacies of uranium, and we pick up with his analysis of supply. Supply has been constrained by recent cutbacks from Kazakhstan and Cameco as well as other mines being idled. There appears to be some supply-side discipline building in the market. Secondary supplies are also starting to wane, and there is not much left. This points to an inevitable price rise. The demand picture is beginning to form as a third of nuclear plants will need to buy...